Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Plann staying busy!

 photo Mastaplann March 25_zpsfszjeaiq.jpg

This happening tomorrow in QC. More date to come!

Diana D album launch next week!

 photo Diana D_zps6cxp4kzl.jpg

Congratulations on the new album! Get a copy and stream the music soon!

High Minds Summer Jam 2017

 photo High Minds Summer Jam_zps1vcwrkem.jpg

Enjoy this event at B Side, Makati City! Support your local artists.

MICO SWABE for Peace Music

 photo Mico Swabe_zpsjkksdtmr.jpg

Happening at The Cove, Caliraya Lake Laguna. #420

The Ape Is Real Fools

 photo Ape Is Real_zpsncvy43ux.jpg

To my peoples in Marikina, this ones a dope show on paper, wait til you see it!

Q-York feat. Icey Matikz - I Am Grand

Great song, awesome to hear Icey Matikz on here! Team Sunday reppin'!

Buddah Beads & Shanti Dope - Free Verse

New kids on the block got barrrrrs. Stay pushing your skillz.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lyrique - Caught Up

 photo Caught Up_zpsmmbe7lsp.jpg

Dopest shit I heard all week, kudos to the homie Lyrique! Keep it up!

Peaceful Gemini - Just Listen

 photo SHH_zpsvvdyyf66.jpg

Dope MC over here! Great track as well! #WritersBlock

Teachers Enemies

 photo Teachers Enemy_zpsfnvwvhnx.jpg

Come thru not expecting anything and be blown away.

Mastaplann on INQ Pop March 23!

 photo Mastaplann Inq Pop_zpsjzqbarvy.jpg

Mastaplann fever continues, they been on the mic every night!

Tune in to Raprakan tonight!

 photo Raprakan_zps0zpcdr0x.jpg

Great guests on the line up! Stay tuned in and interact with the guys!

OPM song on the Top 6 @ 6

 photo Hot 6  6_zpsqusn8lrj.jpg

Stay voting guys! Lets grab that #1 spot soon!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sole Slam Back Door Sale

 photo Sole Slam Back Door Sale_zpssh5hyusg.jpg

Happening over the weekend! Get your money up!

SWASH restocks for the summer!

 photo SWASH_zpsuhkpfcl0.jpg

Find them on Facebook and place your orders now!

EYEDRESS tours the UK

 photo Eyedress_zpsjvsdlvi3.jpg

Here are the dates, touring with RHXanders! Keep pushing the envelope!

MATIRA MATIBAY this April 2!

 photo Matira Matibay April 2_zps6ofvdjyc.jpg

Check the details and the participants, looking to be one helluva show!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Toney Chrome - Mahabang Pila (New Album)

 photo Toney Chrome - Mahabang Pila Front Cover_zpscxlmmu9u.jpg

 photo Toney Chrome - Mahabang Pila Back Cover_zps3w1sme0h.jpg

New Toney Chrome album available on all digital stores, Spotify link HERE.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


 photo ILLICIT CRYSTOL_zpstnqejtiu.jpg

Region 808 on the come up! Bang!

Thyro & Yumi - Tandang Tanda (Music Video)

Great new music, lyrics are titles of classic songs! #OPM

MINDFIELDS this March 22!!

 photo Mindfiels March 22_zpswkg7my5o.jpg

Great line up here guys! This one of those special weeks in Manila hiphop!

Kiana Valenciano - Does She Know (Official Music Video)

Features Curtismith on the song, anybody know who produced her music/wrote the song?

DMDM 27 on March 21!

 photo DMDM 27_zpszegankj7.jpg

Featuring Mastaplann, LMP, 727 Clique, Baryo Berde and more!

Catch Rjay Ty & Pope Tonight!

 photo The Rest Is Noise_zps0pkj7rkl.png

If you looking for where to post up tonight and you in the area!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wipcaps x Mastaplann

 photo Mastaplann WIP_zpsw7mco91g.png

 photo Mastaplann_zps9ht0aobg.jpg

The Mastaplann tour start tonight! Get your new WIP while supplies lasts!

Conscious & The Goodness, re-releases Lambing

 photo Lambing_zpshtgdetxq.jpg

Great line up! Another great show to catch in the metro!

New Thyro and Yumi premieres tonight!

 photo Tandang Tanda_zps89lrfg3d.jpg

Video premieres on MYX tonight! Song available on all digital music stores!

TRAPPED concert at Chaos tonight!

 photo MXRXX_zpsf3wuzsvp.jpg

 photo Trapped DZ_zpslcjvot8z.jpg

Happening tonight, March 18 at Chaos! Congrats to the folks behind this!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Denial the Rice Cracker - Region 808

Produced by Crystol, you should watch out for his beats! They bang!

CLR - Rest Day (Kalmado & Banayad)

Great song here! Check out CLR tacks online!

Hiphapan Festival sa Lipa!!

 photo Hiphapan Festival_zpszmgvi1jr.jpg

Happening in 2 weeks time! Move your schedule around. #AD2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Zyme - Suicide Doors (Produced by Bami)

 photo Suicide Doors_zpsabnodotx.jpg

New music from the homie Zyme, check his songs out on Manilafornia! #Travelmatic

Bawal Vibes Vol. 1

 photo Bawal Vibes_zpsxno8k18u.jpg

New Yung Bawal mix for you Bawal thirsty fiends!

Monday, March 13, 2017

sKarm releases "Playground Tactics"!!!

 photo Skarm  Anitek - Playground Tactics_zps2xa5tvbh.jpg

All tracks produced by Anitek, Spotify link HERE.

One of the shining moments of being in the scene possibly a whole decade strong, is seeing kids grow up to chase what they were meant to do. I met sKarm early early in his life, in his house -- possibly still one of those kids running around playing games. During my tenure at AMPON, we would hold meetings at their spot - his older brother P-Flexx would let us use their family home as home base for tons of AMPON activities. Fast forward to 2017 -- a few albums under his belt; a slew of events, shows -- you name it, The Pharm collective, a Fliptop pioneering MC, he begs to push the envelope even more.

Dropping an album fully produced by Anitek from New York - tells me, and shows us - that hiphop truly is a world affair of sorts. Carrying on tradition, sKarm saw early with his brothers, his brothers friends, and his peers the beauty of music and prose. He's heard everyone say 'hiphop is for everyone' and now has an album that's rooted in a collaboration with a foreign producer. This album, comes from a decision of doing his music full time after years and years of balancing living with a side hustle of music. A decision involving 'freedom' and 'inspiration', sKarm launches an album wanting to share this unique perspective of a man who sacrifices and perseveres, a tale we're all too familiar with but a tale uniquely presented in boom bap and high caliber rhymes!

When asked about the process he was in when making this album - his perspective was a "World view, because I couldn't just think of myself. I had to make sure Anitek was cool about my rhymes cause he produced everything and I was also touching in on his fan base. A lot of pressure but it was all worth it."

As a bridge between the new and the old, he mentions "Old school fans would like All Night All Day. I'm a huge fan of Lighter Shade of Brown and that song to me is my tribute to that style. Hip hop ain't gotta be complicated all the time, it's also a genre of vibin', chill fun. New school cats should listen to Cause I'm an Emcee and Icarus Wings."

The album is packed with great songs -- and great guest features from Curtismith and RHXanders. The album is available digitally through Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and other digital music stores. Lastly, sKarm dedicates this album, to;

This album for the people looking for inspiration.
For the ones that need that extra push
For the ones that need that hope
The ones that need to know they're not alone
For the ones caught on the dwell, forward is the way.

We all are from A Tribe Called Forward - congratulations to the brother sKarm on this future classic of an album!

Luzon - What?! (Official Music Video)

#DecadeStrong Luzon drops a video for What?! from the BSides album, released in 2005.

J Blaze - Different

 photo Different_zpsiqk6fovl.jpg

New drop from J Blaze! Check it out!

Live Sessions at Chaos Manila

 photo Chaos Live Sessions_zpswsacjde1.jpg

First time I seen these bands on the bill for Chaos! Dope shit!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Zyme, Ives Presko, & Mike Swift - Philippine Oxygen

New video from Manilafornia! Get the album now! Available across all digital music stores!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

TCMF "Babycakes" tee!

 photo TCMF x Babycakes_zpsfgjljht5.jpg

 photo TCMF x Babycakes 1_zpslmjy1f6q.jpg

One of the best shirt designs all year! Cop yours! Take Care MF's!

Quest x KZ Tandingan - Win The Moment

 photo Win The Moment_zpshm6nyzoh.jpg

New song by Quest and KZ Tandingan! Win The Moment! Download the track now!

NBA Filipino Heritage Week

 photo NBA Filipino Heritage Week_zpsttli4sbt.jpg

NBA Celebrates our heritage, what are you celebrating being a Filipino for?

Psychedelic Boyz x Aaron Dettman - TRAPPINOYZ

New joint from the kids! Check it out!

New DJ Premier Interview!

Pioneer of sound, paying homage to one of the greats!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Needing Things Only Kills You Slowly

 photo J LEVEL_zpssqwhna8j.jpg

New release from BuwanBuwan Collective! Check it out!

BuwanBuwan Collective’s J level, is a clear product of the videogame generation. Unlike most artists who find inspiration primarily from personal experiences alone, J level manages to draw out emotions by juxtaposing his own experiences with those representative of the videogame fantasy worlds he grew up immersing in. his unique cinematic soundscapes show hints of Celtic, Asian, Ethnic, Orchestral and Classical Music while also borrowing from more modern forms of music with a heavy sense of Ambient, IDM, Trap, Glitch and Bass. "Needing Things Only Kills You Slowly" transforms into an intersection of worlds, schools of thought. It is a feeling space, an excursion and an invitation to revisit your fantasies and to live in the world of dreams.

(EP) "Needing Things Only Kills You Slowly"

“A line from Owen's song 'Everyone feels like you' (2002). A song about how not everyone knows their current state in life but in most sorrowful scenarios, there is someone out there feeling just like you. But a line in the song "in time, you'll find needing things only kills you slowly" really captivated/ensnared my current life dilemma. I needed a lot of things like new equipment and gadgets, money, recognition of my works in school/music, girlfriend, etc; ending up being extremely depressed. The slow-paced suicide is done, eaten my very own soul and now i'm dead. Needing things is a self-torture confinement of ones soul.

While in the process, I created 6 songs that represent my mixed feelings of depression, paranoia and acceptance. The title of each song are from different scenarios and fan fiction concepts of different RPG games I love (Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, Final Fantasy X), emotionally tailored, to cater and to honor its legacy.”






Number Line Records at XX XX

 photo Number Line Records at XX XX_zpsvosnc7nm.jpg

Happening this March 29, see you guys there!


 photo Bastard Mixtape Vol 30 BP Valenzuela_zpsjdsbfxm7.jpg

Are these music made by or picked by BP Valenzuela? If made by -- these are dope!

Malasimbo happening this weekend!

 photo Malasimbo_zpsnhkaxk5b.jpg

Super late post on here, hope you guys got your tickets already!

Threedown: Southbound (Chase Gawat)

Shot and directed by Ken Yamaguchi. Part 1 of  3.

Vote for Abra | MYX Awards!

 photo Abra Myx_zpsthvz6bmy.jpg

Support Abra by voting for him under his nominations in this years MYX Awards!

Similar Objects X Bastard Tee!

 photo Similar Objects x Bastard Tee 1_zpsr3yxrpum.jpg

Get yours now! Order HERE.

Marcus Prolifik - Press Start

Marcus Prolifik bringing his bars up. Dope piece over here!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Various Artists - Go Go Bayanihan

Written by Thyro & Yumi. Music by Kidwolf, go to Go Go Bayanihan's website HERE.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Curtismith - Soully, Yours EP

 photo Curtismith_zpszy9uaiox.jpg

Also available on Spotify. Props to this release mang. #BombFirst approved!

August Waah - We Argue Too Much

 photo August Waah_zpsosmv4bfy.jpg

UK label NuVybe Records releases a new August Waah song "We Argue Too Much" HERE.

Illustrado - Hayop (Official Music Video)

Congratulations on the new album! Kudos to everyone at Uprising! Great visuals here!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Unibersikulo 2017!

 photo Unibersikulo_zpslzeb65dz.jpg

Jump starting Dos Por Dos and Isabuhay for the year! Congrats! Abaddon x Khen Magat!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

WIP x Assembly Generals

 photo Wipcaps Assembly Generals_zpssndiquop.jpg

Hot off the kitchen, get it while its hot!

Uela - That Room (New Album)

 photo Uela - That Room_zpsbzyuezdz.jpg

 photo Uela - That Room - Tracklisting_zpsji0sq1ru.jpg

 photo Uela - That Room - Cover Photo_zpscgye7fua.jpg

New Uela album "That Room", under Soul Go Records, available on Spotify HERE.