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Aero - Aeron's Song

I remember Aero's first ever message to me over at Myspace, giving me props and saying he wanted to get on a B-Roc or Chrizo beat. This was at a time when me and the team decided whole heartedly to not give our beats for free, cause yeah we had wanted to run a business and cover our expenses -- so naturally my first few conversations with Aero was talking about "yeah we got good packages you could take advantage of". Then I heard that joint AERON -- and met him in Manila, and we wrapped up our first session (which I'll talk about in a few days) and Aero got a Turbulence pass on beats and was endorsed by our team as one of the best outside our camp. I respect Aero as an artist, a friend and as a father to his son. Juggling these things in a time such as now deserve its props -- cause freal, he don't slack off on the mic when it comes down to it. On some real shit, just listen to the honesty in this song. Forget the mixing of the track or that the mic he used would pop at certain points but don't forget how he rode this grimmey beat similar to Xzibit'z song "Foundation". On top of that it is gonna be classic in a few years time when Aeron hears this and understands everything he's seeing right now. MC's are born with vision that allows truth space to grow and hurt, this piece is one of those moments.

On the first, second and third semester/
I was kicking freestyles spittin' the best rhymes ever/

This was the very first song from Aero that got me to look into what he's doing regardless if it was in tuned to what I was doing. Enjoy this one as we celebrate emceeing this month of February, I will take you through some of Aero's unreleased tracks, classics -- an interview and a video release for his song "In My City".



Friday, January 29, 2010

SOULFIESTA gives you fever this February 2010


3rd WORLD x 6000 Goonz X Turbulence Productions

As we welcome February into the revolutionary fold of things, we give you FVR@ERO -- a whole month feature for one of pinoy hiphop's busiest MC. Yes MC -- burning up microphone booths even before I met him. From his roots in Guam to now, Bacolod's ILLEGITIMATE King, I invite you to come by this month and hear new tracks, classics, an in depth interview, a hot remix on the way and a video launch to his most embraced track "In My City". From hustling shirts, being a local DJ in his hood, booking flights, rocking shows, forming the super group AMP, 6000 Goonz news and being the unsung father that he is.

FEBRUARY is here. Feverish.


ILL K Entry 9 "Some classics are made through presentation'



Pictures taken by Alexander Richther

One of my all time favorite producer is Just Blaze, its a no brainer. He and Kanye were flagship producers for the re-emergence of samples in the past decade. They are if I may, direct disciples of the craftsmanship of Pete Rock and DJ Premier who have pushed it to platinum status. Baseline Studios have been the heart of the Rocafella camp for the past decade. As of yesterday, Just Blaze has already closed down the studio and has been said to be setting up somewhere else.

GOOD TIMES, GOOD MUSIC. YES, REVOLUTIONARY -- half departure. Just Blaze leaves his old home to set shop to a new home housing new hits for artists. Jay Electronica, Saigon and yes, Eminem have been seen lately doing work with Justin. So watch out for new hits by hmmm -- April I suppose.

ILL K Entry 7 "ANO KAYA"

GOD'S WILL feat. UELA - ANO KAYA (Produced by Chrizo)

I saw this posted by Killahstormz on Facebook and whoever did it, thank you. It means alot to us artist that you spend this time on our music. This picture video is well, makes me feel old and miss my boys. I know they all doing good and have their paths for the year straightened out. I talked to Chrizo and he is in the midst of putting together the first ever BEAT MAKING workshop in Pinas, could be the closest thing we can have as The Community on a more technical level. Godsweezy is busy doing his thing and bringing GLOC9, SINAG and some other heads to BAGUIO! Great things ahead man. So yeah, just didn't want to over look this piece as we head to the weekend and as my boys head out to spend their 2nd PROM tomorrow. You know what it is!



Wednesday, January 27, 2010


EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT brings you another hiphop awards night next month

One of my very first entry in this blogsite was a post offering an insight on the evolution of hiphop in the Philippines, the evolution of my peers and I, the evolution of the choices we make to proclaim and defend our genre, the evolution of our self inflicted problems. Here's that same article again, read and follow the link. It is sure to entertain the faithful fan in you and sure to let all the haters talk as we all look into one of the controversial moments we as fans will never agree on, hehehe.

This year, I consider it all revolutionary. In which, in my context I define as -- half evolution and half departure from all things I've seen.

"I’ve often complained and shared with my peers how hiphop in the Philippines isn’t as documented as it should be. Nothing we ever do or accomplish is kept in pages enough for people to read, ponder on, refute and debate with. This scene is built on hearsay; he said she said types of comments are thrown to us for us to patch up ourselves. And with no formality of documentation we are left to formulate our own conclusions and draw our own analysis. None of these are certainly wrong; I’m just in a position to actually solidify myself and my peers in the scene which has grown up past record deals, hotel accommodations, bitches and album launches.

This is an attempt to start the documentation of hiphop in the Philippines through my eyes, my label, my friends, my peers, my colleagues and my music. Blogging is the new writer’s haven, and maybe we can reach another breakthrough as a thriving community. My legacy is in my music and relationships I’ve built in my lifetime. And I was from an era when Krazykyle was dope, when independent music was Bomb Azz and/or ILL DEF, when lyricists were developing their skills online, when cellphones were non existent, no Friendsters and my heroes still packed shows and when hiphop was immature. This is me showing you, hiphop is growing up."



Redman - OH MY

This has been my jam all throughout the week, dedicated to all my peoples who participated in the recent WAVE Urban Music Awards. Daps and high fives to y'all! Keep the music coming! Thank you for staying true to the music and keeping us a part of your victories! Redman rips this one freal, laid back one some grown man shit! To all my DJ's and real homies back home, bump this one for me. This is my shit. I'ma touch down when I can and make you say --- hahaha, OH MY.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Jay-z, Rihanna, Bono & The Edge - Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)




Here's the first single off the Distant Relatives album from Damian Marley and Nasir Jones. Enjoy this one for the weekend ahead! Prayers and love goes to the people in Manila and people in Haiti -- keep your weekend blessed, stay close. Been hearing new music from AMP, Chrizo, Godsweezy and a few more. Next months going to have a couple of surprises, trust me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


JAYLENO: Can You Still Dunk? MJ: Are You STOOPID?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The Clipse - FREEDOM

Friday, January 15, 2010




Gil Scott Heron - Me & The Devil

One of the most blessed poets in this lifetime, Gil Scott Heron emerges into the music video game through this offering of a new song "Me & The Devil" -- dark, grimey and full of life. Dedicated to Arkane and Psylent who've been Heron fans even before the inception of the local spoken word scene, stay ahead my brothers. Whatchu guys doin this weekend?

ILL K Entry 5 "JAY-Z Photos for Interview Magazine"


SOUL BREAK: Alicia Keys "Unthinkable"

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (LIVE)

Friday, January 8, 2010



Outtasight & DWILL - Love or Confusion

2010 is in play, and before we go and truly embark on what the year has to offer, lets all sit down and clear the cobwebs in our minds. The hype of new years resolution have now died down and we've prolly broken some of em already. Breathe it out, and let me tell you dontchu worry about it. Hehehe, currents of life are meant to shake you -- but when your integrity is on the line, know how to be firm. I've finally started on another journey of work and income - it should be a good balance. I constantly see myself in a situation wherein I am in a room with all these people, who might be corporately in line, but is nowhere near of touching my attendance of what life has offered my young life. I have seen many things and one thing that surprises me all the time is how God puts me in a humbling place. I know I am better than people who meet their KPI's daily, but freal -- I am ready to take it all as a challenge, it can't be too long before I perfect it too.

When you turn 25 years old, you suddenly find yourself listening to the worlds other language -- RESULTS. This is the language everyone understands, your moms, your neighbor, your friends in school -- what have you got to show for, for the 25 years life has given you? Remember this side of the world belongs to those dressed in ties, clocking in 9 to 5 in other words -- The Matrix, and yes they help make the world go round too. Hehehe, and if you don't a have the leverage of hardwork, perseverance, sacrifice, vision and enduring pain -- you will get lost trapped in the bitterness of regret. Enter this song by Outtasight "Love or Confusion" -- at this point of the year, determine it yourself. Is it love or confusion?

What in the world would you do, if your dreams do not come true?
Is this love or confusion?
Trying to beat the odds even if the road is far
Is this love or confusion?

Listen to the lyrics, the first two lines about that Myspace page thing -- dedicated to all of my Turbulence artists who held it down on that site and surprised the whole world with what we offer, musically! There's no Jay-z brilliance here or Slaughterhouse word play, just some real shit. To the artists I know and worked with, find the balance. I am not downplaying your passion, know that I am with you -- and although my contributions for the local hiphop scene is sorely missed, know that I've leveraged my sense of sacrifice, vision and endurance for pain through my blogging. And it is not about passion -- if you got a plan, execute it; if you got something to say, say it; if you're really looking at success -- then we are meant to see each other one way or another cause thats where I'm heading.

Before you embark on 2010 -- determine your love, don't fool yourself by confusing love as a path. The path of love is about taking steps, no matter where it brings you. And don't confuse yourself that love and passion alone is fulfilling. Sharing is the ultimate fulfillment, love and passion alone is the best road to confusion.

Find the balance.

Mama, Papa, Ate, Ryan & Rhys, I miss you guys -- get well soon.

ILL K Entry 3 "ILL K LOGO"


Watch out for this new brand this coming year!

Thursday, January 7, 2010



"The MC ILL-J is, is one of the blueprints behind
the makings of Turbulence" - B-ROC

1. Marquiss was featured on ILL-J's first album "The Journey" on a song titled "SICK WID IT" which also features DASH, Nimbusnine, PKSO. This same song was the first time B-Roc ever produced a track for ILL-J, it was one of the last tracks recorded for the album. Consequently, the biggest Locked Down series of hiphop events was called Sick Wid It.

2. Eventhough I bought tickets to the Rekognize Album Launch, ILL-J brought me in to the show for free, cause I picked up his baby brother to go to Music Museum. This was way before there was even a thought of making a label out of making my personal beats.

3. In the song MY LOVE by B-ROC, which will be featured here soon -- he delivers lines like "Forever hungry, once again, let my journey be told" -- which contains references to ILL-J's classic debut album.

4. "Once Again" featuring Mike Swift from the Thinking Man's Hiphop cd was actually entitled -- IT IS WHAT IT IS. Hehehe, shoutouts to Chrizo's proof reading skills at a time when we were all pumped up on finishing the album already! This song was recorded the day after one of me and Mike Swift's famous Legendary wednesday recordings. If you hear it again and Mike mentions something about instead of getting pussy he's busting his ass to record, real talk -- the night before mad girls from my side of town was hollering -- hehehe. Shoutouts to Sunny Bandila who was there as well!

5. In the video "BOOKED ME A FLIGHT" -- where the lyrics went "It ain't a call for the money, or a call for the fame/ I just understand what role I should play"; you see a footage of ILL-J's performance for the B-Sides album launch all the way from 2005. This was done in reference to ILL-J's song "ROLE TO PLAY"

6. ILL-J was hand picked to star and act a section in Arkane's classic video campaign "Beyond, Beyond" in which ILL-J's portrayal as the hiphop elder statesman complete with support from his family -- was done to showcase our growth as a label, artists and fans of ILL-J.



Number 12 and 20 -- real talk, hehehe.

SONG OF THE WEEK: USHER - Foolin' Around

Usher - Foolin' Around (Produced by Jermaine Dupri)

I've been working the past few days and its a start I can't wait to see the end result of. To all my peoples who have been waiting on a reply from me, well I haven't been online much -- so yeah AERO -- it's a go. Keep me in the loop. I have to address all the people on the tag board, leave that dude hating alone. I'ma start banning people who don't keep things in perspective -- and yo if you're a real dope hater, I suggest you get in touch with PHD, let yourself be know and I'll do an interview with you one on one via email. I'll answer all the questions you want, blast out people if you want, hehehe. Thats if you have the balls to keep things interesting.

But yeah, here's a track from Usher's upcoming CD titled Raymond vs Raymond. It's called "Foolin' Around" dedicated to fans of Xscape's "You're My Little Secret" - this tandem of Usher and JD is always a sure hit from dudes You Make Me Wanna days. Also dedicated to Champ, Ron, Hotnixx, Jong and all the real playboys in the hizzle.

Monday, January 4, 2010

DUMBFOUNDED fights in the middle of a battle

Dumbfounded gets in a fight in the middle of a battle

Sunday, January 3, 2010



DISTORTED QUIAPO NOISE recognizes Philippine Phenom as
one of the Top 20 OPM albums of the past decade

I start my work for 2010 tomorrow officially, kaya binubusog ko tong blog ko for the week ahead. I wake up to new music by FLIP MUSIC, this ILL-J interview and a possible classic battle show down on wednesday. Sipag ng hiphop this week! All this while bumping Prayers by God's Will & ILL-J, produced by Chrizo. I bumped into this blog, Distorted Quiapo Noise -- and it seems he is focused on naming the top 20 OPM albums of the past decade. Low and behold, he put Nimbusnine's Philippine Phenom album on the 19th spot. Thank you -- this album sonically will not match the rest of the albums of the decade but the passion in making it, promoting it serves as twice the meal it already serves. Thank you for the write up and for the hopefulness in the hiphop scene. I tell you, this year -- the influx of music will be on a weekly basis and although album wise it still will struggle -- the hiphop community has not faltered in introducing new songs every week.

I also want to thank the people behind the Philippine Phenom project. It's always a plus to hear and see where our hard work has lead us, one person at a time.



ILL-J - Mind Blow (Produced by Chrizo)

Mr. Roy Seneres Jr. is the ultimate hiphop veteran in the Philippines. Not just because of his achievements in the music scene, but his triumphs over life throughout his tenure as pinoy hiphops most consistent lyricist. From his Freak Funkshun days to moving up with SVC to SVC's independent breakthrough to his solo projects and collaborations with various relevant releases with his peers and colleagues. All these while still managing to spearhead Locked Down Entertainments bid as the most stable label there is in Pinas. Read through this first Music Is Life interview for the year as we capture ILL-J's candid point of view in line with the coming elections, his joint project with DJ Arbi Won and more.

After naming your debut album The Journey, whats the story behind naming the 2nd release Logic For Reason?

The reason for the title "Logic For Reason" is due to my current sentiment about everything around me. "Logic for Reason" is basically keeping everything in its proper perspective whether it be social, political, moral, emotional, or what have you. Its about being practical in the process of achieving your goals. Use Logic for your Reason. That's about it. The whole album revolves around that particular sentiment.

We heard there is a ILL-J x Arbi Won album in the works, how far along is it? And whats the idea behind this move?

It's still in the works. We just did a couple of songs thus far. Our busy and conflicting schedules are the main obstacles in pushing through expeditiously with the album. However, it's still a priority. Hopefully, we can put it out sometime in the middle of 2010. The idea behind this project is to bring back the essence of the Golden Age of Hip Hop which is 90's Hip Hop. We thought of this idea because we came from this era. This is the era which gave birth to us and got us going with this whole hip hop music thing. The flavor and vibe of this album will embrace the 90s sound of Hip Hop.

Who are you going to vote for the presidency this election?

For the Presidency this coming election, I will vote for whoever is on top of the survey by February of 2010. The reason is I want to be one with the popular will of the Filipino People and also, I do not want my vote to go to waste by voting for someone who we all know is not going to win. I am for the will for the general populate. The surveys will show that.

Whats worse that being broke?

The worst thing about being broke is immobility. That's because the moment you step out of your house, rest assured that you will pull out your wallet endlessly. For example: transportation, food, etc. Especially when your not walking forward by yourself but with a family beside you.

Whats your favorite song from SVC first ever album?

My favorite song from our first album is "MCs Like You" coz of the beat. Also coz its my part of my first few attempts to get highly lyrical on a track.

How as it working with Bella Tan and eventually losing her? We know Bella Tan was one of the biggest supporter of OPM Hiphop, introducing acts like Mastaplann, SVC, Trilogy over the years.

I agree, Bella Tan was a true supporter of OPM Hip Hop. It emanates from the success that Mastaplann brought to the label. We were supposed to be next and I think we did a pretty good job in carrying the torch to that effect. Losing her is a big blow because now we have to look for someone like her with the same capabilities, vision, patience, and dynamics with respect to her view on local Hip Hop. She will be missed.

Whats your favorite song from GRAE?

I love the whole GRAE album. I listened to the entire thing from top to bottom. There are no dry moments in the album. Marquiss brought it to the mic like a true MC is supposed to do. This album is not an album for the general masses. Nor is this album for the young gunz and restless girls in the clubs. This album is not for your typical radio jock who rides on whats popular. This album is strictly for the MC. Marquiss is an MCs MC. Just like me.. lol.. So with that said, my favorite track on the album is "Prophet of Rage". I should've snatched that beat before Mark got his hands on it but its all good though, hehe.

Through out all your years in the business of music, what lessons have you learned and wished you knew them early on?

Throughout my years in music, I learned how to be a better and sharper MC. I learned not to be overwhelmed by false promises and fake opportunities. There's alot of them out there. I just do the doable and do away with the unnecessary. Throughout my years in music, I learned to be independent with my moves. I learned to master my craft and not lean on any body else to beautify my sound. The real essence of Independence and fulfillment is what i learned throughout my years in this industry.

Bituin Escalante feat. ILL-J - Last Tango In Manila

Being partially raced in the States, do you consider yourself Fil Am?

Not any more. When I arrived in 1996 I had a Fil Am state of mind and I hated alot of things in my developing country. I think its normal coz you came from the first world then to the third world. But now, and for the past decade or so, I am a true patriot and my pulse runs deep in the poverty stricken streets and cities of my beloved country. Theres no place like home.

If you were to teach in high school, what class would you like to teach? And why?

Probably social studies or history. I myself would like to know everything about my country's past. Right now, I just have a birds eye view on everything about my country's history. I need to review on that if ever. LOL

There's a story that you and Grant Hill tried out for the same basketball team in high school, you eventually didn't make it to the team and he did. Are you a Grant Hill fan?

No not really. I'm a Jordan fan. But yeah, Grant Hill went to the same High School as me. But he was several batches higher and he was already in college when I got to High School. But yeah, on an alumni or highschool standpoint, Im proud to be coming from the same school as Grant Hill.

Pamilia Dimagiba feat. ILL-J, Dash,
Caliph8 & Kemikal Ali - '97 Style Remix (Produced by DJ Arbi Won)

Timbaland boots or Nike Air Force Ones?

"Rock the timbs in the summer or 10 below" - AZ

If you could get an answer from GMA what one question would you ask?

Do you feel any disgust within yourself for cheating in the 2004 elections?

What do you think of radio in the Philippines?

Radio stations just bite off whats popular in the states. Whether it be songs, program structures, themes, or what have you. Radio stations in the Philippines are the perfect example of Colonial Mentality by Filipinos. I have alot of Radio DJs as friends and I know that if they can have their way, they will play good music the way they see fit, and not those who are placed on the playlist by their station managers or superiors. Money comes into play and that's all they see. For them to squeeze in and give help to the unheard and broke is not their priority. Although business is business, its still unfair to the independent and unsigned.

What was the record that you heard that made you decide to take on rap music and write?

There's actually three: 1) Crossover by EPMD, 2) It Aint Hard to Tell by Nas, and 3) T.R.O.Y. by Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth.

Whats your favorite Slim verse?

The one he did on "Gravitational Pull" off our second album "Reality Check" and bunch of others off the same album.

Where were you and how did you take Francism's untimely death? Whats your most treasured FM memory? How do we live up to his legacy now that he's gone?

I was there at his wake the first night he was brought there. I saw Gloc-9 there and gave him a hug. The reason why I mentioned Gloc-9 is because many say that he's the next and the chosen one to carry the torch that Francis left, music wise. I totally agree. The loss of Francis is a big blow to the local hip hop scene simply because he is the one who started it all. He is the epitome of local Hip Hop. There will never be another Francis M. All we can do now is to follow his lead and try our best to our do our part in maintaining a healthy local hip hop scene. Im sure Francis would like that.

Whats something people don't know about ILL-J, the emcee?

That I'm just a down to earth Filipino who can get along with anyone whatever the class may be, rich or poor.


NOTES: I used to go to school early to catch ILL-J play ball and talk shit against everyone in the court, he's got mad game and I enjoyed watching him bring hiphop into the playground. Ill-J and Slim used to go to my school. I remember, my brother Ryan bringing home SVC's first album -- we bought it, never heard of em -- you know that feeling when you buy a casette tape then and you're judging how dope it would sound from the cover alone? Well that tape didn't disappoint. I remember the school had SVC perform as intermission for a cheering competition, and I was out by the fountain when I heard them half way through they're first song -- I did what any hiphop fan would do, I ran back to catch em. ILL-J wore a blue hockey jersey. The emcee that ILL-J is, is one of the blueprints behind making Turbulence Productions.


LDP - Simple (Joe Bum Remix) (Produced by BoJam of FlipMusic)

Aiyo, this year is already pumping in music left and right. Flip Music releases two songs for free download today, Earshot Quest's "Just Ride" and this remix of LDP's first single "Simple". I'd have to be a little biased with the LDP beat yo -- the strings are so rich and the trade mark BoJam horns are in full effect. I would also like to remind everyone LDP is holding down their first concert on FEB 2010 at Music Museum -- thats a big feat so come out and support!




Bambu - The Queen Is Dead (Produced by Fatgums)

2010 has already punched in, and its ready for the grind, the long hours, the stale meetings, the numerous phone calls and the pay check. Marquiss' interview with DJ Virman will be on peoples hands by the end of the week. We jacking fan bases and well yeah, conquering other kingdoms. The Three Kings celebration is in a few weeks -- the Three Kings CD (Mike Swift, Nimbus9 & God's Will) is still behind schedule. And on that note, I bring you ILL K.

ILL K is a brand I'm developing which stands for Illegitimate Kings. You know how we are all kings by design, but we are all not kings by blood? Our generation don't necessarily inherit our fathers kingdoms -- our generation was put here to divert from our fathers interests. Out there conquering other fields of work and interest. Also, this brand was birthed from Arkane's Mount Olympus' prose, with the lines:

"We are all gods, ruling over magnificent things
of course we had to kill, we ain't legitimate kings"

I'm working on developing the brand, and a series of shirts will be hitting you up throughout this year. Some of my close friends have already viewed the initial designs and it has been embraced, thank you for the inputs as well. In line with this new entry for 2010, I am giving you this new song from Bambu entitled "The Queen Is Dead" produced by Fatgums -- bangin' track if I may. Shoutouts to SoulSonic and Bambu!!

GRAE AREA scribbles thoughts on STATUS MAG 2010

Check out Marquiss' intreview with DJ Virman

From GRAE-AREA's blog: "This is my first post for 2010, and, fittingly, i'm writing about STATUS' #10--the Photo Issue--which was released in mid December (2009). The latest issue features the works of Brooke Nipar, Anouck Bertin, and Ryan McGinley. In addition, music fans should check out the write up on Corporate Lo Fi, and, of course, my interview with DJ Virman."

TO THE BILLBOARD head start 2010 "ITUTOK MO"

Mike Swift - Itutok Mo (Produced by Mr. Rey)