Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Youngin x Waves event

 photo YOUNGIN_zps0yrdty86.jpg

If you want to know who got next? Cavite new breed of hiphop got next.

MASTAPLANN bar tour in Manila

 photo Mastaplann Bar Tour_zpsx3tadehs.jpg

 photo MP - Type Comment_zps8fsgiwem.jpg

 photo MP - Tracer Comment_zpsdotboa9i.jpg

If y'all around the vicinity, check em out.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Q-York - The Philippine Dream (Official Music Video)

Directed by J. Estacio -- join the movement!

Pvrk - 50k (Official Audio)

Kudos to Ryke! Ganda ng mix! Good job 727 Clique! #DiskartengSingkwentaMil

Walang Hanggan week #2

 photo Walang Hanggan - Daily Top 10 Pinoy Edition - Feb 27_zpskuai6jmb.jpg

Steady at number 9 to start its 2nd week on the MYX Charts. Lets go! Keep voting!

New Bambu video "Prey'er"

New from Beat Rock Music, shot in a secret location in Manila.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


 photo PLNGDMT_zpsoismd7bs.jpg

Great track here from 35-7SOW-Produced by Ochomil. Uggghh! #357Pro 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Swizz Beatz x Just Blaze

Yo Chrizo -- is you thinking what I'm thinking?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Illustrado album launch this March 3

 photo Illustrado Album Launch_zpsjgtjhagh.jpg

Congrats to the heads in UPRISING on your success! See you guys at the launch!

Quest lands on #9 before the week ends.

 photo Walang Hanggan - Daily Top 10 Pinoy Edition - Feb 24_zpsfygwxjvp.jpg

And also reached as high as #5 trending on YouTube this past few days.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Apekz previews album cover???

 photo Apekz - Ala Una_zpsp6zjcm3r.jpg

Artifice to drop the new Apekz album this March. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Quest - Walang Hanggan (Official Music Video)

Dedicated to our broken hearts, and our resilient spirits. #WalangHanggan

Pricetagg - Whatchu Say (Prod. By Mark Beats)

Ooohhh weeeeee! That gangsta shit. #ShotsFired

PKSO x Layzie Fu x Kaycee - Di Magbabago

 photo PKSO DI MAGBABAGO_zpsesyzfm75.jpg

New song from Turf Entertainment, love the beat actually! Kudos to Turf!

Walang Hanggan debuts at #10

 photo Walang Hanggan - Daily Top 10 Pinoy Edition - Feb 21_zpsbpkxigj3.jpg

We are in the charts, lets climb the charts -- shall we. #WalangHanggan

Sunday, February 19, 2017

DMDM 26 @ Saguijo

 photo DMDM 26_zpsxwvfxhcp.jpg

Great line up! Bring extra cash for that new 777 merchandise!

Catch Quest tomorrow night at 12 Monkeys!

 photo Quest Feb 21 - 12 Monkeys_zpsyulvpgfr.jpg

Php 300 gets you a good show, we are screening the video during Quest's set!

Dome Piece Audio sneak peek!

 photo Dome Piece - Sneak Peek 1_zpsy8jxljar.jpg

 photo Dome Piece - Sneak Peek 2_zpsuyagr9op.jpg

Classic design that reminds us of classic headphones, could this be Big Beast?

Dome Piece Audio for music lovers!

 photo Dome Piece - Brandon Vera_zpstcpwbuea.jpg

MMA Fighter trains for his fights with his Dome Piece Audio "Beast" headphones.

Dome Piece Audio is an up and coming headphones brand focused on the idea of developing products for hands free listening. With blue tooth technology at an all time high and intertwined into our daily lives, Dome Piece Audio comes in at a perfect time. Music, is consumed differently by different patrons from different walks of life. We have always wondered how to best listen to music in the different times we need it during our day.

Some people enjoy their music while driving in their car, some while they are alone in their homes, some while studying -- imagine enjoying your music in the middle of rigourous gym training. Imagine going on a train and not having to worry about tangled wires. Imagine going on a personal hike -- or even with group, imagine listening to a podcast from one source but distributed to different Dome Piece units via Bluetooth. All seem to be in the pipeline as Dome Piece releases quality products limited only by your blue tooth imagination!

 photo Dome Piece - Abrina_zpsc7hyls1s.jpg

 photo Dome Piece - Products_zpswjcu9ptd.jpg

You can order your Dome Piece Audio products HERE or call 09266586318 !!

Dome Piece Audio offers a line of products for listeners of different levels. From speakers, noise cancelling ear pieces, headphones and soon studio engineering headphones. The brand also boasts of global ambassadors of different fields - such as trainers, MMA fighters, DJs, singers, emcees, fashion models and even the legendary Philippine All Star dancers! Top notch blue tooth and audio technology at reasonable prices is what Dome Piece Audio wants for its users! Get yours now!

Dome Piece Audio has started their journey to conquer the ears and taste of music fans. From great and fashionable designs, to soon studio specific hardware -- Dome Piece Audio is well on its way to becoming the supplier of high end bluetooth technology for music lovers and become one of the most sought after urban accessory in the country!

Visit their Facebook Page or their official website - www.domepieceaudio.com; and tune in to this blog for more updates on the new line of products from Dome Piece Audio! Soulfiesta is happy to share this partnership to all our fellow audiophiles! Come back here more often, and see what this partnership blossoms to!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

FlipTop - Apoc vs Apekz

These two really brought it for each other, great battle!

New SWASH tees dropping soon!

 photo Swash 2017_zpsc5svpxbm.jpg

 photo Swash Size Chart_zps4qy1ayzo.jpg

New designs from SWASH Clothing. Get at them on their Facebook Page HERE.

The Philippine Dream - Join The Movement

Take a few minutes of your time to look and support at The Philippine Dream.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Stick Figgas x SinoSikat back to back!

 photo Stick Figgas_zpsb1rjjomb.jpg

A Brewery gig poster that was shot in Saguijo! Great promotion Saguijo! Feb 22!

Walang Hanggan premieres on MYX tomorrow!

 photo Walang Hanggan MYX Premiere_zpsfxpldirl.jpg

Check the time, don't be late -- I promise it won't disappoint. You're welcome!

DB drops her 777 shirts this weekend!

 photo 777 - Dont Break The Cycle - Front_zpsezkqcket.png

 photo 777 - Dont Break The Cycle - Back_zpssmnsvwuk.png

Get this new 777 by  DB "Don't Break The Cycle" tees! You can buy it HERE.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Loonie - Balewala (Official Music Video)

Hiphop is killing 2017 already! And we only on the second month of the year!

Shanti Dope - 1nthrow

Safe to assume Shanti Dope is now under Artifice Records! Congratulations!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pino G - Pwede Bang Ikaw Na Lang - (Lyric Video)

Here's a new lyric video for all your Pino G fans!

Ives Presko & OJ River - Gusto Ko Pa (Official Music Video)

That 808 kick under the main kick on the 3rd bar is banging! Bawal meets 2Joints!

ERB - Pagmamahal Atbp (Beat Tape)

 photo ERB_zpskgxaoh2n.jpg

The homie Erib Mandia blesses us with some post valentines beat tape. Congratulations!

Chrizo - Chorizo Bits (Beat Tape)

 photo Chorizo Bits - Front - Cover_zpsslipnfzq.jpg

 photo Chorizo Bits - Back - Cover_zps0aedqfaf.jpg

The big homie Chrizo releases his first ever beat tape as he celebrates his birthday!

Today, Chrizo turns 34 -- and to commemorate this wonderful day, he gifts us with his first ever beat tape. This tape is straight up fiyaaaaah! My favorite tracks are Busog Lusog and Ham Sandwich. Boom bap bred beats from Las Pinas -- all the way through. No fillers, just straight up boom bap in your face. The album is currently out on free streaming on Soundcloud, but for the curious -- you can download the full beat tape HERE. Happy birthday mang!

 photo Chorizo Bits Meme - for Facebook sharing_zpslmsavvxj.jpg

And while we serve up this free main course of a beat tape, we would like to request that you use the image below and post it on your social media as a way for us to distinguish if you've listened to the beat tape already. Something we can do in appreciation of this piece of art. We are counting on you chief! Check your neck though once in a while, this beat tape gon make your head nod and neck snap with this signature Chrizo boom bap beats! Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Casual Anonymous Valentines gig!

 photo Casual Anonymous_zps7aa3kolb.jpg

Bawal Clan on Valentines Day? Hide your girls.

PONY's Last Call!

 photo Pony_zpsdbrr7ol8.jpg

Make time to check this out guys! Last call for the pop up shop!

FlipTop - Shernan vs Lil Sisa

Damn, Fliptop has classics on classics! Congrats Anygma and Kevin!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Fliptop post Valentines events!

 photo Mindfields_zps2cfeuoea.jpg

 photo Second Sight_zpslcjnvtls.jpg

Post valentines event for the fellas! Check it out, great fight cards!

UPNORTH Vol. 1 this March 25!

 photo Upnorth 2_zps9rg0ymug.jpg

Get wit the programs guys! Check out the details and go!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hotnixx - Pag-iyak ng Langit

 photo Pagiyak Ng Langit - Soundcloud_zpsw3tlmg1c.jpg

Re-releasing this classic material, with accompanying YouTube official audio. Hotnixx baby!

High Street Battle League!

 photo Early Bird_zpsgq634nma.jpg

Happening over the weekend, support this new battle league! Discover who's dope!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Adios Amigos this thursday!

 photo Adios Amigos_zps1nwydjil.jpg

The homie Sneaky Josh is turning 30, I bet you he gon be late for his own party!

Walang Hanggan music video launch on the 14th!

 photo Walang Hanggan - MV Launch as of Feb 8_zps9q9wxbtw.jpg

See you guys on Valentines Day! Bring a date!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Synchronicity Recap

This what happened a few weeks back. Dedicated to you Nicole, we miss you.

Mister REY - RNDM MIX 2K17 #2

 photo MisterRey_zps93rwcpbu.jpg

That first song on this mix, my gawd. Thank you for this mix Mister REY.


Monumental feature! Kudos to the guys behind this!

Mike Swift reppin for Tenement!

Great look here Mike, Ghetto Games wrapped up last weekend! Congrats!

Mike Swift's new radio show!!

 photo Saraprakan_zpsossdmh2w.jpg

Looking forward to hearing big things from this radio program!

August Wahh - Before You Hit The Ground

 photo August Wahh_zps5zi3cqk3.jpg

Produced by herself. Dopeness all over this joint.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

MNL$ - Calling Me (Official Music Video)

Produced by Frat Music, happy birthday to the homie MNL$! More music!

Fliptop: Abra VS Damsa

Another classic battle for the fans! #Fliptop

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rjay Ty's "Hit The Spot" album and merchandise

 photo Rjay Ty - Hit The Spot Merchandise 1_zps3ud2puce.png

 photo Rjay Ty - Hit The Spot Merchandise 4_zpsnw7jucss.png

 photo Rjay Ty - Hit The Spot Merchandise 3_zpsc7mqvrgt.png

 photo Rjay Ty - Hit The Spot Merchandise 2_zpslous9kqc.png

Album, t-shirt, poster now available at RJAY TY's webshop, Order HERE.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Rej Roco - Polar Opposites

 photo Polar Opposites_zpskah0l1t1.jpg

That second verse is straight up fiyaaah. Belated happy birthday homie.

Stay Winning x Gerald Bato

Awesome tee with an awesome kid! #Manilfornia album out now!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Pino G's Di Ako Dapat premieres on MYX

 photo DRP MYX_zpsosfbeb16.jpg

Today at 130PM, right after your lunch break guys - catch it live!

VOTE for HI C for the MYX Awards

 photo Hi C MYX_zps9vayhtpl.jpg

One of the nominees for Favorite Urban Video, follow the instructions above.

Pino G new song coming soon!

 photo Pwede Bang Ikaw Na Lang - Edited_zpssvyr2eai.jpg

Happening this Valentines! Check for it here. #SFMGMT

Kris Lawrence - Isang Numero (Official Music Video)

One of the best local urban song as of late! Kudos to KL and the team!

Flitop Battle - Shehyee VS Sinio

Another great battle from the guys at Fliptop!

Quest nominated for a MYX Award!

 photo MYX Quest_zpsobjvqy6m.jpg

For "Pilipinas". Please vote for it HERE. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Greyhoundz x Pulp Magazine!

 photo PULP_zpsw0lkuyot.jpg

Congratulations guys! Grab you copy now!