Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunugan Antipolo!!

 photo Sunugan Antipolo_zpsoo4ekbol.jpg

Happening tomorrow!! Araw na naman ng Sunugan!


 photo Urban Catwalk_zpsnbwfcdvh.jpg

Happening at B-Sides tomorrow!

PIKASO & LAYZIE FU - EVERYDAY (Official Music Video)

Shot at Camsur -- have a great holiday y'all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bugoy na Koykoy - Lounge (Official Music Video)

That Bugoy sound getting you ready for the holiday.

Hoy Pare video shoot behind the scenes!

And happy birthday to the boy Aerowithadot!! Happy 42nd birthday!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catch Duende on May 6!

 photo Vyne_zpsto2h7lt1.jpg

Looking for local hiphop on a wednesday night? May 6 at Vyne.

Sounds of Tomorrow! Happening today!

 photo Lakim_zpsa8a1v4ll.jpg

Happening in Black Market tonight! April 28!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Quest & Yeng - Isang Laban, Isang Bayan

Official music video, from ABS CBN -- looking good TFC!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Maxene Magalona does Mga Kababayan Ko!

Dunno how I feel about this, but he is is fathers daughter.

Catch Skarm this April 30!

 photo Skarm_zpsdg4nt3ie.jpg

Something to close your April in a high boom bap note!

Lowkey will debut this track on radio tonight!

 photo Basilyo_zps6iro9cvu.jpg

Tune in to Pinas FM tonight at 9pm onwards.

Congratulations to Mugen!!

 photo Mugen_zpsopjw7y59.jpg

Great to know Mark Striegl won his OneFC debut match! Rack em wins!

Arbie Won hints on a new Pamilia Dimagiba album.

 photo PD New Album_zpsxx7somhx.png

Happy to know Arbie Won is getting the camp back together!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Great tattoo by Maya!

 photo Maya_zpss8uhrivj.jpg

Book your next tattoo with Maya -- guaranteed you'll love it!

Support Otto Feraren's exhibit!

 photo Still Life_zpslle9rctk.jpg

Otto Feraren fan since day 1!

Sunugan tomorrow April 26!

 photo Sunugan_zpss0fafzc3.jpg

Catch Mike Swift and the team! Prepare for suprises!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Highminds new tees!

 photo Highminds 2_zps9zx1gl2j.jpg

 photo Highminds 1_zpsihq3j4tx.jpg

Get yours now!! Ugh!

ZAITO's Album Tour

 photo Zaito_zps4ocsbqfz.jpg

Ganti Ng Patay comes to a city near you! Come out and support!

J-Hon - One Guy (Official Music Video)

J-Hon is one of OPM Hiphop's super heroes!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Quest song "Isang Laban, Isang Bayan"

 photo Quest MP_zpsvp1x82p0.jpg

Play this joint until Manny wins!!

Verse 1:

Eto na, tara na Laban natin to, handa ka na ba
Ano ba, Huwag ka na Magpaligoy ligoy pa, para sa
Atin to karangalan Walang aatras sa laban
Ikaw, ako Lahat tayo kailangan Ika’y aming inaasahan
Kumapit, tumayo, makibaka Tumalon, sumigaw, magtiwala
Bayanihan, hindi ito pangkaraniwang Di lang ng karamihan
Lahat kasama walang maiiwan Handa ka na bang magdiwang
Takbo, bilis pa ng konti Lakasan pa naming ang aming boses
Ngayon natin patunayan lakas ng buong bayan
Lipad, di kailangan ng pasaporte
Bawat suntok, sabayan ng hiyaw Tagumpay, lang ang sinisigaw
Isa lang ang daan, walang maliligaw
Huwag nang mag alinlangan, sige bitaw
Alam ko hindi to madali Hindi din kailangan magmadali
Pero kung gusto mong mapadali sipag, tiyaga, tiwala ang kapalit
Pitong libot isang daang dahilan Bawat isla, Lahat bida
Isang daang milyong pangarap ang nakalaan isa lang ang nasa ring, partida

Verse 2:

Diyos, Pamilya, bayan Ito lang ang iyong kailangan
Patnubay sa laban Anu man ang larangan
Sige ibigay mo ng todo Basta nasa tama ka, Oo
Hinding hindi ka maloloko Pag dating sa pangarap, lahat ay deboto
Kaya kumapit ka, lapit pa Sa hirap at ginhawa, kasapi ka
Sa istorya ng tagumpay, ka bahagi ka 
Huwag kang magalala maghahari ka
Sa puso ng sangkatauhan Mga kritiko matatauhan
Timog, silangan, hilaga kanluran
Buong mundo kakampi mo walang duda

Sin City - Single For The Night (Official Music Video)

Great visuals by Ken Yamaguchi and awesome music from Klumcee!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quest live in Baguio!

 photo Quest Horizons_zpsofc7a0wh.jpg

Great line up of acts here! Time for Baguio to get blessed and Join The Quest!

HIPHOP INT'L holds regional qualifiers

 photo HIPHOP INTERNATIONAL_zpsnjebev00.jpg

Rep your crew and see them rep the country in the international stage!

Aero - C U AGN

Aero dedicates this songs to people we love and have lost.


Good song and visual from Luiboi! Keep em coming Projekt Stealth!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

LS, Aero, Jolo & Massiah - Mercy (Remix)

 photo MERCY_zpsg3bwiu0a.jpg

LS -- has a killer delivery for a female. Hella impressed!

J.Cole - Wet Dreamz (Official Music Video)

Impeach The President drums and a Family Circle sample.

Manila Sneaker EXPO 2

 photo Manila Sneaker Expo_zpsthzrw1b4.jpg

Happening this April 25 at SMX Taguig, SM Aura.

Hiphop goes back to Malate!

 photo Galawan 4_zps8qqnda8g.jpg

Nakpil St. used to host alot of hiphop events when I was growing up!

Freaky Raps album launch!

 photo GIMIK HOP_zpsg5temyxl.jpg

Great line up of artists here, congrats on the album Freaky Rap!

LDP - Resonate (Official Music Video)

Music produced by Similar Objects. Lesson of the day -- dont swim with shoes. Hahaha!

BRGY TIBAY "Champions Night"

 photo Brgy Tibay_zpshrllbu4t.jpg

Great line up of bands! Check it out!

Monday, April 20, 2015


 photo TITAN CURRY_zpsaqlpf883.jpg

Retailing at Php 2,495 - get your Steph Curry alma mater jersey from Titan 22!

Free download!! ZJAY - Lakbay Punggay

 photo ZJAY - Lakbay Punggay_zps9dexnwtc.jpg


Wordplay in Los Banos!

 photo Wordplay_zpssuvt1wgd.jpg

Visit FAM! and appreciate what they're doing for the culture all the way in the south!

Friday, April 17, 2015

WIPCAPS x Kid Kulafu

 photo Kid Kulafu WIP_zpsrejz2rq0.png

 photo Kid WIP_zpstrglhd5k.jpg

Get yours soon as its out! And go out and support the movie! Looks good!

Philippine All-Stars x Tree House

Great choreo from Matt Padilla! Great use of the drone as well!

Abby Asistio - When I'm With You (Official Music Video)

The hit from last year finally got a visual! Dunno how I really feel about this.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Duende - Mind Refinement (Free Download)

 photo MR 1_zpswcnm7nmt.jpg

Produced by MIC, everybody get on that Duende shit.

Zaito - Buhay Sa Pinas (Live)

Great stuff coming out of the Uprising camp!

Thryo and Yumi - Tama o Mali (Official Music Video)

Great look for Thyro and Yumi! Hopefully the movie blows up!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happening in WL today!

 photo WL Nike SB April_zpsmikadu9a.jpg

 photo WL Nike SB April Camo_zpsdflvx3lj.jpg

 photo WL Nike SB April Snapback_zpsgtnuc8zl.jpg

Enjoy your wednesday yo!

BAMBU - Let It Burn (Smoke Therapy Tunes)

 photo BAMBU_zpsroxyrnk9.jpg

All tracks produced by Bhonstro. Good shit, take a hit and relax. 420's around the corner.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Duende lie at VYNE tomorrow!

 photo VYNE_zpslhszlfqa.jpg

Catch the new Duende sound!

Uela feat. Boom - Summer Love (VIntage Boy Remix)

 photo Uela Summer Love_zpsptjx5zhv.jpg

Almost sounds like a Kulay track! Boom Dayupay kicks a rhyme!

KRUMP to be taught in Ilocos Norte!

 photo Krump_zps6eozay4i.jpg

Loving what tourism is doing over there! Keep em coming!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

R2A for 2016 begins!

Here we go! Make it known! Please share and help gain more followers!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

DJ Decyphers Timbaland Mix!

 photo Timabaland_zps6712pvci.jpg

Download the tape here.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Similar Objects teaching this summer!

 photo Similar Objects_zpskby1nevz.jpg

Enroll now! Learn from the best!

The Bloq Party live on WAVE!

 photo The Bloq Party_zps7psfi5ng.jpg

Happy to see these cats on radio!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Zyme x XienHow feat. Kristo - Show Up (Music Video)

Travelmatic on beastmode!! Shooting around the metro today as well!


 photo Pepsi Unbox_zpsq7dvjwcu.jpg

Log in and register now! Music Matters is one helluvan experience! Join now!!

Congratulations to my brother!!

 photo Araneta Dreams 2015_zpsx4jlo3ns.jpg

I enjoyed the day! Everybody had fun! Big shoutouts to Speedy who flew down from Cebu!

Travelmatic crew arrives in Manila!

 photo Travelmatic_zpsqjd52ehf.jpg

If you attended Araneta Dreams y'all seen the duo! More to come!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fredo vs Anygma in LA this April!

 photo Fredo Anygma_zpstacxsdwy.jpg

Going down next saturday is Anygma's VISA gets approved!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

One day to go! See you tomorrow!

 photo R2A_zpsfk7kghxy.jpg

Bring your good vibes! Day of Valor!

TURF TV on Xtreme Channel

P-Kid from The Bay been cooking in the kitchen.

RAZOR X RAPTAG - NOBENTA (Official Music Video)

Great music from the new guys, keep it up!

Gods Will "Alay" (Produced by MedMessiah)

From the belly of the beast, ang pagbabalik ni Gods Will. #SinoSiGodsWill

Monday, April 6, 2015

ASH BRANDS new tee design!

 photo Bank of Makati_zpsvnwiu9ut.jpg

Hella liquid, watch your deposits!

Zaito - Buhay (Official Music Video)

Produced by Juss Rye, Ganti Ng Patay still out -- buy it where you find it!

A 420 Music Festival

 photo A Day Of Peace_zps6je5pnz9.jpg

Spend your Php700 wisely! Watch these bands and bring your own garbage bag!

Abaddon's album "Katibayan out now!

 photo Abaddon_zpsytuapjxw.jpg

Late pic, as the album is now live on iTunes and Spotify. Spend your money!

Chichi Monster Exhibit!

 photo Chichi Monster_zpscbrye9mk.jpg

Future national artist here, don't miss the chance.

2 Joints QC concert (Recap Video)

2 Joints parang mafia, yaman on the way! Kenneth Arlantico at the 2:24 mark!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Quest - Speed of Light (Live)

Life of a Champion, the album -- dropping sooner than you think.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wipcaps "Tag Life"

 photo Wipcpas EggFiasco_zpsz76oyyij.jpg

 photo Wipcaps Tag_zps6yxpzhy2.png

To all my street art heads, this ones for you! Go get it!

Buhay Cali feat. Apoc & Batas - Got Em Shook

 photo Buhay Cali_zpsmwercusq.jpg

Beat bangs and the rhymes are three times nice! Maundy Thursday drop!