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ILL K Entry 25 "KASE x B-Roc (Part III)"


Dope piece yet again Kase! Thanks for shouting me out in your pieces time and time again! Good eyes Nimbus! Kase, we seriously need to get to work on a major piece soon. Yes thats my name on the lower right and no, you dont just have your name tagged on a wall like that, you have to earn it my iggins, hehehehe! Aiyo Nimbus, we gotta get DEFENSE up on STATUS MAG soon pai!

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BLAZE N KANE feat. Pow Chavez - FLY AWAY (Produced by BoJam, Alwyn & Yujin of FlipMusic)

Mista Blaze and Slick N Sly Kane's formidable tandem lights up your day alongside FLIPMUSIC's soundscapes and Pow Chavez vocals! What a great song yo! Mista Blaze's rips this vocally and yo Kane, I mean what?!! That flow is fucking crazy! "Pushing weights like nothing" -- word to Leeyah's bicep shots!

Just showing some love to all my real heads since day one. I remember hanging around Madd Poets at one of Denmarks shows and it was the first time I met Mista Blaze and he made a lasting impression of just someone who's mad talented and just a funny dude who doesn't give a shit! I mean, we pulled up at Denmark's house, cause he had to get something. And this dude runs up to my car, pulls out a flashlight and acts like a cop asking for my license and shit. Good times man! I think his album under XAX Records has got to be one of the best put together albums I've heard post United Freestyle Vol. 2 era -- and Kane -- Mike Swift made us cross paths and before that, I've always been a fan even before his Project Tempo days! Yes Kane, I mentioned it! Hahaha, cop that CD Project Tempo -- humble beginnings!

So here's a toast to my brothers. Did you know the whole idea of To The Billboard was about 4 persons -- Kane, Sunny Blaze, Mista Blaze and Mike Swift -- so yeah, fucking toast to this mutherfuckers! We've come a long way man! I think no movement has been more solid in Pinoy Hiphop than fucking TO THE BILLBOARD x KONEKTADO, with the way it was started and the way its grown.

"They don't call us vets for nothing"


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ABSOLUT VODKA presents NY-Z (A Jay-z Short Film)

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This poster was unleashed at the Konektado Celebration

Admit it, its rather funny. I heard Kid Alamat ripped a dope performance while unveiling this rather controversial poster of Krazykyle fixed as a clown, hehehehe. If you were to ask me, he had it coming -- I mean after that line on his song "Noon at Ngayon" about a New York MC, and saying "welcome to Pinas motherfucker". No one had to explain that it was a shot at Mike Sweezy, so yeah. At this point, expect either below the belt moves from the other side. I already expect Photoshop'ed pictures of the Konektado team, including me to arise from his side. I say bring it but also I would like to see how people diffuse this situation from this point on.


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Mike Swift - Magiingay (Produced by Mr. Rey)

One of my good friends has already landed in Pinas, yes his name is Mike Swift and well -- we are all coming home to celebrate, regroup and shake some cages up. I repeat, coming home -- not going back; but coming back home. If you think for one second that our bids outside Pinas has softened us up, hmmmm -- you haven't prayed enough or your prayers are working against you. To all those cats, putting out songs mentioning whether noon I used to play you beats and ngayon you in magazines, and then drop a line about a New York MC and welcoming him to what we call home -- stay on your toes, we are around motherfucker. Konektado celebration this sunday, so this interview would have to sustain you guys for a few more days as well we put in some work in what could be hiphop's busiest week early this year. Read through as Mike Swift weaves through my questions in preparation for bringing home the fun and the toasting it up with friends. Aiyo Mike, time to connect the dots.

SOULFIESTA: If you learned one thing about Filipino Hiphop politics over the years, what would it be?

There are many levels of politics in Filipino Hiphop, and thats including everywhere else out side the Philippines who has a pinoy rap community. There are so many crews with different perspectives and principles when it comes to their intrepetation of what hiphop is to them and so little communication amongst each other that it becomes almost parallel to how real politics in the philippines is governed. Its fucked up with no direction.

Why do you think Empire Entertainments Hiphop Awards gives such a negative vibe after a strong start? What have negative aspects are there that have left sour tastes in peoples mouths?

It wasnt always like that. I think it's because the people who are running it lost connection with the people who who dwells in it. I can remember the energy of the first Philippine HipHop awards, it made me desperately hustle up to come back to the philippines where I almost went to jail a couple of times in Brooklyn, just to be able to be a part of this history. My thoughts then was, "Imagine 50 years from now when they do the 50th annual PHHA, I will be considered as a pioneer, let me get my highlight in there with a purpose and a message for where im going to take this", and that I am certain I have done, unfortunately there will no longer be a philippine hiphop awards from now on, or they can try, but I guarantee I will be throwing an event the same day. I dont know what negative aspects it left other people, but me personally, Empire has been holding vendettas and grudges against me since the 2nd annual. Oh by the way we cant no longer call it annual because it skipped a year (how consistent). I heard different stories from close friends of Empire to why they have sour taste about it. Examples: not being able to explain the judging system and logistics of the awards, the favoring of closer friends to be more involved than outsiders, not wanting to collaborate with others who offered help and add to make sure this ceremony grows even larger. It is heavy and deep, and once again I will never make up things with out foundation of truth with proof.

If you could give the hiphop awards an award, what would it be?

I heard this from someone, might have been from you Bong "THE REVERSE ROBIN HOOD AWARD"

You've talked about playing ball with Francis Magalona countless of times, how is he as a player? Which position did he play? Could he shoot the ball well? And does he play D?

I know you asked this question probably to rub it in to Krazy Kulangot to stop posing as if he is as close as he portrays to be with Francis M as he make it seem to be (laughing) I dont want to be accused as someone who is doing similar. Even though If I did brag, mine would be true. Everyone knows that, but there are people that are way closer to Francism than I was, and they stay hushed about it, which is why I feel a bit shameful to say how close I know I am to him. I think everyone who knows Francis and are closer to him can see thru what Kulangot is desparately attempting to do. What a weak character this kid has, and pakisabi sa kanya tama na ang pang gagaya ng mga concepto ko na di bagay sa kanya, sobrang halata na. I played ball with Kiko heavy for 2 years straight and saw him there once, what a fag Kulangot (hahaha) I'm guessing you wanted people to know how Kulangot stay posing as if he was close to Kiko but, no worries yung mga baho nya ay lumilitaw litaw na. But as far as playing ball I mean Francis was already 40 years old and still was able to compete hard. He played the point guard, and we would switch up time to time when we played on the same team Ihe would play shooting guard sometimes. Ang lakas ng pulso ni Kiko, and he had quick hands, made a lot of steals. We palyed all over mostly RFM in Mandaluyong near where I lived in Cityland Condo. He would take his son Frank, and we would also play with some of the Eat Bulaga Staff. I might even have footage -- actually I do, I'll be uploading it to www.konektado.com in the future so stay tuned there.

http://www.konektado.com/ official launch on March 21, 2010

To The Billboard has grown so much worldwide over the years, what certain ocassion or moment caught you off guard on the growth of it?

When people outside the Philippines and of different race greet me by saying it, and some even asking for autographs, naks hehe, but it is overwhelming consider how the concept was born. everyday it surprises me, just a little while ago an artist from Baguio just emailed me a song screaming it, as if he understood everything about it and it's good already.

Do you ever worry that you aren't enjoying things as much cause your pace is faster than ever? Flights, shows, interviews, videos left and right, do you think its in your character to slow down the pace?

Its hard for me to slow down when I know my enjoyment comes from inching closer to the end goal. Trust me I am always enjoying it. The only sad part is not being able to enjoy it with everyone who became close to me in this journey every time.

I know you're a movie buff, what was the last movie that you watched -- either TV, cinema or DVD -- how was it?

Honestly I havent been watching too many movies lately, I havent had any time. Last movie I saw probably was Avatar/Law Abiding Citizen. They were ok. But I watch movies in a different light nowadays considering that its the route I want to take. I really am excited to get my first ones out the way.

Mike Swift - Lagi Kong Kasama (LIVE)

You are famous for saying "To be a rapper in Pinas is the worst career move ever" -- and people give us props cause "we make it look easy" when we give em the finished product, which of your products over the years was the hardest to put together? Why?

I say Legendary album, only because of all the journey I made getting to finish such a conceptual album starting with no money when I was less known, and yet was able to finish the product where people will get to see how I made everything true inside my last song in the album that I wrote first before the rest. Riddles upon riddles. When people dig and see each story behind each song they will know that this album is very special, because its purpose is what changes you are seeing happen today.

Whats good to order along side Batangas' Lomi?

Extra doble rekado, kikiam at atay/ garlic bread from Lomi King in Lipa City. Tara!

What is the idea behind Mike Watawat and Sunny Bandila? Where are they now?

Mike Watawat and Sunny Bandila are superheroes ng pinas. They are just local filipino rappers who caught powers somewhere down the line, and decided to clean Philippines of evil by any means necessary specially thru songs. They are just strategizing in their hideouts behind their regular human identities, preparing to fly rigorously through out Pinas.

Explain your thought on "Loyalty Feeds The Movement", what does this mean to you?

Loyalty is a trait that is atrracted by "To The Billboard" I am a big Fan of people who take that word seriously. I die living out that word for people who do the same for me and what a lot of us learned to beleive in.

Mike Swift & J-Hon - Sold Us A Dream (Produced by Slick N Sly Kane)

Who do you think the Knicks' need season? Lebron, D Wade or Chris Bosh?

I think they need Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, Anthony mason, John starks back, hehe and bring my boy Stephon back (gotta be bias, I know him well enough personally and I myself played ball against him once upon a time, hehe naks 19 points and 2 steals of him and his team in Shorefront Y if you must know hehe)

What is the concept behind the Konektado webapge? Where do you see flourishing and what kind of support are you asking people regarding the webpage? It's a fresh look for pinoy artist having a legit webpage where in they have they're own voice and could put up their own material and not being stopped by radio, label, tv conglomerates who think they could dictate the scene? What is your goal for this webpage?

It's to bring everything and everyone in the world a little closer to each other than if this site didnt exist, because this does not cater to hiphop only. Konektado.com touches everything under the sun, and including it.

Sunny Blaze is already a legend in the scene even before you stepped in the Philippines -- and yet he has openly and willingly played his role behind the scenes to help push you. Whats are your top 5 moments with Sunny Blaze?

There is no top 5, everyday is highlight with Sunny Bandila. Too many unforgettable can never be duplicated journeys.

If you could rock a verse on a classic 90's song/album -- which would it be?

The whole Illmatic album. I considered it my bible during those times.

Mike Swift & J-Hon - Back At It Again

What could people expect this time around that you're coming home?



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Universal Executive previews Drake's debut album "Thank You Later"

1) There's a song on the disc called "Fireworks" that has the greatest beat ever. Drake has this sidekick producer called 40, and he's talented. I met him as well this afternoon and he's also a good kid. He's about to be very, very busy. "Fireworks" has a hook on it courtesy of Kings of Leon. It's catchy.

2) There is a Kanye West-produced track on the album that comes with a story. The track was made by Kanye for Beyonce, but Drake really wanted it so he wrote her a handwritten letter asking if he could use it. She read it and thought it was sweet and e-mailed him to give her permission. It's a great track.

3) There's a Jay-Z/Drake track that he played for us - minus Jay's verse. Jay-Z doesn't let anyone hear his stuff before it comes out. Drake claims it is the greatest verse Jay's ever done.

4) I think the final track on the album is called "Thank Me Now" or something. He played us a recorded verse then did another one live and it was one of the best. Really cool.

5) He sings on a bunch of tracks on the album.

6) This Saturday Drake will be in L.A. doing a track with Dr. Dre and Eminem.

7) Yes, there is a Timbaland beat on the album.

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Yes, I am flying in and will be attending this event my dudes. Forget the awards for now yo, it won't have the same impact as seeing my friends come together to have some fun and network like how we really should via this event. Man, Pinas is heating up this week -- you already know. Flip Top Battle League on March 20 and Konektado celebration happening the following day! Yes Sweezy is heading back to Pinas to wreck havoc and shake the scene a bit. Anybody wanna throw in they politics to the mix, I dare you. Aero releases his video, So Wonderful getting played in Japan, New Zealand, Baguio and soon Manila radio, Forensic Science reunion with Killah, To The Billboard heads flying back to put some seasoning to the pot! How much more do I need to stress it, our coverage is more than any awards show or your attendance in any Music Festival. Come on now -- stay relevant neegis, and stay true to your fans. The same fans who believe in you and say they will ride and die for you will be in this event we're doing in honour of you. Stay true to your fans bitches don't abandon them by not attending these events, I mean you are ALL invited. Hehehe, special coverage by a certain Miss Thang in these events means more shit to talk about the following week to spice things up and shake you cages.

Soulfiesta surprise for you the next few days: Mr Rey x Aero track in the works; Quest hitting up Boracay dropping off Island Lovin', Back To Love & So Wonderful in your favorite spots, Quantum Resto on the come up, Capital G Shop Anniversary and I heard they are now franchising a new shop soon, a Mike Swift interview before he lands in Pinas, the nations first Beat Making Workshop in the works -- while you go and look for a better venue and sponsors for you, we out here making it happen for YOU so you can have some foundation on whatever lies you gon tell these sponsors.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010



Nimbusnine feat. Quest - So Wonderful (Produced by Alwyn, Yujin & Bojam of Flip Music)

March 10 iggins, we give you a new song from Nimbusnine featuring Quest produced by the house that gave you Keep Elevating and the remix of In My City, FLIP MUSIC. This power house production team has been pumping good music for you ears over the past few months and are showing no signs of stopping. We keep it cool as the weather gets hot in Pinas and well, all over the world. "So Wonderful" is a infectious song which will catch you humming all day. I mean, can we get our grown man sexy on? This song is dedicated to all the ladies, I know its hot in Pinas -- so as you enter your second half of your week, let us throw a breeze your way to remind you -- to practice your two step before hitting the club with this song. Hehehehe.

So yeah, shoutouts to Christina Garcia for coming through with a late night photoshoot for this online poster. Decided to make the colors like this so we could keep it cool, I know the sun is blazing in Manila. SG is going through the same thing, so it's only right that we keep it easy on the eyes. Bojam, what can I say? You did again big homie! Nimbus & Quest -- one for the books pards, lets continue blazing a trail for these cats to chase. I mean come on, you can't teach people to make music like this.

Cause everytime you close your eyes (your eyes)
letting your spirit wonder free around you
you let off (you let off), a certain glow-oh-ohh
have you ever thought or realized
as the world turns and the energy surrounds you
everything becomes (becomes) so wonderful


Monday, March 8, 2010


You already know pai, KASE x BARANGAY TIBAY


T-Pain feat. Akon - Bartender

Before I put out B-Sides with my close friends, before Prince of Jaipur was the spot every weekend and just as the news of Sun Valley Crew going the indie route hit the fans - the place to be seen was Absinth Bar in the then newly opened Greenbelt 3. At that time, we didn't have lady DJ's reppin, no women club promoters -- the only way you could get with the club scene if you were a woman, was for you to make it as a bartender. Every girl then in school had dreamnt of possibly landing a bartending gig for the summer. This entry is dedicated to that girl up in Absinth serving mad guys drinks -- Sabrina. Man, I remember my cousin from the states coming home and we would drink up in there and yeah, this Sabrina girl would always get mad dudes attention. I remember my cousin taking a pic with her as well, good times! Cmon son, if you were doing the music and club circuit then, you would've bumped into this girl. I mean nowadays, clubs bank on the lady promoters, models, performers -- but I believe you guys owe this Sabrina chick royalties. Can I get an amen? If you know where she is, tell her to get me a glass of Henny.

Saturday, March 6, 2010




Since Francis Magalona's passing, a lot of the industry heads, fans, and on lookers have started to count out hiphop in the music scene. Everyone is looking at what we're doing and how we react to a situation like this. Everyone was quick to shit on the idea of an uprising in hiphop, music wise. The clubs, the bboy and street dance scene have been pretty prominent, the shirt entreprenuerialism in hiphop has risen -- but the music and the big players have taken a back seat. Until now -- with the sugre of powere moves by Flip Music, Konektado, Quest, Gloc 9, Philippine All-Stars, Qyork, Turbulence, LDP and more -- hiphop takes a legit stand. Find out more about this upcoming concert in the next few days as we break it down for you.

Friday, March 5, 2010



NINJA KIDS for life my iggins.

B-ROC - March 6
Written by R. Andres Jr.
Produced by B-Roc for Turbulence Productions/Soulfiesta Studios
Song appears in BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL (Turbulence 2009)

Radio is killin true OPM when
they wouldn't give Francis M promotion then
and just cause he's dead, over that weekend
they started playing his songs in all stations
a cold statement, but the truth must dent
you gotta pay your rent, and there's money in death
your ratings rose, hiphops making the news
its the type of hype that some will abuse
cause while we were mourning, while we was hurting
somebody wanted to shoot a video for him
I mean, great! you did a song for him before he died
how do you really think he feels inside
sure you spoke, sure you text and kept you inspired
but let the family grieve his death for awhile
before you get your shine on, tv, radio grind on
we burying our king, good reason we turn our mics off

Let me say it again
we burying our king, good reason we turn our mics off Kyle
I mean, I understand you had to do what you had to do
but the timing just wasn't sitting perfect with me, nah mean?
Shoutouts to The Beatshop, dope ass beats bro!

And all my high school friends from back in the day
claim they hiphop now since he passed away
this Kaleidoscope World is shady at times
cause there's only few of them, who remember his lines
yes you're repping, when you're wearing 3 Stars And A Sun
but would you even care, if he wasn't gone
buy the shirts, help his fam, but never get it twisted
the FM that you knew, was the one who had the sickness
Friendster, Myspace, and bulletin boards
cats flooding bout the news, and to check out they songs
Imeem, YouTube tons of honoring songs
see fans write about it, but don't show up in shows

and so -- do we really give a damn
about the man, about his death, legacy and his plans
and yo -- do we really give a damn
about the man, what he left, or do we really want his crown?

Suddenly you're the fan now,
where were you when Wisdomination came out?
and all these tribute songs man, they gotta stop
lets all move forward, nah mean?
this ain't politically correct, this might offend my political connects

The only day I cried was when I saw Gloc cry
and it felt so good seeing Andrew E by his side
hiphops infatuation with love and hate
its easy to blur the line when we lose somebody great
for a moment, its about him resting in peace
rocking mics Ron Henley, Hi-C, Dice and Klumcee
And while in SG, I was watching the show
couldnt help my tears, so I had to let them go
some lives come full circle, others half baked
we were all born originals, some of us die fakes
some take advantage of the little-est things
some misunderstood for what they actions really mean
some of us breeze through the challenges of life
some of us live in lies trying to put up with the fight
some are blessed to be winners, some are friends some are foes
some have some, while some have most

It's still To The Billboard all day
Rest in power pai, I mean
Remember that time when you told me you wanted to sing
Frank Sinatra songs in Vegas during your finals years in this game?
I have it on tape, I watch it every single time I can man

My team's doing work FM dontchu worry
I wanna see you soon, but I'm not in a hurry

TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND READERS: It has dawned on me that yes I sound self righteous half of the time but it is cause I do wanna look out for you and for you not to make the same mistakes that I've learned in life. Making this song was not making a tribute song for FM but rather address how the fans act -- in reaction to losing a father figure. Some capitalized on it, some felt the need to do something hiphop with something so human, death. I felt compelled to stick my nose into it and address it. I, being a fan and a grown man at that, couldn't let people go about doing they thing through a circumstance that I felt deserved more reflection than reaction. And yes, I saw Krazykyle a week after we launched BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL and like a man I told him I put his name on a song and he should check it out. But today, lets marinade on the beautiful person Francis M truly was -- and breathe through the forever complexity of reactions by his untimely death.


Monday, March 1, 2010


Marquiss feat. Aero - If I Was A Rich Man (Produced by Chrizo)

2/3's of local hiphop super group AMP team up on a Chrizo track that will be coming out on the upcoming G.R.A.E. album. If I Was A Rich Man is an apt song as we approach election season. As you walk around Pinas today, know that what you smell around you is the stench of million of pesos being spent left and right by politicians as each of them make their bid relevant into winning the seats they like for whatever agenda they may have. Yes, that my friend is the smell of money in Pinas.

G.R.A.E. is ready to be released, all we are waiting for is the right timing and the right batch of albums to put it out with. I mean cmon, how can we honestly take a stake on the claim if we're the only one who's out there! Time for that good old Turbulence music we've all grown to love.


Aero, go ahead -- tell us something about making this track with Marquiss and being part of the G.R.A.E. album. Dedicated to my neegi's on the grind, making the most of their savings. And yes to you -- D up!