Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bugoy Na Koykoy - Aksyon At Komedi (Official Music Video)

Another video coming out of the 2 Joints music making factory!

June Marieezy - Faces (Official Music Video)

New video released as she is in transit on her way to the Philippines.

Monday, February 24, 2014

WIPCAPS MNL District Series "Quiapo"

 photo WIPCAPQUIAPO_zps6b162e13.png

Another must have Wipcap to add to your collection! Support local brands!

From Wipcaps: The MNL District Series, which we started last year, is heavily inspired by Manila’s most famous districts. Quiapo, referred to as the ‘Old Downtown of Manila’, is famous the world over for the feast of the Black Nazarene (Pista ng Itim na Nazareno), which draws millions of people and devotees annually. The statue is well-renowned in the Philippines and is believed to be miraculous and a religious pilgrimage to many Filipino Catholics.

The MNL Quiapo, although greatly inspired by the beautiful garments of the Black Nazarene, is also inspired by Quiapo’s many intricacies. The cap is made of velvety material, with a gold MNL embroidery in the front. This represents how beliefs are as strong as gold, and how any place or town is made sacred and special by the people who live and believe in them. The back of the cap has a golden embroidery of the Crown of Thorns, which is adorned atop the Black Nazarene’s head. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding it since some unruly devotees sometimes try to take it, or because it sometimes gets knocked over due to the crowded processions it goes through annually. Despite this, it is an important part of the Black Nazarene’s image as it pertains to the crown of Jesus Christ.

 photo WIPCAPQUIAPO1_zps7d0e36db.jpg

The upper bill is traced with an intertwining golden rope. This represents how everything is connected. This belief, contrary to popular opinion, is actually the basis of Esoteric traditions such as tarot, numerology, astrology etc. This represents another side of Filipino culture and belief: that although we are a dominantly Catholic country, we are still open to the concept of fortune-telling, which is made quite famous in Plaza Miranda, the Quiapo fortune telling corner, lined with palm readers, tarot readers, and the like. According to Angelique Manalad in her Manila Times essay, fortune telling is “an unscientific scam. But it can be therapy. Like religion, having possible answers to one dilemma to give one relief and hope. But as its Filipino term hula means, these are nothing more than possibilities foreseen.”

Lastly, the underbill: the most detailed part of the cap. This detailed embroidery is inspired by the same intricate golden embroidery that adorns the garments of the Black Nazarene, but with a twist. The symmetrical nature of the underbill’s pattern (which is based off a whole symmetrical circular pattern) pertains to a form of sacred geometry, used in the planning and construction of religious structures such as churches, temples, mosques, religious monuments and the like. It is also found in us and all around us. An unspoken form of Math and Geometry. The Golden Ratio, if you will.

Altogether, this cap covers both the religious and esoteric nature of Quiapo, whether conscious or not, creating an interesting duality all found in one place in Manila. The MNL Quiapo is definitely inspired by the power of belief. The MNL ‘Quiapo’ will be available at our loyal stockists and partner stores, as well as our online shop, starting this Wednesday, February 26, 2014. The certificates will come with a little surprise when you make your purchase!

Bugoy Na Koykoy feat. Mike Swift "Merong Paraan" (Official Music Video)

One of my favorite tracks from Modus Operandi, request for it on UrbanPinas Radio!

Jeremy Scott Gold available now at Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3!!!

 photo JeremyScottGold_zps78304ae9.jpg

 photo JScottGold1_zps5aaa3784.jpg

To my ladies, get some gold in your shoe closets now!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Skarm "Into Your Program" now available!

 photo INTOYOURPROGRAM_zps3ef9bb1f.jpg

Congratulations mang! This sounds too awesome!


 photo MusikulturaUP_zps9f8119cf.jpg

Quest and Q-York reppin hiphop hard!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 photo BUWANBUWAN_zps45703f5e.jpg

Beat sets from the musicians listed above!

DJ SPNZ will be playing at Black Market Feb 20!

 photo SPNZatBLACKMARKET_zps9fde04f9.jpg

Watch out now! Spnz on the 1s and 2s! Team Sunday reppin'!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kate Upton is Zero Gravity

Well well well, here's something for you guys this mid week.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ang Pilipinas Ay Babangon (Official Music Video)

Great song, for the hopeful nation that we are.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

DA MO DA MERRIER Part 5! Feb 18 @ Saguijo!

 photo DAMO_zps21127c73.jpg

This sounds exciting tooo!! We get to see PIO & GEO rock with this crowd!

Happening tomorrow! Feb 18!

 photo TheBridge_zps3d65668f.jpg

Read through the poster, and come through!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lyrisick feat. Jonathan - Rolyo

 photo LYRISICKNATION_zps0e14c375.jpg

Support new music! Keep it coming guys!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP MNL: Binondo launch recap

Great cap, great launch! Get your MNL Binondo cap now!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MAGIC FLIGHT BOX available on all FUMA Stores!!

 photo MAGICFLIGHTBOX3_zpsec7154be.jpg

Magic Flight Box is an ultra rare piece, sold at Fuma stalls nationwide!

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a small, fast, portable vaporizer usable by anyone, anywhere, anytime. It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking. How to use: simply load with finely ground materials and insert a charged battery; the nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapor. You can load, use and reload without having to wait. It can be used in windy conditions as well! 

 photo MAGICFLIGHTBOX4_zpsfbc47c4b.jpg

Great designs here to choose from, Flower of Life is my personal favorite!

 The Magic Flight Launch Box offers a life time functional warranty for all box units! Just log in and register to their website. 

Abby Asistio "Beautiful" (Official Music Video)

"Shine your light, you're a star."

Bugoy Na Koykoy - Benta Bounce (Official Music Video)

"Atensyon sa mga ladies, minsan ibibigay/ Pero mas nakatingin kami sa aming BPI/"

MPC Mondays Episode 2

Hot shit! Dope beat, doper rhymes! Keep em coming Ruby!

UPRISING and friends at UPLB Fair!

 photo UPRISING_zps222ca567.jpg

Support your local mcs!

MIKE KOSA "VIP" feat Pino G (Maduming Kwarto Session)

Similar sample I used for the Savannah x N9 track "Too Late". Good flip! Tyrone Davis!

Curse One "Binibini" (Official Music Video)

Great video here, and great vocals as well!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Catch Peoples Future tonight! Feb 7!

 photo LeBlackHawaiian_zps228bdb86.jpg

Duende sighting tonight, I hope you understand how big this summer is gon' be!

Aika Yamaguchi's debut @ WeLegendary Ronac

 photo GOODFORTUNE_zpsa8a1c71b.jpg

Support the ladies of the scene! We need them active!

Q-York's "Q-LABONATION" is now available!

 photo QYORKBALLIKBAYANI_zps72ad96cd.jpg

 photo QYORKQLABONATION_zps624ef27c.jpg

New album Q-Labonation is now available on CD BABY and iTunes! Please support!

Project Pinas invites you to a video shoot this sunday!

 photo PROJECTPINAS_zpsd0c06945.jpg

Again, free booze while supplies lasts!

Japanese Electronic Music is coming to Manila!

 photo LoveampHouseWorldTour_zps42f2eb0f.jpg

Looks like a very promising event! Go hipsters!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Currently, my favorite producer: ESTA

 photo ESTA-WhateverUNeedfeatJBird_zps9058d72e.jpg

Don't sleep on this dude, J Bird tooooo!

BNK "Last of Dying Breed" out in the market!

 photo BNK_zps1a6c80bb.jpg

FlipMusic gives you one of the best duos in Pinoy Hiphop!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bambu - Militant Greetings, Bobby

Great concept for the video, fresh! But lets not forget the message!

Thyro - Tao Lang (BOTB Remix)

 photo Thyro_zpsd9f486a7.jpg

Classic, remain.

Monday, February 3, 2014

BEATSYLES Episode 1: DJ SPnz

Good job Spnz! Nice first episode Lowkey!!

DJ ARBI WON's United Freestyles 3 drops this week!

 photo UNITEDFREESTYLES_zps3ebf3dbd.jpg

I heard its available on selected Team Manila stores!! I want my copy today!!

Bugoy Na Koykoy - Modus Operandi (Free Mixtape)

 photo MODUSOPERANDI_zpsfffe6abe.jpg

 photo MODUSOPERANDIBACK_zpse633709b.jpg

New Bugoy Na Koykoy mixtape, hot from the kitchen! Download here!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

VOICE BATTLE in Batangas!!

 photo VoiceBoxBattle_zps38d72289.jpg

Hmmm, this I gotta see. Not too sure how this event goes, but sounds exciting. Bring ear plugs!

RejoicePH x Abra - Haba Ng Hair (Official TVC)

Great cameos by Josef Amarra and Apekz! Great work guys!

Manila Regardless Episode 5: Wild Ones Tattoo

Visit their shop and get your tattoos!


 photo Cerberus_zpsae81d0c9.jpg

Heard a video for the actual song is in the works, should come out by March!

WIP CAPS MNL series: Binondo launch!

 photo Wip1_zpsb625b0a4.jpg

 photo Wip2_zps06bf9031.jpg

 photo Wip3_zpsd04b746e.jpg

Heard the event was a success! Get this cap now! Gucci color way, collectors shouldnt miss out!

Indie film featuring Alex of LDP "Mustard Seed"

Proud of you Alex!! Keep em coming! Acting career in full tow! Hahaha!

Rocky Rivera - Ain't No Way (Official Music Video)

Freedom over everything, hustle over marriage.

Pio Balbuena feat. Mayonnaise - Mismo (Official Music Video)

I actually don't get it. But Pio will have his time - write more kid. Good start.