Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Houston We Have A Problem

 photo Houston We Have A Problem_zpsoo15ooya.jpg

Happening this thursday! Come through, buy 1 take 1 on Rocket Fuel.

Flava Matikz feat MC DZ - Dope Chick

 photo Dope Chick 1_zpsjzuxjrrf.jpg

Dino, my friend -- I think you have a hit song here! Great job! Finally!

Check out the Hypeshow daily!

 photo Hypeshow_zpsf349fcf8.jpg

One of the few and last radio shows that fight for local urban music!

Projekt Stealth - 16 Bars Contest

 photo Project Stealth_zpssqd78hww.jpg

 photo Project Stealth 1_zpszoaf1vfj.jpg

 photo Project Stealth 2_zpskc798smb.jpg

Download the beat here. Good luck guys!

Fete Dela Musique - Soul and Funk stage!

 photo Fete - Soul Funk Stage_zpsiwklmcoy.jpg

Check the line up! Did I mention this is a free event?!

Global Hoops is giving away goodies!

 photo Global Hoops x Sole Slam_zpsxdzarnvs.jpg

All you gotta do is like King Bally 888's Facebook site and share this pic!

Uela is set to launch her new album!

 photo Uela Album Launch_zpsgxedfhqi.jpg

Support your local sexy music.

Perfect gift for Fathers Day!

 photo Bond St Social_zpsmbtkpcy6.jpg

Book your dad a spot here! June 3 to 5, pop up shop!

Vote for The Philippine Dream on MYX now!

 photo Flavamatikz_zps3kwsxlno.jpg

Vote for this great OPM song if you have time, we need to hear more of this!


 photo Loonie 2_zpswh6py6rh.jpg

Loonie on some Bawal Music shit. Produced by Yung Bawal! Hahaha!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Quest embarks on his first nationwide tour!

 photo Quest Life of a Champion Tour Poster_zpsj4ucguat.jpg

Underdog season begins, keep visiting for more details!

Uela's new album will launch next week!

 photo Uela Album Launch_zpswjbf38z1.jpg

See you guys there! Kudos to the team behind the album!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Local graf crew has a get together!

 photo KST_zps1bnsgns6.jpg

One for the books! Happening next week!

Bugoy Na Koykoy - Sarili Ko (Official Music Video)

Download the new Bugoy Na Koykoy mixtape, FuckTheLuckShit -- here.

Quest will be one the guests tonight!

 photo Quest Tumindig_zpsh9wy8mjo.jpg

Great fund raising event here! Come through and support if you're in the area!

Projekt Stealth Unplugged!

 photo Projekt Stealth Unplugged_zpsjtprkuln.jpg

Should you finish early at work today and are in the area!

Catch Thyro & Yumi at Manila X Festival!

 photo Manila X_zpsv4ofaqgy.jpg

Man, super rare to catch these two perform these days! Catch it if you can!

BAGKUS happening this weekend!

 photo Bagkus_zpswr54s3fy.jpg

Great great line up! From the people who gave you Writers Block and Clarion Call!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Global Hoops this August 2016!

 photo Global Hoops_zpsswbs6xjh.jpg

For more information, check out the event page here.

Team Homeworkz will be in Chula Vista USA!

 photo Original Music Only_zpssm8alpst.jpg

Kudos to the team that promotes world class OPM music!

To all our friends and song writers in Mindanao!

 photo Mindanao Music Camp_zpskn86ug8y.jpg

Catch Quest as one of the mentors for this event!

Catch Quest this May 28 in Cavite!

 photo Ginumanfest - Quest May 28_zpsppyvukxt.jpg

We will be at Pilot Elementary School in Imus! See you there!

Kusina Massacre, hot damn!!

 photo Kusina Massacre_zpsjuvz6lid.jpg

I think Droppout's mixtape is gonna be one of the hottest tapes this year!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Quest "Kalawakan" (Live)

Performance with a 3 band set up, without Aicelle Santos. Great look here!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Gloc 9 launches his new album this June!

 photo Gloc 9 Launch_zpsyfaohr2k.jpg

Support your local musicians, cheers!

Quest's "Life of a Champion" is now available online!

 photo Quest Spotify_zpsksenwwy8.jpg

Across all music stores and music streaming sites!

Kenjhon releases new MNL Bomber Jackets

 photo KenJhons_zpsvym8f7ao.jpg

 photo KenJhons 3_zpszoascf3v.jpg

 photo KenJhons 2_zpsbm0qc29j.jpg

 photo KenJhons 1_zpsigirmgby.jpg

Get yours now while supplies lasts!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Life of a Champion" PRESS LAUNCH

 photo Life of a Champion Press Launch_zpspy1uuh8u.jpg

If you know of any bloggers who want to take part, please message me on Facebook.

Aero will be performing at RESET this weekend!

 photo Aero Reset_zpsxyyq3cff.jpg

I know he looks like one of the punk kids in The Simpsons. Check him out!

Quest - Paborito (Live at A Space)

Could this be our next single? What do you think?

SBLB8 x Word Play this coming saturday!

 photo SBLB8_zpsohqlyau3.jpg

To my peeps in Elbi, check this out - get your does of slick haircuts, music and poetry!


 photo Paligoy Ligoy Remix_zpsiyaeucrv.jpg

Droppout and Marc Mamuric on the track! KUSINA Mixtape Launch next week!

Quest performs on June 11 for World Gin Day!

 photo World Gin Day_zpszyevbjyy.jpg

 ‪#‎WorldGinDayPH‬ ‪#‎GinebraSanMiguel‬

TCMF & Writers Block - Fatal Attraction

 photo TCMF Fatal Attraction_zpsprf6reji.jpg

Great release here! Damn, tons of great producers in the scene! Kudos to yall!

Monday, May 16, 2016


 photo Aspakan_zpsjjljkldb.jpg

Fliptop goes to Pampanga! Uggghh!!

A master class for song writers.

 photo Elements_zpsxziihpjz.jpg

Presented to you by the same people behind Elements Music Camp.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fliptop Battle: Smugglaz vs M Zhayt

Great job to the 2 emceees!!

Lustbass - The Warmth of Your Sun EP

 photo Lustbass_zpswuuhudet.jpg

Check out this timely release from Lustbass, great tunes over here! Hanep!

Saturday, May 14, 2016


 photo OJ River_zpscvgjne8r.jpg

Some bawal music for your titas.

Urban Jam this August 27!

 photo Urban Jam_zpsgopk1km7.jpg

Check out the first batch of performers for this event!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Writers Block also happening today May 13!

 photo Writers Block_zpsti1d9wz5.jpg

Check out the line up, up and coming MCs with a great following already!

Lucky Hiphop happening today May 13!

 photo Lucky Hiphop_zpsgy9kjllu.jpg

If you're in the area, check this out tonight!

The Hood happening this saturday!

 photo The Hood_zpsrztne28u.jpg

 photo Pricetagg x Apekz_zpsdm2pag7e.png

Pricetagg vs Apekz on the Sunugan part of the event!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Marcus Prolifik - Loner EP

 photo loner-cover-front_zpsfv8uuvs9.jpg

 photo loner-cover-back_zpsdyimdw21.jpg

Download the full EP here. Happy birthday to the homie Marcus Prolifik!

Matira Matibay this coming May 31!

 photo Matira Matibay 1_zpsfayzspve.jpg

Happening at Oblivion Bar in QC. Check it out if you have time!

Hi-C - The Deed (Produced

 photo The Deed_zps804bkjdr.jpg

The Queen from the queen city lets you know, do the deed!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Skarm live in Boracay!

 photo Skarm in Boracay_zpsjv4kprui.jpg

Enjoy your vacation mang!