Sunday, June 30, 2013

WORD ON THE STREET: Clavel Fair 2013

Shit looked fun, any videos you guys have or WordPlay?

PANAWAGAN: Free the Bansil Sisters!

Please do your part in sharing this video for our sisters in Jolo held captive.

Dreadknot Used - Music Revolution

DreadKnot Used premieres the visual treatment to their new single, Music Revolution.

SNEAKPEEK finally opens, big launch coming soon!

Located at L6 New East Wing of the Shang-rila Mall! Big S/O to KingCrux for the video!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hans Zimmer is unfuccwitable.

Can you imagine movies without Hans' shit imprinted on them?

Mike Swift "To The Billboard"

One of those special songs that sparked a worldwide movement. Thanks Capt. Sweezy!

SKATE OPEN x WeLegendary Davao

 photo SKATEOPENWL1_zpsf5277d32.jpg

Another great day for Davao Del Sur Skaters! WeLegendary stay at it!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mista Blaze "Angat Illonggo"

I was at The Spot last night, this song was written and recorded in an hour.

PINOY STORIES "ROCK BOTTOM" (Official Music Video)

Most anticipated group to get mainstream success out of the rock circuit!


 photo PHILASTARS1_zps71d49773.jpg

BBoy Battle x Fashion Show x Car Show.

HIPHOP22 freestyle!

 Who do you thing killed it?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MARK "MUGEN" STRIEGL - Life of a Fighter (Official Trailer)

We proud of you Mark! Keep it up! Documentary looking real vibrant!

BEBE RIZ birthday bash this June 29!

 photo BEBERIZ_zps447cdb8c.jpg

This last week of June looking like Female in Hiphop Appreciation Month, right?

Mike Swift "Money Is Baby" (Produced by DJ Spnz)

I remember Mike and Spnz recording this joint! Hot shit!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RUBY IBARRA in MANILA teaching in UP today!

 photo RUBYIBARRA_zps345bbd5f.jpg

 Check out this spoken word class today at UP Diliman with one of the best MC's out there.


Dirty Room -- been killing it for a minute now, y'all better recognize.

EMEX this JULY 2013

 photo EMEXPOSTER_zps408e5b74.jpg

Music is expanding in technology wise -- stay ready and stay relevant!

J.Cole feat. Nas - Let Nas Down (Remix)

 photo JCOLENAS_zps73c10c3e.jpg

"Long live the idols, may they never be your rivals." -- too late.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Chris Brown "I Can't Win"

 photo CHRISBROWN_zps001f671d.jpg

Don't even matter if you scream and yell
Girl you don't love me, you don't love yourself
But it don't matter if you're raising hell
I miss you, I wanna kiss you yeah
I can't remember who you are babe
Remember when your heart used to say
Love me babe, love me babe
I know them bitches got in the way 


 photo EMILIOROJASDIDITAGAIN_zpsc35d8ec1.jpg

Maybe this is all my fault, maybe I done led you on
And I know you wanna be the only one that’s on my arm
But the way I’m seeing us is we just met and that is all
Just meant to bend you over, I ain’t mean to make you fall

Drake and J.Cole buys out all BORN SINNER CDS in BEST BUY

 You see this Pinas? Homegrown is platinum, make sure Ron Henley hits Gold and Platinum.


My friends got rhymes, enjoy this video from the R2A team!

HOPIE is launching her album in MANILA!

 photo HOPIE_zps511e1ed7.jpg

See you guys there! Lets support our females in hiphop as well!

FLIPTOP "Anygma vs Loe Pesci"

Classic material, love the rounds.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

JAYZ launches an app on June 24

App will be used to stream Magna Carta, Holy Grail album on July 4.


Download their album from Bandcamp here.


 photo SWERVE_zpsc6b7ea4f.jpg

 photo SWERVE2_zps8b0fdbae.jpg

Catch LDP, Stick Figgaz and more in this two day event. Get ready Manila and Pampanga!

COSMIC LOVE "GOH" (Official Music Video)

Album "BADSIGNS", coming out soon!

Radha Cuadrado joins The Voice PH

Nails the blind auditions! Burn baby burn!

Drake feat. J.Cole - Jodeci Freestyle

 photo DRAKEJCOLE_zps968536f3.jpg

NOTHING WAS THE SAME (Official Trailer)

Looking forward to this album too, Sept 17.


 photo JAYZMCHG_zps137e31e7.png

The tracklist is looking pretty dope, 15 tracks - expect 2 extra tracks for iTunes release.

Curbside Album Fund Raiser this June 29

 photo CURBSIDE_zps2ab31be4.jpg

One of the most anticipated albums for this year!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

WILD DOGS (Official Music Video)

Bugoy Na Koykoy feat. CLR -- dope ass song yo!

Friday, June 21, 2013


 photo FINALS1C_zpsac9483d5.jpg

 photo FINALS1K_zps609da497.jpg

Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning back to back NBA Championships.

Whatchu guy missed out on?

Halimawan Skratch session last May 30! Dope turntablists showed up!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MISITERYOSA official music video trailer.

Really looking forward to this video, catch it soon!

BIONIC & DAVI holds classes in Manila

 photo BIONICampDAVI_zps6534b05f.jpg

Enroll now for some world class dance choreography experience.

Q-York feat. Kat Lopez - Lead The Way (Official Music Video)

 Please continue to vote "Lead The Way" in MYX.

Ruby Ibarra "Boom Bip"

From her Lost In Translation album.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 photo ERIKADAVID_zps823ef262.jpg

Produced by one of my favorite producers, Laidback! Follow him here.

LOONIE's new album coming soon!

 photo LOONIE-5_zpsb769a0d2.jpg

Time to break records.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Manila Regardless Episode 2 "Matira Matibay"

Visit the Medisina x Barangay Tibay store at Pasig! I heard expansion is coming up soon!

J.Cole "Runaway"

 photo JCOLE_zpsb6d8dc81.jpg

Born Sinner is his best work to date. Amazing growth rhymes and production wise.

5th PLY x Mark Calvo x WeLegendary

 photo WL_zpsd2076fb3.jpg

Visit for more information on products.

We Legendary "Drity Dozen" Quarter Finals

 photo WLDIRTYDOZEN_zps026fda6e.jpg

Keep Skate fun -- WeLegendary! Follow @WeLegendary on Twitter.

It Was Written "Brighton Beach Edition"

Heavy hitters up in the Red Room of XO.


 photo WIPTONDO_zpsff621ee9.jpg

Find out how to win this Tondo MNL Cap by Wipcaps here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Album title, Magna Carta Holy Grail. Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 photo BASSILYO_zps078394e9.jpg

Support one of the most prolific writers in OPM Hiphop!

Battle of the Beats Class of 2012 live at EMEX

Should be great showdown! Good luck guys!

Dash x Pino G x Bambu "Prestihiyosa"

 photo PRESTIHIYOSA_zpsc99844b3.jpg

Good music is good music, period. OPM Hiphop, where you at???

Soulfiesta Exclusive: QUEST "SALUDO"

 photo QUESTSALUDO3_zpsa0593fe4.jpg

Dear Philippines,

We are still standing.

Through the invasions, disasters, chaos and defeat; we've remained strong; battle scared and all.

Thank you for staying hopeful. Thank you for persevering. Thank you for loving your brown skin. Thank you for reppin' the red, white, blue, 3 stars & a sun. Thank you for staying proud and for making us proud.

This song is dedicated to you. You -- dreamers, believers, doers, builders, pursuers, truth seekers.

Sa mga buhay na umunlad, mga pusong di natibag -- Saludo ako sa inyo. Maraming salamat.

Nung lahat umurong sya sumugod
Nung lahat lumubog sya di nalunod
Natutong maglakad sa tubig pananampalataya
Diyos ang kanyang agimat kaya walang hindi kaya



 photo URBANATHLETICS_zpsb895c2e8.jpg

I say buy some nice jackets and that Timbre Headphones for the rainy season!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Soulfiesta Exclusive : Music Is Life Entry 6 "Bugoy Na Koykoy"

 photo BUGOYNKOYKOY_zpsbfd15985.jpg

Bugoy Na Koykoy x Soulfiesta get it in! Download Relax & Float HERE.

I've been on record for the most part in supporting acts that have been mainstays in my playlists. Early this year, I downloaded the Bugoy Na Koykoy x Mike Swift "Relax and Float" album -- and I've been hooked ever since. Jazzy beats, rhymes supporting that greenery lifestyle and just plain out fresh. What caught my attention was this kid, Bugoy Na Koykoy holding down his rhymes against my pal Mike Swift. And while the album can be downloaded for free via DATPIFF.COM - me and Mike decided to keep it simple for you guys and just pick it up from this blog. I also caught up wth Bugoy Na Koykoy who is in the midst of launching two more mixtapes; and asked him a few questions from his favorite food to eat when he's zooted off the ganja to girls rolling joints.

SF: Whats good man? I'm happy to reach out to a dude who's been grinding -- I understand you have a couple of businesses up that keeps you busy, besides doing this music grind. I would love to know. what does Bugoy na Koykoy's music stand for? And who should be listening to your albums?

Bugoy: I just make music for myself. Sariling soundtrack, why not diba. Para pang pagana sa mga diskarte. Tapos lahat ng magandang kinakalabasan or nabibigay ng music ko, I just take advantage of it.

When and how did you start? And who are your major influences?

I've been listening to rap music since I was a kid but only tagalog rap. I discovered foreign acts very late in my life. My first recorded track was back in 2002. My love for rap music started because of Francis M. Even though i am not really a big follower of his music, his songs introduced me to tagalog rap. Back then, when gang culture was popular in the south, Death Threat was the favorite amongst my friends pero ang mga paborito ko ay Genezide and Legit Misfitz. Until now, I still live by Genezide's beliefs. May kanta sya na "Aso"; parang ginawa kong bible yung kantang yun. Yung kanta kong "Wild Dogs" galing sa Boogie Man Mixtape ay inspired ng kanta ni Genezide na "Aso". Andrew E.'s music is a big part of my life too. He got songs about bad bitches and success. Up to now he still keeps on inspiring me. As far as I know, he is the only rapper in the Philippines who's living like how a rapper should live. Sa mga foreign artists, I like Method Man, NWA, Nate Dogg, 2pac, Ice Cube and Lupe Fiasco.

Bugoy Na Koykoy & Mike Swift - What The Fuck (Official Music Video) 

What for you is the best meal to eat after you get high?

Massaman Curry.

Why give your music away for free and not sell it?

Its almost the same concept as free samples na makikita mo sa mga supermarket.

Tupac sighting rocking Daily Flight Lifestyle clothing.

How was the process of making the Relax and Float album made? Cause I know Mike was doing Araneta Dreams, and you know Mike always is out - how did he find time to be in the studio with you and what was the vibe like?

Halos magkasing busy lang kami ni Mike noong panahon na yun. I was in the middle of producing my Member's Lounge mixtape so I got 2 projects going on at the same time. At that point, I have another business that I'm trying to set up straight as well. Me and my friends spend a lot of our time in the streets just to make things right. I do not know how Mike succeeded. Spartan yun. He's talking about Araneta Coliseum and he's at the studio chillin', smokin a joint like he got loads of time. I came up with the title Relax and Float because despite of our busy schedules, every time we're in the studio, parang humihinto ang lahat. The studio shifts into an opportunity to relax. Kaya sa kabila ng magulong mundo namin, we maintain to relax and float.

How do you assess Mike's rhyming in Tagalog or English? Where do you think he is better? Cause I think he is phenomenal on both.

Minsan nga mas magaling or mas may laman pa tagalog rap ni Mike kumpara sa ibang born and raised dito.

Heat or Spurs?

I don't even know what's going on because I stopped watching the NBA after Reggie Miller retired.

Favorite PBA player of all time?

I can't single out one because my players aint shit without their teammates. I'll start from my point guard Bal David, then Pido Jarencio, Vince Hizon, Noli Locsin and Marlou Aquino.

If you could smoke with a non-hiphop artist in the Philippines, who would you like to smoke with?

Miriam Defensor Santiago

 photo DF1_zps29a60537.jpg

What do you think of girls who can roll a perfect joint?

Mas -- 100 times na mas sexy compared sa nagyoyosi.

Do you think weed in the Philippines need to be legalized? Do you think we are ready?

Unfortunately, our country is not yet ready pero matagal na akong ready haha! Sila lang 'tong mabagal. I think our country needs to concentrate on education first. If we can fix that, we can fix everything. At mas madaling magpaliwanag ng tungkol sa legalization pag educated ang mga tao.

Is it more important to come out with a nice video or a nice song?

A nice song.

Thank you for answering and being open about me reaching out to you mang! Best believe you've maintained a fan in me! To my readers please follow Bugoy Na Koykoy on Facebook and Youtube and download all his mixtapes such as Walang Patakaran, Member's Lounge, Relax and Float and my latest, Boogie Man. Support 2 Joints Enterprise and Daily Flight Lifestle!

Monday, June 10, 2013


 photo FETE-1_zpsaca70c84.jpg

Quest will be rocking the main stage with Nimbus9, see you at the hiphop stage as well!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

MMA 6 Coming Sooon!!

Barangay Tibay in full effect! MMA - Mas Mayabang Ako, musician showdowns!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mike Swift "Pang Habang Buhay"

"Sometimes your skill is not better than timing."


 photo COSMICLOVE_zps759da5a4.jpg

Please support my soul funk brothers!


Anygma rhymes over RED I's instrumentation.

ILL K BIG L Tribute shirt spotted on a Dizaster battle.

 photo DIZILLKBIGL_zps533e21f9.jpg

Mad love goes out to Dizaster for rocking the Big L Tribute shirt in his battle vs Crome.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A-OH feat. JOLO - Bumpin'

 photo JOLO-2_zpsc1fe72e3.jpg

A-OH is a rapper from Chicago, USA which is an official aritst of Hi Fan Records PI.

DIZASTER reppin' ILL K VKTRS limited edition shirt at KOTD

 photo DIZASTERILLK_zps8f90f97b.jpg

 Buy your ILL K shirts at WeLegendary stores (Taft, Kamuning, Ronac, Davao) & Capital G Shop!

Araneta Dreams x Victoria Court

Big shout out to our peoples in Victoria Court for holding it down!


 photo STNDRDS-2_zps8fe1ff93.jpg

Get your discounted Stndrds Manila shirts before the school year starts!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Grant Hill and Jason Kidd finally retire.

 photo HILLKIDD_zps0373f049.jpg

Future 1st ballot Hall of Fame inductees - with very much storied careers.