Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Mr. President" feat. Chase, Mike Swift, Knowa Lazarus

 photo Flava Dr President_zps7x9i1kvt.jpg

New Flavamatikz track, very apt for the season!

Support local music!

 photo PARD_zpslk0xe2hs.jpg

Check out their videos too!

Flava will be releasing new music tomorrow!!

 photo Flava Feb 1_zps8ehcze5o.jpg

Cant wait to hear it Flava!


 photo Quest Jan 29_zps5es1ysul.png

 photo Quest Pilipinas Jan 30_zpsuxsfb7hv.jpg

Quest hold its down #1 at the Magic Pop 30 amd #2 on PinoyMyx!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Margaux live on Good Times With Mo!

Happy to see home girl moving on up! Good look here Margaux!

Discounted ticket for 3 Stars and a Sun!

 photo 3 Stars And A Sun_zpshf9pfoaj.jpg

If you're trying to catch this play, here are discounted tickets you can avail!


 photo Pyro Manila_zpsdlhcehfy.jpg

Team Hydro about to tear it up!

Quest has 3 singles in 3 different charts!

 photo Quest Jan 27_zpsdqto9zjy.png

 photo MYX Jan 27_zpsrtgnoakf.jpg

 photo Hypeshow Quest Jan 22_zpsamgjhf5y.jpg

Breaking the mold, changing the rules as we go. Thank you for all the support!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Collection at Secret Fresh

 photo The Collection_zpswnirtgth.jpg

For more info, visit the event page here.

Coast Thru Life gives you a unique event!

 photo Coast Thru Life_zpsupfjcxzp.jpg

Travel and enjoy things outside of Manila. It helps rejuvenate your soul.

Quest remains Magic's #1 song!

 photo Quest Jan 26_zps1vxvwlcn.png

Thank you to everyone who participates in voting for No Greater Love.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Miscellaneous announces last gig!

 photo MISC LAST GIG_zpsgtnyluqp.jpg

Catch Miscellaneous live for the last time! CTRL + ALT + DEL vibe!

Quest has 2 singles charting!!

 photo Quest Jan 25_zpsp7drglln.png

 photo Quest Jan 25 Pinoy Myx_zps7lxosdby.jpg

Updated as of January 25, 2016. Still chillin' and enjoying our stay in the charts!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gloc 9 - Pareho Tayo (Official Music Video)

Directed by Jay Pacena. Great look here!


 photo Picnic Games_zpsfvvtu8p4.jpg

You can bring shoes to share on Bomb First!

Fliptop Isabuhay 2016 trailer!

So much going on, on that Loonie vs Badang first round! Uggggh!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bomb First Entry 3 "Curtismith"

 photo Curtismith_zpstrwod1s9.jpg

"Now love could be a terrible thing, you can ask my ex girl what she thinks"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

UPRISING albums still available!!

 photo Uprising CDs_zps314h2dwz.jpg

Check the details and make that purchase!

FAM SESSION at Los Banos

 photo Fam Sessions_zpsxuls4bn2.jpg

Support your local stores and bookstores!

RADYO sample sale at WL!

 photo WL Radyo Sample Sale_zpsnbl8ye8r.jpg

Yo mommas favorite skate shop bringing it again this weekend!

Pilipinas strong at #8 on MYX

 photo Quest Jan 22_zpskjiof24i.jpg

Thanks for voting guys! Lets continue to vote!

Mister Rey "Beatjournalism 8"

Can you feel the diversity in culture all over this joint?!

BOMB FIRST line up for Jan 30!

 photo Bomb First Poster New_zps3ijpwiuo.jpg

 photo Bomb First Cover Photo_zpswyjzthw8.jpg

Check the line up! Can't wait to see these sets and hear new joints!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Third Flo new album out on AmplifyPH!

 photo Third Flo Laging Good Vibes_zpsezacnmqa.jpg

 photo Third Flo Tshirt_zpsrnsmu0oa.jpg

Support your local acts! Buy the album and other merchandise!

Dash's new time slot on radio!

 photo Dash_zpsvkcfsaaj.jpg

Follow big daddy Jabongga on the radio!

STILL at #1 "No Greater Love"

 photo Quest Jan 21_zpso49ttb4e.png

Good music, the OPM movement -- has staying power.

Ghostface x Killa Priest - Wu Goo (Official Music Video)

I want one of these, anybody of my stateside brothers send me some!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

RedBull King of the Rock Philippines!

 photo King of the Rock_zpsg9u8futl.jpg

Here's another avenue for Pinoy hoop lovers!

New ThirdFlo x Just Hush song coming soon!

 photo INOJ_zps0dh5nsly.jpg

Pababa Na! Hmmmm -- Bomb First worthy? Find out soon!

DJ HTown hints on an international hiphop festival!

 photo Hype Fest_zpskedqnzom.jpg

Tune in to the Hype Show daily! And do your research on H Town!

Quest and fans meet and greet tomorrow!!

 photo Quest Meet n Greet_zpsjn9q4a8d.jpg

We want to meet all of you! Come through! Anybody wanna purchase the album?

No Greater Love hits #1 today!

 photo Quest Jan 19 1_zpsfhpxbgu1.jpg

Congratulations to Quest and to the fans! This is dedicated to y'all!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hotnixx - Who Told You (Produced by B-Roc)

 photo Hotnixx Baby_zpsdtmxeyu3.jpg

Happy birthday to the one and only Nicholas South aka Nixx Eskilado!

Black Magic at Blvck Mvrket

 photo Black Magic_zpsyuepkkqn.jpg

5 hour vinyl set by Red-I --- some serious edutainment live!

Sunugan Kalye in Laguna

 photo Sunugan Kalye_zpszbjg0c4h.jpg

Keep your ears to the streets! Next rap battle king coming from Sunugan!

Rappers who still sell they cds hand to hand

Go out there and make your day count!

Hiphop 22 T-shirt for sale!

 photo Hiphop 22_zps0h1n66ry.jpg

Get yours now! Available from Sigbin & Co.

Pinoy Hiphop visits DOHA QATAR!

 photo Mike Kosa Ron Henley_zps9kwywjos.jpg

Congrats to Partners in Rhyme and Artifice for bagging this gig!

NO GREATER LOVE hits #2 on Magic 89.9!

 photo Quest Jan 18 _zpsj4f85tnu.jpg

Thank you to all the people who voted! #1 sooon!!!

Fusion Festival 2016!

 photo Fusion_zpschfdzayy.jpg

This the second year they passing on Quest even when I pitch em, tsk tsk tsk.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

KIDS are the main theme of Picnic Games 2!

 photo Picnic Games 2 Kids Grafitti Battle_zps90a75agc.jpg

Happening in Tenement, Taguig this January 31st! Come through!


 photo WL 1_zps4priabqq.jpg

 photo WL 2_zpsndxsyr14.jpg

WeLegendary got the new SB Low minus the bulk!

FlipTop - Pistolero vs Nikki

Mindanao got it proper! Waiting for the other videos Anygma!

The Venus Flytrap Collective - Solm8 ( Live In-Studio Session)

When vinyl comes alive! Great look here!

SIKU - TUKAR SINATI (Lumad Concert)

Shit is pretty live as fuck! Support Tukar Sunati! Protect the Lumads!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Curse One - Kailangan Kita (Official Music Video)

The homie Curse One drops a new single and a new video! Kudos!


 photo Underwater - Public Enemy 1_zpstvpvyuhh.jpg

Something to vibe with, great music here! Download the entire beat tape here.

NO GREATER LOVE feat. Clara Benin (Lyric Video)

Here's the official lyrics video for No Greater Love! Lets keep voting guys!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fliptop celebrates at Grain Assault!

 photo Fliptop Grain Assault_zpskpty7jvr.jpg

Fliptop's birthday is fast approaching!

Quality Control happening this Jan 28!

 photo Quality Control_zps9suizelq.jpg

Audible and Miscellaneous performing?!! What?! Expect a classic night!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BOMB FIRST Jan 30! Quantum Cafe

 photo Bomb First Poster Teaser_zpspmu7naah.jpg

Featuring only new songs performed by your favorite local mcs!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Legends show this Jan 22!

 photo Legends_zpsrlq2bkdy.jpg

Support your local acts!

Pilipinas jumps up one spot to #9 today!

 photo Pilipinas Jan 13 MYX_zpsgjhjflvs.jpg

We appreciate your votes! Lets get in it and make it count!

J. Cole - Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming

Stream and watch before they pull it down! Cole world!

No Greater Love stays at #3 on Magic 89.9 today!

 photo Quest Jan 12 A_zpskbd5i8wk.jpg

 photo Quest Jan 12_zpsqp12rj4p.jpg

Happy birthday to my good friend, Quest. The world is yours!!