Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Marco Silang - Before I Leave

 photo Marco Silang - Before I Leave FRONT_zpsqaisxsnj.jpg

 photo Marco Silang - Before I Leave_zpsrj9m4wi6.jpg

Aiyo Fiasco kid, this beat right here is fire. Proud of you kid!

We all have things to do, places to be at, people to meet -- rushing all the time. Like everyone on the road who wants to get ahead of everyone. Like each one feels entitled to be the first to reach where they need to be. To be first where? Maybe to be the first to leave and head back ahead of everyone else again. Whatever it is, we are always leaving. We leave home to go to work and also leave work to go to go home. "Before I Leave" is the place between just that -- a beat tape by Marco Silang - the producer alter ego to Mark Fiasco who gave you  the Dear Summer EP's and countless sick tunes over the years. Before I Leave, is that space you exist between two points.

"I always rep Cal city." - but this whole beat tape is an ode to Mark's childhood playground in Silang, Cavite. He adds "Nung napadpad kasi ako sa Caloocan masyadong nag mature na ako mag isip sa murang edad." In all honesty, this first beat tape by Marco Silang's is also a a forthcoming despedida joint. He has reached a new milestone in his life in having a family and has taken an opportunity that will bring his focus in growing this family. When asked on a possible Dear Summer EP 3 -- "Truth is hindi ko pa alam sa ngayon maybe next year or after 2 years? Sa ngayon hindi ko pa talaga alam pero soon siguro."

Focused on bigger things, Marco Silang's "Before I Leave" beat tape is fire -- and traces to a flattering admiration to J.Cole as both lyricist and beat maker. So if you want a sound bed similar to how your man Jermaine does it, you know who to call. Marco Silang's beats has this bounce reminiscent of some early Chrizo and Traumatik joint. "Take Your Time" and "Before I Leave" steals and seals the show with a very a sad note of leaving; but also a promise to come back better!

Make things happen kid. Get settled and stay writing -- I promise you, you're not missing out on much. Congratulations and more blessings to come!

Kit Sleepy - Snooze

Don't sleep on this talent! Kit Sleepy's follow up to Anino.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The making of "The Score"

One of my favorite records growing up.

This is why I'm a big Missy Elliott fan.

We iz ready for a new Missy E LP yo! Looking forward to more music and visuals!

#KapwaSessions x Bawal Clan

Here's what happened during a #KapwaSessions meets your favorite Bawal group.

FlipTop - Batas vs PriceTagg

Classic battle right here. Sarap panoorin! Congratulations!

Happening at WL this weekend!

 photo WL 3_zpsipdes3b0.jpg

 photo WL 2_zps2u9iryqu.jpg

 photo WL 1_zpsju6t83ot.jpg

Dope drops happening this weekend at your moms favorite skate shop!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Wipcaps new release: Fliptop Concrete Jungle!

 photo Wipcaps Fliptop Concrete Jungle_zpsgumopntw.jpg

 photo Wipcaps Fliptop Concrete Jungle 1_zpszretrxxa.png

New release from Wipcaps, Fliptop's Concrete Jungle snapback. Get yours HERE.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eman MC at Conspiracy Garden

 photo Eman MC_zpszlu2teua.jpg

Check him out at Conspiracy Garden, hiphop + spoken word!

Skratch Pinas 2

 photo Skratch Pinas 2_zps7z1v2bns.jpg

DJ workshop happening at the end of the month!

Copula TV: Mista Blaze Interview

Great new episode here. Love how the questioning gets great insights of artists.

FlipTop - Loonie vs Plazma @ Isabuhay 2016 Finals

Congratulations to Loonie, Plazma and the whole Fliptop crew!

Bugoy na Koykoy - "Wild Dogs TV"

Wild Dogs TV new episode. 2 joints parang mafia!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Loonie music video droppin soon!

 photo Balewala Loonie_zpsk9kujprv.jpg

Looking pretty epic if you ask me. We need more hits Loons! Directed by Willan Rivera!

SWASH restocks their Pac tee!

 photo Swash Restock_zps9tx2aeft.jpg

Sold out last month! Get yours when they bring in the new stocks!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stay Golden tonight at Finders Keepers!

 photo Stay Golden Jan 25_zpsw44om9bs.jpg

DB and Nikk Ape performing tonight. Check em out!

Copula TV: Badang Interview

Copula TV gives you a real in-depth look at Badang. Great unapologetic answers by Badang!

OC Dawgs x Ex Battallion - Need You

New shit for the young'ns.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

MNL$ - ASAP (Official Music Video)

Go and tell your mother asap. Produced by Seven Davis Jr.

Illicit - Paalam

"Ang buhay mo'y parang pelikulang napanood, saksi ako sa biyahe."

Bastard Mixtape Vol 27!

 photo Bastard Mixtape Vol 27_zpsr9enbcz6.jpg

Yung Bawal's streak is not slowing down one bit. Get on this!

WIP TRIP: "ill city" ILOILO

Damn, this video took me to Iloilo -- I love how WIP presented urban iloilo! Ganda!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Pino G - Di Ako Dapat (Official Music Video)

That new Maduming Kwarto ish. Keeping it lovely for 2017! We on the move!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

HIT THE SPOT LAUNCH this saturday!

 photo Hit The Spot_zps5mclzodq.jpg

New cd by Rjay Ty x Yung Bawal launching this saturday at Kapwa. Kudos!

Aero is performing over the weekend!

 photo Dinagyang Love Dance_zpsuhlb6yah.jpg

Great start for 2017! Practice practice practice mang!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Quest at 70s Bistro tomorrow!

 photo Good Vibes_zps6tvp5ee5.jpg

Catch Quest tomorrow at 70s Bistro!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

SYNCHRONICITY this coming Jan 18!

 photo Synchronicity 1_zpsj7tjso4o.jpg

Check out the line up, first hiphop based exhibit this year!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kensa feat. Saint Ice Rocks - Lightyears

 photo Kensa LightYears_zpslemoweqe.jpg

New 2017 single from Kensa and Saint Ice Rocks. Godzilla on the beat!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chryse x Roco - Motion

 photo Motion_zpstwy24vfv.jpg

This Roco dude has something to offer, I suggest you keep tabs on this dude.

Lee Olsen "Time Machine"

 photo Shaq Wilt Griffin Kemp_zpswv3rwzdb.jpg

 photo Lee Olsen 1_zps7ypihoyz.jpg

 photo Lee Olsen 2_zpsmupmdc2k.jpg

 photo Lee Olsen 3_zpscndsqxar.jpg

 photo Lee Olsen 4_zpsthrvv7pa.jpg

 photo Lee Olsen 5_zpsj0lk1dce.jpg

 photo Lee Olsen_zpskkiakr9r.jpg

Whats your favorite one? I like the Tim Duncan one. Great concept and art here.

DB & Saint Ice Rocks - Lowkey

 photo DB Lowkey_zpsboiaxy75.jpg

Slide into my DM's lowkey, LOL. Hunting season mami and you the prey. Dope track.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stay Golden happening tonight!

 photo Stay Golden_zpsukdtleas.jpg

Happening at Finders Keepers tonight! Come thru after DMDM 25!

Sinulog Beat at Club Holic this weekend!

 photo Sinulog Beat_zps6vqxhl3n.jpg

Viva Pit Senyor kids! Enjoy your weekend! See you possibly next year!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Soulfiesta Exclusive: The Maharlika Life

 photo Maharlika Life - Malaya anatomy_zpsbmbbkjan.jpg

Look at the anatomy of this self developed Baybayin caligraphy.

The Maharlika Life is one of the brands people should look out for in 2017! It takes a genuine lover of our Baybayin caligraphy to be able to sit down, create, innovate and show the evolution of this close to extinct art form. There is something to be said about preserving the art form and the craft that is of the old but there is also something to be said and root for someone who wants to see it evolve and carefully in his own, disect -- teach and innovate our past to something current and something the artist can call his own. While The Maharlika Life is not subjected to just art and products -- but it takes its cue from various street wear products (they did a cap collaboration with SSO) and current undertakings.

Here's a few words from proprietor Ian Lucero:

"Colonial mentality has always been a widespread sickness in our society. It has come to the point where we appreciate foreign culture more than our very own. This disorder is evident in numerous ways, such as having a condescending attitude towards anything local, reluctance to continue traditional practices (e.g. weaving, tattooing, writing), removal of our mother tongue in the education system, and many others.

 photo Maharlika Life - Yabang Pinoy merchandise setup_zpsbceh5hlx.jpg

Check out this "Malaya" collaboration cap with SSO.

Enter Maharlika Life; a nationalistic art movement that honors and celebrates our nation’s pre-colonial heritage through visual arts. Our current creations are characterized by a unique and stylized interpretation of traditional motifs in language, culture, arts. Through these creations, we are creating socially, culturally, and visually meaningful work that ignite a sense of identity and pride in our heritage.

In order to carry out our goal, we aim to captivate, educate, and propagate.

 photo Maharlika Life - Wika acrylic on canvas_zpsp9fuesxk.jpg

Great caligraphy work! Workshops soon?

Through artistic works, exhibits, talks, we aim to captivate our people by awakening their passion for our culture. Through these channels, we aim to educate our people about the importance of championing our culture. Finally, through the help of the people we captivated and educated, we aim to propagate our group and our cause with their help, through word of mouth and personal action."

Follow The Maharlika Life on social media.

Ankhten Brown - Afreakah Buhmbada (Official Music Video)

Debuted this video during the last Bomb First, now its for public consumption! #BawalClan

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Marcus Prolifik - Deadly Strikes of the 9th Grandmaster

 photo Deadly Strikes of the 9th Grandmaster_zps7ziaudl7.jpg

LMP brothers minus The Sando Kid rocks with this one. I feel an album coming soon!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

DMDM 25 this coming Tuesday!

 photo DMDM25_zpshgmowp4h.jpg

Great line up guys! Come thru, get me a beer when you see me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bahay Katay - Smugglaz Vs Mobb

Congratulations to Abaddon and everyone behind Bahay Katay!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Six drops the new single from upcoming album!

 photo Six_zpsufp15xzr.jpg

Sixtrumentals Vol. 2 dropping this February 2017.

Black Book | Metro Manila Graffiti & Street Art Scene Documentary

Here's another video detailing our local graf scene! Happy to watch this!

Monday, January 2, 2017


 photo Ahnkten Brown_zpssb6dbtjr.jpg

Produced by Daki -- Ankhten Brown hints of a new release later this month.

Fliptop: Rapido vs Damsa

Crazy double, triple time flows. Great job matching these two!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

#HHDC2017 Presents: The Local Choreographers

Happening this Feb 2017. Awesome line up of choreographers! Learn from the greats!

No Greater Love lands at #44

 photo No Greater Love_zpsekwzegn3.jpg

#44 Essential OPM song of 2016 by Vandals on the Wall.


New Sevenes with one of the best producers out there, Dope Flip Beats.

Migo Senires wins the Rap Song Tournament at Bahay Katay!

 photo Migo Senires Bahay Katay Champion_zpszcszozct.jpg

Congratulations and hope we can hear the song you won for! Send it over!

Quest win Billboard PH Fan Favorite Video Award!

 photo Quest wins Fan Favorite Video of the Year_zpsnuqm9tbt.jpg

Quest also hints on the official video for "Walang Hanggan".

A.N.E. - Waves (Official Audio)

That new new from A.N.E. aka The Sando Kid. Happy new year folks!