Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Battle of the Beats Finals JAN 4!!

Free entrance, don't be late! And bring positive vibes witchu to start the year off!

Al Din PF x SPNZ "KWENTO EP" - Official Release!!

 photo Cover_zpsbc1769a6.jpg

Download the official Kwento EP by Al Din PF & SPNZ here. Team Sunday reppin!

Loonie feat. Smugglaz - Pilosopo (Official Music Video)

Keep supporting OPM hiphop, please support Loonie's album! Lets make it platinum already!

Schizophrenia - #Masarap (Official Music Video)

Ending the year on a high note!! Hiphop stays in 2014!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Mike Kosa - Kinakamusta Ko Kayong Lahat (Official Music Video)

What a way to end the year! Meron pang Spnz x Verb of PF release mamaya!

URBANPINAS.COM Web Launch (Part I Highlights)

More to come, soon! Visit their site and see whats going on in The Community page!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

NIKE SB x Stussy @WeLegendary Ronac tomorrow Dec 28!

 photo WLSTUSSY1_zpsf69ae77b.jpg

These just might be sold out in a couple of hours! Drops tomorrow are WL!

"Tanyag" (Live) at UrbanPinas.Com web launch!

Tanyag Live minus the Syke verse, all in all - still good to see it live!

Loonie x Abra at EBJ Freedom Park

 photo TMLOONIEABRA_zps05250bd9.jpg

TM supports hiphop!! Go for it guys!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tomato Kick this Dec 27!

 photo TOMATOKICK_zpsa0a4e1d5.jpg

Hiphop in 2013 don't take much breaks, cheers to 2014!

WIPCAPS Holiday Sale!!

 photo WIP-holiday-sale_zps387a8c1e.png

 photo WIP-holiday-sale-2_zpsdcab19e7.jpg

 photo WIP-holiday-sale-1_zpsb6332a26.jpg

Spend your Christmas money over here! Visit www.wipcaps.com for more details!!

Little Jase x Aero "BC To BC" (Official Music Video)

"Even if I don't make a profit, I won't bake my promise."

Friday, December 20, 2013

Rest in Peace, Papa Dom

 photo PAPADOM_zps8cf70c6e.jpg

Our lost, is beyond words. You are as hiphop as we are, fighting for your music.

Konflick's "Lost And Found" album cover leaks!

 photo Konflick_zps16da36f5.jpg

This album should be classic, still looking to place a beat in here!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rey Resurreccion x Gyrefunk "Jam Session"

Lovin' this joint.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

GOLD LABEL event December 27!

 photo GOLDLABEL_zps49a4f40e.jpg

Amazing how these cats propel themselves from rapper to entreprenuer! Kudos!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chocolate Grass - Diggin' On You (TLC Cover)

Congrats on the new album!! Newest band people will be listening to!

THE x Daily Grind collab coming out soon!

#Ultrasound: From "Tao Lang" to "Tanyag"

Loonie feat. Abra & Syke - Tanyag (Produced by Klumcee)

The B SIDE track of what "Tao Lang" was telling us all, is that fame isn't what its all prepped up to be. "Tanyag" breaks it down for us with great shades and hues. From Loonie's classic record label debut album "Ultrasound" -- this song is pretty simple for the people hearing it without sharing the history the MC's have. I'm here to share this little piece of history for you to listen to this song with more depth. I heard this song a good month ago, Loonie played it for me at the Artifice HQ - and I told Loonie, this song is what's going to stick. "Tanyag" is a filipino word for "Fame" and the song tackles fame in 3 perspectives.

Abra tackles - a kid wanting to be famous, working up the ladder to success, being a young'n in this hiphop scene with his own understanding of his greatness "Para patunayan sa lahat na wala talagang kinalaman ang ating edad sa abilidad/" and his ideals of using his fame to change things "Kapag ako ang siyang nagkapangalan, pangako babaguhin ko ang galawan/". I met LDP when they were still in high school, Abra came up to me one day asking if its a good look for him to join the battle AMPON was throwing in Kublai's in Katipunan - and while he might've lost that night, he knew it was only necessary to earn his stripes. This was a good 2 years before Fliptop even became big, before Here To Own It, before Gayuma. His verse in Tanyag, describes him in a place so pure where dreams are nurtured and skills remain supreme. His line "Ipakita ang kayang gawin sa lahat balang araw pangarap maging alamat/" is a line, he has already lived up to. We all know where Abra is right now, but as big as it sounds, I'm sure he still has this intent, curiosity, and inventiveness in him to withstand the change that fame gives. I see Abra nowadays, no matter how tired - no matter how busy his schedule is knowing where he wants to be and understands that "Isang pasada lamang ang byahe ng buhay, tandaan hindi kumikinang ang diamante sa hukay/". Go for it Artifice! 2014 is yours.

Akala nila, kilala ka nila, at hindi mo sila kilala/
Pero di ka nila kilala, at kilalang kilala mo sila/
Mukha mo'y laging nasa magazine, dyaryo at iba pa/
Bukas makalawa, malamang pambalot nalang ng tinapa/

My good friend Loonie's verse speaks of the life he currently lives, the bittersweet crossroad of being famous and wanting to live a normal life -- the gift and the curse moment. The love for the art stays, the art form is put into a better pedestal cause its now a way to make a living -- but growth into fame is too hard to balance. The motivations are different, Loonie now is a proud father - rapping for a living; balancing priorities, responsibilities and career in hiphop is one thing - and the fame that goes with it, the business side of it, is something you don't have full control. Reading your name off the walls, people wanting your attention, friends turning into fans, you live life in an aquarium - where everyone is watching you to their delight and entertainment. To embrace all this would drive a man crazy, but simply - its something Loonie is still thankful for. I know Loonie has plans of shaking up the battle scene once more, the taste and the purpose of other factions always leave a sour taste in his mouth. You already heard shadows of this verse from his "Tao Lang" ad libs -- "Pasensya na, sorry naman/ Kung pwede lang sana isoli na lang/" -- speaks of a humble man face to face with his destiny, and respects the path he chose for people to learn from his mistakes. Hey Loons, classic yun album mo pero bitiin!!! Happy birthday!!

Enter: Syke's verse -- no one would be more perfect to tap for this verse, a perspective of someone whose fame has maybe already run its course or was perfect for the art form at the wrong time; and has accepted it. Respects the art form, and knows that the art form and the art remains, but there are better things in life to pay attention to. Knows his contributions to the scene and is confident that his work fathered the new hiphop world. Continues to pay homage to hiphop and his time in the scene calmed him back to the spirit of the first verse, that its a cycle - like bringing back biking which is a big thing again in the metro -- "Ang lahat ng mga yan ay nagsikap at naghanda/ kam'tin ang pangarap kahit tumanda/ wala sa edad kundi nasa ganda ng mga nilikha/" -- that spirit of realization after all thats said and done -- the songs remain. His line "Ilang beses pinagtangkaan matanggal sa pagtanghal akoy nagtagal at nanatili/ sa pinaglagyan nito kayo mismo pumili/ kaya nawili at di nawala akala niyo lang kaya parang muling nagbalik/" is very rich in history, from being Dongalo's finest MC, to releasing a debut CD on Vibestation that featured multi-dialect rap that repped the south of the country, to getting it in with Andrew E for his song Dear Kuya, having the former trying to rid him of his career, stage and expression -- he has gone into the background and slowly built a great following in the spoken word scene that helped him get his confidence back and kept him relevant as the pawns and rules of hiphop changed and grew. Syke is as relevant an MC/poet now as he was when he first came out. "Ipapamukha mo pa ba sa akin kung bakit ako hindi sumikat/ Paumaga palang ngayon, dis oras ng gabi ako lumabas/" reminds you he was so much ahead of his time.

The song ends with a Francis Magalona audio excerpt, "They say that when people exist in the music world, whether you're an arranger, musician or a singer - to some extent you are immortal." -- I don't know how much more you need to determine how immortal this song already is.

Monday, December 16, 2013

JRuss Chase "He Ain't Gotta Know" (Official Music Video)

Here's the video, shot entirely in Cambodia! Props to the guys behind the video!

Pino G "Go Bass" (Official Music Video)

Big S/O to Fuma and Myst for supporting OPM hiphop!!

9th Wonder Treats - his drumkits for sale!!

He's messing with Maschine now as well.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Bridge live at Ka Freddies!

 photo TheBridge_zps222dcba8.jpg

See you guys there!!

Frank Magalona - Hari (Preview)

I would so kill the drums on this if given the chance.

Prometheus Brown x Uprising Records this tuesday!

 photo BAGONGTIPON_zps73764cc1.jpg

Please make sure the proceeds go to the Yolanda victims please.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bridget Kelly - Special Delivery

Been playing this all day!! #RocNation

PUFF IT's Discreet Vaporizer!

This product is sold in the Philippines exclusively through MYST, visit their Facebook here.

Newest innovation for reliable function, ease of use and sleek, discreet design for the discerning vapor enthusiast. Specially designed with the gold plated heat chamber which evenly distributes heat through your favorite tobacco or dry blend without the use of flame or butane, offering a safer vape experience. It also have a digital control which means you may choose your preferred temperature to ensure the finest tasting vapor from your blend.

 photo PUFFITVAPE_zps2143b1a3.jpg

                It is not designed to be a “big clouds” vaporizer, however it does depend on the dry blend you use, the moisture content and fineness of grind.  The initial heating cycle should take about 20-30 seconds.

 photo PUFFITVAPE1_zps2550e1ee.jpg

All aromatherapy devices should include the device, silicone heat shield, aluminum top cap, herb stirring attachment, replacement screens, cleaning/packing tool, replaceable hygienic mouth piece, USB charging cable, neoprene carrying case.

Basic how to use: remove magnetic cap to power on – fill heat chamber and replace the cap – set desired temperature – push firmly and hold for 2 seconds to start the heating – LED will flash red when it is ready to use – when LED turns green your device it up to temperature – enjoy your vapor! Remember to draw slowly for best flavor.

NOTE: Myst concept store can be found in Alabang Town Center, Ground Floor, New Wing (in between Cache Cache & La Senza) SM North Edsa Annex Building, Second Floor (in between Watsons & Fitflops) Century Mall, Ground Floor (infront of the main entrance) and Ayala Mall Cebu, Extension Wing. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

WeLegendary THANK YOU SALE this weekend!

 photo WLSALE_zps75b99c60.jpeg

Xmas bonus gets spent on shoes this year!!!

Bugoy Na Koykoy & Ives Presko - Wala Kang Nahanap

Guess who the chick is yet? I can't tell you. #ArawArawSunday

Amplify x UrbanPinas.Com x Blue Scholars

 photo BLUESCHOLARSAMPLIFY_zpsa642f1b6.jpg

See you guys next week!!

7107 International Music Festival 2014

 photo 7107InternationalMusicFestival_zpsac534703.jpg

More rumors to be given light to the next few days, book your tickets now!!

Watch KJAH, Rjay of LDP before Gloc9 this weekend!!

 photo NasugbuMusicFestival_zpsc37f5564.jpg

Support your hiphop, as we will be present in most music festivals starting next year!!

WSH x TCMF releases new shirt tonight at Quantum!!

 photo WSH2_zpseebd1750.jpg

 photo WSH3_zps0a261ab1.jpg

One of the best collections to come out this year!!

PINO G x Panty Droppaz League - Give U That Ugh

"Pino G ay naka-shades habang si Don C ay naka-Waway." My mu'fuckin G's.


DIY Future. Help out in every purchase.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

See you on the 18th!

 photo DUENDE_zps240511c4.jpg

Duende will be one of the performers to welcome UrbanPinas.Com and Blue Scholars!!

UrbanPinas.Com website launch/Blue Scholars in MANILA!

 photo URBANPPOSTER_zps5c31a239.jpg

It don't get no iller than this!!

MALASIMBO 2014! Boook your tickets now!

 photo MALASIMBO_zpsb3961cfb.jpg

Let me spell it for you -- ROY AYERS, Robert Glasper Experiment and Junemarieezy!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Sangalang!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

“Reflections” by Artisan MC Jin

Great insights by one of the best battle mcs ever.

ROOTED this coming M Cafe 10PM

 photo ROOTED_zps9a2744a5.jpg

Enjoy your weekend guys.

SUBFLEX tonight @ B Side

 photo SUBFLEX_zps8b7d635f.jpg

For a taste of progressive music that taps into your psyche.

Gloc9 at Tonight With Arnold Clavio

 photo GLOC9ARNOLDCLAVIO_zps4268e241.jpg

If you guys are home tonight, watch Gloc on GMA.

Monday, December 2, 2013

ISANG BUHOS event this coming DEC 23 2013!!

 photo ISANGBUHOS_zps52739891.jpg

Should be one helluva night! Trying my best to make it out there!

Thyro on T.I.M.S. starting tomorrow!!

 photo THYRO_zps69a36ffd.jpg

One of the most prolific song writer of this generation gets his TV spotlight!

Gloc9 speaks for TED Talks in Xavier

Great story to hear from your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.

Catch SPNZ on his first BuwanBuwan stint!

 photo Moonwater_zps651b4a4d.jpg

There are only a few SPNZ gigs left before he goes stateside!!

Happening this wednesday at URBN!

 photo JazzyJeff_zpsff719856.png

Best DJ in the world, bar none.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mike Kosa's new album coming out next year!

 photo MikeKosaDESTINASYON_zps76cc6135.jpg

Looking forward to hearing new stuff from Kosa!

PINO G - Love (Produced by Pino G)

"Our race is about greed."

ABRA's album is now out on iTunes!

 photo ABRAITUNES_zpsa3df1c06.jpg

Get your credit cards working!

Friday, November 29, 2013

I haven''t bought FHM in awhile...

 photo AliceDixsonFHM_zps730a06fb.jpg

I just might end up with more than 1 copy. #AliceDixsonForLife

WIPCAPS MNL "Ermita" drops today!

 photo WIPCAPMNLERMITA_zps318876a0.jpg

Great design! VC! TL Massive! Wipcaps for life!

Pastagroove @ Red-I's studio

I repeat, Caliph8 is Manila's best Jazz drummer.

Junemarieezy - Purple Tree

 photo June1_zps564ae38b.jpg

Thursday, November 28, 2013

See you guys tonight! Wordplay Anniversary!

 photo WordPlay_zps41afc6c2.jpg

Free food and free booze! Attack!

Congratulations to Quest for winning!!

 photo QUEST_zpsf870e63b.jpg

I want GAS MONEY, Shell gas money!! Congrats kid!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aero - Knock You Out (Produced by SPNZ)

 photo KnockYouOutJPEG_zps428e5ce5.jpg

WeLegendary collaborates with SWAP Watches!

 photo WLSWAP_zps3c40b70b.jpg

A first of its kind, WeLegendary pioneering the Philippines skate scene. Props.

WeLegendary x Wipcaps event! Nov 29!

 photo WLWIPTAFT_zps0b0c8f08.jpg

Also, release of the Ermita MNL cap! Looks hot already!! VC! TL Massive

Junemarieezy releases album cover for Virgo

 photo JUNEMARIEEZY_zps61e89f39.jpg

Visit her site for the official countdown to her album release.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Manny Pacquiao pictures when he was 17.

 photo Manny17C_zpsb2639461.jpg

 photo MANNY17B_zps90a243a0.jpg

 photo MANNY17A_zps307c9f7f.jpg

Great photos taken by Gerhard Joren, visit his site here.

Titan22 releases "PREMYTHEUS" vinyl toy!

 photo TITANPREMYTHEUS_zpsc369a6b8.jpg

Superb work here, visit Titan's site for more pictures of the collectible figure. Only 200 pcs!

Alaska Aces releases their mobile app!!

 photo AlaskaAcesAPP_zpsa14361f9.jpg

Well well well, I hope they still feature Tim Cone in here.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

IzzOnTheMic - Soul Ride (Official Music Video)

Besides for his knack for rhymes, dude can play ball toooo! Check him out!

"Love, Marriage & Divorce" coming soon.

R&B music is back, R.Kelly and now Babyface and Toni Braxton. Lets go!!

"Stars Cry" Xienhow feat. BNK & Jazze Manuel (Official Music Video)

 Here we go, amazing video directed by Willlan Rivera. Watch it again. Vote of it on MYXPH.COM

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Loonie feat. Sumgglaz - Pilosopo (Tower Doom Sessions)

"Tanyag" is one of my favorite tracks from the Ultrasound album, coming out soon!

Great xmas celebratory song from Mike Kosa!

Spot the one mispelled word, if you can. Take a break, have some fun!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

KOTD: Tantrum vs Protege

Watch Protege battle Tantrum, from the recent KOTD World Domination event.

Believe by Malaya (Lyrics Video)

It has been a crazy year, I hope you are all doing your best to cope with it.

KJAH album tour hits a venue near you soon!

 photo KJAHTOUR_zpsca836065.jpg

My favorite tracks are Sunggab and the Apoc produced track!

Blaze N Kane - Laging Nandyan (Trailer)

JKris is a star. Amazing kid, the camera loves him. Great song too!


 photo PLATFORM_zps3b37396b.jpg

Finally, Platform is amongst us again. Big S/O to Change Clothes!

Eminem x Zach Lowe Interviews

Great first interview in, more to come. #RapGod

OPM Fair in CEBU!

 photo OPMFAIR_zps863a0d94.jpg

Mike Kosa will be reppin' for hiphop in Cebu this weekend!

This sunday at Ka Freddie's!

 photo ABANTE_zps224ac930.jpg

PHP200 gets you in and proceeds will be given to Yolanda victims!