Friday, August 28, 2015

Artifice Unplugged - Rehearsals BTS

Shot by Ken Yamaguchi.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cebu hiphop show!

 photo Rapollo_zpsyluxwe2y.jpg

Don't sleep on the Queen City of the South now, I see Mobbstarr on the marquee!


 photo Hydro Manila Music Festival_zpsh5jm8kh6.jpg

Get your tickets now! Its not too late! Experience the first wet music festival in MNL!

TABAKK event happening tomorrow!

 photo Talastasan_zpsyjyaltqs.jpg

Get with the program and hear what our youth have to share!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Little Jase and friends - New Life (Official Music Video)

Still doing it, great visuals! Great message!

B Sides spotlight: "There's No Me" by Mike Swift

 photo Lebron x Mike Swift x Soulfiesta_zps1wy2hdxm.jpg

Legendary album was made from 2005 to 2006. Heart of a Champion music.

Shaking things up Sept 12.

 photo Fliptop Isabuhay_zpsgssasaal.jpg

Get your tickets now!

TCMF x Medisina "The Last Man Standing"

 photo TCMF 1_zpsexyakoit.png

 photo TCMF 3_zpssjsrzrva.jpg

 photo TCMF 5_zpsxgjiuxzu.jpg

Get yours soon as it drops!

Here's the 24 man Gilas pool for FIBA

 photo FIBA_zpsua6nukho.jpg

Looks good on paper, Jordan Clarkson is coming to play. Ugggh!


 photo Open Season_zpsmyzgqdgc.jpg

If y'all wanna win some cash and that beat from the Uprising camp!

SHAGGY in Manila @ CHAOS 9/6/15

 photo Shaggy in Manila_zpsgh25bow2.jpg

Mr. Luva Luva, Boombastik, #ITWASNTME !!!! Hahahaha!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Last Man Standing" - TCMF vs MEDISINA

The boys are out motherfuckers. See y'all at the battle, Aero is not participating.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lebron visit Tenement, Taguig

 photo LBJ in Manila_zpsjgmk3zcf.jpg

I appreciate how Mike Swift turned the Tenement to a world class basketball grail!

Apekz ft. Ron Henley & Smugglaz - Mayor de Edad (Official Lyric Video)

From Apekz's upcoming album! Artifice Records 2015 shit.

Nike Rise x Lebron x Tenement art piece by Maya

 photo Maya x LBJ 2_zpshqh0kkio.jpg

 photo Maya x LBJ_zpsjaebn9ue.jpg

Imagine drawing something this big on the floor with good proportion?! Insane!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Bigg X - Philippines - 4th Beatbox Battle World Championship

Bigg X reppin' Pinas in the Germany tourney!


 photo MR Beats 002_zpsqkqajrtf.jpg

Second beat tape from The Bay's Mister Rey! Uggggh! Free download!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Twinkle Feraren makes a big splash in NYC!

Proud of you Twinkle!

RISE Philippines | Episode 3 | Fight With Heart

Third episode of the TV 5, Nike Rise -- basketball reality TV show.

Mike Kosa feat. Pino G - Weder Weder Lang (Official Music Video)

New Mike Kosa video! shot by JC Echanes.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Deleet MC rare footage!

One of my favorite MC's that I've yet to work with. Dope stuff!

Soulfiesta Exclusive: Get Buckets!!

 photo JDV Get Buckets_zps72ljik5v.jpg

I've been a Tim Cone fan all my life, and this translates to alot of things -- one of which is supporting the players Tim Cone has no matter if it strayed away from the core Alaska players I was cheering for growing up! I've always seen Joe Devance as a floor general of sorts -- where he plays as an extension of Tim Cone on the court. Joe Devance, a college player who was part of a Texas College basketball team, born in Hawaii and has made it to become the 2007 #1 draft pick has now become a veteran of the triangle offense, a very lose fun guy in front of the camera -- but more than anything, has lead his teams to championships and being part of a memorable grand slam title holder in the very storied Philippine Basketball Association!

Today, in the heels of the new PBA conference -- I release an interview I have with Joe Devance. Read through as we speak on Tim Cone, his take on the Gilas, his most hardest to guard player and other things that make Joe Devance the player that he is!

First off, thanks for allowing me to do this interview JDV. I want to start with, when you thought you could have a career in the PBA?

I found out about me actually playing basketball here in Manila after my last year of college. I was already working when I actually found a way to come out here to play. To be honest I thought I was done with basketball just because I had no way to get out here. Thank God for my assistant coach who had connections for me to get out.

So since you've been here, do you have any favorite local food?

I have a few favorite dishes. Pork and chicken Adobo, Sinigang, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali. But my all time favorites would be Turons and Biko!!!!

You were drafted #1, and I've been meaning to ask why you chose to rock the number 53 on your freshmen year in the pros?

1953 is the year my mom was born so I felt it meant alot to her that I did that. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here.

Did you have a hard time adjusting to a team that drafted you and wanted you to stick to the center role when your basketball skill set is very broad? Whats the most frustrating thing in your rookie year?

It was an adjustment just to play in the PBA. Different coaches and players. The coaches at that time didn't really know my game. To be honest that team was actually one of the funnest teams I have been on. We had so much fun that year. I'm glad it went the way it did. I might have not been in this situation now if that didn't have happened. Things happen for a reason and it was just a learning experience for me.

 photo JDV 3_zpslbtuuury.jpg

If you could tell rookie JDV something and warn him about certain things about being a pro ball player, what would it be?

Dont buy so many cars. Think the game and take your time.

If you were to have your own signature basketball shoe, what would you name it?

Well it would be Nike for sure. Probably call them Nike "Get Buckets"

Michael Jordan aside, who are the other basketball players you looked up to?

That would have to be Shaq, Kobe, Scottie Pippen, Grant Hill and Allen Iverson.

 photo JDV 2_zpsprwqd0oi.jpg

Do you think the PBA is a Coach's league?

PBA coaches have their own distinct style of play and how they coach. I don't really have anything to say about the other coaches I'm just thankful I played almost my whole career under one coach and he just so happened to be the best coach in Philippine basketball history.

As a man of the triangle offense, do you think a triangle offense ran national team be effective in the global arena?

Actually I think it would be. If everyone runs the triangle right and makes hard cuts and runs it at a quicker pace I think it would work. I love the triangle!

Do you feel Blatche provided great things to Gilas or do you think he brought distraction to the team chemistry?

Blatche helped us out for sure. Marcus played great for us but Blatche just gave us that NBA experience and talent that we needed. I'm so happy for those guys and what they accomplished!

You signed a 2 year contract with your current ball club ending in 2016, do you see yourself playing more ball or have you planned out your days after basketball already? Other than basketball and dancing, what are other things you're interested in?

Its up in the air as of right now. I have options besides basketball which a lot of "Filams" don't have. When that time comes I just have to weigh my options. I will be a great business man this is what I'm sure on.

Do you have a favorite conference in the league?

I don't really have a favorite conference. They're all the same to me because I want to win them all!!!!!

Whats your music playlist like before the game?

I listen to different types of music. It's a mix between hiphop, dubstep and pop. I love music thats a huge part of my pregame!!!!

Who has been the hardest person for you to guard? Or who do you hate playing against?

The hardest person to guard for me is either Junemar Fajardo or Ranidel De Ocampo.

Will you ever shave your flat top?

Hahaha thats a funny question. I plan to one day just dont know when.

Warriors or Cavaliers?

Warriors only because me and Stephen Curry train at the same place in the states. We have the same trainers. One of the reasons why I cant wait to get back so we can train together.

Who has the best handles in the PBA?

I think Chris Lutz of SMB has the best handles in the league.

If there is one thing you've learned from being coached by Tim Cone that also translates in your day to day life, what would it be?

Control the things you can control and also put a 10 on peoples foreheads. A lot of his teachings are from John Maxwell who is a great speaker and motivator on being a leader. Coach Tim is a great leader.

I never thought I would be this successful in the PBA. I have accomplished a lot in my career. If I would retire tomorrow I would be happy for what I did. I give all credit to coach Tim for my career. He saw something in me that other coaches didn't. He believed in me from the start. Pushed me to my limits and gave me all the confidence. He put me in a great position to be a leader and a player in his team to make an impact and to be this successful. BEST COACH I have played for in my whole basketball life.

How do you feel about the recent coaching change and seeing Tim Cone leave for Ginebra?

It's the business trades and coaching changes. Tim is the best coach in this league so I understand why Mr. Ang would want him over there to help build Ginebra back up to the top of the rankings. I just want to wish him the best and I know him and Ginebra will do great things there.

Do you think Coach Johnny A sees himself in Mark Barocca?

I dont think he does but he has been a great mentor for Mark. Not everyday you can be coached by a living legend.

Does the team really practice the one hand baby hook or floater?

Hahaha no we don't practice it. It's just a great weapon to have.

If you could play for any NBA team at this stage in your career, which team would you play for and why?

I would love to play with the Lakers just because its the Lakers!! My city doesn't have a professional team so I'm neutral with all teams. I'm more of a player fan.

Awesome! I wish you and your team all the best this coming conference! Big shoutouts to Margaux Cortez for being the link for this interview to actually happen! I pray you have more championships and usher in a new era of pro ball in the conutry! Anything else you'd like to share with your fans and our readers?

I would like to first thank God because I would have never thought I would in this position I am in. I like to thank my beautiful wife and kids for understanding that I'm doing all this for them and that I love them with everything I have. Thanks for the unconditional support from my family in the states. They stay up late just to watch my every game still to this day. I like to thank my good friends from Toyota Otis and Balintawak for taking a chance on me and showing me so much love in the PBL. Like to thank Titan and Ensayo gym and equipments for showing me so much love. Alaska and Purefoods for also believing in me. I have so much love for the people here and my country. I'm so very proud to say I'm Filipino and I play in the PBA. Thank you guys!


Would like to give photograph credits to the following: Pranz Kaeno Billones and Paul Ryan Tan.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Quip - Puwing ft. Kelvin Cortez (Official Music Video)

Big shoutouts to the pinoys and pinays from lovely Auckland, New Zealand!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FlipTop - SinCity vs Ice Bergg

Sin City takes Cebu on his 9th battle against Ice Bergg.

ZJay - Lakbay Punggay (Official Music Video)

Maduming Kwarto soldier Zjay gets the visual treatment for his song Lakbay Punggay!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rex D releases "VIBE" for free download!

 photo Rex D - Vibe FRONT COVER_zpspafpei2a.jpg

 photo Rex D - Vibe BACK COVER_zpsaknljdz3.jpg

The Bakery finally releases a collection of songs from that kid, REX D.

I met REX D a few years back at a Team Sunday game day -- he was keen on buying a shirt I designed, asked him if he played ball and if raps -- he said he does on both accounts, I told him I'll do him better than a shirt purchase and introduce him to my dudes -- made sure Bojam gave him a shot. And that he did -- do your research. Years after that day, Rex D is releasing "Vibe", an album spearheaded by one of the most under rated music producer in the game today, Jim P -- again, do your research. From that first day meeting Rex until today -- alot has taken place, he is now raising a kid and is a full grown man. I tell you, I had my doubts - but results do speak louder than words. Again, congratulations on this release, happy birthday Jim P and you guys need to put this on radio!!

Rex speaking on why it took this long to release this album, "I always wanted to release an album. First time I touched the mic thats what I ever thought of doing. Every artist dream I guess but times taught me to be patient and to perfect my masterpiece. Drama music wise, real life situations, through all the push backs and second guessing, all the learning experiences Jim and I went through we did what most artist do their second or even third time around.

We stopped listening to whats around us and dug deep within to come out with our first project. Now its time for ya'll to listen to us, hence the ear on the album cover. Just listen and enjoy the MUSIC because this is what music is about. Making it timeless and to hit a string in your emotions someway somehow, good or bad, get that VIBE."


First and foremost thank you to our Heavenly Father, with Him nothing is impossible. Thank you to my parents for always supporting me no matter what mess I get myself in. Kuya Mike and MamaP for their patience and understanding how music means so much to Jim and I.

Thank you to all the people that supported me and even played at least one of my songs, thank you for listening to whatever I had to say. Shouts to Soulfiesta for always being there to support the Bakery since day one!

To everyone that played a huge role in this project! RJ Pineda, Marco Moral, Alex Ominuno, Mike Swift and Muriel Ting. Thank you all for blessing us with your musical talents and giving the time and effort you guys did! Also a HUGE thank you to Pia Florencia for doing the artwork for the album cover in such short notice, I have and will always be a fan of your artworks!

Thanks to the homie Arthur Garcia for backpacking with me all this way, Follow your dreams bro!

To the man of the hour JimP!!!! Happy Birthday maaaayne! What better way to celebrate than to release something we perfected in 4 years!?! This is our sound and no matter what anyone says, we put our ALL into this and no one can take that away from us. Much love my brother from another mother!

Today we release VIBE because its not only JimP's birthday but also the death anniversary of my little sister, Baby Rae. We celebrate life and death. Live life, follow your dreams, praise God and follow in His footsteps!

This album is dedicated to my little King, Ryne Dela Cruz and Celeste Gavino. I love you both and no matter what you guys want to do in life best believe that I will be there to support you guys

Everybody, VIBE!

Master Penman Jake Weidmann

Penmanship, was supposed to be the title of an EP I was doing with Harry of 7Shots.

Rockstars bebe!!

Kenjhons will go down as one of the best choreographers ever! Word to my momma!

Korea reppin' bboying hard at the Worlds!

Awesome set by the Korean's! Congratulations for placing!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Finally, an english battle league!

 photo Open Season_zps3ha6udjo.jpg

I think, Aero -- can turn this into his playground, whatchu think?

Win a pair of BOSE Headphones!

 photo Bose SoundTrue_zpsahrx9dwq.jpg

Head on to -- register, answer the trivia and win!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Gods Will - Bara At Dahas (Official Music Video)

Awesome video from Turbulence's own Gods Will, enjoy this one! Spread the word!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Zjay about to drop some visuals for Lakbay Pungay!

 photo Zjay Lakbay Pungay Video_zpseihooezo.jpg

Waiting on this one, kuya Lester -- I need a few bags for this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I can't front, this a good interview.

Great to hear from BEP at this point of they careers.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blake Griffin for Space Jam 2???

Could be a great candidate -- Nike commercial by the way!

Bugoy na Koykoy - Offcam (Official Music Video)

"Tungkol sa pera ang bawat kong pag-alis." 2 Joints concert in Cavite, Sept 18.

Alpha Subanon, read and hear about them.

 photo Alpha Sugbangon_zpsecx0zfcc.jpg


Alpha Subanon also known as the "Hiligaynon Space Program",was a codename for the Cosmic Council to Aid the Lumad, an underground organization of Native resistance in government-occupied Philippines.

The Council to Aid the Lumad operated under the auspices and renegades of the Philippine Government in Exile through the Government Delegation for the Republic. Alpha Subanon's purpose was to aid the country's Lumad and find places of safety for them. Philippines is the only country in occupied Asia where there existed such a dedicated secret organization.

Now, Alpha Subanon is (was?) an international conspiracy. They have released one seveninch and melted it along the Philippine flag on independence day no copies were saved. Resistance! Kindle the cosmic aeta was released in 2006 and it's their only known record.

//Ang mamanwa pagsulay sa pagklaro sa sukaranang mga ideya nga pinaagi niini ang mga tawo nga makasabut sa kalibutan, pagkaanaa, mga butang ug sa ilang mga kabtangan, nga luna ug panahon, hinungdan ug epekto, ug posibilidad. Usa ka sentro nga sanga sa Metaphysics mao ontology, sa imbestigasyon ngadto sa nag-unang mga kategoriya sa nga ug sa unsa nga paagi nga sila may kalabutan sa usag usa. Laing sentro nga sanga sa hiligaynan mao pagtuon bahin sa uniberso, ang pagtuon sa gigikanan, sukaranan nga gambalay, kinaiyahan, ug dynamics sa uniberso. Ang uban naglakip sa lumad sama sa sa usa ka sentro nga focus sa Subanon, apan kini mahimong nangutana.

Luneta Freedom Collective

 photo Luneta Freedom Collective_zpsmndu4l5h.jpg

Happy to have bumped into this stuff, new music. Galing!

Fliptop Isabuhay Semis on Sept 12!

 photo Fliptop Unibersikulo_zpsmqkq7qf2.jpg

Look at the line up, spend your moola wisely!

Gnnarrate - Simula (Koronasyon EP Preview)

 photo Gnnarrate_zpszduvrfzp.jpg

This kid will surprise you this year, trust me. Keep writing em bro.

Happening this weekend!

 photo Diversions_zpsamlwcebc.jpg

Pope Fiction playing some sexy tunes here, bring your ninangs!

KOTD - Rap Battle - Dizaster vs Chilla Jones

Dizaster goin' in, rest in peace PH. You are missed.

Zyro reppin' Pinas at ALL ASIA 7 TO SMOKE!

 photo Zyro_zpsxfkn5b91.png

This should be fun, bring home to bacon Zyro! Uggh!

Dash Calzado - Musick IV Your Owner Type Jeepney (Official Music Video)

Dope visuals for the title track from Dash's 2nd solo album! #Bladaw!

Bambu x RA - Kamarada Session EP

 photo Kamarada Sessions EP Cover_zps8sle9ila.jpg

Brilliant marketing and release of this sessions EP. Great body of work Bam'.

Bambu - Comrades (Official Music Video)

Watch and look at the anotation on that will lead you to the Comrades Session EP. Genius.

Monday, August 3, 2015

MISTER REY gives you a new beat tape!

 photo Mister Rey Beats_zpsppssxm9z.jpg

This sounds awesome! Great work from my soul brother! Keep em coming!

FROM MISTER REY: "As a beat maker, every beat I make represents liberation from the humdrum of everyday life. To honor this process, ‘breathe out’ series is born. The vision behind 'breathe out' series is to collect the beats I have chronicled over the years, and share it to the world. 'breathe out' series will be a continual project consisting of beats made from 2004 to present. Each set will have 9 minimal beats, that under two minutes short, and it is scheduled to be released every 1st & 15th of the month.

Enjoy, and thank you for your support.
Mister REY

Peace to the creator, ancestors, and loved ones."

Fredo Algebra - Wild Fire (Produced by DJ Spnz)

The homie SPNZ putting it down for Fredo, good look here Neil!

ASK LOONIE Episode 2

Here's Loonie candidly answers questions from his fans.