Thursday, July 30, 2015

Smugglaz album launch happening tomorrow at B-SIDE!

 photo Smugglaz Album Launch Aug 1_zpsteqg6vrg.jpg

Awesome line up here guys! Support Smugg'z album too! Attack!

Q-York will be at the FIBA 3X3 this weekend!

 photo Qyork FIBA 3X3_zpsnqzz3fqv.jpg

Ball up mang! Team Sunday repping at FIBA 3X3!

Support the Philippine delegation competing in San Diego!

Bring home to gold brothers & sisters!

The Burger Project x #WLYEAR8

 photo WL Eat Burgers or Die_zpsdbjdkuxr.jpg

Which skate shop you know has food juice like this in the metro? Read well.

In WeLegendary news...

 photo WL Year 8_zpswwnm3lfb.jpg

 photo WL Year 8 Nike SB Dunk High_zpsx9qngklh.jpg

 photo WL Year 8 Janoski Max_zpsrtgub94a.jpg

Spend your weekend dough wisely, those Rainforest SBs are fiyaaaaah!! #WLYear8

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Damang Dama Ang Lakas Ng Musikang Pilipino

 photo DMDMLNMP_zpshg93wtcu.jpg

Read again, free entrance. Attack.

HIPHOP at VYNE tonight!

 photo VYNE_zps2ytj7ibt.jpg

After you greet Andrew E tonight. And it dont' stop, and it don't quit!


No one has all the answers, but to not acknowledge a problem is betraying humanity.

New Bugoy Na Koykoy music video!

Download the new mixtape, Tanita HERE.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jazzey James feat Blaze n Kane - Break It Down (Official Music Video)

New video from BNK, directed by Willan Rivera. Hot shit!

Andrew E's birthday party on July 29!

 photo Andrew E BDAY 1_zpshpidvhwq.jpg

 photo Andrew E BDAY_zpsniitzggy.jpg

Its gon' be a looooong night! Enjoy Kuya Drew's birthday. Cheers!

Before Slum Village in MLA, its Summerdaze in SG!

 photo Slum Village_zpsfpy3cxw3.jpg

 photo Summerdaze_zpsi41jdjs6.jpg

Hiphop has a home in Asia. Bring that Pete Rock vs Premier show already!!


 photo MARXX_zpsk9q8ltzv.jpg

Song with Ron Thug entitled "Hustle Game" is straight fiyah!!

MVRXX pronounced as “Marxx”, promises to make people turn up with the release of his first ever EP album "XX-1" at Black Market, Makati on July 29, 2015 (BaddecisionsWed). The 24 year-old Manila DJ started his disc jockey journey in 2012 under Looper Beats Academy now known as Bounce Electronic Music & DJ School. Due to his explosive and engaging style, Marxx easily landed gigs not only in the Philippines (clubs in BGC, Makati, Newport, Cebu, and Davao) but also in Malaysia.

In 2014, he spinned alongside world-acclaimed DJs like Krewella, 12 Planet and numerous international artists at the Exception Music Festival.

MVRXX describes his style as a mixture of Ghetto, Hiphop, Ratchet and Trap music. His EP guarantees to get people moving as he incorporates catchy and haunting pads and chords with massive and menacing build up and by blasting heart-raising 808 drums and gypsy scaled length synths that will inevitably make people bounce.

MVRXX ups the ante by featuring verses of MC Ron Thug, one of Manila's top emcees and 2012 Hypeman of the Year, in one of his tracks.

MVRXX believes that music is meant to be shared and enjoyed that's why he dedicates his EP to the people with the same passion and enthusiasm. “It has always been about the music and the people. I make music for people to enjoy." With that in mind, the hard work entailed in crafting his tracks instantly becomes triumphs, making people who hear his music enjoy and relate to it effortlessly.
Aside from spinning and producing music, MVRXX also plays the drums and manages his apparel store Limitless Philippines, catering to the bold and edgy fashionistas.

Support homegrown talent as you party to the first ever DJ/Producer in Manila to launch an EP album at Black Market on July 29, 2015.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Toney Chrome - Dambuhala

Produced by Pino G -- 2 songs from the mixtape available on Amplify.PH

Migo Senires - Arw Arw (Free Download)

 photo Migo Senires - Arw Arw_zpsv9dxljd2.jpg

Damn, this is on some hot shit. Ugggh!

Friday, July 24, 2015

WL releases the Primitive x Nike SB shoe tomorrow!

 photo WL Nike SB_zpsgrgvczsn.jpg

 photo WL Dunk N Run_zpsfwokxugx.jpg

Spend your weekend money correctly! To yo mommas favorite skate shop!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


 photo Wipcaps MNL Distrito_zpsfx32dsgn.png

Perfect for Sota, Chanoweeezy.

FROM WIPCAPS: We’ve explored Tondo, Sta. Cruz, Binondo, Ermita & Quiapo, and now Sta. Ana. This is the culmination of our MNL District Series, where WIP has aspired to re-tell stories of our past that are closer to home than we think. The present day Manila is a melting pot of cultures, steeped in modernity, filled with first-world structures placed in stark contrast with third-world living: familiar images of our country’s history are all around us.

Once known as the Kingdom of Namayan, Santa Ana was renamed and became a place for the wealthy Manileños of the time, adorned with beautifully built abodes and ancestral houses, most of them found along the once bustling but now polluted Pasig River. Sta. Ana was declared a heritage zone only last year, and sadly, most of these houses have given way to modern commercial developments, though few still remain.

Considered to be one of the wealthiest places in old Manila, Sta. Ana became home to land owners and businessmen as well as the famous Santa Ana Park, where horseraces have been held since 1937. The famous Santa Ana church was built from 1720 to 1725 and was dedicated to its present patron, the Our Lady of the Abandoned. The revered image of its patron came from Spain and arrived in the Philippines in 1717, strengthening the influence of Christianity in the Philippines. However, in the 1960’s it was uncovered that ancient artifacts were dug up during an excavation within the church’s vicinity, proving that Manila and the land of the Philippines is quite old on its own merits.

Although the colonization of the Philippines has been the main focus of education and discussion, our indigenous culture during pre-colonial times is another story. Even our National hero, Jose Rizal, made it clear in his works that our history be re-told from the Filipino perspective. Rizal was dedicated to confronting the colonial ideology and developing a system of thought that aimed at the liberation of the nation. In a sense, Santa Ana was the image of a flourishing district, but through a different perspective, it was also a symptom of corruption and power-struggles between classes. Jose Rizal understood and wrote about the cycles, archetypes and sicknesses of society, believing in our nation to his untimely death.

Nowadays, Sta. Ana is feeling the change and trappings of modernity, where locals are fighting for their rights to preserve structures that are unique to their district: physical reminders of our past that we hold with much sentiment. Although Hispanic ancestral homes and old structures invoke memories of a time we were colonized, after the war fought alongside America, we have been swayed towards other directions and visions–and we have retained them to this day. There’s no denying that Manila has been heavily influenced to keep up with the rest of our rapidly developing neighbors, even if it means leaving others behind. Filipinos are now conquering other Filipinos under the influence of Westernized culture and ideologies, divided up by social structures.

The MNL Sta. Ana is a crown for every Filipino, reminding us that our spirit as people has not been stifled by others in the past, and there is no reason for us to allow society’s self-destruction to overwhelm our ideals and aspirations for the future. Two interlocking golden horseshoes symbolize good luck and form the image of an eye to keep watch behind the scenes. Our country and its people are priceless, and we must always make informed and compassionate decisions that benefit the masses instead of only a selected few. Nothing will change if we continue to perpetuate the treatment we have endured as a nation in the past.

This fitted cap may look luxurious, but that’s all on the surface. After all, the most valuable thing you will find in a cap is the mind that wears it.

“Why independence, if the slaves of today will be the tyrants of tomorrow?” ― José Rizal, El Filibusterismo

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Bar - Son of a Barkada EP

 photo Cover_zpswkdzzhc6.jpg

Bambu and Geo at it again! Awesome EP from the BeatRock Camp!

#PalakasinAngBosesNgOPM #MusiqHero

 photo QYork OPM 2_zpsaiemkahs.jpg

 photo QYork OPM_zpshaphycsy.jpg

Great line up from the Homeworkz family! Hope my schedule clears in time to catch this!

Thr33down | Pay It Forward (Video Event Recap)

Directed by and organized by Ken Yamaguchi, give back -- get back.

New basketball anti hero!

Don't forget to hit subscribe on their video links! Hype Basketball!

Must have jacket!

Great funding from Kickstarter! Shipping this November!

Rockstar send off concert!

 photo Rockstar Send Off_zpsuslbr84x.jpg

Come through and wish the guys from Rockstars good luck this friday!

Happening at the Mind Museum tomorrow!

 photo Buwan Buwan Mind Museum_zpsigweawlx.jpg

Interesting what these kids have been up to! Go for gold!

This girl rapped Eminems "Rap God"

This shit is pretty old, but pretty awesome! Saw it today!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Smugglaz "Walking Distance" album launch, August 1

 photo Smugglaz Album Launch_zps1rbfrkfq.jpg

Congratulations in advance kid, will try to swing by!

Smugglaz - Alay Lakad (Official Lyric Video)

Belated happy birthday to Smuggalz, thanks for the music!

Monday, July 20, 2015


 photo DaMoDaMerrier 16_zpshghxsrnn.jpg

Great line up here! Saguijo at the end of July!

FLIPTOP Tryouts!

 photo FlipTop Tryouts_zpszxicnztb.jpg

Please bring your A game, meet the deadline and good luck to everyone!

Tim Cone to coach Ginebra.

 photo Tim Cone_zpsukq0hsvh.jpg

As I said, where Tim Cone goes -- I shall root for. #PBA

Quest & Portable Sound - The Light

Groovy, have a great week ahead guys!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Picnic Games x Paul George

 photo Gods Will Paul George_zpswl90nquv.jpg

Congratulations to Mike Sweezy for building dreams every day! #R2A!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Thyro, Yumi and Jeric - Triangulo (Official Music Video)

I hope this song places on the top 3 on July 25!

Slick Barbers Anniversary!

 photo Slick Barbers Anniversary_zpsmq85por2.jpg

Support your local barbers!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pinoys in the NBA.

 photo Clarkson and Parks_zpsmqomait0.jpg

They waiting on you Kobe Paras -- and all his super Jackie Forster genes!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rockstar Basketball Tournament tomorrow!!

 photo Rockstars 1_zpsqqeiqxk3.jpg

Team Sunday will compete! Good luck guys!

Supreme Fist X DJ Savage (Live at Central Park, Lucena City)

Uprising gives you a look into DJing via Supreme Fist and DJ Savage (Apokalipsis)??

Monday, July 13, 2015

Lunch Money Project - I Really Mean It

 photo Lunch Money - I Really Mean It_zpsljeo5o8x.jpg

Dipset music for 2015! Lunch Money Project something to wait on this year!

Slum Village comes to Manila

 photo Slum Village_zpsftphjkvs.jpg

Manila -- welcomes Dilla beats through SlumV. #Selfish

Assembly Generals - Kontrabida (Official Music Video)

You still have time to pick up their albums!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

FlipTop - Dello vs Sak Maestro

The tournament gets better!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Support all the dancers as they compete in the US!

 photo Send Off_zpshoa7kdj6.jpg

Lets help send them off with confidence and security! Bring top honors!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wordplay in Los Banos

 photo Word Play_zpsebojublw.jpg

Great to see Los Banos taking in Word Play! Support your local poets!

TABAKK present Ruby Ibarra

Great poetry written and performed by Ruby Ibarra.

Konektado TV: Mike Kosa explains Partners In Rhyme

Partners In Rhyme mixtape coming out soon!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Support the Rockstars fund raising event!

 photo Rockstars_zps7hswszi8.jpg

Happening tomorrow night! Come one come all! Bring your friends!

FlipTop - BLKD vs Shernan @ Isabuhay 2015

Great releases from Fliptop! BLKD and Shernan!

Friday, July 3, 2015

KOTD - Rap Battle - Fredo vs Anygma

Proud of Anygma yo, keep it up mang!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happening tonight!

 photo Throwback Thrusday_zpsfymemq1v.jpg

Great DJ line up tonight!

Fliptop Battle: Batas vs Sayadd

Isabuhay Tournament shit. Keep watching kids!

OJ River - Kilo$ (Produced by Like Animals)

 photo Miggy Kilo_zpslvlb3ft7.jpg

This kid is at it again, now with Buwan Buwan beat rocker, Like Animals.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Artifice artists at YouTube Fan Fest!

Great performances here! Check these boys out!

Pope Fiction & Out of Scratch @ Rocket Room!

 photo Houston_zpsau49fqj6.jpg

Happening this thursday!