Friday, July 29, 2016

Global Hoops GEN AD Tickets sold out!

 photo GLOBAL HOOPS - SM LED DISPLAY - 1280 x 720_zps9adbdd03.jpg

Get your tickets while supplies lasts!

GRAVER exhibit finally!

 photo Graver_zps5fxsiaid.jpg

Funkatalyst and Eyedress providing the sonic scapes for this August 7 show!

Tower of Doom x Loonie shirt!

 photo Loonie Tower of Doom Shirt_zpsqz1kqoap.png

Get yours while supplies last! Get your shirt here for only Php 500!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Earl of Manila - Stranger (Official Music Video)

I think DB should jump on a remix of this track. Great sexy guitars by John Apura.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BABALA at Sus Petsa this July 30!

 photo Babala_zpspfmayswk.jpg

Very interesting line up over here! Congrats to Raw x Uprising x Writers Block!

Urban Jam official poster revealed!

 photo Urban Jam_zpshp4zptut.jpg

Dope line up! Go out and support Urban Jam!

Bike Wars 5 this coming Sunday July 31!

 photo Bike Wars 5_zpslxa1a6yu.jpg

Happening at B-Sides all afternoon and all night! Check the list of artists and activities!

Assembly Generals on Rappler Live tomorrow!!

 photo Assembly Generals Rappler_zps9lisd97k.jpg

Tomorrow at around 5pm, set you alarms!

Lock City Manila Qualifiers!

 photo Lock City Manila_zpslau0osth.png

Register, practice and save the dates!

Bugoy na Koykoy x Ives Presko - Bawat Gising Ko

2 Joints parang mafia motherfuckers! Download the mixtape here.

Lloyd + Liquid - The Irony

 photo The Irony_zpsercpivjy.jpg

Ultimately, vanguards on the mic, Dopeness. Limited edition over here.

BLKD x UMPH - Taksil (Official Music Video)

"Di lahat ng kapatid ay kakampi/" #RealTalk Brilliant video!

DB - Let You Bang

"I ain't ya girl and ya know I'm from the streets/ I just wanna chill put Dilla on the beat"

Bugoy na Koykoy - Dealer Of The Year (Official Music Video)

Boogie coming out with that straight fiyaaaah! 

Prison Break sa Selda Dos bukas July 27!

 photo Prison Break_zpsw1viutjq.jpg

Awesome line up here, check it out! Only Php 50 at the door, don't be cheap!

Kosa and Swift will be touring the country!

 photo Mic 2 Mike_zpsl6rkgkxc.jpg

A legendary tale of 2 Mike's on the mic! And you don't stop!

Global Hoops meet and greet with Hotsauce, More Free etc!

 photo Global Hoops Meet n Greet_zpstyzlkftu.jpg

Get your tickets now! I have a good feeling we are selling out soon!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bahay Katay - Smugglaz Vs Flict-G

Heard Smugg has been taking L's lately, should get him hungrier!

Bahay Katay merchandise!!

 photo Bahay Katay 1_zpsetti9mnq.jpg

 photo Bahay Katay 3_zps7tl1dtwl.jpg

 photo Bahay Katay 2_zpsynln8lrd.jpg

Get yours while supplies lasts! You can order the shirts in this LINK.

BASEMENT BEATS happening on tuesday!

 photo Basement Beats_zpswmq0wlcz.jpg

Duende reppin' this night! Funkatalyst and Supreme Fist on that boom bap flavour!

Droppout - Tulakan (Prod. by Ochomil)

I think this is due for a remix and a dope ass video! Whatchu think?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shanti Dope - Anong Sabi Mo? (Produced by Klumcee)

Great use of Gloc's "Takbo" verse as a chorus, good stuff Lester!

Nuetral Skateboarding with this great local skate brand map!

 photo Neutral Skateboarding_zpsd4srmlbx.jpg

Support your local brands!

Happening in WeLegendary today!

 photo WL Pizza_zpsrqajmfi7.jpg

 photo WL Amsterdam_zpssklqdoui.jpg

 photo WL Paris_zpss6zpyodj.jpg

Your momma's favorite skate shop is celebrating 9 years in the business too!! Congrats!

Wicpas releases a new Fliptop cap!

 photo Fliptop WIP Caps_zpstpnhr3nz.jpg

Get yours now! Go head on out to -- kudos to Anygma, Sloj and Kev!

Protege rocks with some of the greats!

Axis of Evil by Real Deal, Bender, Tony D, and Protege with Cuts by DJ Climax

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Future Thug feat. Skusta Clee & Leslie - Isang Saglit

Man, my dude Flip Beats be killing it! OC Dawgs got another one with this one!

Get free basketball training with Hype Basketball and Global Hoops!

 photo Global Hoops x Hype Free Training_zpsqsb88r3q.jpg

Buy your tickets now! What are you waiting for?

MISTA BLAZE retires from the game

 photo Mista Blaze Retires 2_zpshy4sblda.jpg

 photo Mista Blaze Retires 1_zpslfhvzkho.jpg

 photo Mista Blaze Retires_zpsqubuqa57.jpg

One of the best to ever do it, Mista Blaze. Thank you for the music!

Usher feat. Young Thug - No Limit

 photo Usher-Young-Thug-No-Limit-600x596_zpsjwulbrqc.jpg

Usher pays homage to No Limit in a super sexy track.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

HYDRO Manila's August line up!

 photo HYDRO_zpsyyggw64h.jpg

Awesome to see Ely Buendia, UDD, Parokya and Abra on this line up!


 photo Heat Up D Jam_zps3vtokjll.jpg

Happening this July 22 @ Sucat Paranaque City!


 photo Clips_zpsocjgiajq.jpg

This batch of students will go to Mount Daraitan and Tinipak River! Learn from the best!

Wanna learn how to use that booty on the dance floor?

 photo Dance Hall Manila_zps6l6pacar.jpg

 photo Dance Hall Manila 2_zpseio9wrsa.jpg

Dancehall Manila is about to show you how. Back to Back, word to Drizzy!

Matira Matibay this August 14!

 photo Matira Matibay_zpsmwyjs5vr.jpg

Great line up here! Hosted by Double H!

Monday, July 18, 2016

STELLAR workshop by Lema Diaz

 photo Stellar_zpspchi6wqp.jpg

World class dancer has a workshop at the Pole Dolls studio!

Global Hoops x Tenement!

 photo GH - July 18_zpsypituenm.jpg

 photo GH 1_zpsesfjlcxl.jpg

 photo GH 2_zpszxxpnnz0.jpg

Get you tickets now at SM Tickets! Don't miss out! Meet and greet?

Raptag feat. Rai - Gasera (Official Music Video)

Dope stuff from RapTag, keep em coming!

Ankhten Brown x Jim P "Manila Heat"

 photo Manila Heat_zpscexth7gj.jpg

This my favorite jam from the entire thing! That 'Oh Yeah!' is brilliant!

Friday, July 15, 2016

XienHow - My Way (Official Music Video)

Team Done Son reppin on a track with the greats! Paris x A Plus x XP!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Team Philippines is now complete!!



August 20 at MOA Arena, hiphop and hoops come together for streetball!

Joss Stone x Quest "So Amazing" coming out soon!

 photo Joss Stone Quest_zpsvcbxsvyz.jpg

New music coming out soon! Its worth the wait!

FlipTop Mindanao presents Pakusganay 2

 photo Fliptop Davao_zpsmukkc9yt.jpg

 photo Fliptop Davao 1_zpsl7gjswss.jpg

All happening this weekend! Isabuhay Tournament resumes! Who you got?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Friendly Thursdays happening tonight!

 photo Friendly Thursdays_zps4mwl5xow.jpg

Protege and OWFuck in the line up!  Daaaaaym!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Thank you Tim Duncan!

 photo Duncan_zpsibd1mpft.jpg

The Big Fundamental finally retires, what a storied career! First class act all time!

Happy birthday gig to APLM!

 photo APLM Birthday_zps2mxo2mst.jpg

Happy birthday to Mia, keep releasing those rap material! Thanks for everything!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Raff E - MaKeso

 photo Raff E_zpsxywaogpy.jpg

This shit made it to my playlist. Good shit. #BaryoBerde - that XO line!

Kat Padlan x JedLi of PF - Where Do We Go

 photo Where Do You Go_zpsxxmk5dle.jpg

Mixed and mastered by Yung Bawal. Awesome track! Hope you're doing well Jed!

AMP x Rjay Ty - Keep Elevating

 photo Gilas Pilipinas_zps2n5sso8g.jpg

Mood music, Philippines vs New Zealand tonight at 9pm! Goodluck guys!

Dance Workshop in Rizal

 photo Dance Workshop_zps077iqabi.jpg

Register now!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

ZJAY - MASMA Ft. Just Hush, Kial & Toney Chrome

 photo Zjay Masma_zpsrf7ctl5o.jpg

Produced by Dope Flip Beats, download the song at Amplify.PH