Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chu listening to lately?

Turbulence Oct 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm in search for the dopest Filipina EMCEE around -- come and holla, +639277184833; only one requirement though, she gotta be based in Manila. PEACE! Get at me, chance of a lifetime. Stay grounded people. Things are about to fly. "Three Kings" ready to go, just waiting on one more decision, meeting; "Thinking Man's Hiphop" mastering stages featuring the single "Ms. Musicka" by Killahstormz; AMP's "Gold Bars" is in its last few weeks of recording; "Silverbacks" is steadily being born out of infancy, first few tracks by DON G, Killahstormz and Aero now in place. More updates soon.

WE make YOU adjust your pivot!

When is it going to be out in the market? G.R.A.E. and Legendary? All we know is we got to keep on flippin the pages, thats how stories are told anyways. We are a movement, we aren't just a label, we figure things out along the way and adjust our pivot as we go through the jungle. Thank you for your patience, we will be good finishers. We still need your prayers. To The Billboard.


Kanye West - HEARTLESS preview

New Kanye CD "808's and Heartbreaks" OUT Nov 18