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BEYOND Beyond: Entry 1 6 "MANDIRIGMA"

Saw this posted on Same Teams blog man. I remember doing this track with A.N.E. back in the day, classic B-ROC beat if you ask me. I really had a hard time putting together the drums for this track with all the rolls. This tracks is very special to me as it took my grind to Solar Sports, props to the Expansion Team for grinding it out! A lot of songs about Pacquiao now, pushing artists to make they versions, but to me, this marriage of words and beats was perfect for the adrenaline of catching the fight! And yo, I got an archive of songs I've done and its bananas. I'll be sharing more to you guys one day at a time. Abangan, shoutouts to Pong! Beyond, beyond ninjas!


NOTE: A.N.E. first ever track out nationwide was a track in P-Noise Compilation with Uela of Chillitees and James of Maddpoets. I just might put that track up soon. Hehehe. Also, TEAM PACQUIAO Documentary on GMA7, used Sinag's GIGIBAIN for their theme music. And lastly, PACQUIAO in 7 rounds. PEACE!

TO THE BILLBOARD NEWS: DITO SA BAY (Pinoys Finest Mixtape Vol.2)

Mike Swift - Magiingay

Ball up ninjas! The hardest working man in Filipino hiphop strikes again with his new opus Pinoys Finest Mixtape Vol. 2: Dito Sa Bay. Songs chronicled during his stay in San Francisco before coming home to Manila. Here's the album cover, it should be release two weeks from now but you know how we To The Billboard heads roll, SOULFIESTA got first dibbs on the cover. Also, Konektado DVD 2nd Issue about to drop as well. It's in its finishing stages. What what?! Hiphop lumalalakas sa loob at labas! Watch Mike Sweezy bridge The Bay and Pinas all in one CD. Aiyo check out the Barrio Ala Eh track with Gdub, its crazy! Produced by DJ Stash Money! This CD is brought to you by To The Billboard/Pinoys Finest and Tuesday Troop! You'll hear more of him at SoulsonicTV for some YouTube special.

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MUSIC IS LIFE: Kwizyne (Kenya/Phil/HK/Singapore)


Kwizyne - Stoic Boy

Kenya born, globetrotting emcee Kwizyne comes through with stellar performances around Singapore. Proudly so, he rocked the stage in time for me to see. Some people are just blessed with vocab like him, same night I met him was the same night he released his mixtape. The mixtape contains gems unheard of this side of Asia. Read through as the Original Roc Boy ng Pinas interviews the Stoic Boy, Kwizyne about the new Yeezy's, Singapore Hiphop, Preemo and more.

Aiyo man, been a minute, Pinas wants to know more about you. Lets start of by asking, why name yourself Kwizyne?

It started when I was looking for a word which you see or hear often enough so people will remember you somehow when they hear that word associated with your name. You'll often hear the word ├žuisine in a multi-cultural country like Singapore during mealtime outside in coffeeshops or hawker stalls. You'll see the stalls' names like Indian cuisine, Muslim cuisine or Chinese cuisine and etc. Thats when I embraced 'Kwizyne' like a limited edition Nike kicks one pair only worldwide which fortunately is your size! It’s my quip of describing culinary art of preparing food for thought.

So, if your music was a dish, what dish would it be?

I would say Lumpia. Lumpia are either served fresh or fried and may look the same outside, yet inside its always different. It could contain pork and vegetables. If its for the Muslims, the ingredients would be Halal. If its for the Hindus, the ingredient won't have any beef included. So it’s practically for everyone depending on how its prepared. I would say my music would seem the same 'outside' to the mainstream audience with nothing but just rhymes and hiphop beats but if people check out the content of the lyrics, the 'ingredients', they would realize that its actually something they could relate to. My music changes its flavour according to the consumers but never its style of how it is prepared.

How is the Singapore hiphop scene? Tell us more about your involvement in the Singapore music scene?

The people here are getting more receptive to the genre. The hiphop scene here in Singapore is still small, young but it’s growing. Almost everyone in the scene knows each other coz of its size. I’ve seen small beef here causing more damages to a career than it should have. Be surprised to see how one dude's loyal supporters defect from one side to the latter. Your attitude off stage tends to be more important than your attitude on stage. Its hard enough to get slots for hiphop shows here. You mess with the wrong person whose affiliations stretch all the way to a few prolific organizers, you pretty much screwed up one of your biggest opportunity to blow up.

As for my involvement in the scene, other than doing my own songs I also emcee for a few clubs occasionally and a couple of events, rarely hiphop. Other than that, I’m working with a few rappers to get their material out. We all came from rock bottom.

What instance in your life/ or moment made you want to do music? Whats was your driving force then, and what makes you do music now?

To be real, I never thought of being an artiste. In fact, I only noticed rap when Will Smith released that Men In Black single. As a kid, I always wanted to become a professional basketball player until I gave that dream up. Big regret, a year later, my brother and I were messing around freestyle rhyming in the public train. I was really intrigued about the rhyme schemes and how such a lame line may sound funny just coz it rhymes! From then on, at 15 years-old I scribbled my own hits while studying rap albums from classics to commercial success. Its amazing how much you can say and be detailed about it in a rap song. Back then I was driven to rap as a replacement for my love for basketball and vowing to never give up the mic like I did with spalding. Now, I easily get fired up when at least one unbiased listener sincerely tells me how this particular song of mine inspired him/her or is the perfect soundtrack for his/her current mood/struggles/situation.

Given your Filipino roots, who amongst the current artists would you want to work with?

Being a foreigner most of my life, it was hard for me to catch the buzz going on in the pinoy rap scene. I do try to keep up and im glad I discovered Soulfiesta which made it alot easier for me to learn more about the pinoy rap music. Nonetheless, I'd be more than willing and honoured to work with any pinoy artistes. Most of the time, each artiste you work with helps you discover a different side of you. Seeing it in another perspective, collaborations can help you leave your comfort zone and experiment new styles to compliment each other on the same track.

If you were to teach Filipinos about the Singapore hiphop scene, what 5 songs from SG artists will you use to let us know whats poppin over there?

I'd be bias to name them 5 songs. To save your trouble and to be fair, just check out the music player in

Kwizyne - 90's vs. 80's

Whats the story behind your song 90's VS. 80's?

90's vs 80's reflects how interracial relationships is being challenged not just because of race but also religious differences. Very common in Singapore. This song tells of a story about a foreigner dating a chinese girl whose parents opposed the relationship because the man is not chinese and is a christian (secretly the girl is as well). Unlike their daugther the parents still live in the love rules of the 80's where they are more traditional and conservative.

I read in your blog that someone from SG's hiphop scene had advised you to not write about politicks in your songs and yet you did, why is this?

I was advised then that if Im putting music out on radio in SG, don't mention about your views on politics unless its something positive. The government here is really strict and any hint of rebellion can put you under the microscope. They might even skip the microscope and send you 'somewhere' straight without any trial. Then again, the government here is treating the country and its people well though so its pretty ridiculous to beef with them. That Conspiracy Theory song I recorded is more topical on how a system could work behind the curtains in hard times just to get things back normal again. None dissing the authorities at all.

Whats in store for you this 2009? Anything people back home should look out for?

This year, I'll be working on my next mixtape "El K Why". My current compilation ACQUIRED TASTE MIXTAPE is just a prototype to test the water. I aim this year with D-fault, a Sri Lankan musician to establish a new music group, BLIND4LD. I'll also be working with Enero, D-Fault, Rapscallion and Konfuseus to release a group mixtape hopefully to release this year. I'll be glad to have the support of people back home on my upcoming music video showing late 2009. Look out for that.

I heard you had a knee surgery cause of playing basketball, who is your favorite basketball player and which NBA team are you rooting to win the title this year?

I got reasons why its Kobe Bryant. Other than racking up 30 plus points, smooth j's, rim rattling dunks, hangtime, and anklebreaking cross-overs, you gotta admire his relentless focus. This dude still brings his A-game despite obstacles faced off the court in the past. Not easy doing that. 81 points to the haters? Although, I'm rooting for Boston Celtics to defend their title this year. Its gratifying to see a team finally making it after decades without a championship ring.

Well the Celtics are having a hard time man, hehehe. What do you think MCS should invest on? Why?

Personally, I think MCs should invest on Public Relations to expand their social network. I have seen emcees with the dopest equipments and the illest skills around the neighbourhood but his product didn't have the platform to showcase 'em or Event managers and organisers have never heard of you. There could be instances where you'd be chilling at a gig and tugging your hair out wondering why on earth is a wack emcee you could murder with just 2 bars is performing and you're not. Good PR takes you a step above the rest. I've seen emcees who didn't have skills but get gigs very often just doing small favours for the organisers. I've seen emcees who did not even have a condenser mic and producer software yet has a couple of hits and features under their belt. And a few of them achieved most of it without paying a single cent.

Do you think the Air Yeezy's are dope kicks?

To be honest I was bugged out at first, it looks like a silhouette of Air Jordan 5s strapped like Ato Cow Hide Boots. It was not until I saw the new colourways I began to loosen up and feel its dopeness.

If you were to ask who to executive produce your next album, who would you pick DJ Premier or 9th Wonder?

If I were to choose only one between the two geniuses to be an EXECUTIVE producer I would have to say Preem. I have heard him save songs from becoming a disaster when rappers couldn't spit the right bars like Curtis and Joey Crack. His influence as an executive producer on Gang Starr albums has helped earn accolades from critics. How bout Jeru's? Its like everything he touches turns gold. Not forgetting how many classic albums he was featured on from Illmatic to Return Of the Boom Bap.

If you made a music video for 90's VS. 80's and you had to choose a Filipina to act the lead, who would you pick?

Since the song's leading characters are the foreigner and the chinese girl, I would need a filipina who looks chinese. The first girl that came to my mind was Kim Chiu. With her chinese roots, she's perfect for the role. Well, her acting experience is a plus point for the video and so is her popularity with the filipino audiences.

Thank you very much for indulging me with this interview man. Anything else you want to promote?

Shout out to all and I mean ALL pinoy rappers! I'm inspired seeing you guys joining together from different countries for the love of hiphop representing filipino pride. I never thought of that ever since I migrated overseas. So big big thank you for the inspiration and reminding me of my roots. That I should never forget where I came from. Thank you also for making the freshest and illest songs! Its a good way for me to brush up on my tagalog vocabulary as well hahaha!

Shout out to Enero, D-fault, Rapscallion, Konfuseus and Noodlez!

check out for updates

Last but not least, download my ACQUIRED TASTE MIXTAPE [PROTOTYPE] still available online and discover a side of Singapore in a pinoy's perspective.

I've been away too long..

LAX 2008, just touched down (picture taken by Ryan Andres)

Temptations - Memories

My brown Air Force 1's are faded, my closet looks back at me cheering me on day after day. My shirts from my trips, the hotels, the lobbies, the late nights, the clubs, the vacations, the on site jobs -- stare at me, they know I've dressed down for the most part these past 4 months. They know we've been away from home. I've worked, and I am working hard -- I miss my family. I've been away a little too long they say, I say "don't count the days, find the stellar memories". I just put into place today, the only reason I see fit into me coming home, the rest is up to prayers. God willing, In'shala -- Beyond, beyond; To The billboard.

"wish I could catch, a night train to the past" - Temptations "Memories"

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 15 "Reflection Eternal - Back Again"

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"NURSING DREAMS or nursing dreams"

I turned to my shoutbox this morning and got a message from a fellow mc of mine regarding this article published in The Inquirer. The article, written by Ralph De la Fuente, is a matter I've faced 5 years ago when I graduated college. The article revolves in finishing school and not wanting to pursue a career just yet. Also, Ralph mentions his mistress is music, which haunts all of us at one point or the other. Is graduating really the end of our ambition? Do we really gain direction out of graduating from college? Or do we free ourselves momentarily of our parents own dreams for us?

Ralph wrote that he decided not to pursue his nursing career, in return focus on other things the world has to offer to nurture his dreams. I say, do it. I graduated on time, a flat 20 year old -- to get my mom off my back. No more nagging about school, no more deadlines, no more waking up early. But mind you, I knew I was going to do this 2 years before I even graduated. I had delved into making music, being around in the scene and assess whether, if time willing -- will I make the impact that I want. I told myself yes, so I got rid of the most time consuming activity I had -- school. Once I graduated, no one could stop me from grinding it out and meeting people to further advance my ambition.

Being an advocate of dreams and music doesn't stop your parents from looking down on you. Let them know, they have given you the most important thing with your education; which is the option to have an option. In this day and age, options are leverages to either do or not to. Options keep your passion afloat. Which also means, be responsible -- you are also a brother, a sister, a daughter or a son and a pillar in your family. This is the only way you can save face in front of your folks while pursuing a dream. TAKE PART ON FAMILY. Family is not entirely based on giving money to help the expenses at home. Your folks have already done it by themselves for 20 something years, they don't really need for you to go and do that for them. Ralph's article is very touching to me -- and I would say do as he does. Map out your current state and ask yourself where you are; as opposed to where you want to be. Everything falls into place when you give it enough space to breathe.

There is money in dreams. "There's money in garbage, what more in music" --- know your limits, and if you have a business you want to pursue, start learning about it, all the time is yours. And when you go this road of dreams, leave no stone unturned. Exhaust your resources and showcase brilliance. School ends but learning doesn't -- also know, this problem has existed years before you. There is somewhat a blueprint to what you want to do, find these people -- and flex those muscles.

I could list down all my achievements to show you what to do, but you know what -- know your limits. I told myself I'm giving music 5 years before I make a significant move, here I am in Singapore 5 years after I graduated, made a name for myself and my team around the world no matter how small it is, helped alot of people and still make time to pursue a career 5 years after (well I just got fired too, tough luck).

and oh yeah, this also really helps "don't get nobody pregnant"


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Nimbusnine and God's Will on a track, everytime I see them do a track its always something crazy. We did this song SEMENTO AT BUHANGIN around May of 2006, in the midst of The Community's first year. The theme of The Community was WE BUILDING. That statement, 'til this very day carries on so much for the pioneering participants of that show. I remember, I had Nimbus and GDub in the studio and we were finishing up Philippine Phenom. We decided to do a track with them together, this sample is from an old FPJ film -- can't tell which. I laced the beat in ten minutes and they just went crazy on they verses.

After lacing down the verses, we were thinking of the hook. The idea was sand castles, and how kingdoms start really from another kingdom ruined. This was really just bridging the old with new. Me and Nimbus penned the hook, I always was inspired by Pamilia Dimagiba's classic "Pira-Piraso" -- I loved the hook they made so much, that it was my inspiration for this song. I wanted the hook to be confusing as hell, but made enough point to throw you off your seat. This song is a classic for me, moved alot of people -- I would always get complimented on how this song builds inspiration in them; even from non hiphop listeners. The time we were doing the song, we were so into Gawad Kalinga, and what better way to display community building than to invoke the ideals of "Semento at Buhangin"; literally and figuratively. Here's the hook and the song, hope you like it.

"Semento at buhangin, buhangin at semento
and pangarap mong buhangin bubuhayin ng konkreto;
ang semento ay buhangin, ang buhangin ay semento
ang pangarap mong konkreto ay buhangin na palasyo."

NOTE: This track appears on Nimbusnine's Philippine Phenom, still available at Our Fathers Coffee at Robinsons Galleria or you can order at out Turbulence Hotline +639273448717. Picture was taken by Sarah Gonzales.


Ron Thugalog continues to hit you with songs this month, straight from his Mertus rendition of Oras, we give you Shout Out -- peep the track as this kid from Pasay City throws down yet again. Ron's music will be featured in our Silverbacks series; he's doing work with Champ for a yet to be titled mixtape. Ron is instrumental in bringing together Thinking Man's Hiphop as well, he done seen how we the label worked and also directed and edited B-Roc's Booked Me A Flight video. Don't sleep, TIPAR 2 should be around the corner, when he picks up his slack. Tell your mom, I miss her cupcakes! Hehehe. Shout outs to Pasay City, stand up!

OPM Hiphop turns the heat up this summer!

World class acts ready to take over. Take in the brilliance of NEW OPM (New Original Pilipino Movement). QYORK and All Stars are releasing their new video "MAINIT" this sunday ASAP. Also, Sinag's music will be heard on GMA 7's documentary of Team Pacquiao to be aired this sunday; LDP's Simpe is now under MAXFM's playlist and more! Cheer up, The Community spirit is alive; AMP gives you a one of a kind launch tomorrow in Bacolod as well! Loyalty feeds the movement; everybody hang in there! To The Billboard!

Same Team - You Know My Steez


Mertus feat. Ron Thug - Oras (Southbound Remix)
Makatono & Kulapo - Ako Ay Hiphop
Clipse feat. Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal
Novel - Song Cry
Musiq Soulchild feat. Mary J. Blige - If U Leave

NOTE: My deepest condolences to Don G and all he's going through. PEACE, LOVE, RESPECT. God has a funny way of testing ur mantle. You have already gone through the worst. Love the pain, its a place you will nurture new love. "without wheels I'm driven and without pain it's fiction".

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Went to a business meeting this afternoon, not knowing it was going to be with Cleopatra Wong! If you don't know, do your research! Hehehe. Beyond, Beyond niggy!!

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!! MORE AMP NEWS!!!


AMP BLVD/Aquariuss CD launch this April 25 @ Autowash

AMP BLVD/Aqariuss CD LAUNCH all systems go. Just spoke with the guys last night and everything seems to be on point! We're just waiting for the shirts to be printed out this week. The guys will be in Bacolod a day before the event to do some radio promos. Keep em coming brothers! Shoutouts to Third World, 6000 Goonz and all the hiphop heads in Bacolod! Check this little write up with the boys as they get ready to bring ruckus to The City of Smiles; all my ladies in Bacolod, beware!

In the midst of standout emcees coming together to form a super group in the states, such as Slaughter House, Diamond District -- AMP has actually been a work in progress for some 2 years now, who came up with this idea?

Aero: First, I met PhD through MySpace and I told him I was going to make it in time for The 2nd Community (The Basement). When I got to Manilla he called me up through landline and talked about performing and recording and we soon set up to meet at BF Homes the night after. I met him and Traumatik who then brought me directly to Black's studio. There we kicked a couple of lines for the first time and we even got that session on IndiePlug. Hahaha...what up Hitmann and Gani! I met Marquiss through PhD at Our Father's Coffee a few nights before I was heading back to Bacolod City. I told the both of them that I was just going to get a few things and come back to grind in Manilla. To cut it short, when I returned, PhD, Marquiss and I booked some studio time in CHRiZO's studio and we recorded Moonlightin' which I still feel is a hot track. After that, PhD pitched the idea of recording a mixtape together which then upgraded into an album and that was the birth of AMP.

Marquiss: The name AMP actually from from Aero. He basically named the group. As far as the idea to come together s a group, it sorta just happened. We did a song called Moonlightin' and decided we wanted to record more tracks together as a legitimate group. Just for the record, AMP has been around since 2007. I jumped into recording Gold Barz As soon as Chrizo and I wrapped up GRAE

PHD: All three of us. I remember this was May 2007, before the last Community for that year, Aero and Marquiss were supposed to record a track at Chrizo's studio. I was at there that day just to chill. They invited me to record the track with them, then Aero ran out of Red Horse - so we had to walk 3 blocks to the nearest store. That's where we came up with the idea, while walking to the store in M. Rodriguez St. (as you may know, it's the street of Mario of 7SOW's crib). The track we recorded that night became A.M.P.'s first song - Moonlightin' produced by Chrizo.

Chrizo, you are coming from a very busy year to transitioning to your eventual classics this year such as Logic for Reason, G.R.A.E. and Gold Barz -- how was it working with AMP, and whats the concept behind Aquariuss?

Chrizo: Working with A.M.P kept me sharp in the lab. It was the first time for me to work within the dynamics of a group for an entire project. It's fun to pick their thoughts apart on each song. Plus they're 3 of the coolest cats just to hang out with. Aquariuss is really just how me and Marquiss wanted to express ourselves being Aquarians. On a larger scale, we are now dawning the Age of Aquarius and for that, please log on to google. Keywords: Age of a Aquarius. Honestly its too long to explain.

Again, we push the envelope by releasing this indie prequel to classics outside Manila! How does it feel to rock a regional stage? What motivates you guys to pursue this launch outside of Manila?

Chrizo: We've been releasing CDs around Manila for ages now. We really just don't want to keep repeating ourselves year after year. We had to make it different this time. Bacolod's been showing us a lot of support and it’s our duty to reciprocate by giving them priority during the release. I just welcome the growth of releasing something outside of our comfort zone.

Marquiss: The best thing about being an artist is travelling to a different place and meeting the people. And on some occasions the people in that area are familiar with your music. I'm excited; it's always fun to travel. Team GRAE invaded Cebu two years ago now, AMP is gonna rock the City of smiles!!!

PHD, how many Red Horse bottles does it take Aero to forget the night?

PHD: I don't actually get to count how many bottles it takes, coz I don't know how many he drinks at home before we even meet up. I always catch this dude in the nearest Sari-sari store or 711 buying 3 bottles of Red Horse. Of course, that ain't enough. You know Aero is fucked up when his speech is slurred, and he pisses just about anywhere. And to roughly estimate how many liters fucks him up - I would say 10-12 liters of the Horse. That's a conservative guess.

Aero: PhD, don't lie!


AMP - Moonlightin' (Produced by Chrizo)

After releasing this CD and Gold Barz -- what is PHD going to be doing next musically?

PHD: Honestly, I don't wanna do a solo joint yet. I want to oversee the Turbulence LP and the long awaited Hotnixx album. Of course I wanna help out Team G.R.A.E. too - I'll help them out with the planning, but basically the much anticipated album is already done. And to all the people out there - the Hotnixx album will be sick. You will still hear the old Hotnixx but you'll be surprised when he shows a different side of him.

Which song in the CD contains your favorite verse?

Aero: Check my verse on "Appreciate" It's real talk.

Marquiss: The mixtape is full of lyrical firepower so its hard to choose. But there's a song we did called "Rockstar" where Aero, PhD and I trade bars. One MC picks up where the other left off.

PHD: My favorite verse would have to be the one in "Remain Supreme". As always, it was written on the spot, I went 6-7 syllable rhyme scheme for the whole verse, and that ain't just end rhymes.

Chrizo: My favorite verse is Marquiss' 2nd verse off of the song "Aquarius". It was just so well written. I loved everybody's verse on our thank you song!

AMP - I Choose You (Produced by B-Roc)

What should your fans expect of the CD and the show?

Aero: Well, people who have been supporting me since day one like my family and friends know I hustle hard and work with the best. The AQUARIUSS/AMP BLVD CD is just going to be more evidence of that. I'm glad that I worked with the whole AMP team that helped piece this project together. As far as the show goes, it's going to be new to the Manila boys with it being in Bacolod City but we got enough hype to tear that bitch down! Our musick speaks for itself yo. I know we'll gain a few fans.

Marquiss: As far as the CD goes its sick. Don't take my word for it though go ahead and listen to it. I'll put my money where my mouth is at; if its not one of them most incredible local cd's of all time, I'll give you your money back. I'm not being cocky, my motto is that; if you burn your time in the studio -- don't ever downplay yourself. People are too modest nowadays. Treat it like its the Greatest Thing Ever. But at the end of the day, your music has to back up what you say.

PHD: The CD will be a gauge of how great G.R.A.E. and Gold Barz is will be. I believe this CD is a notch above, solid production wise and lyrically. The show - I don't even know what to expect. But to tell you, I haven't performed with the boys in a long time - I'll definitely bring a lot of energy on stage.

Will you guys do an official launch as well for your fans in Manila?

PHD: We will. But we'll do radio first.

Aero: I hope we do another launch in Manila. I miss that place already. It's been four months since I rocked a stage in the metro.

Chrizo, I heard from Aero -- Bacolod is where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, will you take some pics for my next SOULFIESTA feature?

Chrizo: For sure! I'll lace your blog up. Green grass and pretty girls it is!

Are you guys registered voters?

Aero: Even if I was registered, I still wouldn't vote!

Marquiss: Yep, I voted during the last elections. I choose the lesser evil when I cast my vote.

PHD: Nope. Whoever I vote, will still steal my precious tax money. That's the only thing immune to change.

Chrizo: No. Which means I don't have the right complain and I'm ok with that

NOTE: The guys recently recorded with Monique for a single worthy song. I still have to hear it, but from the enthusiasm I heard yesterday they almost wanted to include it in this offering, but yeah we'll have to wait for it. Did you know? Aero actually has a song entitled SOULFIESTA feat God's Will produced by me.


Aiyo, we celebrate 420 with my man Eclectic a.k.a. Elea a.k.a NothingElse. One of the macho emcees we love to hate! Hehehehe, here's an EP that should stimulate your brain. I've known Elea since 2004, when we started AMPON. I love the EP, and how it reminds me of Chyrho. Keep it coming bro! The summer is definitely starting to heat up! I'll leave you with words from this downloadable EP! What happened to Benny? (CB Automatics brother formed a group with Elea under AMPON called Dialect)

"The EP gate-crashes with the Caliph8 produced “Bulag, Pipi, at Bingi.” NothingElse bombards Filipino verses over a minimalist experimental beat that has a drum pattern unorthodox in Hip Hop standards. It is then followed by another Filipino track titled “Episode IV”. On this track, NothingElse collaborates with beatsmith Chec and lyricist extraordinaire Gabby (also known by many aliases such as Latchbox, Shroomy, and his most recent persona fishoutsidethebowl). “Kawawang Bata” wraps up the Filipino component of the EP. Not to be outshined by DJ Red-I’s beat and methodical turntablist technique, NothingElse weaves lines like “ang lahat ng ma-enkwentro’y nag-iiwan ng bakas, kahit kaila’y di mababaklas, kahit antayin pang matapos ang palatastas.” Then as an interlude between the Filipino and English division of the EP, Chec’s “Unitide” beat smoothly serves as transition. The English component then commences with “Count your Chips”, a collaboration with two self-exiled AMPON members—Bacolod-based emcee Six and Vancouver-based producer Flexx. “Microphone Mesh”, produced by Skarm, is where NothingElse brandishes an underground Hip Hop aesthetic form that only few Filipino emcees and rappers can equal. Then in “Reference Rap”, DJ Skid of the Hawaiian crew Audible Lab Rats creates an atmospheric beat which provides NothingElse a means to exhibit uncanny wordplay and a postmodern collage of various juxtaposed images.

And dear listener, I leave you with the same line written by Dr. Malcolm Long in his journal after his therapy sessions with Walter Joseph Kovacs:

“There is Nothing Else”

April 20, 1985


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BEYOND Beyond: Entry 13 "Andrew E is the ultimate rapper I know!"

I don't care about what y'all think, but to me, Andrew E is the ultimate pinoy rapper. Props to him, his virtues are out of this world man but he's a real person! I miss drinking at his place and just listening to what he has to say about things. The best thing about being around him is that he actually listens to what you say, and he digests it, he remembers them. I tell you, he does and he will remember it til the next time you see him. And yo, Andrew E humbles me several times, this video is another testament of how he rocks the world! DONGALO might be the most long lasting record label there is! Keep em coming!

NOTE: Andrew E. once told me "B-Roc, you intrigue me, the last time I saw a person like you, was me back in the day" -- this was an ultimate compliment, which I will expound on some other time.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


AMP BLVD/Aquariuss CD launch on April 25th, AUTOWASH, City of Smiles 2009!

Turbulence Productions finally releases AMP BLVD/Aquariuss this April 25. This venture is a prequel to both the G.R.A.E. (Greatest Rap Album Ever) CD by Marquiss and AMP's Gold Barz classic due later this year. This will be Turbulence's first release this year besides the digital release of The Community LIVE. Artists and businessmen should exhibit growth in each of their endeavours and if you've been in tune to us for the past several years you will know, that we are pushing the envelope once again. We are launching this CD in Bacolod. Outside of Manila, yes, we are going regional constantly trying to gain new listeners. The show will be at AUTOWASH, with performances by Aero, Marquiss, PHD, Gonz from Cebu, God's Will and will be hosted by Chrizo. In the spirit of The Community, we are reaching out and extending our hiphop. Also, we are celebrating Aero's 35th birthday!! Hardiharhar!

It is with great envy that I announce Gonz will be performing.
One of the Philippines best kept emcees. No doubt. Also if time permits, our first batch of the new Loyalty Feeds The Movement (Beyond, Beyond) shirts will be a red shirt with black print -- in celebration of Micheal Jordan being inducted to the Hall of Fame -- will be released to Bacolod first. AMP will be on 4 radio stations to promote the event, call in and interact with the guys, maybe we can get 2 of your friends to come in for free

Lastly, to the team, I know its been a struggle to have me in Singapore but y'all are doing a great job. Thank you for pushing harder than usual just to keep the label moving. I applaud each and everyone of you

NOTE: Did you know, PHD was the ones to anchor our work with Aero from Bacolod City? Before AMP materialized, PHD brought Aero to do some work in Black's studio; then on the same day to Soulfiesta. Aero impressed the shit out of Black, Chrizo and me. Aero is also one of the pillars of The Community. Having successfully bring out The Community staple artists such as DCOY, N9, Gdub, Artstrong, NathanJ to Bacolod for Masskara in 2007. Aero's work ethic continue to rise as he gets recognition worldwide through his emceeing. PHD is slated to drop his classic solo album Destined for Greatness soon.

AMP BLVD/AQUARIUSS cover by Camille Regala

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Back in June of 2007, I took a trip to Japan. Saw Tokyo, bought me some Transformer collectible, went to SWAGGER'S store launch and more importantly went to dig some samples. Will post pics from that trip on a much later time. Before I left, I was really buggin out on whether to buy The Black Album (Acapella) disc or not, I ended up buying it. Chrizo, Traumatik, Black, League of Paul and me were in the midst of working on possibly a remix album of this Sean Carter classic. Much of it has yet to be done. The idea was to pair up Jay-z with a local act and give the songs a different appeal. Here's my version of Jay-z's MY FIRST -- hope you guys like it! I'm also slated to do the 99 Problems track which will feature God's Sweezy and that kid CJ Cruz!

Monday, April 13, 2009



Its been a minute since my last online interview, but don't worry, I always pick up my slack. Alot has been happening on the otherside of things. We are finishing up on the AMP/Aquariuss launch which will be in Bacolod. Again, a first from any hiphop act in the Philippines. We are still doing our Beyond, Beyond campaign so watch out for that. And on top of that we are about to launch Hotnixx's video and a new Loyalty Feeds The Movement shirt! Now back to the matter at hand, I met Pong Posadas and MHC a couple of gigs before The Community show in 2006. These were cats who are often overlooked. Some people would dismiss them early cause of how raw they sounded back in the day. I would always observe how they'd take this, and to my surprise Pong stands out as the leader where this team gets they're confidence from. Pong reminds me of me in more ways that one, and one thing we both understand is the value of not giving up. The field will level itself and soon MHC will rise to challenges. And they have, we're taking this time to know more about Pong, MHC, Funkworx Pilipinas, they're new single with Jay Flava and his views on different things. This SOULFIESTA Exclusive is brought to you SPECKS and To The Billboard!

MHC - Hey Now (Produced by Pong for Funkworx Pilipinas)

SOULFIESTA: Aiyo Pong, been a minute man, musta? Whats MHC been up to since The New Movement mixtape?

What it do? The mixtape was last 2007, after the mixtape we were busting our asses working on our debut album, getting the logistics right, recording tracks, making mad music. Also in 2008’s Community show, we released the FunkWorx Pilipinas 2008 primer where we gave it away or free during our performance, that was early 2008. But during mid 2008 to 2009 we all got sidetracked by personal priorities so we went under hiatus for almost a 8 months. Recently we all came together again to record new tracks and are now trying to wrap up the tracks for our album. We’re back kids! Haha!

Thats good to hear man! Been waiting for that for awhile now man! Tell me, whats the hardest thing to deal with as a hiphop artist in the Philippines?

There are quite a few if you ask me, let me break it down. First is the lack of support from the Music industry, they don't see Hiphop as a big market. You gotta be “bakya”, you gotta make stupid songs to be heard or get signed to a major label. Secondly the stereotype, that we’re all gangstas, bad-asses or whatever. Filipinos judge books by their cover and the stereotype is killin us, real talk. And lastly all those egos you have to put up with, the fake swaggers, the “superstar” habits, it’s a bit taxing on a brother sometimes. It's not conducive artistically.

Francis M just passed away, where do you think this leaves hiphop artists?

The King left us an indelible mark, he gave us the fire to keep the hiphop flag up and never let it go down. Actually, it was one of the things that made the community come together. Everybody in the scene should take something that they learned from the King and try to use it to improve their music or whatever they’re doing.

If you were to educate FIL AMs of home grown music, what 5 songs will you use to enlighten them?

Francis M – 3 Stars and A Sun
Nimbus Nine – Manila Boys
Oblaxz – Ang Gusto Ko
MastaPlann – Fix Da World Up
God’s Will feat. Lowdown, Likwid and Nyko Maca – Bagong Yugto

What made you want to do hiphop music?

I was really into poetry and music at a young age, started writing poems at around 11years old. Also, I was playing the piano since I was a kid, so it was an easy transition into writing raps and making music. Everything started when a friend’s brother lent me a copy of 2pac’s “All Eyez On Me” album. From then on, I was sucked into Hiphop because of the realness of the music, the exposition of reality with the power of words and head-bobbing beats. Then a homeboy of mine, Gauch, introduced me to local hiphop music. From then on, I delved into the local hiphop scene by buying my first ever local hiphop album which was Ghetto Doggs “Born To Kill The Devil”, I collected albums from way back, from BB Clan, Legit Misfits, SVC, IPK, Oblaxz etc. And after a while, I realized that I can do what the people I’m listening to was doing, so I started writing raps, performing it to my friends and then we’d record it over old tapes on an old school radio, we’d freestyle on our tambayan in school, we’d perform on school events doing hiphop. I think that we were the first ones to ever perform as a hiphop group in Lourdes School of Mandaluyong, which was then a rock dominated school music scene. Then after a while, me and my homeboys decided that we should formalize what we do by forming a group ourselves, that was the time me and my homeboys Gauch and Miko G formed MHC then after a while, our homeboy Krayzie-V jumped in, the rest is history.

I started out as a hardcore fan. You can say that I am a student of the game.

MHC feat. Jay Flava - Questions (Produced by Krayzie-V & Pong for Funkworx Pilipinas)

You were part of the pioneering batch of The Community performers, could you share your experience of the first ever Community event? What makes it so special to you?

Man that was a rush! Haha! We were young as hell back in those days. That was the time when we were starting to break into the scene. I remembered bugging Bong to put us up on the performer’s list, coz that time we were so hungry like caged animals! Haha. On a serious note, it was a privilege for us that we were part of the pioneering performers of the community. It gave us a venue to present what we have and it also affirmed the fact we are now part of the local hiphop scene. MHC was born in 1999 when we were still high school kids, performing on small events and clubs, then having performed in the community in 2006 was like a baptism or an affirmation that we are indeed part of the scene after so many years of being underground. It opened our eyes a lot and gave us the hunger to do what we have to do as musicians.

Francis M told me "Radio is killing OPM", whats your take on it?

This one’s pretty true. Radio is feeding the masses with songs that are not thought-provoking. I’m not against the Lito Camo’s or whoever/whatever makes those kinds of music, that’s how they feed their families, can’t knock their hustle, but the music that their playing doesn’t give people chances to think or to question things around them. It lacks imagination and creativity. It’s just sad that the rule to get local airplay is “The dumber, the better.”

What about electronica music attracts you to it?

The freedom, electronica g ives you the opportunity to experiment on the arrangements, instrumentations etc. It’s a musicians dream to have all those freedom. Coz in making beats for hiphop you're a bit bounded with regards to the arrangements and beats. As a producer you still have to think about the MC, if he can spit on your instrumentals. You don't wanna overpower or suddenly turn shit up on an instrumental that would fuck up the vocal performance. In electronica, the Producer is the main man. You get to do what you want whenever you want.

If you were to be granted one wish to work with any artist in the world, who would it be? Why?

Of course The King himself Mr. Francis Magalona. I really admire his ideas and views regarding music. How he diversifies by fusing different genres. HE IS A GENIUS.

For you Pong, whats the difference between and MC and a rapper?

This one's a bit subjective, but I guess for me an MC speaks the truth, and gracefully lays it on a well thought out rhyme scheme, while a rapper just spits and is not mindful of the art and science behind what he does.

Do you think hiphop in the Philippines really need the UNITY we all promote or is it time for us to be competitive?

Of course unity is evidently what we need in our scene. But eventually it’ll all boil down to what you can offer to the scene. Yes we need unity, let unity be the fire that will feed everyone to have a healthy competition; like brothers competing for something. Unity and competitiveness should come hand in hand. We all start out united, then we have a healthy competition.

After all these years, why hasn't MHC made a video yet?

Actually there were plans last 2008, we were preparing for our debut album and the video was one of the things that was lined up for the single of the album. But then you know what independent artists experience, lack of funds, resources, lack of time, that’s why it didn’t materialize. But hopefully soon as we wrap up tracks for our album, we’ll definitely be coming out with one.

Why is it important for you to make music and rock a stage?

It is important coz it is my life. Music made me who I am today. Music and performing taught me to grow balls to face whatever it is I'm dealing with in my life. Also the one thing that is very important is that you can affect a whole lot people with your music. Reaching out to people you don’t know and getting something stuck in their head is the essence of being a performer and a musician.

This has been an ongoing topic on my blog man, what should MCS invest on?

Knowledge. Read, read read. It makes you think. Materially, invest on a computer, a sound card and a good mic. It’ll allow you to record your ideas on the fly and when you get the beats, you can lay it down with what you have. And since if you’re a hiphop MC in the Philippines, most probably you’re not signed to a major label, so this means GO INDIE! Haha!

Thank you for your time Pong, more music to come please, anything else you want our readers to know and look out for?

Yess.. Mellifluous Hiphop Crew is back from the grave! Please do watch out for Funkworx Pilipinas’ releases this 2009, one of them will be our debut album, also we’re in the process of putting out the second installment of “The New Movement MIXTAPE”. We’ll keep you all posted. Oh and please check out my summer track “Summer Lovin”! Maraming salamat.



Sunday, April 12, 2009


Method & Redman - Mrs. International

Friday, April 10, 2009


Rest In Peace BIG L

I had opened this topic a couple of dates back and we've been gettin' mixed responses. I had asked what tangible thing emcees should invest on, some actually gave good comments. Some tangible, some intangible -- emcees have they're different pet peeves when it comes to their craft. Here's a recap of what we have so far.

1. Wack emcees should invest on a 9 to 5 -- from Aero with a dizzle. Hehehe, very true and very old fashioned emcee bragadicio line from one of the best! But yo on the real, every emcee should invest on a 9 to 5.

2. Emcees should invest on tools of learning -- reading and writing from APOC and AXL Prose. Both tangible and intangible, these are obvious investments. Here's my take..

3. Invest in a producer. Literally, know how to build a relationship with a producer. Know how to get your own sound. And you will only do this if you develop a producer as well. Some cats are on some yeah whatever beat I'll rock it type of shit. Thats cool, but when you've manage to put your career where you need to come up with a well thought of classic, you need another genius in the studio besides yourself. I'm saying be part of the producers growth as well. Invest time, money, and patience in your producers because thats the only time you will reach satisfaction for a classic.

4. Try learning the ropes of interconnected industries. Music will always be connected with fashion, kicks, show business, car shows, basketball and the likes. Learn how to gain that industry leverage so that your angle isn't only the music industry. How about pay to go a business seminar on music?

5. And lastly, invest on conversations. Some emcess think rocking the stage is all there is. When you come down that same stage that gave you that energy of fame, try to converse with other people. Be three dimensional, even if people know you for your lyrical shit, you're human at the end of the day and its important for people to know that you have a personality. Be accessible. Don't fucking spend the entire time in the VIP section man. Know how to celebrate with your listeners. Some emcees are characters, but some emcees are personalities.

Thursday, April 9, 2009



Event poster

Team Nimbus Taiwan

Nimbus interviews Royal for The Community DVD

Gino, Ryan Andres & Kaya

Gino & Loon during soundcheck

Bad Boy/Manila Boy/Original Roc Boy ng Pinas

Loon for The Community TV

Jin makes them learn Chinese, uhmm wait -- they are

Liquid Lifestyle!

After this, Ryan got interviewed for some TV show in Taiwan.

Nimbusnine & Davey

The Ambassadors

DJ Marvelous, Psylent & Loon

First and foremost, shoutouts to Liquid Lifestyle! Who made all this possible. April 8 was the event but we flew in a day before. We were rockstars for a minute there, had a shuttle pick us up from the airport. The shuttle still had DJ Tiesto's sticker on it so people thought Tiesto was in it, hehehe. First day, we walked the streets and saw the festivities and even got to interview a Filipina DJ lounging in the beachside.

That night, we met up with Loon in his hotel room, and smoked up some blueberries via the hospitality of Taiwan's own Davey! Davey teaches some cats about hiphop and his pupils actually call him Sifu which is Chinese for teacher. The blueberries were bomb diggity, but even better, we interviewed Loon and actually got him to drink Red Horse. We went to eat out, then when we came back I fucking slept like a log! Mad high from the herb. Hehehe, Nimbus got to freestyle with Loon and Loon was very engaging to all our conversations, telling stories on why he joined Bad Boy in the first place and that he has a son thats half Filipina. Loon could smoke man and his freestyles are crazy! Hehehe. Loon also rolled with some cats, DJ Marvelous and Thomas -- who interviewed me for his documentary on Big L. I don't know how Loon does it, he would smoke and drink the fuck out and still remember all his lyrics!

The following day, we met Jin, did soundcheck with him and yo, I have 2 hours worth of footage from this trip! Watching Jin do his soundcheck was awesome, it made me realize the value of soundcheck and how you should always treat them seriously. After the show itself, we even have Jin and Loon singing "Let's Get It Started" in the bus ride back to the hotel. We gave them copies of B-Sides, and we spent that morning pestering the hotel, tried to sneak in a couple of after party spots and run to Ciara's hotel room as well! Loon actually was urging us to do a track with them unfortunately we had to catch our flight back. Good times! After this trip, Jin actually came out with the song "The Ambassador" and gave Manila, Philippines a shoutout!

On the trip home, me, my brother and Gino would just look at each other in disbelief of this trip and how fun it was. We were so much in a high that it carried over to our next undertaking, April 19 -- the first day of The Community.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 11 "CHAMPIONS"

Nimbusnine feat. B-Roc - Champions
Written by G. Feraren & R. Andres Jr.
Produced by B-Roc for Turbulence Productions
Recorded at Soulfiesta Studios

Aiyo we came, we saw, we conquered
From every little sale we made in concerts
every hater went became a convert
lets converse, hiphop then became a monster

a young'n in the game I had to learn the ropes quick
I thought I knew it all, but through it all, I didn't know shit
no this is not impossible, aiyo this just got unstoppable
a part of me knew that every individual that walks,
would walk with a swagger, talk like how they wanted to talk
and get paid, if they wanted to get laid, then they would
get out of the way, we taking the game to the hood
I mean the 3rd world slums, lets give to the needy
don't act silly, whats with all the need to be greedy
I mean really, fuck beef, lets all just sing
every soldier out here is born a king


Put your fist up if you're a champion
and you succeed in doing things that can't be done
Three stars and a sun, we were meant to be kings
with less we make more, cause we sleep with big dreams

Ring the bell kid, I put the game in submission
I've been letting my roots grow from the land that I live in
and the plans that I'm breeding, got everybody believing
all contenders are missing, got every camp on a mission
like a dog on a leash, I'm every muscle wants freedom
from leasing a building to owning half of this kingdom
through rapping and wisdom, from the streets you can see him
passing cds, politicking with the prize in his vision
and there's no inhibition, we brag on every occassion
and savor, the moment we recieve a standing ovation
understand the sensation with the success that I'm facing
without wheels I'm driven, and without pain its fiction
see my eyes never twitching, shake my hands with conviction
3rd world living conditions, got me breeding solutions
and I'm one in a million, so once that I leave em
see a whole nation quit bullshitting like Scottie Pippen


My words, my gloves, my brain, my hands
my flow, my robe, my sway, my stance
my rhthym, my dance, my voice, my sound
my toilet, my throne, my cap, my crown
I love music, so if you pay attention to these bars
you'll see the same love, the way you pay attention to your cars
listen cause what we're giving is precious for your existence
teach lessons when we be spitting, but still we be on our business
I chose to hustle my talent, make use of my gift
workplace is hell when your boss talks with Lucifer lips (Susmaryosep!)
life is but a game, lets play it like poker
except the winner has a hand of cards full of jokers
kahit kanino humarap, hindi takot tumayo
ng matino, kaya pare wag kayong lumayo
wala akong pake, if we don't have pants that fit well
let is sag and walk like you wearing a championship belt


Aiyo we came, we saw, we conquered
From every little sale we made in concerts
every hater went became a convert
lets converse, hiphop then became a monster
Aiyo we came, we saw, we conquered
From every little sale we made in concerts
every hater went became a convert
lets converse, hiphop then became a monster

NOTES: This has got to be one of my favorite beats. Me and Nimbus did this track specifically under Nathan J's request for his then up and coming compilation called "Island Riders" which also was going to be produced by Southside Customs which explains the mention of cars and Joker. What up G?! Hehehe. I loved the beat too much I decided to roc a verse on it. I made this beat studying that track Just Blaze produced for The Games's first CD. This song will appear on the Beyond, Beyond CD we are putting together. This track is probably two years old and it's still banging! Chrizo might have to remaster this one pretty soon! Click the title to download!