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2013's most anticipated.


What are you predictions for the coming year?

2013 is a few hours away, and I'd really like to take this time to set your mind right -- to help you see what I see in 2013. It's one mans limited point of view really, I don't know what everyone's up to - but from what I've gathered, here are a few of what we can expect this coming year.

SOULFIESTA's 2013's Most Anticipated

01. Araneta Dreams concert this coming April 9, 2013 -- while the venue and date is locked, we are still far from where we want to be, rest assured -- the people involved (including you) will be working hard on attaining the goal of this historic event. I want to take this time to tell you, everyone is welcome - people who think they aren't part of this are only alienating themselves. We'd love for you to be part of this, so participate and help celebrate it with us. I also heard Mike Swift is dropping the Road To Araneta calendar of events to help you locate us and the activities we need you to be a part of. Lets sell out Araneta in a day! This might be the first time that it happens that Filipino Hiphop is the main act inside Araneta!

02. Klumcee - watch out now! With "Tao Lang'', "Bago Ang Lahat" and "Hagdan"; a superb performance at the Battle of the Beats under his 2012 belt -- he might just be the next go to producer for 2013. I'm expecting more songs hitting the radio and online from this hiphop veteran.

03. Labels signing more hiphop acts - MCA just signed Loonie, Ron Henley & Aikee; VIVA just signed Flip Music and Shehyee; and Universal still has Gloc 9 -- there will be a rap group to be signed to Star Records soon. While it is important that we have artists sign into labels -- we also need to see how they play the field in this day and age. These signings will now show us how labels take care of big named acts who have their fan bases in tact and will show us how lesser known signed acts generate livelihood from being signed to a label. It can work, if there is transparency, investment and a clear partnership relationship.

04. LDP continues to dominate via a FREE Mobile App soon; Abra's 2nd single "Ilusyon". Need I say more?


LDP app for Android and IOS will be launched towards the end of January 2013.

05. The rise of a new R&B/Soul movement through artists such as Gene Roca, Thyro & Yumi, Amber Davis, Julianne, APLM, Quest, Dannie Boi, Kat Agarrado, Muriel, Kris Lawrence, Jay-R -- and here's a sleeper candidate; Miki Hahn. Do your research this early.

Thyro & Yumi - La-La-La

Miki Hahn - Eye Know (Produced by Eyedress)

B-Roc x APLM "Lutang" teaser.

Quest feat. Julianne - Digmaan (Produced by Gab Valenciano)

06. Hiphop bands continue to rise - Q-York has a new band that has been hibernating in practices this past few months, Stick Figgas has Kat Agarrado as their latest member, Quest & Portable Sounds conitnue their tour around the country, People's Future, Skydive Academy will continue to improve and will be in the live performance circuit.

07. DJ Premier, DJ Qbert, Mos Def & Pete Rock - are names being tossed around to visit Manila in 2013.

08. Turbulence will release an album from CH (@Chanoweezy) early this year - with songs featuring Rjay Ty, Mara Reyes, Reg Rubio, Kat Agarrado, Aero, Axl Prose and more. Aero's Musick album and the Nimbusnine and Gap project Duende is slated to see the light of day as well.

This should do for now.

Soulfiesta's TOP 20 Moments of 2012


Whats your favorite moment of 2012? I've a few I can't share, haha.

2012 has been an amazing year -- great albums left and right, amazing events each topping the last one, great people -- I mean we take the good with the bad and here's an initial list of what went on this year that truly created a dent that will be used as foundation to whatever we want accomplished this coming 2013. 

SOULFIESTA's Top 20 Moments of 2012

01. Finalizing a date and venue for ARANETA DREAMS 2013, stay tuned.
02. Abra's "Taon Ng Dragon" free birthday concert in Eastwood.
03. Fliptop Battle Leagues PHP 150,000 Dos Por Dos tournament.
04. 187's We Don't Die, We Multiply sold out concert.
05. Hiphop video's lands on MYX and various music countdowns around the country, claims the top spots & charts for weeks; Q-York, Young JV, Quest, Loonie, Abra and Gloc 9.
06. The Crew wins the World Hiphop Dance Championship in Las Vegas.
07. Q-York x Chelo x JayR "Connection" winning Best Dance Recording plus Thyro & Yumi winning Best Performance of a New Group at the 25th Awit Awards.
08. Jeff Staple come to Manila to encourage designers and dreamers via Platform MLA
09. The HUB Bazaar (December) & Platform MLA (March & November) pushing Filipino urban entrepreneurship and giving local products a stage.
10. Team Strato's week long event in Boracay this past summer. G'head -- lemme see you do it.
11. Hiphop participates in various Song Competition/Festivals: Q-York x Kat Lopez "Lead The Way" winning 1st place at the KBP Pop Festival and Thyro/Flipmusic as finalists in the 1st P-POP Music Festival for "Himig Ng Panahon".
12. Check your albums collected for the year:

            JOLO - The One That Got A Way
           The Pharm - The Pharmers Guide To Higher Ground
           Red I - Jahdgement Day
           Bambu - One Rifle Per Family
           J-Hoon - Noodles
           Dash - Return of The Phunky Juan
           B-Roc - This Is Your Captain Speaking
           Aero - Sick Tape
           Pasta Groove - D'Wata
           Ruby Ibarra - Lost In Translation
            Indiyo - Late Bloomers Mixtape
            APLM - 99 Problems And Maria is One

13. Bambu's x Mastaplann "Homecoming" concert
14. Red Alert's Battle of The Beats, inspiring producers since day one.
15. Sunugan's "UNFINISHED BUSINESS" garners 20,000 online viewers for free streaming topping the Red Horse Muziklaban event happening at the same time. 
16. Turbulence Productions releases mobile app for Android and IOS (search "Turbulence" on Google Play and "Turb Music" on iTunes).
17. The Freshest in Bacolod City hosted by Aero and 3rd World Entertainment.
18. Beats Per Minute (BPM) Beat making workshop with Bojam, Chrizo & B-Roc.
19. WeLegendary head honcho finally gets his ink from Mr. Cartoon.
20. Ogie Alcasid reaches out to hiphop and continues to be an active supporter of the scene.

2013, here we come.

Soulfiesta's TOP 20 Songs of 2012


Great year for OPM as a whole, but an incerdible year for OPM Hiphop!

While 2012 might be remembered for Sirena and Gayuma, here's a list of songs I've been listening to constantly since they came out this year. I heard there's a bunch of great songs that was released -- from the Homegrown CD, Indio's mixtape and a lot more. I for one wanted to make this Top 50, but too much work, hahaha. These songs listed below have great meaning in my 2012 and has driven me to honor them through my blog. And while the chart toppers are not topping this list - I'd like you to give Rain Check by J.O.L.O. a try. We have opened the doors locally, bridging our hiphop across regions and gained respect Loonie, Gloc, Quest, Abra and Ron Henley have been topping music video charts, local and regional countdowns - through Rain Check, I wish to showcase our international reach and it doesn't disappoint lyrically, melody and even production. And this is what this blog stands for -- competing forward. Hope y'all look into this list and if you find anything wrong with it, try harder next year -- or suck a dick.

SOULFIESTA's TOP 20 OPM Hiphop Songs of 2012

01. J.O.L.O. feat. Gene Roca - Raincheck (Produced by Mike Lumba)
02. Loonie feat. Quest - Tao Lang (Produced by Klumcee)
03. The Pharm - Solo Flight (Produced by Liquid)
04. Trapp - Keep On (Produced by Das Bangin)
05. Gloc 9 feat. Allan Silonga - Alalay Ng Hari (Produced by Jonathan Ong)
06. Quest - Sige Lang (Produced by Quest & Bojam)
07. Abra feat. Thyro & Jeriko Aguilar - Gayuma (Produced by Bojam)
08. Bambu - Bronze Watch (Produced by B-Roc)
09. Jonan Aguilar feat. Ian Tayao, Reg Rubio & Mike Swift - Kalamidad
10. CB Automatic - Runnin' (Produced by Bojam)
11. Ron Henley feat. Kat Agarrado - Hagdan (Produced by Klumcee)
12. 187 Mobstaz - Tulad Ng Dati 
13. Dash - Pamana (Produced by Dash)
14. Q-York - Fallen (Produced by Flavamatikz)
15. Teknika Brutal feat. Various Artists - Kalawakan (Produced by Batas)
16. Ruby Ibarra - Guess Who (Produced by DJ Spinz)
17. J-Hoon feat. Phatkhat & Chi - Remember The Days (Produced by J-Hoon)
18. Rjay Ty of LDP - Self Taught (Produced by DJ Spinz)
19. Pasta Groove - Maharlika (Produced by Pasta Groove)
20. Gloc 9 feat. Ebe Dancel - Sirena (Produced by Jonathan Ong)

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Great third round from Apoc, killed it. Beat the system, love the struggle.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another piece of art on a cap, 2013.


Bayani Art x Gerilya x SSO x Wipcaps, coming out soon.

Dave Chappelle, In His Own Words (Trailer)

"Name your price in the beginning, if it ever gets more expensive -- get out of there."

It Was Written Season 2 Episode 9


Dongalo came to throw down with the Camera Gangsters.

Where's Jay and Ye?

Have a little faith, Rocafella reunion happened before the year ended.

Travelmatic x To The Billboard x Forensic Science x Tru MC

Xienhow feat. Greg Fernandez Jr. - Spread Love

VOTE for QUEST, Rapplers Top Artists of 2012!!



Vote for Quest by liking and sharing this page here. Vote until Dec 31!

Gene Roca's debut album is now available on iTunes!!



Philippine R&B is set to high gear for 2013, download the album here.

Frank Magalona "HARI"


Frank Magalona - Hari ; lyrics can be found here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hot song, lousy video directed by Ryan Leslie.

STNDRDS MANILA December/1st Anniversary lookbook






Super collectible from Stndrds Mla, glow in the dark for those who lurk in the dark. 
Place your orders here.

Monday, December 17, 2012

You Turn Me To A Maniac (Garvin Maye & Chardonnay)

Pino G scores another rendition from B-Roc's This Is Your Captain Speaking.

QUEST's free concert to end 2012.


Come through this Thursday at Teatrino, FREE SHOW!!

As promised to every Quest fan this year, if "Sige Lang" hits number one in the charts -- we will be giving you a free show! The time has finally arrived, and what great timing -- ending the year with a great cast of performers (Julianne, Q-York, Abby Asistio, Loonie and more) - we are set to welcome 2013 with great pride from this years work! Again, this is a free concert for the fans -- we want to give you a great show! Please come on time, show starts at 8pm and come dressed to impressed.

This event is brought to you by

Genesis Management, Wipcaps, SneakPeek and Soulfiesta Management.

I have an acapella version of this track, you want it?

One of my favorite Flip Music tracks of all time gets the visual treatment. Kudos!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thyro wins it all and claims his prizes!

Congratulations to Thyro for winning this years Battle of the Beats!

Araneta Dreamin', even you skaters belong here!

Game of Skate, coming to a venue near you!

Ron Henley feat Kat Agarrado - Hagdan

Track produced by Klumcee.

First things first, this is a dope video to a dope song. Ron Henley remains one of the unsung heroes of 2012. This song and video, loosely based on his own story struggling with substance abuse - this Pasig hometown hero won over this struggle -- and was able to come back with music 100% better than what he already had. Ron Henley is a legend on the mic even before this substance abuse, before Fliptop, before Francis Magalona passed away and remains lethal on the mic. Whats so moving about this - is he has tons of new songs for his fans to devour. Great job on the video! And how could you go wrong with Kat Agarrado on the hook and on the video, efficient seduction.

Definitely, Ron Henley -- will remain a household name for 2013.

Araneta Dreamin'.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Here Comes The Neighborhood

Wynwood, Miami -- looking nice.

Josef Amarra, you've step it up a notch!

The Dancebox (Mike Song x KNRF)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Loving the shirt Bron Bron.

Lebron plays SWAG 16.




Jaden Smith looking like his dad, carrying on tradition.

GUESS WHO, Team Sunday reppin' international connect!

Guess Who by Ruby Ibarra, produced by my boy DJ SPNZ!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Aero drops "Sick Tape" today! 12.12.12



Download Sick Tape by Aero here.

December 12, 2012 - Aero gives back to the fans and gives them a free album entitled SICK TAPE. Some new songs and some unreleased tracks hit you today, with production from B-Roc, Mr. Rey, Swenexxx, Nicky Knocks, AD and collborations with AD, Slick, Nicky Knocks, FinalWord, Romz! and more! This 12 track album was made to close the year on a high note and welcome the following year with a different look as we get ready for Aero's full length album "Musick".

Album cover design by GnarRate.This album is brought to you by Third World Entertainment, Turbulence Productions, Caution Clothing, Sneak Peek, Gourmet, Wipcaps and Purveyr.


Just got my copy, get yours now! 12.12.12!


Paolo Garcia aka Playah P aka Pastagroove hits you with, world reinvention.

The ultimate urban xmas shopping bazaar! This DEC 15!

See you guys there on saturday! Bring at least 3K for your shopping spree!

Monday, December 10, 2012

WeLegendary x Specks x Primitive


This guy, tsk tsk tsk. Deeply Rooted.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ansey signature deck, out in stores now!


Get the deck of the number 1 skater from the Philippines. Available at WeLegendary!

MUSIC COLONY opens in the south of Manila.


Plan your summers accordingly.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Game x Kanye West x Common


He paid for my sins, is it really priced right?

EGG Fiasco will win this shit!! All the best!


Egg Fiasco is representing PH in TW for Wall Lords Finals!

THE HUB, Urban Bazaar this DEC 15


Where are you buying your loved ones gifts? Need I say more?

Thursday, December 6, 2012








Looking like a good collection, Sneak Peek lets get these in!

WIPCAPS x Boom Bap Fridays!


Anti piracy campaign against fake Wipcaps being sold starts today!



J-Hoon's Noodles album launch on vinyl on December 8 @ Fiamma.


Terius Nash's (The Dream) album 1977 was an album I bumped alot last year!



Malasimbo 2013 will have Jimmy Cliff, damn.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Could these be long lost LIB songs unearthed?


Los Indios Bravoz - Pinay produced by Karitela Music.

Happy 43rd birthday Hov!

Have a good one, cheers!


Video by Marguax Cortez, background music "Diamonds" by B-Roc.

From Margaux: I felt a local musician had to be the music I pick for this video and B-Roc was the obvious choice as his album was released the day of this show & he made his way out to support! Oh, it was his birthday too! So shout out to B-Roc for the music, hustle & love.


CELEBRATION, music video launch!


Hiphop's celebrating 2012 every week, this event will be in Caloocan City.

If you missed Mikropinoy last month!


December 20, 2012 at B.Sides. Relaunching of the 3 music videos by Clips Productions.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Behind The Scenes: It Was Written Season 2 Episode 11

Behind the scenes look at the upcoming episode for It Was Written. Stay tuned!

Loonie x KZ x Tambayan 101.9

Here's the Christmas theme song of Tambayan 101.9 featuring Loonie.

B-ROC x APLM - Lutang (Moonlight Blunts) Teaser

Lutang, written by APLM, follow her on Twitter, @APLMaria

The beautiful and most dangerous thing about releasing an instrumental album, is that you don't have control over where other artists take it and if they understood the limits of taking a song and making it their own. So far, with the release of my album, This Is Your Captain Speaking -- I've been blessed with the takers and have been impressed by their own renditions of beats I've spent hours and hours with.

As I've said; "We will not feel the same way about this album, but that's the point." -- these beats were done with stories and inspired by several moments, which doesn't necessarily translate to these renditions but that's the point. I always had an understanding that these beats need to be songs at the end of the day. That's the point of it all. Whether you are up for it or not, is beyond my control. Just to back track a bit, the beat - Moonlight Blunts was inspired by a sample I picked up through a break beat dig. If you could guess what sample this is, I will give you a Soulfiesta goodie bag -- Initially a song was done over this beat which featured CJ Cruz and Quest entitled "Dream On", the song remains unreleased and is the song line up for the planned "Silverbacks" compilation. This beat was also inspired by playing Super Mario video games, while he's jumping to get these coins. Named it Moonlight Blunts from a night in October 2012.

APLM takes puts her song writing to the test and writes one in Tagalog. I'm actually blown away by the marriage of the beat and her melody. So we will work on making this a full song for you guys. Do give us feedback on the song when you find time to. Thank you Maria, for writing that dope ass feature article on my blog. Excellent stuff!

Dalawang magkaibang
Puso. kaya ka nahihibang
Siguro. ang utak mo ay lutang
Paano? maayos pa kung pumili ka na lang

Sagana ka kung sagana sa pagmamahal
Pero sagad na sagad na ang ikukumpisal
Kaya sawa na, sawa na ako sa kakaasa
Wala na, wala na talaga

Akong paniniwalaan
Bakit pa? tiwala kong nasasayang
Sa kanya, mabuti pa kung iniwan
Para sa iba. umayos ka, pinili mo na yan

Oooh -- hindi ko na kaya
Oooh -- wala na talaga

Sagana ka kung sagana sa pagmamahal
Pero sagad na sagad na ang ikukumpisal
Kaya sawa na, sawa na ako sa kakaasa
Wala na, wala na talaga



BOYZ UNLIMITED Open Division 1st Place winners at World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2012.

Peoples Future x WIPCAPS


Headhunter designed by Gap of PF, coming out 2013.

Marcus Davis VS Bojam


I'm sure these cats got tricks up their sleeves. Can't wait yo.



If you are working on an album and you want a new sound to work with, come through!

Sunday, December 2, 2012



Performances by various artists such as Jolo, Chillitees, Cellar Doors, Rjay Ty of LDP and more!

Konektado World presents Zaito Show x Sunugan


December 14 2012 kids, see you guys there!

Roll The Dice win great prizes!


Play cee lo at Capital G Shop, for a minimum purchase of Php 1,000.00


Download B-Roc's instrumental album here.

Another Pino G x Maduming Kwarto exclusive! This shit is dope yo! Sending love DRP's way - yo release that Veronica joint already! I think its the perfect time to put it in the radio! Just to let you guys in to the title of this instrumental -- Leila is the name I gave my first ever drum machine, which was an EMU-XL7 back in 2002. Loaded that shit up nicely, packed it with alot of nice sounds -- and now I don't even use it. Thanks Reason! Leila's Interlude displays me playing instruments above a sample to the point you can't distinguish which came with the sample or which ones I played using Leila, hence, naming the beat such. This joint "Leila's Interlude" - was made as was taken by an emcee from my Myspace days -- and he never came through with it. Enjoy this short song by Pino G over my beat!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HOMEGROWN Album Launch at UE Theater NOV 27





Star studded event, for more pictures from the event - click here.

B-Roc x Gary V @ Awit Awards 2012.


Awit Awards 2012 backstage with Gary V. Shoutouts to Gourmet and SneakPeek!

WeLegendary Sale this NOV 30!


Holiday bread gon' be spent at WeLegendary Kamuning.
Re-stocked items and sale on selected items!