Friday, January 30, 2015

Mark Fiasco - P's and Q's (Free Download)

 photo MarkFiascoAlbum_zpsf1fa3ccb.jpg

This kid is gonna spoil the game, download the album here.

"Naranas mo na ba yun himinto ka sa paglalakad, dahil mayroon kang nakaligtaaan na bagay na dapat mong balikan? Importante diba? Hindi mo matitiis, babalik ka. Pero pa'no kung sobrang layo mo na, hihinto ka pa ba?" Reflections of a man away from home. Chasing his dream. These opening words from Mark Fiasco details everyone on a crossroad in their days and within their days. Decision which to prioritize, and how much we value the things we set our hearts and minds on.

This mixtape is filled with reflections needed in your journey, as a rapper, a producer, a call center agent - to trust yourself and know there is so much more. First track "Hakbang" - is a song we've all heard before, pushing yourself to the limit regardless of the obstacles. This is Fiasco's 3rd release after the success of the Dear Summer joints. Similar formula but -- Lebron games has always been good, this album is Lebron James in his first Eastern Conference Finals and "Eyedentify" is that triple he made on Turkoglu in 2009. The confidence on the rhymes, delivery and the whole "Dat-dararara" shows this kid found something the past few months in his self. Aero blesses the album with pro filipino hiphop verses on "Reachin'" and Fiasco holds his own with the microphone veteran. Notable contributions from day once collaborator Curse One, these two should do an album together. Lhon Lee did well to compliment the last solo joint on this album on "Halaga" -- the album draws rhymes from a cypher cut "Abot" with his friends on board. Galing ng mga bata ngayon! My favorite track in this album is "P's and Q's" - the sound and the drums just calls my attention. While Mark Fiasco has definitely increased his ability to tell his story, enunciate his rhymes and reflect on his experiences -- his ear for beats has grown and is now at the fore front. Please make more beats kid.

This album is worthy of deleting some albums you used to listen to saved up on your phone or hard drive. Yeah go ahead delete some of that 2014 crap you listen to. For people who aren't familiar, there is a digital booklet that comes with the download for his album cover and credits. Stay brilliant when you use a PDF Mark, there is so much you can do.

Stay dreaming kid. People are placed around you to help you but trust no one. It's your dream.

Duende - Fusion of Worlds (Official Music Video)

Directed by Otto Feraren, please like the Duende Facebook page, here.

Bugoy Na Koykoy - 1 KILO PSG Mixtape

 photo Bugoy1KILOPSG_zps144d860a.jpg

Download the entire album for FREE here.

"Sobrang Baba" (Official Music Video)

New video from 2 Joints (parang mafia) -- 1 KILO PSG on the next entry!

Ilaya, Tala & Anygma - Paanyaya (Official Music Video)

"Kahit iba iba yun dila, gawin iisa 'yong diwa." Anygma

First SUNUGAN KALYE this 2015!

 photo SunuganKalye_zps3c041dfa.jpg

Say hello to our local celebrities in your hood!


 photo GoSmokeMary_zpse7e4de48.png

MDK, OJ River and Ninong Pope Fiction on the line up!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mr. President, what do you have to say for yourself?

 photo Tagligtas_zps1b24e5e2.jpg

Our commander in chief doesn't know how to lead.

Mike Swift - My Court (Picnic Games 2)

Feb 22, see you guys there!

Duende - Mind Refinement

Hot shit over here! Produced by Mic! Share to all your friends!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BRGY TIBAY event for a cause

 photo Tibay_zps429e2a4a.jpg

Come through and support this event! Solid line up for January!

Barbers and Burgers

 photo SlickBarbers_zps322f3a0e.png

Support your local barbers!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fliptop Battle: Batas vs. Rapido

Semi-final videos are up now, Batas won this to win the whole tournament!

New Chillitees single "Why Why Why"

 photo Uela_zps54cf1a48.jpg

Dope new single! I want to hear the new album soon Dan Gil!

Highly anticipated track of 2015!

 photo MoThugs_zps78e7f4e2.jpg

Looking forward to history be made soon! Let us hear it!

Black History Month (NBA Art)

 photo NBA2_zps368d40c5.jpg

Pretty dope if you ask me. Tough not to see DRose here. Hahaha.

Schizophrenia - Miss Torotot (Official Music Video)

New music video from the new trio of Schizophrenia, under FlipMusic.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brian Cua speaks about music production at Bounce

 photo ProducerProbe_zps47b3fbc6.jpg

This coming sunday afternoon, check it out if you guys have time!

Catch DJ Arbi Won at Rocket Room tonight!

 photo InColorRocketroom_zpseb6ba4b8.jpg

Nothing to do on a friday night? Chill at the Rocket Room with some good music!

Abaddon - Ganyan Talaga (Official Music Video)

These kids get it, their video game is good.

Join this kid challenge Lebron to join dunk contest!

Come on 'Bron bron, dont let the kids down.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy birthday Questlove!!

 photo Questlove_zps5d032e6b.jpg

I think its time for another grand hiphop concert, Jay?

Upper B: Episode 1

Glad to see a woman throw in her words for the world of basketball this year!

Manny Pacquiao tweets Floyd Mayweather!

 photo MannyPacquiao_zps286f6b05.jpg

Sign the damn contract already, Bob Arum -- call me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kid Cudi live in Manila

 photo KidCudiWanderland_zps7bf00756.jpg

Headlining for Wanderland. Hopefully he won't pull a Chris Brown.

Surprise straight to video release this Jan 31!

 photo P_zpseec8e333.jpg

Hmmmm, something to look forward to at the end of the month. We miss you Aaron.

Duende live at Vyne Jan 21!

 photo DuendeVyne_zps70cab405.jpg

Catch Duende tomorrow at BGC around 10pm! Bring your friends!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Smugglaz, Dello, Flict G & Curse One - Nakakamiss Lang Kasi (Official Music Video)

Solid song, continue to vote for it on MYX!

DaMoDaMerrier 13!

 photo DAMO13_zps4db36861.jpg

Get a few drinks in and watch the kids perform!

Common feat. John Legend - Glory (Live)

Enjoy this Common and John Legend performance.

BITAW Episode 1: Jheggo of Legit Misfitz

Camino Nuevo gives you episode #1 showcasing freestyles from your favorite MCS!

Death Threats feature on Jessica Soho's show

Its about time these guys got some air time on TV!

Q-York - More Than Music Episode 1

Great look here guys! Keep it up! More episodes yo! Yuoy!

OJ River - Raw/Potent Dank

 photo OJRIVER_zpsf3d3add7.jpg

Some new OJ River shit for you rascals.

Three Kings #17 Vandals on the Wall 2014!

 photo ThreeKings17_zps88459f47.jpg

At #17, Three Kings makes it to the essential OPM albums for 2014!

Karencitta - So Help Me God (Free Download)

 photo Karencitta_zps12251e62.jpg

 photo Karencitta2_zps000223b6.jpg

Could be a breakout year for her! Download the mixtape here.

Grain Assault 6!

 photo FliptopGrainAssault_zps906d766c.jpg

Nice line up of matches! Battle rap is warming up for 2015 already!

Soulfiesta input for Araneta Dreams 2015!

 photo FacebookTurbulenceCrew_zps0ea60c13.jpg

Whatchu guys want to see this coming April 9?

League of Paul - Night Time Brew Vol. 1 (Beat Tape)

 photo LeagueofPaul-NightTimeBrew_zps82a86356.jpg

Beat tape from one of the our soul brothers! Download the beat tape here!

HNE new tees for your 2015!!

 photo HNE3_zps07f2e0b5.jpg

 photo HNE2_zps74806280.jpg

 photo HNE1_zpscf3b6e39.jpg

 photo NativebyNature_zpsba5c78c9.jpg

Order your tees now! Head on over to their Facebook account here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Congratulations for tying the knot LA!

Happy to see LA & Faith getting married, and yes that's a Quest song on the video!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Thanks for all the memories Jimmy Alapag!

 photo JimmyAlapag_zpsf034392a.jpg

"I will tell the game when I can't play no more and not let the game tell me."

WAVE is looking for a Sound Engineer

 photo Wave_zps9d0308ea.jpg

Send your resume asap!

The 1st Philippine Music Festival

 photo FUSION_zps703099de.jpg

Heard this is an agency spearheaded event! Thats why its missing out on some acts!

Scratch Symposium happening on wednesday!

 photo ScratchSymposium_zps030f8b61.jpg

To all my DJs, get with the program and scratch that itch!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

SOSUPERSAM is coming to Manila!

 photo SOSUPERSAM_zps6dcd6a81.jpg

This January 23 - try not to miss out on this one!

Quest invades Sinulog next week!

 photo QuestCebu1_zps6bc2de05.jpg

 photo QuestCebu2_zpse6821262.jpg

Both events are free, so please try and catch Quest this year in Cebu!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Nakakamiss Lang Kasi is now on MYX!

 photo Nakakamiss_zps879e0762.jpg

Watch and vote for it! OPM Hiphop is invading all the charts this year!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

WL helps you test out this new skate shoe!

 photo WLNikeSkateFree_zps78eb13ce.jpg

Send you skate videos asap!

Skate Park Promo from WeLegendary x Mountain Dew!

 photo SkatePromo_zpsa877b68d.jpg

Prepare for your weekends this way!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Duende's first gig this 2015!

 photo DuendeGig_zpsc20ed1c1.jpg

Live this friday all the way in Timog! Get it going hiphop! Happy new year!

Riot House X Weekend Friends

 photo RiotHouse_zpsa7faabbd.jpg

This weekend at Blvck Mvrket!

Up Dharma Down's first gig this year!!

 photo UDD_zpsb323c4a5.jpg

Interesting to see what this soulful band will evolve into this year.

Zjay - Tableta't Usok (Official Video)

New video from Maduming Kuwarto! Happy new year guys!

Must watch documentary on subway performers in NYC!

Law has passed a bill criminalizing the act of street performances in train cars.

Cap game is gonna change in 2015!

We need to innovate and do more collabs the right way Wipcaps!

Oprah's Masterclass features "Jay-z on Racism"

"Hiphop has done more for racial relations than most cultural icons.."

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Keep that edge in Music Production! Enroll now!

 photo BounceAbleton_zpsedbd987b.png

Ableton production classes at Bounce Electronic Music Academy!

Malasimbo Festival 2015!

 photo MalasimboLineUp_zps0a712bac.png

Head on over to for more details!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Party this friday @ Treehouse

 photo TheParty_zpsf184aec1.jpg

Set off 2015 with the first hiphop gig for the year!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Road To Araneta 2015 begins!

 photo R2AJanuary24_zps3fbc18bc.jpg

Goals haven't changed but wiser this time around! Thank you in advance!

Deadways x Slick Barbers shirt available on Jan 14!

 photo DeadwaysxSlickBarbers_zps9cf66d77.jpg

Get this exclusive shirt on the event posted HERE. Support your local barbers!

Bambu - 5AM in Manila (Download)

 photo Bambu5AMinManilaFront_zps8b57f724.jpg

 photo Bambu5AMinManilaBack_zpsa14dfe76.jpg

Get it now, so you can sing along on friday! Name your price, download it here.

WeLegendary welcomes Jeff Gonzales to the fold!

 photo WLJeff_zps30d8d4d9.jpg

2015 opens up with a bang! Congrats Jeff!