Thursday, January 31, 2013

APLM gives you "LAGNIAPPE"

 photo LAGNIAPPE_zpseda3d7ca.png

Download the rest of LAGNIAPPE here, must have album.

Lagniappe - pronounced as lanny-yap, as per Wiki means a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase, which also means -- receive this great album for free and you'd still owe her in the end. 

This new album, released last January 20 is a great look into the songwriting of much under rated artist Maria Carmina. While some songs tend to favor a more electronic pop texture, it is the melodies intertwined with beats from various producers that creates direction. She is able to select and create some common ground for the project, which is rarely seen and heard, specially from a woman. Most women artists I know allow the beats to lead but Maria displays her unique experience in formulating albums with producers from all over the world. She dropped a few albums in 2012, yes a few, plural.

My favorite track would be Inadequacy. While first time APLM listeners would listen to this -- and it will resemble the same feeling hearing electro euro pop records where they know who the DJ is but have no idea who is singing -- this is a good thing. I also wouldn't mind hearing When You're Sober on the radio. Give this album a shot, its a gift anyways.

Hmmm, maybe a better album cover.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mike Swift returns to NYC this 2013.

 photo MIKESWIFTNYC2013_zps06b38801.jpg

Road To Araneta brings us a few days to US soils, pushing OPM still!

Michael Jordan, inspires.

 photo MJGIF_zps91d48edc.gif

"I never lost a game, I just ran out of time."

J-Hoon "Noodles" Vinyl Launch in HongKong

 photo J-HoonNoodlesHK_zps6c870777.jpg

MNL to HK, Noodle express.

SINYMA, OPM reinvented.

 photo SINYMA1_zps0b6b5e75.png

Presenting this to the world, great look Nyco, Madz and Cyril! Y'all killed this shit!

Ludwig Van x Gourmet "Utility Project"

 photo gourmet-x-ludwig-ddr-project-sneakers-4-630x420_zps6784ea01.jpg

 photo gourmet-x-ludwig-ddr-project-sneakers-3-630x420_zps18c102f4.jpg

 photo gourmet-x-ludwig-ddr-project-sneakers-2-630x420_zps96058b52.jpg

Hopefully SneakPeek carries this into Manila. Get your camo fix soon.

Ruby Ibarra - Nonconceptual

Ruby gives us a visual treat for one of the cuts from her mixtape.

WDDWM shirts still available! Get yorurs now!

 photo WDDWM_zps099134d2.jpg

Classic event in 2012, has a classic designed shirt. Been seeing this shirt everywhere.


 photo ONLYTHESTRONG_zpse4c5079c.jpg

Rjay Ty of LDP feat. B-Roc & Quest - Only The Strong (Produced by Bojam of FlipMusic)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Road To Araneta "Week 3" Trailer

Peep what Loonie had to say, that alone should make you have goosebumps.

Kendrick Lamar performs Poetic Justice.

Poetic Justice, I really wanna show you off.

WORD OF MOUTH, Indio x Rjay Ty.

Big move by Indio, following thru on his mixtape with this video featuring Rjay Ty of LDP!

Event Re-Cap "THE HUB" by Team Strato

If you weren't there, you missed out on such a well organized event. Keep it up Team Strato!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New WIP CAP "Headhunter" designed by GAP of PF out today!!

 photo HEADHUNTER1_zps6460a085.jpg

 photo HEADHUNTER2_zpscd027cd2.jpg

 photo GAP_zpsd879b46c.jpg

Headhunter, a WIP x Gap of PF collaboration -- heritage preservation. Protect ya head!

I've always been a fan of People's Future and everything they stand for -- for Scoops rhymes, his recent conversion to Islam, his basketball game; for Jed's beats, freestyle brilliance, humor and his steadfast improvement on the court even at this age and lastly, for Gap's underrated flow, his mind built for challenge and his pen game -- both for his music and for his mastery in visual arts.

Gap's 2013 is on a great start, just like the entire scene I guess -- he gets the ball rolling through this collaboration with WIPCAPS, amazing shit if you ask me. I saw the designs possibly more than a year ago and I'm very happy seeing the finished product. I advise everyone to buy this snap back as it will become an iconic piece of accessory in 2013. More power to you, Gap -- and lets finish Duende already!

FROM WIPCAPS: The Headhunter series is Wip's first collaboration with graphic and hiphop artist Gap of People's Future. Almost 2 years in the making, the Headhunter series was inspired by filipino tribesmen of the mountainous province of Benguet. Historically, in times of warfare, rivals were hunted down and their heads were displayed along tribal borders to warn against trespassers

The new series of Headhunter caps comes in five limited runs of 125 pieces each color.

The front panels of the 6-panel Snap Back cap has a graphic logo of a tribesman chief in monochrome 3D embroidery. The details of the logo are very intricate, showing different textures of fabric and feathers. The side logo depicts three shrunken skull heads. The side logo is a play on the three ghosts of Wipcap's iconic PAC-Q series, now part of official Team Pacquiao gear. The three skulls also represent the three members of the Manila based Hip-Hop group, People's Future.

The dome of the cap is black, and the main feature is a handwoven native fabric which was crafted by descendants of the kalinga tribesmen from the mountain province. This series drops with five color ways: white and blue, hot pink yellow and purple, maroon, yellow blue and black, an aqua and black colorway, and the classic maroon black and yellow.

This new series will be available starting January 25, 2013 at select Wipcaps stockists.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Great way to look at gigs and supporting artists!

 photo GASMONEY_zps79bfd550.jpg

Pay from Php20 til how much you think the performers deserve.


 photo MIKROPINOY-1_zpsa0cf6100.jpg

Great line up! Win Sunugan Kalye and be an automatic contender 
for the 300K Araneta Dreams prize!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mateo - Sing About Me

 photo MATEO1_zps1af7bff4.jpg

But when the dark remembers me, I hope the world remembers me -- that I was free, free to be me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Road To Araneta Entry 4 "Week 2 Trailer"

I don't know how much convincing you guys need, save up for tickets!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GLOC 9 TV appearance this week!


Gloc 9 will be on Wish Ko Lang. I wonder what he's up to.

NBA 2013 All Star dunk contestants should take notes!

Javale -- this looks like your year, unless John Wall joins.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SUIT UP (Justin Timberlake x Jay-z)


Lemme show you a few things, show you a few things about love. Cover by HKCovers.

Araneta Dreams Week 3 begins!



Ogie Alcasid is now on board. #AranetaDreams

JAN 26 x Team SS x Capital G Shop


Hiphop keeps it smart and creates its own branding. Fuck what ya heard!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jordan x Melo "Playing For The City That Made Me"

The Knicks are having a wonderful year! Kudos to Melo! I'm a converted Melo fan!

Justin Timberlake single drops today.

Looking forward to this album actually. Cheers!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toney Chrome "Pangyayari" Music Video

Director Willan Rivera and Toney Chrome collaborate on this new video!

GERILYA is top notch Philippine art.


Gerilya artwork featured in University of the Philippines.

We Legendary SB release for Jan 2013


Hope your pockets are ready! I'm sure you've enough holiday money left!

Fliptop Dos Por Dos is near!

Fliptop Dos Por Do Tournament 2 trailer.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SPIT: The Bonggo and Maryjoe Feraren Story

 They are really close to my heart as they are the parents of Nimbus and Otto! Great peoples!

Road To Araneta Entry 3 "Week One"

Things will get interesting in the next few days!

WeLegendary x Vans x Metallica


WeLegendary releases the Vans Pro Classic x Metallica sneakers!

BEYONCE on GQ Magazine


Roc Nation's Queen Bee rockin' for Blue Ivy Carter to see in a few years.

Road To Araneta Entry 2 "DAY 4 & DAY 5"


Abra's announcement and RTA photoshoot by Xander Angeles.


Unreleased RAKIM track "Bring It On"


Classic Hiphop for your 2013 playlist.



New ILL K shirt design out this coming March 2013. Like ILL K's Facebook Page here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Powder Room presents Sun-Dazed, this has been high anticipated.



Make your money hiphop, stay at it 2013.

We Legendary x HUF this coming 01.12.13


Your mommas favorite skate shop releases new head gear from HUF!

A toast to Gloc's hard work in 2012!




I also heard, there might be a Gloc 9 Mobile App coming out soon.

Young Kasper "Writer's Block"

The Community '06 Alumni Young Kasper's newest music video.



Nurture your writers Manila.

Monday, January 7, 2013




PHP 1,700 ++ for a whole conference pass, check the schedules and speakers here.

Toni Gonzaga x Flip Music "Kahit Na"



Kahit Na is one of my favorite Flip Music songs, well written. Bring it home! I believe!

Road To Araneta Entry 1 "Stay At It"


Day 7 - DJ Spnz learning how to skate in Intramuros.

I've always been a believer of shared dreams. This year, on April 9 - alongside our nations Day of Valor, we partake in a celebration of a shared dream come true. We can draw the parallels of Jay-z making it to Madison Square Garden's "Where hiphop, we weren't even allowed in the building" Fade To Black show; but this wouldn't suffice in giving justice to this dream of filling up the storied Araneta Coliseum and the road we all took to take it.

To The Billboard was a great first step - great energy and got great momentum. It was a start of sharing dreams in this great chapter of what Philippine Hiphop has become. I believe, that like any other great goal, it was meant to be refined. Today, a dream like filling up Araneta with local acts as your main bill -- isn't far fetched at all. We have the numbers, we have the people, we have the talent, we have the leverage, we have the world watching -- all of which, we earned hard and deep. Philippine Hiphop fans are one of the most dynamic markets out there, who better to show corporate how it's done and appreciated better than all of us being fans of each other.

Imagine a tour van, vinyl sticker wrapped around it, imagine the vinyl sticker wrapped around it designed with your favorite artists pictures around it. Imagine it parked in your school and then, imagine kids taking pictures with the van. Look at the calendar, look where we're at today, look where we're headed tomorrow. As simple as the what the van and calendar represent -- that we move accordingly and that we stay the course. The biggest realization hiphop in the Philippines has to have, is that this dream is tangible, that you can touch it, you can be around of and you can partake in.


Road To Araneta JANUARY 2013 schedule.

This isn't about a hit single, a great battle viewed on YouTube by the world -- this is telling you to help us see into fruition a dream that no one can take away from all of us. This is an invitation, I mean - if you had a chance to write history, would you just let us have all the fun? I dream you won't and as serious as this write up sounds -- check how fun filled the calendar is, talk to the people, come out -- shed some light on what we're doing.

Come follow Road To Aranera on Twitter here.
Like Road To Araneta's Facebook Page here.

Vermont Coronel Jr. goes to Singapore!


Vermont Coronel goes to Manila x Singapore "The Drawing Room" this month.

This might just be Melo's best year yet.




Nothing less than a NBA Conference Finals appearance. 
Imagine the All-Star Galaxy colorway on these.

GATSBY Trailer

News is Jayz is collaborating with producer The Bullitts to score this film.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get your copies before Team Abra gets everything!


First hiphop artists to cover a magazine in 2013!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

FREE DOWNLOAD of the LDP APP for Android



Download the new LDP Free Mobile App here.

FLIPTOP announces new Dos Por Dos for 2013


Pick you teamates wisely, hahaha. Bigger tournaments, bigger prizes.