Friday, March 27, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 10 "Down Earf sightings"

There was a Down Earf sighting two weeks ago, at the Spoken Herb event by AMPON. Down Earf has been an integral group in pioneering the independent scene in the Philippines. FACT number 1. This group had made an album entitled Knowin Iz Half The Battle, all tracks produced by DJ Arbie Won which never saw the light of day. The album is dope and showcases lyricism at its prime. Being a duo is always hard to live up to, both of you should always be on your A game, so that no one outshines the other. Down Earf was a perfect example of this. Ace One never outshined Caliph8 on any song. They threw audacity in their verses each and everytime. FACT number 2. Caliph8 who's ideas translated to Blow Up The Spot, that turned into Flambeau, that turned into SUBFLEX, which is the blueprint of The Community. FACT number 3. They both graced DJ Arbie Won's underground gem, United Freestyles Vol. 1 recording on separate spots during 1999-2000. FACT number 4. Caliph8 and DJ Arbie formulated the idea of Rekognize Loob @ Labas, which was later on solidified by one of the best CD launches I've watched in Music Museum. FACT number 5. Caliph8 was part of the founding members of AMPON which then included B-Roc, Arkane, Psylent, Marquiss & Nimbusnine. FACT number 6. Ace One recorded a couple of tracks for Chrizo's charity mixtape. FACT number 7. They both told me directly and indirectly the same advice, keep my day job! Props to these legends of the mics.

Ace One - United Freestyles Vol.1

Nowadays, Ace One spends his time grinding back and forth from the States to Pinas. Before this he was doing Gawad Kalinga full time with G Money. Caliph8 is a famous anonymous graphic designer/grafitti icon, producer extra ordinaire, DJing around the metro and for his group Drip. Two weeks ago, my brother, Ryan Andres caught a snapshot of a rare Down Earf reunion, as they shared the stage together after a long time. Wish I was there to see these two idols of mine get in their zone once again, Quicksand. Here's a track from their unreleased cult classic album, and the two tracks they appeared in, in the United Freestyle Vol.1 classic.

Picture taken by Ryan Andres, for more pictures, click here.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GOLD MINING: KWIZYNE Acquired Taste Mixtape

Kwizyne - I REM U

Kenya born Filipino emcee Kwizyne recently released his mixtape for free "Acquired Taste MIXTAPE" here in Singapore. I met 22 year old Kwizyne at the Impromptu gig 2 weeks ago, and from his performance alone I was already impressed. It always gives me a good feeling discovering new artists at the begining of their careers. Kwizyne is a freshman and a veteran of sorts just listen to this CD and you'll know what I mean. Not bad at all for a Filipino residing in Singapore emcee, this kid also knows of Mike Swift, Gloc-9 and even Nimbusnine. This mixtape is brilliant and relevant. From beat selections to song topics. Hope you guys enjoy this new emcee's first offering. I will be interviewing Kwizyne soon and will be reviewing this CD further. Feedbacks would definitely help guys. Dope cover as well by Urban Zombie! We might just hear Kwizyne over some Chrizo beats soon. Holla!


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Click cover artwork to download The Community LIVE

Here's one for the avid local hiphop fan. Summer wouldn't be complete without The Community. Unfortunately, we won't be doing it this year. We want y'all to miss us for minute, organizing an event like this for the past 3 years has definitely been one of our greatest achievements as a scene. Thank you to you, and to the people who came and supported each one of them the past 3 years. Here's a mixtape of live performances from The Community 2 and Fete De La Musique circa 2007 which includes tracks by Peoples Future, Dcoy, Sinag, Diwata, Los Indios Bravoz, Audible, RonThug, PKSO, Nathan J and more! Unfortunately, we didn't put Chrizo jokes in this CD, maybe next time! The Community 1 CD will be out sooner or later. Hehehe, I know its been awhile as well but we'll keep you posted. Don't forget there's also a DVD of it pending.

For the people who've attended The Community show, do share your stories to the people who haven't been to one. Enjoy these songs, we are actually putting you infront of these artists as they perform for you. Feel the energy and hear The Community.

For more The Community pictures, click here.

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 9 "I'VE DECIDED..."

Did you know: Chris Webber retired under the Golden State Warriors team.
The same team that drafted him number 1 more than a decade ago.

..TO RETIRE FROM MAKING BEATS. The last person I've promised to make a beat for is K-JAH. After which, I am retiring from making beats. Thank you to everyone I've worked with, its been a ride I'll remember for a lifetime. I've some beats out there coming out in various albums (from under my label and from some people outside my label) for the rest of the year. But as of today, I'm set, retiring my production jersey. MARCH 22, 2009. Cheers. No April Fools here Chrizo. Teddy, batter up.


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Francis M. - Wag Kang Tumawa

Death of a King, a Happy Battle
Written by B-ROC

Meron akong ano, meron akong kuwento.

The last time I spoke to Francis Magalona, he texted me that he had almost died during his last chemo therapy and I was bugging him about it, that it would take a bigger force to take him down and that he is stronger than he actually thinks he is. He would then tell me how excited he was being featured in a Marvel graphic novel and he was ecstatic about it! We would exchange notes on files included in his exclusive CD singles free with his FMCC shirt purchases, since I was working on its production since the first single. He told me after the album he's doing with Hardware Syndrome and The Sickos Project, he would want to do a final hiphop album. That sunny day in December 2008, we only spoke about his victories and with all humility of a wise king, he asks me to keep him in my prayers.

As a struggling hiphop artist in the Philippines, I've already reached the most important moment in my career, earning Francis Magalona's respect....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We Celebrate Life!

I'm still bugged out about Francis Magalona's death. Can't seem to blog right but I'll just go right into it. I heard a lot of dope stuff over the weekend. Congrats to AMPON for the event they did, Marlowe told me there was a Down Earf impromptu performance! And that my brothers Ryan and Dominic did they thing! Props to for giving hiphop a stage to pour they souls on! Heard a bunch of things when I called up the guys! Word to DJ Mike, DJ Excaliber for coming through! And J-Hon told me he was about to get married, somebody get to the bottom of that! Also, I hear LDP's moved into the number 4 spot! Don't stop voting people! Then there's also that sneak peek at Same Team's new song. Damnit yo, I'm missing the grind over there!

But not to be outshined, hehehe, I did attend a gig here in Singapore. IMPROMPTU is remeniscent of The Community episodes we've all grown to love. This underground get together was done in a part of the Singapore Museum, more like a hall. It was a young crowd all together or I just feel old doing this hiphop ish, hehehe. A good ratio of boys to girls supporting the acts they came to see. CD's sold at the entrance. CD's were sold at 5$SG which is tantamount to around 150PHP. Not much CD's sold if I may say, but each one who came through paid the 5$SG entrance fee. I spoke to the organizer, Freeky Z, couple of weeks back that I wanna come through and give some CDS away. Which I did, and they loved it. I also got pulled to the stage to say a few things and hinted that it could be a possbility that I fly an act from SG to Manila to perform at our show and they will do vice versa.

Just before I left, there was this kid that rocked the show! His name was Cuisine,
he was labelled as the best emcee and battle emcee Singapore had to offer. I tuned in, and yeah well out of the bunch I heard, this guy stood out. From his beat selections to his acapella to his song topics. It wasn't a surprise to me to find out that he's a Filipino that grew up in Hongkong. Spoke to him after the show, and gave him his props.

After which, I went to watch Watchmen which sucked. The effects where good, but the screenplay was a little off compared to the graphic novel I read. The director was good, the casting was on point! I think they just had a hard time conveying the intricacy of the original piece while keeping its relevance. Tough novel to give life to if you ask me.

Over the weekend as well, I finished my Francis Magalona piece. It was 4 pages long, I don't know if I'm suppose to post it somewhere. I might just go and send it to Joey Dizon of PULP or Annie of FUDGE, whichever publicaiton decides to publish it first. I'll keep you guys posted. Lastly, do check out Corporate Lo-Fi's album launch and cop the cd!

Corporate Lo-Fi Album Laucn @ MAGNET The Fort, this friday MARCH 20 with performances by People's Future, Sinag, Pamilia Dimnagiba, Sino Sikat and a lot more!

FOOTNOTE: The two songs that features Hotnixx, were songs he recorded even before Turbulence was a label. I remember Nixx would go and commute to studios around Q.C. just to put in work. Enjoy this old school treat! Holla back!


Friday, March 13, 2009




Turbulence today, March 14, 2009.

Nardwuar blows away Pharell Williams in an interview, best interview yet!

Nardwuar interviews Jay-z

Verse One - Gold Mining

Tonight we celebrate life, in abundance. Props to LDP, carrying on tradition and making a buzz on radio. Props to Talk Sic Way's live DLSU RADIO appearance yesterday. Keep on keepin on, word to Ryan Andres!

1. 19 EAST SUCAT - Catch PHD, Hotnixx, TEAM GRAE, Nimbusnine, Sinag, Mike Swift, Peoples Future and Corporate Lo-Fi's 9PM onwards. Brought to you by and also it's God's Will birthday!

2. AMPON presents: 'THE SPOKEN HERB' 5 PM Onwards @ Leonas Art Cafe. White Plains Ave. Katipunan. The event is an exploration of words, deep space rhythms, organicisms and painted matter. Poetry, Hip-Hop, Live Instrumentation, Graffiti, Open Mic with performances by my brothers Marlowe Uy, Pasta Groove, Lourd de Veyra, Aric Yuson, Caliph8, Eleazar de los Reyes, Gabby Baluyot, Dominic Nuesa, Talksic ways, Martin Lazaro, Ryan Andres, Jolo, Paolo Callangan, Mic Sanchez, Mike Nakayama, UA&P Humanities, Tengal.

3. B-ROC goes to IMPROMPTU, an underground hiphop event in Singapore reminiscent of The Community. I'm gonna politick and give away some Thinking Mans Hiphop CD to some good acts I see tomorrow night.

Props to the winners of Dongalo Rap Awards. Hiphop is worldwide. NUFF SAID!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Emilio Rojas - Keys To The City

Rest in peace, Francis Magalona. Check this new mixtape from DJ Noodles/Legend and Emilio Rojas. I'll go out on a limb and say that Emilio Rojas and Drake are the mcs to watch out for this year. This NYC emcee kills every song in this mixtape. Rhyme patterns remeniscent of Termanology. Interesing pick of producers as well. We have ILLMIND, Khrysis, M-Phazes and more! Check the song here, KEYS TO THE CITY! "Yankee fitted lean, Yankee fitted lean!" to the introspective "PLEASE DON'T GO" to the mack driven "THE WAY SHE MOVE" with Stat Quo. If you're a true hiphop fan, there is something here for you.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Francis M & Loonie - The Light 2009 Remix (Produced by Chrizo)

I'm currently still finding the right words to put together as I am mourning Francis Magalona's death. Thank you for everything is all I can muster right now. To all my readers, I will be writing a piece on him soon, to all my colleagues in the business -- time waits for no one. We are where we are because of the people that paved the way, lets do them right. PEACE!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

MUSIC IS LIFE: TALA of Los Indios Bravoz


Photo by Ryan Andres

There are few groups or acts out there that could rattle me and say "I wish I had them on my label, or what if I sign them?" I am very diplomatic about everything but I am hard to really impress! Los Indios Bravoz is one of those groups. They are unique as you may all know, but they know what they're about more than you can ever try to figure out. Yes, they are the flag carrying, all tatted up emcees rapping about and shouting out our heritage. One of them, Diego -- Tala as I will introduce through this interview, has been one of the people I look up to since the day I met them. These are my classmates if I may, and Tala is one of those students in the class that would not say anything but lets his work do the talking! Tala is also a decorated film director from his younger days! He now spearheads the production behind Los Indios Bravoz, K-Jah and is steadily doing work intergal to the developement of socio-political Philippines through projects with Manny Villar and Imee Marcos. Lets pick on the mind of this genius and what he's been up to as of late!

Tala feat. Anino - Eskinita; this song will appear on Kalye Musika (Ikalawang Yugto)

SOULFIESTA: Diego, salamat sa pagbibigay ng panahon. Gusto ko sanang umpisahan ang pagkapanayam ko sa'yo with; what does it mean to be an independent hiphop artists for you at this day and age?

TALA: Mahirap dahil gusto mong magpahayag ngunit bilang ang nakikinig at kung pakinggan ka man ay kapos sa pag-iintindi. Sa pananaw ko ang pagiging malayang musikero sa larangan ng hiphop ay hindi de-kahon at may pakay na pagbabago sa industriya, sistema't lipunan.

If you were to educate a pinoy who thinks tagalog rap is non sense, what songs will you use to help him understand?

1. Los Indios Bravos - ABaKaDa
2. Syke - Mahal Quita
3. God's Will at N9 - Semento at Buhangin
4. Francis M - Mga Kababayan

Where is Los Indios Bravos?

Lahat kami ay abala lang sa pagtatrabaho. Ngunit tuloy parin sa paggawa ng musika. Abangan!

How did you get your start into hiphop and hiphop produciton? What is Tala busy with these days?

Nagsimula akong gumawa ng musika noong unang tapak ko ng kolehiyo. Bata pa kami noon, kaya radikal at mapusok pa ang mga bitaw namin sa tambayan. Doon ko nakilala si JP "Siyang Tao" na siya namang nagpakilala sakin kay Chase "Kintal Dakila" at Jonan. Tsaka namin binuo ang grupo. Nagsimula talaga kami sa pinakababa hangga't nakatugtog na kami kung saan saan. Namasukan ako bilang sound engineer sa iba ibang audio production, dito ko nahugot lahat ng nalalaman ko ngayon pagdating sa pagtimpla at paggawa ng musika. Ngayon ay abala ako sa isang pelikula na lalabas ngayong taon. Ako ang umaasikaso sa musikang ilalapat sa bawat eksena. Ito rin ang pagkakataon para lalong marinig ang boses natin bilang malayang musikero.

Para sa yo, anong pinagkaiba ng isang MC at RAPPER?

Ito rin ang kaibahan ng isang nagpipinta sa nagpipintura. Ang pagkakaiba ng taong may DUNONG at taong MARUNONG lang.

Whats your comment on the whole The Community show? Where can it improve? Would you want to see another Community show this year?

Kinagagalak kong maimbitahan ulit ang grupo para tumugtog at manood sa The Community Show. Para sa akin kailangan lang mapalawak pa ang mga manonood at susoporta. Puspusan pang pagpaplano para maparami tayo.

2006, was a whole year of positive hiphop energy around the metro, what's something about 2006 that you miss?

Kahit saan lupalop man tayo tumogtog nandoon lang ang isat isa.

What is more important for the thriving scene, going regional or going international?

Sa sarili kong opinyon, sa tunog at layunin namin ay dito muna sa Pilipinas. Marami pang dapat malaman sa sarili at kasaysayan. Lalo na ang musika namin ay instrumento ng pagbabago. Ang pagbabago ay dapat magsimula muna sa tahanan ng ating lahi, dahil ang tunay na laban ay nandito. Tsaka na siguro kung hinog na ang mga bagay. Kilalanin muna natin ang ating mga sarili bago tayo magpakilala.

When you make beats, how is the creative process?

Kailangan muna ng inspirasyon. Ang paggawa ng musika ay paglalarawan ng nararamdaman. Magsisimula muna ito kung ano ang paksa na gusto mong talakayin, susunod ay ang tema at takbo ng kanta. Dito ka na ngayon bubuo ng bagsakan.

Any artist out there you wanna promote and why does he/she deserves a listen?
Suportahan natin si Juan Dasal at Tao sa Laya na lalabas ngayong taong ito. Makabago at makabuluhan ang musika.

What is the satisfaction you get as a struggling hiphop artist?

Nasa kahirapan ang sining ng isang musikero.

I believe that also, with oppression we juice out our most creative spirits! So Diego, whats the story behind the name?

Tala (Northstar) - Ang gabay. Sundan mo lang at hindi ka maliligaw.

If your life as an artist is a song, what song is it? or whats your favorite hiphop song/s?

Ang kanta naming "Kamay sa Taniman"


BARANGAY TIBAY's new shirt by Medisina

Designed by the famous Joshua Cesario, who is currently doing Greyhoundz new album cover and Sino Sikats new album art as well. For orders 0927-944-8280.


Big Pooh feat. Sha Stimuli & Kurupt - HOMAGE TO PETE ROCK (Produced by Focus)

Nas feat. Marsha Ambrosuis - If I Ruled The World 09

Redman & Method Man - A YO

Focus does it again! His HOMAGE SERIES is something I always look forward to, check this Homage To Pete Rock track --- dedicted to Chrizo, Pete Rock is the master of horn samples! Also, Nas teams up with Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) on a 2009 verison of If I Ruled The World, I still like the old one better! And lastly, Red and Meth are at it again with A YO -- dedicated to Hotnixx!! Check the other songs for download! Enjoy your weekend guys, I will be post the whole Kanye West Storytellers audio of his performances for download and a special Fugees LIVE files for download soon!

Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio (DOWNLOAD)
Rich Girl feat. Lloyd Banks - 24 Inches (Remix) (DOWNLOAD)

Drake feat. Trey Songz & Hotnixx - Just Wanna Dance (DOWNLOAD)


BEYOND Beyond: Entry 6 "FLIPPISH TV"

What up what up what up!! Whats happenin' Manila? Heard the Dcoy audition was okay, alot of news happening already! LDP's song on WAVE, Aero on some next level award shit internationally -- ROC ON! This Beyond, beyond entry to day is about Turbulence and FLIPPISH TV. Flippish TV is a product of IDEAL MINDS, a production company back home and on of their segments has already featured hiphop. This being Chrizo album launch of Thinking Mans Hiphop. This video is for the people who failed to follow the event and is a dedication of the 700 people who have already bought the products we've launched that day!

Hosted by Cristina Acuna, watch as she explores hiphop and interviews Chrizo, the man of the hour, Danee -- our event host, Aero from 6000Goonz and me! Shoutouts to SPECKS Clothing for the merchandise! This is how we do baby! Show me a show like this again Manila!

REPOST: Emilio Rojas feat. Stat Quo - The Way She Move

Here we go (again)! As I said, I've never heard a song done like this since Lloyd Banks "Karma" from his debut album. Enjoy this track! Emilio Rojas is gon' break through this year, his mixtape is in the work called Recession Proof. Will keep you guys posted on this and download the live Kanye Tracks, from his VH1 Storytellers and Abbey Road performances! PEACE!!