Friday, April 30, 2010


DEDICATED TO MY HATERS. To The Billboard x Konektado

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Bagumbayan All-Stars - Quest, Bituin Escalante, Bayang Barrios, Aiza Seguerra, Frenchie Dy, Miguel Escueta, Monty Macalino of Mayonaisse, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Enzo Marcos, Rinka Sycip, and Mike Swift (Produced by Bojam & Yujin of Flip Music)

Just as we put in work for more things to come, we give you Bagumbayan All Star's official music video. If you want the track hit me up via email and we'll send it to you. As Quest would put it, exciting times ahead. How does it feel to write a song, record it, get a call a consortium of artists are singing on it after they were blown away by your earlier creation, much so decides to make a video. Here's a visual treat to that dream.

Remember, we aren't new to this - we've been making our dreams come true since 1999. It's not us jumping into the booth with them, and with all humility, its them jumping into the booth with us. Times are changing, can you say Konektado? Mike Swift appearing there isn't and accident son -- you already know. Nimbus9 So Wonderful video in the works, promotions for DEFENSE all throughout the metro happening as we speak, AMP back in the lab -- well yes, I am working my ass off daily and will be with y'all shortly and yes I mean shortly.

Heads up when I drop like crop circles.

Monday, April 26, 2010



Thank you to everyone who's been bumping this song, yes YOU.

Please continue to vote for Nimbus' song featuring Quest, produced by smash-the-game-producers from FlipMusic. And just so you girls understand how much we are thankful, there are rumors Quest is recording his own version of So Wonderful for his album Join The Quest: REVOLUTION -- which is currently being Mastered as we speak (yes PHD, being mastered, present tense). And also, there is a rumor that Team Nimbus is shooting a video for So Wonderful as you're reading this. More reason for you and your girlfriends to vote for this song.

I heard U92 is playing this song as well. Tell me about it Pinas.

Monday, April 19, 2010

ILL K Entry 34 APRIL 19 -- 4 years ago "The Community's first night"

ILL-J - Still Living (Produced by B-Roc)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Community show, its been a minute I know you miss rockin' Pinas' hiphop wednesday nights during the summer -- but don't think for a second that we forget. We see you everywhere nowadays, we don't have to wait for summer -- you seem to be instilled in people's thoughts just as we planned it. Thank you for the memories.

That first night was like going on a first date, my team have been promoting all month long after doing that show with Jin and Loon in Taipei. I guess my team was there at Club Halo around 830PM setting things up -- and one by one the people started to come through, cyphers broke out outside. The parking lot was a scene on its own, excitement filled the air as we saw peoples faces light up just by having a home to call for the rest of the summer.

The first two nights of the show was one of the most creative spurts this scene has seen -- where in we decided to do a raffling out of beats from our list of producers to our MC wish list for that year. It showed pairings of these tandems and created gems -- Nimbus was the first to pick and got Artstrong's name. Miscellaneous picked Dash, Dcoy picked Mic of Ampon and produced the song "Wika" (don't get it twisted, AMPON produced that track, all in the spirit of The Community), Syke picking DJ Umph -- I remember Syke asking me "magaling ba ito?" -- well they have spawned 3 classic songs after that night. People's Future was chatting it up with me outside and was wishingly hoping to pick DJ Arbi's beat, and they did. Deleet got Chrizo, and Chrizo's beat for this CD consists of two beats in one song, Mike Swift got the Raimund Marasigan contribution, Stick Figgas got the Traumatik beat that well became "Ikaw Nga" -- I mean do I have to tell you how well thought of this event was? I tell you -- show me a moment more creative than this, besides Konketado's celebrations -- that had been ideal enough to promote peace and put everyone to work?

Today I give you my contribution to this still unreleased CD, Still Living by one of the last lyrical juggernauts in my book, ILL-J the Demented Lyricist. I worked with ILL-J prior to this, but this one was one up against the rest of the tracks people made and yo -- this song is a classic just cause if you play it now, RJ's points of view has rarely changed. I remember asking the producers to submit the beats to me a week before April 19, and I would review them all and decided to make the beat for this collaboration a few days before the event. I remember playing it for Chrizo and Nathan J, and got a thumbs up -- Nathan J joined the raffle hoping to get this beat, but he got one better -- Tibbz of Miscellaneous which birthed Nathan J's "I Shall Proceed" song.

Salamat sa lahat ng sumuporta. You know who you are.

Throw your L's up, Mike playing the saxophone -- hitting a bad note, RP not showing up to perform when we let him share the billing with the heavyweights, Madd Poets coming to perform together again, Gloc 9 performing Lapis at Papel, Johnny Krush x SVC reunion performance, Diego and Dash performing Jabongga acapella with a beatbox, Bigkas Pilipinas performs infront of an all hiphop crowd and killing it -- Cosmic Love, Out of Body Special and rock heads come to support, DJ Jena producing a beat for the compilation, Candy Cousart giving a welcome home performance that included Keith Martin dancing around, hehehe. Tons of memory Manila -- you already know.




Friday, April 16, 2010



We Are The Word - Offense (Himig Hambog) (Produced by Bojam for Flip Music)

Let me take you back to my trip to Pinas late 2009. Along with Nimbus -- I put together a sunday basketball get together among heads who needed a break from hiphop. I remember talking to Scoop of Peoples Future one time and jokingly said, sundays are for playing ball and our little way of saying we're tired of doing this hiphop shit. I left November 30 and from what I heard, Team Sunday has grown in number and has been a refuge for my brothers to regroup and sweat some of the past weeks vices out. Team Sunday, isn't just for basketball playing heads -- we have an honorary baby called Miah dropping by walking around the court in his baby Jordans, TEAM DEFENSE head - LOV -- started out hanging around the court, Otto Retardo (The Future Kid), Blaze & Kane, Qyork, TEAM Aguilar I mean tons -- you name it.

Grandmaster Flash is in Manila tonight, real talk.

LDP came and asked me what they should name they're upcoming concert and my motivated self told em -- DEFENSE/DEFENCE, which both represents the growth they have from their debut album named "The Project" notably depicting students in class and now "Defense" proposes that they're ending that depiction in front of a panel. Also -- as we have been promoting, since Magalona died, most of these cats counted hiphop in Pinas out of the fight for its shine. These acts coming together this MAY 20 to showcase their defence and push the envelope once again.

Go head, do the damn awards already. Whatchu got next?

"OFFENSE (HIMIG HAMBOG)" produced by the beat monster Bojam from Flip Music is a chess move my iggins! Classic shit -- I mean cmon yo. Two things to tell you -- LDP done stepped it up on they verses, galing -- Abra, fire!! If you didn't come through this hard on this track I would've scolded your ass for going to Boracay. And yo, catch that Mike Swift wordplay. Everyone else came ready -- Ron Thug, Stick Figgas, J-Hon, Juan Tamad, Champ and Blaze and Kane. JET LI moves, nice move Ron Henley!

Cavaliers vs. Mavericks, NBA Finals this June. Early prediction.

Connect the dots, WWW.KONEKTADO.COM -- get your DEFENSE concert tickets already! Seats are almost sold out! Should I really letchu know who's performing? Plus, buy those tickets, take a picture and send it to LDPDEFENSE@GMAIL.COM and win tons of prizes (signed CD's, T-shirts, DVD's and more) from the acts performing in the concert.

Man up, D-up, can you really guard me?

ILL K Entry 32 "PUMA CLYDE NEO? Check."


Manila walking soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Maxwell - Fistful of Tears

This how you do a damn video Drake. From the only album last year that out shined Drake's So Far Gone -- I've been constantly been playing both and yes, my grown man side got the best of me. Thats how sexy I am, offense entry in a few days. Will break it down for you Soulfiesta style.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Skyzoo - Dear Whoever (Produced by Illmind)

For me, and the people I keep around my hiphop, -- I've grown to accept that the music comes secondary in this journey, it's the relationships you've managed to keep throughout your tenure in music, which holds more importance than any stature the game could give you. Having said that, hiphop has always been filled with stories -- hearsays here and there, who's getting with who, who's in the studio together, who's hating, who's dissing who -- naturally these stories will blossom into falling outs between close friends who once shared the same dreams. From the NWA situation to the Rocafella break up; to the more local and visible changes in people's line ups, who's not with the camp anymore, who's not part of Beatmathics anymore, who's not seeing eye to eye in the scene, who's not fucking with who -- I mean, we are all part of these relationships and it takes a real man to accept things, move on or do something about it.

I spoke to a friend of mine recently and he shared with me how he's not feeling the game no more. He said making music don't feel right anymore and that even his most trusted friends are taking sides against him -- I'm like, suck it up, tough luck pai. Life is gonna throw you more stones, and you should be wise enough to use those stones to build a bridge over things you want in the future. People get concerned on how they are percieved by other people now; not knowing that before they were worrying about shit, it was about trying to make people notice and now you turn your back on those same people that help put you on. Ahh, the trade of life and relationships with our shared dreams in other peoples hands, the stakes gets higher without us noticing it. And when we commit to the dream, we often lose the pace of the person we trust pedaling the same bike we're riding.

We are meant to live with our mistakes. We are only human to regret some decisions made, and everything has its own time -- even this song. I've been bumping it since late last year -- strikes a cord, being away and all -- losing relationships I've had to the distance I've committed myself to, anticipation of coming back to the fold is killing me daily, but yeah, suck it up Bong. I've seen it all, kept relationships, lost some -- and yeah got hurt by a few I've lost. Music leaves me bare at times, but yeah soldier, march on. Everything comes together in the end as a good story I will tell my kids some day, when they ask where these people are now, from the pictures I keep.

Mood music, dedicated to A.N.E., Turbulence, Team Sunday, To The Billboard.


The life of kings and everything we call it,
the realization of everything that we forfeit
the last scene of the night with no applauding
trying to circle back to when the curtains were called in

DID YOU KNOW: I was watching the BET 106 and Park's Freestyle Fridays Jin vs. Skyzoo battle with Hotnixx over at my place a couple of years back and vowed to Hotnixx that I was gonna have a show with Jin some day. Two years after, I did exactly that. Skyzoo's project EP with 9th Wonder made me pick up the phone and call Labo of Lyrical Assault to do the same thing -- all B-Roc produced 5 song EP, well it still hasn't materialized.

MIGUEL x J.COLE "All I Want Is You"

Miguel feat. J.Cole - All I Want Is You

Yes, the Drake video for Over has dropped today as well. In contrast to that, the only person I see giving Drake a run for his money or at least making the hiphop charts memorable this year, would be this dude named J.Cole -- I mean we've heard his mixtape and I mos def have been impressed with this kids lyrics, delivery and syllabication -- everything has been amazing thus far. The only question in my head was whether he could cater to a more commercial sound. Pairing up with another one of my favorite singers Miguel (I have been playing his joints during my stint at 105.9's Fro Show -- if you haven't heard of this dude, go get his song called "DIG") and displays a balance of sincerity and asshole-ness, fitting perfect to the concept.

Joy Denalane feat. Raekwon - Heaven or Hell

This song also reminds me of the vintage hiphop drums and feel of a particular Joy Denalane song that featured Raekwon called Heaven or Hell. Here's the video, do your research and enjoy both the songs -- same shit, different casts, different times.

Monday, April 12, 2010



Eleksyon Nanaman is a picture campaign by Manila's best kept secret and yes he is my favorite photographer -- he also has the best verse on the Mike Swift "Legendary" album (go head, ask Mike). You guessed it, my brother Ryan Andres. News is he is getting back in the studio soon to lay down some music soon after his marked law school graduation this coming 19th of April. Congratulations bro, I'm proud of you! Keep working at it, we've been apart too long -- hope all is well on your end.

Friday, April 9, 2010




Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Regardless of how you put it, how hiphop is supposedly dead, this is the most talented we've become as human beings. The neutrality and the innocence of hiphop has already been shed, and like proud brothers, walk with hiphop through puberty. Talent reigns in this time -- skill is something talent is shaped by over the years, but truthfully, no matter what you see, hate and appreciate with this music grind -- there is talent behind it. Whether pure or deceitful, there is talent behind it. Whether to bust on the mic or the hustle behind these deals, talent remains supreme. As a testament of this, I give you OVER -- not as Drake heard it, but as delivered to you in respect to yes, my good friend -- Talent.

Thanks for swinging by,
I hear you John Lennon, I hear you country;
Play my hiphop.

How you like that Mia?

ILL K Entry 28 "BAGUA"

BAGUA 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Saturday, April 3, 2010



Common's new movie "Just Wright"

Friday, April 2, 2010



Yes, we are still pushing above and beyond, spreading the love throughout what Manila is setting as our humble playground. Today, we feature Team Nimbus' venture into film via an entry to your girls favorite chill spot, Victoria Court. This short video stars Jacky Reyes and one of Soulfiesta's avid readers -- Pio Domingo (Ayos sa dance moves bro! Great job!). This video also bring cameos from Reg Rubio, The Future Kid, Agee D and more! Soundscapes provided by supreme beat architects Chrizo, Traumatik and Caliph numero ocho. Enjoy this one kids, and I heard So Wonderful is getting shot real soon. Anticipation is crazy on who gets the lead girl role for a song such as this.

It's a Soulfiesta -- keeping Turbulence history audible and readable.