Sunday, March 31, 2013


 photo TECTONICSII_zps84cab1d0.jpg

Interesting matches here, support your local hiphop.

They used to not let us do our own shows intelligently.

Urban Myx Live, I don't think you understand how big this is for hiphop in Pinas.

Xienhow feat. Zeps - Price Of My Life (Official Music Video)

See you when you touch down pai, Araneta Dreamin'.

Friday, March 29, 2013

MUGEN: Life of a Fighter

Please support Mark Stiegl's documentary by visiting their Kickstarter page here.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


 photo JEDLI-1_zpsd989ba1b.jpg

Jedli feat. Sizzle - 805 Special; listen to the track here. Hot shit for the summer of '13

IRIE SUNDAY's this coming April 2013

 photo IRIESUNDAY_zps616d8b9d.jpg

Might see you here if there isn't an Aracama night, hahaha.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Toney Chrome "Possible" (Official Music Video)

This gotta be my favorite Toney Chrome as of late. Hot shit!

Aero will be hosting this years Sneaker Con in ILOILO!

Sneaker Summer Slam Trailer by BluQube Inc. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turbulence all day, hahahaha! Traumatik beats x FHM!

 photo FHMTEDDY_zps99a405b1.jpg

Traumatik's real name is Teddy Ver and he is featured in FHM.

Summer of '05 in the Summer of '13

For your hot days, cold nights; summer lovers and weekend flings.


Classic material, for hiphop fans worldwide. Rooted from Pinas.

Road To Araneta "Week 11 Trailer"

Help us fill up Araneta this April 9, the show is gonna be bonkers! Loonie vs Dizaster!

Monday, March 25, 2013


 photo HOOPSCAMP13_zpsb3d49f38.jpg

Alaska's legendary wing man steps into the coaching spot light and leads a summer camp!

Abaddon - Isang Buhay (Official Music Video)

This just might be the sleeper classic of this summer. Watch out now! Araneta Dreamin'

TRUE MC will be performed for the first time on April 9!

 photo TRUEMC-1_zpsdbb553df.jpg

Get your tickets now! Araneta Dreams this April 9, 2013!

New Daft Punk album "Random Access Memories"

 photo DAFTPUNK_zpse4b02c78.jpg

Coming out this May, looking forward to them changing the game again!

Vans x Summer Music Jam x May 11

 photo VANS_zps51711b2c.jpg



The Mighty Gap x WIPCAP x HeadHunter

 photo GAPWIP_zps8be38656.jpg

The Mighty Gap of PF delivering for the WIPCAPS event last friday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


 photo VECTORTHEFUTURE_zps423d9b82.jpg

Guys, this event is pretty affordable! Come out and learn a few things.

BNK "Pirates" official video launch, April 12

 photo PIRATES_zps3256dc62.jpg

After Araneta Dreams, lets support this video launch by Blaze N Kane.

NIKE Basketball Superhero ELITE series

 photo nike-basketball-superhero-elite-series-7-630x472_zps5f3a20a3.jpg

 photo nike-basketball-superhero-elite-series-6-630x472_zps1ba5a229.jpg

 photo nike-basketball-superhero-elite-series-5-630x472_zps3c7b6455.jpg

 photo nike-basketball-superhero-elite-series-4-630x472_zpse86f434b.jpg

That KD Elite Series looks nice mang. Heat stay undefeated today against the Cavs.

Erika David covers "Poetic Justice"

Damn, Erika -- how you gon' do that? Amazing cover. Best I've heard so far.


 photo WLSPOT_zps0899dccc.jpg

Get yours over the weekend! Get spotted!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Operation this coming March 22.

 photo THEOPERATION_zps1c77d150.jpg

Featuring your favorite top local brands!

Gloc 9 x Zia Quizon "Katulad ng Iba"

 photo GLOC9ZIAQUIZON_zps8a5d98a6.jpg

Catch the new Gloc 9 video on Myx this weekend!

Road To Araneta "Week 10 Trailer"

 We are slowly selling out all the tickets! This is starting to look unbelievable!

Ron Henley feat Muriel - Atat (Produced by Klumcee)

Ron Henley's album "Wala Pang Titulo" will be out soon, via MCA Universal. Support OPM!

Monday, March 18, 2013

WIPLIFE @ BSIDE this friday! March 23!

 photo WIPLIFE_zps43545c24.jpg

See you guys there! Rep that Wip Lifestyle!

Bambu feat. Prometheus Brown - Books

Easily, my favorite track from Bam's last album, One Rifle Per Family. Cop it on iTunes!

Philippine All Stars for Globe PH

Didn't I tell you how feasible hiphop is becoming? Big S/O to the Philippine All Stars.

Sole Slam Manila 2013 x Automax Car Show

Featuring current Clavel cover chick, Ellen Adarna.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Soulfiesta leaks official Ron Henley's album cover!

 photo RONHENLEYWALAPANGTITULO_zps1b76ba89.jpg

Wala Pang Titulo (MCA Universal); artwork done by people from Gnarly.

FACTS: Soulfiesta leaked Loonie's first album. Soulfiesta gave you TAO LANG and SIGE LANG -- chart toppers in their own rights, and now -- Soulfiesta gives you the working cover for Ron Henley's official debut album "Wala Pang Titulo". Several months ago, I spoke with Ron Henley --- he was asking me what I thought of the album title. I asked him to explain it to me, and it was really about - he felt he hasn't reached a level of artistry where there was a tag for him, a name - a statement you put before or after your name. Battle MC? Pinoys Finest? Philippine Phenom? Hari Ng Tugma? I guess he was right -- but beyond that -- Ron Henley is one of the most lethal song writer/MC my generation has had.

Ron Henley will be performing Biglang Liko with the Manila Symphony Orchesta on April 9!

And while the current hiphop fans might be young kids, the artists and the craftsmen has been here years ahead. This is the beauty with Ron Henley's career - while people think he is a new cat, he has really been doing the music grind years ahead of your favorite Fliptop stars. His approach and demeanor for Wala Pang Titulo has remained the same throughout the course of making it, and just so you know - he is already writing songs for the next album. Big shout outs to JD and his team! I also understand, Homegrown has been delivering record breaking sales and will be turning GOLD by the end of this month. What was the last hiphop album that reached this GOLD Record status? Keep at it! See you guys on April 9, 2013!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


 photo REEBOK2_zps0d252b1b.png

 photo REEBOK1_zps22b6f057.png

Classic like Reebok, classic like B-Roc.


 photo WAVE891_zpsd84fd59b.jpg

March 20, at Palladium. Big S/O to WAVE for celebrating my peers and the year that was!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Road To Araneta "Week 9 Trailer"

Please buy your tickets now, don't wait for it to run out.

SOLESLAM 2013 + Car Show @ One Esplanade April 13-14

 photo SOLESLAM1_zps07a649b3.jpg

Maybe a good venue for a Turbulence performance. Stay tuned!

OPM is ALIVE @ CSB March 15

 photo OPMISALIVE_zps05d3a08f.jpg

Catch the new OPM movement in the TAFT area tomorrow, VC stand up!

Jared Evans - Are We Almost There Yet?

 photo BOOMBAPampBLUES_zpsf2f07e67.jpg

One of the most slept on albums so far this year, don't miss it if you a boom bap head.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Peoples Future x Nimbusnine - Who We Be (LIVE)

 photo BEYONDBEYOND_zpse9e6ba50.jpg

DID YOU KNOW Entry 1 "Royal Elastics"

 photo ROYALELASTICS_zps653f6073.jpg

One of the first brands that trusted us to rock em for a year! Big S/O to Royal Elastics.

Purveyr TV launches first episode this March 12

 photo PURVEYRTV_zps37153fe6.jpg

Visit NMFNetwork.TV and for more details.

Get a chance to win a Black Gitara Timbre Headphones!

 photo TIMBRE_zps65245e10.jpg

Also, I heard there's a new Timbre Mixtape which will be out in a few days.

Greyhoundz and Queso live in Singapore!

 photo GREYHOUNDZQUESO_zps49f5ae54.jpg

Catch Pinoy Rock royalties in Singapore next month!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

PSA from Ogie Alcasid

 photo OGIEALCASID_zps1afb304f.jpg

Ogie Alcasid, lets you know -- that you need to buy your god damn ticket right about now!

RUBY IBARRA live in Manila!

 photo RUBYIBARRA_zps8cc51bb4.jpg

She just might be the best female MC/Lyricist I've seen for a long time.


 photo BEATMATCH_zps3f6aa94a.jpg

Your favorite TV DJ's go on a tour this summer of 2013! Make your money hiphop!

ALL STARS Dance School brings you Profo Won!

 photo ALLSTARS_zpsb5f0c611.jpg

Catch Profo Won this March 16, as he teaches his style and techniques!


 photo GLOC9-1_zps03e86c33.jpg

Check your TV schedules! And get your Araneta Dreams ticket already!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


 photo AEROSNEAKERSLAM_zps2bc1b961.jpg

I almost didn't believe it, well well well good you Albert!

Road To Araneta "Week 8 Trailer"

R2A swings by your favorite colleges! Get your tickets HERE.


 photo STNDRDS2_zpsbca2ca23.jpg

 photo STNDRDS3_zpsf5c92465.jpg

 photo STNDRDS7_zps30f2c1e2.jpg

 photo STNDRDS1_zps6fdead1c.jpg

Get yours now! Make an order at their official Facebook Page HERE.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DRAKE - 5AM IN TORONTO (Produced by Boi-1-Da & Vinylz)

 photo DRAKE5AM_zps73a4d468.jpg

This shit bangs, for real. "I'm on my King James shit, I'm trying to win here again."

Air Jordan 4 Green Glow

 photo AJ4GREENGLOW_zpsdadf3d1e.jpg

 photo AJ4GREENGLOW1_zps4ff7341a.jpg

To cop or not to cop, that is the question.

Mr. Rey x Jo-Ill messing around in the studio.

"Whatever I gain, I will share that wealth." Jo-ill

J.Cole feat. Miguel - Power Trip

 photo JCOLE3_zps23d208c4.jpg

"But you got a n*gga freeze-framed, yelling please play."

PROTEGE x ANYGMA goes to AU to battle this March!

 photo PROTEGE_zpsd6a8dbe5.jpg

Pinoy hiphop stay hot! All over the world!


Get your tickets now!!! Go to or


 photo RUBYIBARRA_zpsb134cfc7.png

Also, rumor is Ruby is set to work with one of my directors for a video. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 photo SUNDAZESMARCH10_zpsf4c08599.jpg

Sunday drinking it up for Biggie and Francis Magalona weekend.