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FEVER@ero continues through MARCH "IN MY CITY REMIX"


Aero - IN MY CITY (Produced by Joe Bum & Jin Yu's of FLIP MUSIC)

"In my city, we gotta a lot of starving artist; I'm just one of them so cop it when I drop it". Truly Aero x Turbulence and Flip Music embody this lines. Shoutouts to BoJam and Yujin for puttin' in work without the hassle of ego. You deserve all the props you get this year. I remember talking to Aero about this month long feature and how I think we should ask Flip Music to do the remix for IN MY CITY. For almost two years now, I have been formulating on how to attack the feel of Aero's jacked beat to replace it with something original without losing the vibe of this now classic song. Chancing upon Bojam this year and being on his good side only meant that working together was inevitable. Yujin, you are an amazing arranger -- you will never get the shine that you deserve cause of your behind the scenes magic. But let me put it out here and to the blog readers who visit this page world wide -- Yujin and Bojam will give you more music to celebrate to this year.

And if you thought FEVER@ero was over just cause March is here, we torch em up throughout the month as well. Picking up my slack in a few hours, hehehe. Get the new Aero mixtape son! You have no excuse, we've been giving you free shit for the past year alone!


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Yes A.N.E. -- for girls, hehehe.



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Aero - In My City (MUSIC VIDEO)

Heard Pipeline was hella packed to catch Aero in his element. Today Manila gets a peak into the main star of this show -- BACOLOD. Aero reps it hard, dope video -- dope concept and most of all dope hiphop supporters from 6100-034!! 3RD WORLD making moves pai! Cameo's by Peque Gallaga, the Mayor of Bacolod and Aero's yellow Vitara! Ready to make noise? Directed by Ryan Saez & Jayson Gupo -- and on some Konektado tsismis, I heard the video fro SEASONS is in the works. Good job Aero!! Yes you can download this on your IPOD neegi! Go ahead, Aero bring a hi definition copy of this when you hit Manila. We got places to run this by!

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Wow, now I run Facebook too? Hehehehe, don't get it all twisted. We do entertain fan art here, and appreciate em -- shoutouts to KOI! I saw this earlier, a Kristine Singson girl on Facebook is making a banner/poster for her celebrity crush, one of the members of BACKSTREET BOYS. And yeah, I decided to snatch those pics up. Go ahead, tell me all about it kids.


Aero - Get Jay-z For Mike Swift (Produced by Dash)

Here's a story for the hiphop books. Did you know Aero made this song without meeting Mike Swift? Off of the strength of the To The Billboard movement, mad songs collected by Mike from across states and countries and Aero pitched in. Aero continuosly puts Bacolod in the map. Catch my drift here, catch Mike's drift -- Konektado. This is an MC Dash produced song, which was recorded at my place by Aero for the Mike Swift spearheaded movement. And also check the picture above, I remember telling Aero we were to meet Andrew E one night and well he didn't budge as much, prolly was the alcohol but neegi -- I knew it was going through his head like whoa, hehehe. We just kicked it with Andrew E and it feels good to be part of an artist's moving up on his indie grind. Meeting Andrew E as an independent artist displays certain relevance with the way you play the cards you've been dealt with. We got to drink some beer while Andrew sipped on his iced tea and Aero got a tour of his studio and his platinum records wall! Good times! Shoutouts to Alfred! Dedicated to that Aquarian who had a prom night birthday party.


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The small dance between Aero and Turbulence ended up with Turbulence signing him up after 3 years of boogie. I remember getting interviewed by SoulSonic TV one time and was asked who I said a do emcee was, and without hesitation Aero was the answer I gave them and its only fitting that I put my money where my mouth is. There are only a few other cats that catch my attention -- but today and this whole month I give it back to a dude who never faded away and kept pushing regardless of what Turbulence as a whole is up to. Read through as we keep things relevant in Soulfiesta, catch Aero's point of view on things like the Philippine Hiphop Awards, Kanye West, girls not giving head, classic albums and showing you what it means to be a Bacolod MC in the thriving Manila bred scene.

SOULFIESTA: My dude, tell us, what is it like being an emcee in Bacolod? Whats the difference between the Manila scene and the Bacolod scene? What is Manila missing out in terms of what you experience back home?

Being an emcee in Bacolod City is dope! I can truly say I'm a pioneer as a fact with a braggadocio manner. When we started 3rd World, we set the standards for the small Hip-Hop scene that existed. It has grown rapidly over the years since 2004. Of course, I get more love out here. I'm just a hungry emcee in Manilla going for my piece of the pie. The love is genuine in The City Of Smiles. It's none of that smile-in-your-face-stab-you-in-the-back wack shit.

You had a stint being on a regional radio broadcast station? What music where you playing? And at that time what OPM song where you pushing to get airplay?

Yeah, I was a radio personality for a few years at NBC Jamie@102.3 FM while I was going to the University Of St. La Salle. Aero. was my name. Hahaha! I did that on purpose because further down the line I already knew I was going to plug myself through shameless promotion. I worked part-time as I was getting my Business Management degree. Basically, I started doing radio because I was offered a Hip-Hop/R&B show called Choklit Soul every Thursday nights with my mentor Reese Gayle. She taught me the ropes on how to handle the things in the booth. Good times. As I became a regular DJ, I was given six days out of the week and I played the current Top 30 hits. From Choklit Soul, I created my own pure Hip-Hop show called PhatSat every Saturday afternoons. Well, from CD samplers that we had I played Francis M, MastaPlann, Sun Valley Crew, Seven Shots, Krook N Jolo, South Border and a couple of others.

I heard you cook alot, and drink alot -- what 5 dishes do you like best along with your brew?

True and true. This is easy. Chicken Inasal (Nena's Beth at Manokan Country). Grilled Squid. Kinilaw Na Tanigue. SPAM Kelaguen (Guam recipe). Spicy Buffalo Wings. Man, I love Chicken-N-Beer! Word to Ludacris!

Whats the story about you making it part of 6000 Goonz, how'd you hook up with em and 5 Songs Only not being released yet? Are we ever going to see it available for release?

Before I flew out to Manilla for The Community 2 in 2007, I hollered at a couple of producers and I only received two replies. One was from you (B-ROC) and the other one was from DiCE. I even remember DiCE leaving a comment on MySpace saying, "Great emcee from the South!" Anyway, I went to DiCE's MobbStarr Crib Studio a day after I payed a visit to your SoulFiesta Studio. I was with Hitmann who was working for IndiePlug at the time and he documented my first encounter with MobbStarr, Gloc-9 and Jay Flava. I kicked a freestyle for DiCE and he liked it. And because you told me Turbulence Productions had a closed roster, I just wanted to be affiliated with a group that made good musick. 6000 GOONZ welcomed me to their family and during Fete De La Musique 2007, Jay Flava made it public during our set. The FiveSongsOnly EP was done in a span of three days and, unfortunately, will not be released anymore. Instead, a full length album is in the works. You're probably going to get 13 songs from it.

What 3 things should people prioritize in doing when they hit up Bacolod?

First, try to catch one of our annual festivals. Masskara Festival is in October. Panaad Sa Negros Festival is in April. Second, eat at Nena's Beth in Manokan Country. Get the Pecho-Pak and top your Steamed Rice with Toasted Garlic and Chicken Oil. Don't forget to dip your chicken in the Sinamak! Third, bring home your loved ones a piece of Bacolod City with pasalubong treats from Bong-Bong's like Piaya or Barquillos.

You were part of The Community 2 celebration that was held in The Basement in Eastwood, how was that experience? And what about The Community shows do you think the scene now is missing?

Oh, The Community 2 was sick! I got a chance to perform in front of an entirely brand new audience and I loved it! Being a fan that I am, I was taking pictures with cats that I just seen on MySpace. I met with the best of them and I'm still cool with everybody up to this day. That was the same Community when Francis M quietly crept in and did his thing with Loonie. If I wasn't so drunk, I could have snapped a shot with him too! Instead, I was outside freestyling with some heads and I totally missed out on the opportunity. Regrets. What The Community will always be missing is The King Of Rap doing classic performances like that.

Aero rocking at The Community 2, with of course, a brew in hand

You recently joined the MTV Jeepney Music artist search, with all the hoopla about it -- whats your personal take on where it could've have adjusted and improved? With the sour taste left on artists palettes that the show gave, what kind of effect do you think it has for established artist and aspiring ones?

MTV EMERGE WAS STRAIGHT UP FUCKING WACK!!! I mean, if I would've known that it was going to be based on online voting then I should have just asked my brother to hook me up with a vote bot. I was thinking about it too. He was just one "yes" away from installing it but, as an artist, I have pride and dignity and it ain't fair for the others who are competing fairly. Yo, I remember having the same amount of votes as one of the winners and by the next day, they were up by around 300. You literally would have to be voting every five minutes and I got better things to do rather than to sit in front of a computer and vote for myself. Come on, yo. I also actually believed he was going to run through some of the songs and find substance. Some of the winners do have talent though. Apl.De.Ap and Jeepney Music need to open up their ears a little more and find the right ones to ride with him in the Philippines. With all the money he's making with the Black Eyed Peas (especially with their new pop sound), it's chump change for him to invest in the talent we have in the motherland.

Which B-Roc produced or assisted song did you wish were given to you to rock a remix to?

I got two off the top of my head right now. Tilt Your Cap (To The Billboard) with Nimbus9 and God's Will. Booked Me A Flight with you. It's life in between aero.ports mang! Holler!!!

Whats your take on Kanye West's lyrical skills amidst his more commercial chess play?

Kanye West is nice with his. From The College Dropout to 808s & Heartbreak, I've been tuned in to his rhymes. When I listen to some of his wordplay, I'm like, "Yo, why didn't I think of that?" Hahaha! That's the genius behind it. I have never heard a wack verse from Kanye at all on songs that were either underground or commercial. I think his slang adds flavor to his bars as well.


If there is another artist from Bacolod that we should all be in tune to who would it be?

Sugartown Dancehall Packers is the hottest Reggae band in the city right now. You need to catch a live show to see what I'm talking about. Their Matisyahu cover songs are sick!

How many bottles of Red Horse does it take to really get your drunk?

Hahaha! I feel good off of 3 Litros or 6 500s or 9 Stallions. Cheers!

Lon feat. Aero - The Riddle

I've seen you rock shows, book your own flights, get flown out – get around both Manila & BCD, hang around the trenches -- and yet you have shown great respect and maintain the fan in you. What keeps you grounded? What have you learned throughout your years as an independent hiphop artist mingling around with different camps?

Thanks mang. Before I started rapping, I was a fan and that will never ever fade away. I appreciate good musick that's all. But besides Gloc-9 and maybe Andrew E., everybody in the Philippine Hip-Hop industry is struggling. We all know that. Don't front. Shit, my merchandise like T-Shirts and CDs make more money than shows that pay. Our own individual hustle will only pull in a small percentage of what they make off what we all love to do. I've been rhyming since 1993 but I only took Hip-Hop serious in 2006 when I dropped the aero. EP. It's almost four years in the Pinoy rap game and I'm happy with what I have achieved so far. 2000WIN!!!

Drake or J. Cole? Whats the most notable song you listen to from both?

This is tough because these are the two new school cats that I listen to a lot. So, I got to say I like both of them. Drake and J. Cole haven't even released albums but their names are bigger than most who already got a couple out! It's coconuts! Drake got mad songs that I like but Comeback Season is what comes to mind right now. J. Cole got mad songs that I like but Welcome is what comes to mind right now. Peep Drake's Comeback Season mixtape and J. Cole's The Warm Up mixtape.

Out of all the songs you've done, why did you choose to make a video for In My City? Who directed it, whats the concept behind it and when are we seeing it?

In My City is the song that gave me my place in Philippine Hip-Hop. It represents me and where I'm from very well. It was a mixtape joint that I did over Scarface's On My Block which can be found on The City Of Smiles Slinger Mixtape. It took me less than 30 minutes to write and record because naturally I already knew what to say. It's a type of track that an everyday Bacolodnon would be proud of. It's also a type of track that a foreigner would hear and be able to visualize what it's like in Bacolod City without even stepping a foot in it. Yo, I'm also excited about BoJam's Joe Bum Remix! I can't wait! Hahaha! I did a mall show in Robinson's Place Bacolod for SikatTV in exchange for the video. The local channel IslandLiving is responsible for the shoot and I thank them greatly for the opportunity. Ryan Saez and Jayson Gupo directed the musick video. Also, shout outs to Michael Lee and Fritz Delos Santos for their assistance. The video further depicts the already vivid lyrics and it's not even close to any of that flashy shit. Hell, I'd be faking the funk if I went as far as that! But I'll be officially launching the video on February 26th at Pipeline Bacolod. It's free for all so if you're in Bacolod City or you know someone who is spread the word and be part of something special. SoulFiesta viewers will get to see it on February 27th so keep coming back to check for it! I just don't want to spoil it for my people who actually come through and show me some love that night. 70,000 hits here we come!

Aero - Hiphop Is Alive

What was it like hearing your song on the radio in Manila? And for Manila heads to eventually give you props? Any experience you can share?

I came to Manilla off of mixtape money. The shirts weren't popping off as much yet. From The Bacolod City Bandit Mixtape and The City Of Smiles Slinger Mixtape I was able to make P60,000. That's hand-to-hand hustle. My Bacolod City boys who are Manilla-based held me down. They went with me everywhere from recording studios to radio stations. The crew and I went into almost every station there is in Manilla but I remember going into Wave 891 and meeting Garry Caoili, the station manager. Immediately, he asked why we were there. I told him I flew in from Bacolod and I'd like to push my musick in Metro Manilla. He was cool and calm and I was nervous and a bit paranoid off the blunt we just had. He invited us into his office and asked for a CD and which track to play. I said to play Track 13 which was In My City. Garry listened to the whole track and asked if that was really me. Hahaha! After, he asked me if it was okay to rip the song. I said sure. The next thing that happened will forever remain with me and my rap career. He handed me a piece of paper and I was like, "What's this for?" He said that those slips are given to artists whose songs will go on air at Wave. Me and the boys couldn't believe what he said. Imagine walking into a radio station with no connection and no appointment and getting your song added to their playlist instantly! When we got out of the Strata 2000 building and hopped back in the ride, minutes later, In My City was playing and the rest is history. Thanks Wave891 and Garry Caoili!

How do you deal with a broad that doesn't give head?


If you were to be part of one classic album in the 90's, which one would you want to have rocked a verse on? and which song?

Globally, I would have to choose between Wu-Tang Clan's Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) on Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit or Souls Of Mischief's '93 'Til Infinity on '93 'Til Infinity. Locally, it's either MastaPlann's MastaPlann on Is It Tyme or Sun Valley Crew's Sun Valley Crew on Da Place Where We Dwellz. These four Hip-Hop acts are all influences of mine.

Whats the oddest song you've sang in the showers?

I don't sing son!

Stop fooling yourself son, I've heard you sing a couple of tunes drunk. This month, we celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of Tippin' The Scales - Low Key told us his favorite track on that CD is your song - whats your favorite track on that CD and how was it being part of that release?

Word! Thanks Low Key! Yo, let me get on one of your beats! Damn, it's been two years since we launched Tippin' The Scales! Happy Anniversary to everyone who put in work on that project! Let me feel my own shit and stick my hand in the toilet. Hahaha! I like Watch Watchu Say because it was a song that I aimed at wack rappers who are given the the time to shine with nonsense rhymes. Hearing their tracks on heavy rotation from radio to television is just sickening to me. Besides that, it would have to be the Nimbus9 and God's Will joint, Tilt Your Cap. Do I hear a remix coming soon???

Do you think The Philippine Hiphop Awards represent the regional acts respectfully?

I've never been to The Philippine Hip-Hop Awards. Two years ago, I heard I was supposed to be a nominee for at least two categories and when I checked their website I wasn't even acknowledged. It's all good though. We all know that titles are temporary but musick is made to last forever. So, I let it speak for itself. As long as I know my musick is out there getting played, it's a reward that's better than an award to me. I know a lot of dope emcees/rappers in the Visayas and Mindanao that will probably never get their recognition. As a matter of fact, Luzon has a lot of unheard talent too. If you're not in Manilla, you will never even be considered. Maybe The Metro Manilla Hip-Hop Awards would be a more suitable name for it. So no, The Philippine Hip-Hop Awards do not represent the regional acts respectfully. Give me an award and I might change my mind!

3rd World - On The Rise

Are we ever gonna see you battle again? Maybe through the new battle circuit show going on around the metro every month?

I've had my share of battles and contests and what not. Right about now, I'm really focusing on trying to make hits. FlipTop Battle League invited me to join their first event but because I was not in Manilla, I wasn't able to attend. And I'm not saying I quit battling but it doesn't excite me as much anymore. A win or a loss wouldn't affect me in anyway at this stage. Put up some cash and who knows? Hahaha!

Thanks for the interview man, I know you gon be killing the studio when you touch down in Manila soon, you have the AMP verses to finish, a couple of beats to scout around the metro, a photoshoot for the Gold Barz cover then we start working on the putting together the foundation for your debut album. Also, I wanna tell the readers we are extending FEVER@ero into March cause yeah I had some work to attend to and missed out on a couple of days so yeah up the ante bro!

Thanks to B-Roc and SoulFiesta for the FVR@ERO. feature for the whole month of February! Yo, B we were missing a lot of daze and your readers didn't feel the illness as much as I wanted them too. Let's make it up in March! Aeron Nicolas I love you! QT thanks for being there for me! Mom, Dad, Edwin & Jan I'll be here for you! Lola get well soon! Bacolod City we 3rd WorldWIDE! Turbulence Productions and 6000 GOONZ let's keep killing the game! A.M.P. hold it down like GOLD BARZ! Mr. A & Mr. E are MILITARY BRATS! The Straight A Students is about to take them to SCHOOL! Any producers want to help a homey out??? ILLMIND what up! Any emcees want to help a homey out??? Geologic what up! Look out for my album A.E.R.O. coming soon! That's the Album Emcees/Rappers Own, bitches! Ride with me!

P.S. On February 26, 2010, join me as I launch the In My City musick video and the Manokan Country & Masskara Festival Flavored CD at Pipeline Bacolod! 9 PM! Free entrance! Support your local musick!

P.S.S. Get your @.WAER (pronounced as AWARE) T-Shirt now! BE @.WAER!!!

aero. (aeroWithADot)

+639196716478 aerowithadot

THE DISTANCE Part I by RJAY of LDP & Pow Chavez

Rjay of LDP feat. Pow Chavez - The Distance Part I
(Produced by Bojam & Yujin of Flip Music)

From the people behind this years amazing singles, FLIP MUSIC gives you The Distance Part I. LDP has officially come out of your moms basement and well from winning at WAVE's Urban Awards to having a solo like this come out only means one thing -- they're ready for some groupies! Hehehe, playing aside, shoutouts to FLIP MUSIC and LDP for continuosly making noise! I've dealt with a track like this before, Nimbus' If Loving You Is Wrong and it's nice to know that Rjay decides to carry on tradition -- not of broken hearts but penning down the emotions that build our character. Repetition is the father of learning, and your habits form your character. Trust me Rjay, when this girl comes back or if she is already around -- you will get that phone call. Good job on the bridge Pow!!

Enjoy this one kids, download the song HERE.

TURBULENCE goes to BAGUIO FEB 24, 2010 -- tonight!!!


First off, I wanna say REST IN PEACE to The Hiphop Vote -- we had our run. It was one of the reasons why I left Pinas, that was one of the last pieces that made my decision concrete. It was when two years ago, nobody picked up on the idea I was bringing them to the table. Too ahead of my time is an angle that still cheers me up from time to time. Maybe some other day my friend. Next is, cmon son! Dick Gordon's campaign song and now God's Will is organizing this SK VOTE 2010 in Baguio City. Chu know about covering bases -- Baguio, Manila, Olongapo, Batangas, Bacolod, nah mean? I'm not even mentioning our KONEKTADO broadcasts!!

Catch Slick n Sly Kane and your favorite producer's favorite producer Chrizo as they host this event and give you performances by Gloc 9, Sinag, 2600 Kings, P-Funk & Norte De Familia, Baguio Amplified Hiphop Crew and tons more! Neegi, whatchu know about that! BAGUIO Convention Center -- shoutouts to my boy Kaydee and One Mic Productions! Sorry for the lack of communication from our end, its a tight knit event and Godsweezy seemed hella busy man! We'll catch you on the next one!


Quest - Bagumbayan (Produced by Bojam & Yujin of FlipMusic)

As you may all know by now, Quest is the voice behind the presidentiable campaign theme song for Dick Gordon. With music done by the most relevant producers of the year, Bojam & Yujin -- this has caught the attention of networks, media and well the election craze has already began. Quest was recently featured in Jessica Soho Reports on the episode regarding presidential jingles and campaign songs, and form what I heard - Konektado tsismis lang -- they hand picked this song as the most relevant and less gimicky of all the songs out there. This song is launching Gordon's campaign and we wish him luck in his bid to becoming the next Philippine president. An official video for this song will be shot soon, from what I heard they're shooting it in Subic, one video without Gordon and one video with him as well. Busy busy year ahead for everyone in Turbulence and Flipmusic -- don't fail to catch in a few minutes the release of Rjay's The Distance.

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FEVER@ero DAY 21 "Original version of Watch Whatchu Say"


Aero - Watch Whatchu Say (Original Version)

Before Tippin' The Scales became available to your ears, Aero was putting in work -- a testament to that is this unearthed original version of Watch Whatchu Say. I say Chrizo was the perfect producer to bringing these verses the added firepower it needed sonically! Which then leads me to ask, whats your favorite Aero track? And also, since we're finalizing the interview already, lets make it interactive. Anything you wanna ask Aero? Anything at all? Click on comment and lets make it happen! Game!

Congratulations to FILAM FUNK!! LA Asian Pacific Film Festival this MAY 2010!

Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila trailer from Mark V on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Mark Villegas for making the festival! His new documentary Lyrical Empire which features interviews & insights from some of Pinas' best will be shown at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival in May of 2010. Props to everyone who made it possible! Team Turbulence takes part in this documentary heavy! Catch Mastaplann, Philippine All Stars, QYORK, Dash, LDP, Datu and a whole lot more in this short film.



AMP - Rockstar (Produced by Traumatik)

So you thought we forgot about Traumatik's stashed away hits? We surprised you last September Madness when we put out Nimbus' If Loving You Is Woring. This track is coming local hiphop supergroup AMP from their 2009 CD "Aquariuss/AMP BLVD", this is the roots of Keep Elevating -- shoutouts to BoJam & Yujin! Before the heavy guitar riffs of the recent BoJam and Yujin assisted track, AMP was killing it, and killing rock star statuses through this Traumatik beat! In other AMP news, I heard the first single is going to feature Monique on the hook and yes you guessed it -- Traumatik is behind that coming single. Not even alot from Turbulence has heard the shit they've been working on. And also, I heard that they're trying to lure in Kat Agarado for a track called H20. I mean, it's just me and these are just rumors. We'll see how the A&R pulls this off.

Turbulence x 3rd World will be releasing the music video for Aero's IN MY CITY on FEBRUARY 26 via a video launching event in PIPELINE, Bacolod. If you are in his side of town, do hit him up and bring all your peoples with you! Get a chance to see Bacolod history in the making! Heads from Manila will be viewing the new video via this blog the following day so stay tuned!! Catch the new Aero interview in a few days!

NOTES: Did you know? Aero made a song called Free Traumatik during The Community 2 season, and Chrizo made a Free Traumatik air brushed shirt that he debuted when he hosted the event! Whatever happened to Traumatik that time that he needed to be freed? I remember shouting 'em out on radio and even Rico Robles thought he was in jail or something. You know how we do! Hehehehe, and yeah the picture about is the e-poster for the Aquariuss/AMP Blvd launching last year -- if you look closely on the other blogs and bulletins I put up then, I put there LOTR 3 -- which stood for both, Launch Of The Righteous 3 (Aero, Marquiss & PHD) and also to fuck around with people who read this blog -- LOTR 3's subtitle is Return of the King. I came in as a surprise for people who came to the event! Good times!

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First love, I know you haven't forgiven me
for all the women I seen up in the Philippines..

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Hotnixx, God's Will, Aero, 12Gauge, Nimbusnine, Black & PHD - Whoa (Pilipinas Remix)

February 19 2008, Team Turbulence launched Tippin' The Scales at 32nd Street at The Fort. Know for a fact that my team is critical when it comes to details, most especially when it comes to finishing up an album. If I'm not mistaken the last 2 tracks to be recorded for this release was Summer Love and Aero's Watch Whatchu Say. I remember Chrizo coming to the house during the deadline day delivering this song to me. And we had arranged the sequence alphabetically, which was a challenge Aero helped ease. From the makings of B-Sides and Philippine Phenom -- the first song of each release sets the tone for the surprise and range of the album. Watch Whatchu Say did what Wishing On A Star did for B-Sides and Confused did for Philippine Phenom. This beat was highly complemented by Low Key as his favorite from the CD.

As we celebrate today with the people who worked hard on this album, we give you one of the tracks which we were so happy to do. Whoa by Buckwild is one of my all time favorite beats, and the idea of rhyming everything with Whoa when Black Rob came with it was very entertaining to me -- so yeah, here's to reviving a classic. From the way people received our version of Touch It another year prior to this, made us do this version of Whoa. I remember Nixx, Aero writing to this at Soulfiesta Studio and 12 Gauge was just there in the studio, vibing. Not knowing who he really was, I told him to jump on the track. He then came up with 12 bars, recorded it and I felt people are just gonna overshadow his verse if he doesn't come up with a whole 16 -- and so he did, but before he did -- I remember Ate Baby calling is out of the studio to have lunch first. Good times!

TIPPIN THE SCALES first year anniversary write up HERE.

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Should they or shouldn't they? "WE ARE THE WORLD 25"

Why wasn't Musiq & Anthony Hamilton given solos to rock?


Aero feat. DJ Mr. Vibe - Pinoys Makin' Noize

DAY 18 we give you an unreleased Aero track which as far as I know didn't make the final list of songs featured on the QYORK mixtape of the same title. It's very apt that Aero is part of this mixtape whether he got signed to Turbulence or not -- he is part the new bred of Pinoy acts who have been raised in different country codes and is now residing and repping Pinas hard. The picture above is the cover and tracklisting of the said mixtape, which also includes other Turbulence tracks such as last Septembers feature "GET OUTTA HERE" which features Knowa, Chelo, Nimbus & G-Dub, the Hotnixx track "WHO TOLD YOU", "REPPIN" by Nimbus, Chrizo's remix of Francism's "THE LIGHT (REMIX)" and the soundtrack of this blog itself "SOULFIESTA" by Aero and Gods Will.

Shoutouts to DAVE KLASSIK for putting in work for this release. Cop this release, out soon -- with cuts from your favorite Pinoy hiphop acts situated across the world. New tracks by Jo-Ill, Chill, Knowalazarus, Pikaso, Komplex One, Myra, Roscoe Umali and more. And yeah, how about a Flavamatikz beat on the Aero debut album? Cmon Peaches, work your magic.


ILL K Entry 11 "WU MASSACRE Cover"

Wu Massacre CD Cover, Wu Tang is for the children, word to ODB.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



TAKEN FROM AEROWITADOT: Here's another episode from J-Hon's HEeZ TV and Mike Swift's To The Billboard movements. J-Heezy is still on that comedy crack and Mike Sweezy is forever crushing cuts. This time the Camera Gangsters link up with fellow Filipino New Yorkers N.Y.F.P. and Paro Paro Beats in a video called "Lupa". Sick. This track will be on the "Bagong Luma" album dropping in the summer. I personally like the closing statement made by Pinoy's Finest. Peep it.

One more thing, I heard through the grapevine that To The Billboard/Konektado is going global via website (as if they aren't already) and I got the link right here. Sign up now to know anything and everything about the movement. There will be a soft launching by the end of the week so stay tuned in. Get involved



Aero - Tongue Twister (Produced by The Beatmonx)

As we continue to revive the lost time spent vacationing in Pinas, I give you this track by Aero called "Tongue Twister" -- produced by The Beatmonx, word is Aero will be working on a video for this soon and that he is adamant on having Gloc 9 rock a verse on this song for the remix. Here's you're FEB 17 fix on our featured artist of the month, happy birthday to my idol the original Mr. Tongue-out-twisting-in-mid-air himself -- Michael Jordan.

ILL K Entry 11 "Warrior of the Light x Legacy"


NIMBUS x GAP project album coming out soon!

Not a lot of things slip past through me if it something creatively being done in the hiphop backyard that I have, but this one caught be surprisingly off guard in my last visit to Pinas. Locked Down and Turbulence have been sister companies in more ways than one since ILL-J's Sick Wid It track. We've seen gems come out of both camps throughout the years, and this is no excuse. Nimbusnine and Gap of Peoples Future comes together to make some music this year. I've yet to hear the tracks they've made, but the idea alone is something I'm looking forward to. Hmmm -- I expect to hear some Mr. E instrumentals here and yeah, Chrizo gave me a preview of a beat already getting prepped up for this installment, well if you've managed to see the birthday boys video, its that one he lets play out at the end of the short promotional video. Bangin beats Chrizo!

Mr. Warrior of the Light teams up with Mr. Legacy -- there are somethings I don't have control over and that is often a good thing. I'm excited for this team up and will write more about them as updates occur!

Drake X Sprite

DRAKE x SPRITE Commercial Extended Version

What up to the blogging world?! Been a hot minute man as I flew back to Pinas to spend the weekend with friends, fam and yeah Wolfman -- which has gotta be the most disappointing movie of the year. How could you, Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Del Toro -- settle for a movie this bad, dont even point your fingers on the recession niggy! Tons of things looking up for the coming month. The first Nimbus 9 single of the year, a super event that will shock everyone in our beloved well knit hiphop community and more!!

But first let me get things straightened out with February! Aero features, interview, music video release will all come around towards the 2nd half of this month so yes, thank you for keeping your patience and for keeping it hot in the blog while I was gone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NAS x SALAAM REMI talks "If I Ruled The World"

Nas talks about making this classic song featuring Lauryn Hill

FEVER@ero DAY 10 "6000 Goonz x 5 SONGS ONLY"


Aero feat. Crazy Bangin - Five Songs Only (Produced by The Beatmonx)

After 5 days of absence in the blogging world, here comes DAY 10 -- which also means we will go deep into March for the days that I missed out on. Blame it on the weekend alcohol yo, Macmallon 18 and 12, Stella, Hoegarden, Erdinger, Tiger and some vodka, cheers! Today I feature this track which Aero will expound on more during the interview I'm doing with him. The title of the song is Five Songs Only -- as you may already know Aero's debut solo project as a Turbulence Productions artist was entitled SickSongsOnly and was released last August.

A few years back, Gloc 9 released his first independent project called Limang Kanta Lang which was 4 tracks produced by The Beatmonx and 1 track produced by me. Aero was recording his EP with 6000 Goonz and carrying on tradition by adhering to that same formula. The track Albert Temperosa Penafuerte which was produced by me, was a direct parallel to Gloc's song titled Aristotle Pollisco track from the same project. This whole project between Aero and 6G is yet to be released but all the tracks he's let me peep are awesome. Hopefully, they'd give this one a go signal soon! Also in this track is the now Japan based 6000 Goonz reppin DJ, Crazy Bangin providing the scratches and -- who is also better known as the DJ for Junior Kilat -- chu know about that? You could check out Crazy Bangin on Facebook dropping jewels with his soulful mixtapes!

Enjoy this one kids, middle of the week grind!


Dwayne Wade for Jordan 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

SUPERBOWL this sunday, Saints all the way!

Common's Gatorade commercial for the Superbowl 2010

FEVER@ero DAY 5 buzzer beater "Ms Mariel"

Aero - Ms. Mariel

Here's a little story Albert wants to tell, its a true story -- hehehe. Dedicated to all my peeps drinking on a friday night into the saturday buzz, trying to get their mack on the ladies holding one bottle of beer all night, hehehe. Dedicated to the ladies changing they're names in the clubs and when you greet em outside, they say thats not they're name and they don't know you. Word up, hehehe. And finally dedicated to the Stars we meet everyday, whose characters are timeless and never tarnishes. Shine on. Drink it up Manila, battles tomorrow night. I predict Datu's first ever lost.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

HOPIE SPITSHARD makes it to the PAID DUES line up

PINAY making noise

FEVER@ero DAY 4 "Albert Temperosa Penafuerte"


Aero - Albert Temperosa Penafuerte (Produced by B-Roc)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010



AMP feat. Rjay of LDP - Keep Elevating (Produced by Bojam & Yujin of FLIPMUSIC)

I've been bumping this song daily since I got it early this year, never skipped a day without playing it. Its one of the craziest song made by Turbulence and yes, we're proud that we got to work with Philippine Hiphop's best musicians -- BoJam and Yujin from Flip Music. AMP ressurrects the 90's in an amazing display of rhymes, flow and relevance. Much props to everyone who created this song, Turbulence and Flip Music embodies the very title to this track -- I was suppose to include the lyrics to the song but the boys got too lazy, hehehe. Enjoy this one as I leave you with some side notes from the person who spearheaded this collaboration, RJay of LDP. Fiyah!!! Listen to it and I dare you not to play it again! I mean, cmon man -- DAY 3, temperatures elevating man, feverish!


From Rjay of LDP:

The track is for the upcoming 'Side Project' Mixtape and it's gonna be focusing on LDP collaborating with other artists; which is why we've decided to collaborate with AMP. First, I sent AMP the beat coming from Bojam. Waited for a few weeks then the boys told me that I should give them an idea or a concept so that they could start working on it. So I sat on the beat for about two weeks if I remember it right. It wasn't an easy beat to write to since it sounds a whole lot different from the finished track without the drum patterns and working with just a plain loop. Then I thought of what LDP and AMP want to do as much as other independent artists as well and that's to KEEP on ELEVATING. That's what I felt while writing down the lyrics of the hook and bridge.

I visited Bojam a week after I wrote the lyrics. Recorded it and sent it to the boys. After a few weeks, Marquiss, Jess and B-Roc dropped by to record at Bojam's. That's when they made me throw my hands up outside the place while you guys were watching me from inside the car HAHA! AND YEAH! SHAKEY'S PIZZA!!! Then Bojam sent the unfinished track to Aero and he sent his verse via Email to Bojam straight from the City of Smiles. After the track's been completely recorded Yujin of JOINT (Bojam's band) layed in the different crazy drum patterns for every verse.



Monday, February 1, 2010

FEVER@ERO DAY 2 "Verses from '93"

Aero - Verses From '93

Before we lay out the new FLIP MUSIC x TURBULENCE song for you tomorrow -- we give you this classic Aero joint. The heart and cry of my peers in hiphop these days seem to be, bring that 90's hiphop ish back! As much as we will move forward, the vintage appeal of rap in the 90's make our foundations. Before we decide to elevate our state of anything, we should be able to understand and celebrate our past. I remember Aero giving me a copy of this mixtape, The City of Smiles Slinger Mixtape -- when we first met. This was immediately in my car stereo rotation, just cause I was, just like you -- reminiscing of a doper time of music.

But freal, my A&R really was the one who made me look heavy into Aero's music. I remember PHD bringing him over, he flew in from Bacolod; comes to the studio with Hitman and just vibing -- Soulfiesta style, PHD already warned me about how impressive his stint with Black earlier that day was. And quite frankly I was the type to base how dope you are depending on how you hold a conversation with me. I mean, it don't matter to me if you are the dopest on the mic but if you don't come with a dope point of view, the music becomes secondary. And for someone to put his money where his mouth is and fly out to venture into the Manila hiphop playground -- I could only reciprocate with the same passion my A&R gave me. I think Hitman shot a freestyle session in my studio and Aero was just spittin' hard.

That night -- we ended up talking about things, Indie Plug, differences in the Manila and BCD scene, smoking some herb, The Community, finishing up bottles of Red Horse and just letting em know, that he has a place to record at whenever he's around. That night me and Aero didn't record a track, but what it was, was a good exchange. I for one, like PHD, will not sleep on talent I encounter. Will tell you more about the first track me and Aero made in the next few entries.


Drop The World x Forever