Wednesday, November 28, 2012

HOMEGROWN Album Launch at UE Theater NOV 27





Star studded event, for more pictures from the event - click here.

B-Roc x Gary V @ Awit Awards 2012.


Awit Awards 2012 backstage with Gary V. Shoutouts to Gourmet and SneakPeek!

WeLegendary Sale this NOV 30!


Holiday bread gon' be spent at WeLegendary Kamuning.
Re-stocked items and sale on selected items!

Mike Swift new mixtape "Walang Magawa" teaser

"Rhymes With Pimple" produced by DJ Spnz, scratches by DJ Buddha.


Soulfiesta x Maduming Kwarto

"We will not feel the same way about this album, but that's the point." I released an instrumental album with the knowledge that it will be shared to emcee's -- and as a creative to another, these beats were made to invoke feelings to anyone doing anything creative. Whether you paint, rap, write, sculpt, design shirts, working out, working on school stuff -- this release was for you. So to Pino G, Seth and the rest of DRP -- thank you. I appreciate  this pleasant surprise.

There are different stories behind each beat, and there are reasons behind the titles. If you ever want to find out, just ask -- for Gratitude -- it was sometime in 2005 or 2006 - the finality on which year escapes me so please forgive me. I was in Taiwan with my brother Ryan when we were diggin' in a local record store. My brother actually picked up this CD, which I won't tell you what it was, hehehe -- but introduced me to works by Eric Roberson and Jaguar Wright. This sample was the last track in the album. I heard it when my brother played it in the store and already sort of had the sample chopped in my head. So soon as we came home, I messed around with it and stashed it. Scratches came from a DJ Jazzy Jeff record, and put the sound of people cheering behind the hook part.

Gratitude was made for Crecon, a hiphop group that consists of Arkane, Psylent and me. Gratitude was actually entitled "Thank You" - and was made to give thanks to everyone who -- well you get the point. Same reason it was last in the album, to signify a giving of thanks that the flight has now landed safely. The song never materialized. This beat also made it to Jin The MC's playlist -- and was also used by Kase for a video of him and his crew painting their entry for Wall Lords 2011.

Thank you once again, to everyone who downloaded the album.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

B-Roc "This Is Your Captain Speaking"




Download "This Is Your Captain Speaking" HERE.

Today, I turn 30. There are a few things I wanted to accomplish before this day. A good part of it I've already managed to attain -- and well, yeah -- here's a gift from me to all our day one fans, and friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change some lives, some perspectives and some situations. This release, is an instrumental album -- more than a beat CD. This isn't about technical skill, the beats were made to breath a little. Allowing each listener some room to think and feel.

Alongside these 2 minute instrumentals, there is a PDF file -- which contains 3 great things. An amazing piece by Dominic Nuesa; an incredible feature article by Miao Olivar and beautiful pictures taken by my brother, Ryan Andres.

Once again, thank you for the well wishes and may you enjoy this album the way I enjoyed making it. This album is brought to you by We Legendary, Wipcaps, Gourmet Footwear, SneakPeek, Locker Room Legends, Stndrds Manila, ILL K & Purveyr.


Friday, November 23, 2012

DRP "Saludo Sa Hari" (Official Music Video)


Download the official DRP "Saludo Sa Hari" ringback tone to your phones as well!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fabolous feat. J.Cole - Louis Vitton


This beat bangs. This pairing was long overdue.

Mac Miller - You


Mac Millie just impressed the shit out of me here. Good shit, sounds like late night Thursdays.

Battle of the Beats FINALS Dec 5 @ Palladium


It's stoopid how I'm in the poster, much love though.

FROM PINOYTUNER: Music is inspiration. And for many, it is life itself. With this, we are spreading the word about the newest event that is quickly gaining the support of industry fans and common people alike. Literally, the day it began, this event started changing careers and lives. Witness with your own eyes as music industry history unfolds with this first-of-its-kind show, which has never before been seen in the Philippines. We would like you join us when we crown the very first “King of the Beats.” 



REAL TIP (J-Hoon x Nimbusnine)


One of the classic songs from J-Hoon's "Noodles" album. Turbulence reppin' hard since '99.

Soulfiesta Exclusive: Drake "Fingertips"



"Over My Dead Body" by Alex Gnoah. Download "Fingertips" here.

I've been a fan of Drake since Comeback Season -- and his musicality has always been overlooked. I understand it, and it being overlooked might just be the worlds way to balance things out with everything he's receiving. But nonetheless, I can't deny the hard work behind the grind from being relatively unknown to being hiphop's poster boy and now turning into a man in front of the world.

Must be me aging -- but for the people who really know me, I've always been inclined to the piano - I was classically trained when I was younger, and although those days are long gone and I've forgotten my Bachs, Schumann and Sonatas, I understand it. Drake's and 40's music, regardless if its Drake singing, writing or 40 producing the beats -- speaks more when its stripped down, both of them have always been inclined to the keys.  So Far Gone and Take Care's direction showcased this -- we hear samples of keys, concert piano's all throughout that release, from start to finish. Much of that same love for piano's are available for everyone to hear in his most personal of songs. There was also a time when Drake and the OVO blog was promoting an entire album by pianist, Gonzales back in 2009.

Over a month ago, I bumped into this idea of compiling peoples instrumental rendition of Drake songs -- and to my surprise, there are a lot and the way people interpreted these songs are unbelievable. This is my way of showing people the depth of these songs. Its almost like hearing what a painting should sound like, you hear shadows, you feel the lighting and even its composition -- I appreciate the renditions in a more personal note. This shows how universal hiphop has become and how intricate the feelings in the songs are -- and the way it means to the people who interpret them.

This release is blessed with great renditions by Alex Gnoah, The Theorist, Angelo Sayo, Johnny Loh, Aldy Santos, MSF Beats,  Navarone Boo, Yekno Music, Jay Doodle, David Gray, Stevie! and even David Hoffman. There are tons more available online, but these are the ones that really move me. I put them together for you guys to enjoy Drake's/40's music in a different light.

I would like to inform my readers, this is an unauthorized compilation -- the artists own the rights to their renditions and compositions, and I am crediting each one of them in hopes that you visit and research about them respectively and carry on being fans of their work through their Drake renditions.

This album is not for everyone.  

But there is something beautiful here. When you find it, its yours.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Galactic Dancehall, sirs.

Red-I's first music video, Galactic Dancehall. Hot shit.

BRGY TIBAY "Mejo Long Sets" Nov 23.


I just might get a few drinks here this friday. Say hello when you see me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Angel Haze is crazy with hers.

Angel Haze just told you a common story about she got raped by his Uncle. Damn.


December 5, Palladium -- bring everyone. Good luck to all the finalist!

Stndrds Manila is coming out with button ups?


Get yours now, Manila's urban wear just got collared.

Album launch?? Nov 27, 2012.


Hmmm, I've never heard of this album -- and I'm not sure what album it really is. Hahaha.

Neptunes In The Studio

This is the most I've seen Chad Hugo talk ever.

Making of Aston Martin Music.

One word. Rhodes.

Monday, November 19, 2012

HIT BOY is a work horse.

If you don't know, you better get familiar already. "Respect the process."



Come through on sunday, I'll hopefully be there walking around.After Team Sunday ball.

Where do I test drive these babies?




Mercedez Benz Ener-G Force concept super SUV.

Aero is an unregistered voter folks!


But freal, y'all should catch Aero and his band, Grupong Ispading -- they hella good.

Man, I want the BLACK YEEZY's.


Anybody want to help me get these Yeezy's?

GAYUMA claims the top spot on MYX!


Congratulations to Abra and the team behind this song and video! Don't stop for no one.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Up Dharma Down "Turn It Well" (Directors Cut)

Up Dharma Downs new album "Capacities" is now out, get this record asap!

The Pharm's new music video! "Limits of Stability"

Directed by Labjaxx and edited by Ill Primitivo.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

SOULFIESTA November giveaways!


Giving these away later this month, alongside a few other merchandise!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ILL K sightings!

Abra rocking that ILL KINGS "Underdog Season Begins" for his TV Show!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rent Money Tour: HAWAII

Rent Money Tour: Hawaii - Bambu, K-Luv, Big Mox, Decibel Grand

Picking up this book in a few weeks.

 There is no reason why you can't figure it out.

Slaughterhouse "Goodbye"

Too many frames broken. "The flesh disappears but the soul survives."

Get your Lion Heart Capsule Collection from UNSCHLD


Rent Money Tour: SEATLE WA

Bambu, Kixxie Siete, Rey Ressureccion, Prometheus Brown & Grynch.

Bambu feat Dash, Protege, ILL-J, Switchtrik & Juss Rye

More Bambu "Rent Money" news in a bit.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

HI FAN Records drops a new music video today!

 Nica Del Rosario feat. Sevenes - UNOS

Saturday, November 10, 2012





For your yoga class -- in colors you might like.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Do you want to be on top?

Sarah Meier-Alabano on hosting TOP MODEL Philippines.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Real men cry in gratitude.

Great campaign run, pay it forward. What a great start for these young professionals.

Kendrick Lamar x Lady Gaga - Bitch Dant Kill My Vibe

"I can feel your energy from 2 minutes away."

Jon Stewart fucks up Fox News!

Kudos to Jon Stewart! Love this guy!

"Self Taught" Rjay x DJ Spnz


Can't school me, I'm that coo. Self Taught, those horns Spnz!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stevie Wonder's music immortalized again.

Obama is a class of his own. Great speech, now time to get to work.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OBAMA gets re-elected for another 4 years.


Ohio for the win, I'm sure Romney will drag this to court. Hang in there, its not yet over.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saigon - Blown Away

Saigon, addresses the fans who are sleeping on the chances they have daily.

Batman: Puppet Master (Fan Made Short Film)

There are dope fan made Batman short films all over the net. Go watch em!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Talib Kweli meets Anthony Bourdain

Talib should drop a new cd soon, dontchu think?

Dumbfounded - For You

If you ever had a chance to download his Valentine 2012 drop, its one of his best work.

Alicia Keys performs Girl On Fire

Looking forward to hearing the album, Ms. Keys.

Beware of fake WIPCAPS!


They appreciate the flattery, but don't take money away form their hard work.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Queso holds their long awaited reunion this month!


Amoranto Theater this coming November 28 and 29.

Get the new PULP Magazine, it features Gloc9!


Get your copy now! Picture taken by Thea Pollisco.

August Wahh - Starborn (Live)

August Wahh performs Starborn.

Jeff Staple in Manila.

Jeff Staple in Manila for Platform Talks, video courtesy of @MargauxSue

Team Sunday plays in medium security, Bilibid.Prison.

That Team Sunday love.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Racism in the Philippines

Alex Omiunu is a Nigerian who is more Filipino than some of your friends. Respect.







Best colorway yet, damn -- how do I get my hands on these?

ARTST TLK with Pharell

Pharell sits down with Ben Mezrich & Andy Greenberg.

"The Encounter" - Prelude to The Man With The Iron Fist

Artwork created by Afor Samurai illustrator, Eric Calderon.

Props where props is due. Welcome home November.

Big Sean - Imagination (Video)

CP3 Cut Through L.A.

I heard Blake Griffin is in the Jordan Brand family, why'd you let him CP3?

The Abra Story by Konektado

Konektdao unfolds another blockbuster episode.

Adidas Laced Up, this November 22.


Hmmm, does this mean Pete Rock and Mos Def in Manila rumors are dead?

Kevin Love & Bill Russell hang with Uncle Drew.

Uncle Drew got friends.

I think I'm in love, Puma.



Drops November 12, my money is in danger. Damn.

WeLegendary releases new SB kicks this saturday!


Your favorite skate shop, keepin' your long weekend fresh.