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BEYOND, Beyond: Entry 17 "LOTR 3 - AMP/Aquariuss CD Launch"


Aquariuss/AMP EP Launch this MAY 19th, Absinth Bar, Greenbelt 3 Makati City. Free Entrance!! I repeat, no door charge and we'll start around 10PM. With performances by Ron Thug, Szphell, Peoples Future, S.A.S.F., LDP, AMP and more! Plus the new Loyalty Feeds The Movement will be unveiled along with this second release from Turbulence this year. This event is brought to you by To The Billboard, SPECKS, Locked Down Entertainment, SouthBound Productions, The Community and Yun Na!

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MUSIC IS LIFE: MR. REY "To The Billboard"


My journeys with Mike is always an adventure. An adventure to do new things, reach further heights, and more than usual meet new people. People who will play a role or inspire the To The Billboard movement. We always say The Bay is the second home of Filipinos around the world, it is also the heart of Filipino hiphop DJing where we have contributed more than you can ever tell to a western culture of hiphop. Mike spent time marinating in The Bay and actually made his Pinoys Finest Vol.2 CD there with the help of up and coming super producer Mr Rey -- with a passion for music, life and pinoys up to par; we take a look at what MR REY has been up to, his hardwork in music and where he was when he received the message of Francis' passing. I look up to MR REY, I love his beat on Mike's MAGIINGAY, his music -- you can almost hear his hardwork and I personally hear how good he will sound in two years time if he keeps at it. TO THE BILLBOARD!

You have produced a number of tracks for Mike Swift's Pinoys Finest Vol 2 CD, what was your impression of Mike Swift before working with him? What moments struck you that made you believe in his movement?

I think it’s very important for people to know how I became familiar of Mike Swift's work. Through the internet, my boy and I was searching for other pinoy emcees/rappers here in the U.S. and Mike Swift was one of the few we came upon. Hearing his music which was available for streaming/download thru his website, really caught both of our attention. Personally, I was not judgmental whether he's "mayabang" or not. I was just really appreciative towards Mike's creations. This drew me to believing what he does for his movement. TO THE BILLBOARD nuff said!!!!!

You're a hiphop producer in the states, where the competition is really tough -- what keeps a producer like you inspired to push for the fullfillment of To The Billboard?

The past, future and present inspires me to push because I believe in planting seeds. Also, learning from old trees how they came to grow and branching. You know what I mean? Because I feel that you gotta plant your self in the ground and strengthened your roots. All about growth.

If pinoys back in Manila should be anticipating a Pinoy artist from The Bay who do you suggest we listen to? or which songs do you think we need to listen to to pick up on that Bay Area shit.

I suggest ya’ll listen to my brother BWAN a.k.a. RTQlit. I started building a project with last year (2008). Wake the Fuck Up EP, is almost out. So watch out for that.

Francis M. died not seeing how much he has inspired us and rappers all over the globe, what were you doing the day that you received news of his passing?

I was eating at a Vietnamese restaurant with my brother Nomi. When I got a text from a homey who caught the news on TFC. I couldn’t believe it at first but I got another text then another. And it just shows how many folks he inspired. I love that brother. Never be forgotten.

You did the theme music for Donaire's boxing fight and even got a chance to perform it on Pay Per View`, shout To The Billboard as his entrance music to his fight, how did that feel? Tell us about the preparations you've made and how you landed that gig?

To be honest it felt really good. I was very open to the experience for real. I landed that gig through my brother Jeremy Bautista (JB KILUSAN). Jeremy had told me about his encounter with Nonito Donaire. From there Jeremy asked me to produce the beat and spit a tagalog verse along with Jason Mateo (Kreative Dwellah). And again it was a very dope experience.

If you had $1,000 right now, where would you spend it on?

I would spend it on a bike for my twin daughters and my wife and I. It would be perfect for a thousand bucks right now with maybe few hundred dollars pocket money. hehe

If you had a chance to produce 5 beats for 5 different emcees foreign or local, who would these 5 emcees be?

A chance which means it did not happen yet. I like that excitement. I would say Nimbus 9, Gods Will, Lupe Fiasco, Black Thought and Blu.

If there was a lesson you learned from hiphop and dreaming to succeed in it, what would that be?

Not having to limit yourself. Not hating on others creation just because it doesn’t appeal to yours. See, some folks would know hiphop in the “I am the best” “I gotta be the best” shade of light. And that’s cool because we all have confidence issues. But I think it’s important for you to acknowledge that it’s more about the cipher and how we can share energy with one another through our creation. Whether it’s through spinning records, rocking the M-I-C, break dancing and/or visual art. Stay positive, celebrate and enjoy. More importantly spare room for CHANGE.

Whats the difference between a producer and a beat maker?

Ummm, hirap nito pero I think beat maker just makes beat???. Producer works towards developing and constructing the whole song along with the artist. Until, it gives you that good feeling. TAPOS!!!!

If you land a record deal in the Philippines will you go for it or would you rather stay hot in the internet?

That’s funny because I never knew I was hot on the internet. Thanks though B ROC =D. But why not? It all depends on what it is. Dabah?

Thank you for gracing us with this interview man. All the best to you and your team this year. Keep all the heat coming! And yeah, when you have time work on your solo album! Hehehe.

Hindi na ako mahihiya hehehe. Ito na!!!! Mike Swift's Pinoys Finest Vol 2 CD “DITO SA BAY” syempre TO THE BILLBOARD!!!!!! Denizen Kane’s Brother Mins Journey to The West. Out really really soon. BWAN’s Wake The Fuck Up EP. Out really really soon. NOMI(Powerstruggle) coming out later this year (2009) Bayanihan Krew’s second CD coming out later this year. TTB allday!!!!TO THE BILLBOARD!!!!! Maraming SALAMAT!!! THANKS A MILLION!!


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