Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Bugoy music video!

One of the best releases this quarter! Chilli Cheese Dog, download it now!

Brandon Vera comes home to fight once again!

 photo Vera_zpsd68e3c66.jpg

Lets see what he has left, maaan -- you should use our theme music yo.

United Freestyles Vol. 3 Launch this Dec 3

 photo UnitedFreestylesVol3Launch_zps6cad9055.jpg

Enjoy the launch kids. Please support the cd -- before downloading it on Soundcloud.

Wipcaps "Legit Misfitz 20 Years" collaboration!

 photo WIP-Caps-Legit-Misfitz_zps6885d80f.jpg

In the words of Diggity Dash, #BLADAW -- get yours now!!

Nathan J on Rap Sessions with Pio

The big homie reppin' on VIVA TV!

Little Brother Mix by League of Paul

 photo LittleBrotherMIX_zps63e64ef6.jpg

Whats your favorite Little Brother track? What? You kids don't know who Little Brother?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 photo KAGATAN14_zps7ae07ffd.jpg

Yo mommas favorite vinyl trade fair at Cubao Expo!

Usher - Clueless

 photo USHERCLUELESS_zpscbd4a0a9.jpg

Adeline -- "I'm sold out on this love, its the only thing I'm sure of."

HNE Manila x Dash collab tee

 photo HNEBLADAW_zpse53645dc.jpg

Get your shirts while supplies lasts!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WIPLIFE event this NOV 22 @ BSides!

 photo WIPLIFE_zpsc076bd90.jpg

Congratulations to the brand and the growing community!

Common - GO (League of Paul's After Hours Remix)

 photo LEAGUEOFPAUL_zps883a4fd2.jpg

One of my favorite soul brothers in the game, keep em coming bro! Visit his Soundcloud page!

J.Cole will drop his new album this December 9th!

 photo JCOLE_zpsd9080fdb.jpg

Happy that he keeps on making music without hype.

Skarm set to release an all instrumental album soon!

 photo THEPHARMINSTRUMENTALS_zps851c7ce7.jpg

 photo SKARM_zps78fe9309.jpg


 photo PROJECTSTEALTH_zpsd4a1da4c.jpg

And Lhon Lee mixtape launch! Support HNE Manila Clothing as well! Buy your Xmas gifts early!

ZAITO and UPRISING RECORDS artists in Davao!

 photo ZAITO_zpsf3d1fdaf.jpg

Catch the guys from Uprising in Davao this coming saturday!

Mia T - Carry On

 photo CarryOn_zpse00ca610.jpg

Great vocals here by Mia T -- happy to find new talent around the metro!

Project Vibe x Sinyma

Lovely performance here! I like these joints alot! Daft Punk!

SHOTGUN (Artifice x Locked Down Entertianment)

 photo SHOTGUN_zpscba1e368.jpg

Come through! Looking forward to seeing Apekz perform his new songs!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dash "Standing Ovation" (Produced by B-Roc)

 photo StandingOvation_zps9578f6f7.jpg

Download the new Dash album for free, HERE.

Rjay Ty x Dj Spnz - Same Struggle

 photo SAMESTRUGGLE_zps61a449df.jpg

From Rjay: This is the 1st track that I recorded with DJ SPNZ for our collaborative project called Hit The Spot EP. I believe that this track is the perfect teaser for you to listen to before DJ SPNZ and I release our EP in 2015. And since I am turning 25 today I would like to carry on the 11.11.11 tradition by sharing some music with you! For all of my everyday people in the struggle who strive to play a better role in this life. You and I both. Watch out for the final version of this track to be included in the EP! Enjoy and see you all tonight @ The Araneta Coliseum for MYXMO2014!

Symphonic Passion 2014!

 photo SymphonicPassion_zpsf6d53511.jpg

Get your tickets as early as now!

Artist Exchange this November 15!

 photo ArtistExchange_zps28114a10.jpg

Check the line up of artists! Support your local acts and entrepreneurs!

Progress x Stones Throw Records gear

 photo StonesThrowJacket_zpsca703c4a.jpg

 photo StonesThrowTee_zps5e7ccff4.jpg

Get your gear this week, limited sizes and stocks!


 photo STTOUR1_zps42f30616.jpg

 photo STTOUR_zps51769617.jpg

Come to the show tomorrow at Black Market.

Monday, November 10, 2014

THRASHER footwear at WeLegendary!

 photo WLTHRASHER_zps4d5d1347.jpg

Get these at your mommas favorite skateboard shop!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bugoy Na Koykoy - Cressida Music (Official Music Video)

2 Joints special!

PRhyme promotional video.

Peep the last line, rest in peace Guru.

Friday, November 7, 2014

June Marieezy - Fly (Official Music Video)

Great visuals from the very soulful "Fly" song by June Marieezy.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bambu - Minimum Wage (Official Music Video)

From the Party Worker album!

Apekz - Haring Araw (Official Lyric Video)

Artifice spreads its wings with this one! Looking forward to more songs!

Loonie feat. Kat Agarrado - Abante (Official Music Video)

Continue to support Loonie by copping his album "Ultrasound"!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maxene Magalona stars as Nurse Fatima Palma!

 photo FatimaPalma_zpseb63818c.jpg

Fatima Palma "rapping nurse" story on Maalaala Mo Kaya!

Maduming Kwarto mixtape for free download!!

 photo DRP_zpscdc9b3c0.jpg

 photo DRPBACK_zps8c581c5b.jpg

Download the rest of the album at AMPLIFY.PH

Abra & Julie Anne San Jose - Dedma (Official Music Video)

Metro Manila Film Fest entry? For Kubot? Keep pushing the envelope kid!