Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Duende live this May 16!

 photo TheBreaks_zps1c3e9c7b.jpg

With RBTO and MotherBass!!

URBN all hiphop wednesday!

 photo URBN_zpsa3759634.jpg

Went last week and it was hella fun! Y'all should go and see great peeps!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Alvin Aguilar promotes the Pinoy knife art!

 photo ESCRIMA_zpsb36d992e.jpg

Making culture cool!


 photo BAKUNAWAXVI_zpsf745cb25.jpg

Life is good, come one come all! The Community lives!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Quest live at SUGARCOAST Bacolod!!

 photo SugarCoast_zps9aaaf924.jpg

See you BCD this May!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gloc 9 feat. Regine V - Takipsilim

Request and vote for this song on your favorite radio and video charts!

UPLIFTED, May 6 @ Saguijo

 photo Uplifted_zpseabd6ba5.jpg

Supporting UrbanPinas' very own Ryan Gonzales. Keep people guessing.

New faces of MyPhone!!

 photo BNKMYPHONE1_zps2de26538.jpg

 photo BNKMYPHONE_zps7d5e83f1.jpg

Team Sunday and Tuesday Troop reppin' hard as new faces of MyPhone!

Misa Campo x ILLEST Skateboard Decks!

 photo MISACAMPOxILLEST_zps3fb35e78.jpg

Available at The Rail. Get yours now!

Artifice artists live in Milan!

 photo ArtificeinSpain_zps69959f1a.jpg

Hiphop gets to travel more than usual this year, I'm heading to Mindanao tomorrow!!

Exploring off limits New York

Taking bakkk the city. New York style.


 photo RBTO_zps6eb97107.jpg

"9 dragons in the sky, watching over this kid."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mike Kosa feat. Pino G - VIP (Official Music Video)

Request and vote for this song in MYX and UrbanPinas!

John Mayer's rendition of Beyonce's XO

"We don't have forever."

EGG FIASCO toy to be sold soon!

 photo EGGFIASCO_zpsbfbffafc.jpg

Highly collectible and anticipated toy to reach the market!

Meeting of Styles in Manila this coming weekend!

 photo MeetingofStyles1_zps82ef828b.jpg

Grafitti in the metro is alive and is respected worldwide! Taking bakkk the city!

Bring toys for kids this Thursday to BSide!

 photo TheToyProject_zps70306cab.jpg

The homie Gnarrate is performing along with other guests!

Fliptop goes to CDO!

 photo FLIPTOPOROMATA_zps6b1b2221.jpg

Get intouch with your local hustlers for tickets, Fliptop mag-ingay!!

DJ Jena's home every wednesday nights, all hiphop!

 photo URBNWEDNESDAYSDJJENA_zps4582cea0.jpg

Doing it like how its supposed to, non 135 bpms night! Hahaha!

SYNC - Music Summit/Conference

 photo SYNC_zpsc3b94e09.jpg

Sponsored by Spinnr. If I was in Manila, I'd go.

The Call Out, happening this April 27 in Makati!

 photo TheCallOut_zps3bea9b31.jpg

I think Team North is gonna take this one! Hahaha! Love the dance community!

Hiphop is hot this summer!

 photo MASANTOL_zps83ef9fbf.jpg

Visit Mike Kosa's Facebook page for more information!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A-Trak launching the new crest of Cadillac

Dope dope dope commercial!!


Props to Drake for rolling with it.

So today, I resigned from work.

"Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!"

Monday, April 14, 2014

YAKA by Franchize feat. JKris is now on iTunes!

 photo YAKA_zps8e2fc69d.jpg

A percentage of the sales will go to rebuilding Tacloban City. Hometown kid!

All hiphop night at URBN every wednesdays!

 photo URBNKITCHEN_zpsfe815cf6.jpg

Big S/O to DJ Jena and her team!

Nas x Jayz x Diddy live on Coachella

Celebrating 20 years of ILLMATIC. #Classic

SPNZ puts out a new EP for free download!!

 photo SPNZ_zpsb8f55a18.jpg

Go to lil homies Sound Cloud  page and get them goodies!

Monday, April 7, 2014

WHITE NIGHT 2014 - Video Recap

Team Sunday reppin', DJ Buddah been missing out on ball because of this!

New Anne Curtis single? Whatchu think?

Good direction, but I think the lyrics are too generic.

Smugglaz @ Rap Sessions

Late post, but worthy for a deeper look.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


 photo 3LLAINMANILA_zpsdaecc2aa.jpg

Its summer 2014, The Community is alive!

ESTA live in Manila!

 photo ESTA_zpsdec15f5e.jpg

ESTA is one of my favorite producers as of late! Come thru!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

MTV Artist of the Week

Making culture cool.