Sunday, April 30, 2017

Duende at Casual Anonymous

 photo Casual Anonymous_zpsfnp4z6hv.jpg

Catch this event tomorrow! May 2!


New single from Skusta Clee, produced by Flip D -- this shit bangs!

RO3LAY x Mister Rey - Kiss The Sky

Take care of ourselves and combat the daily madness. Enjoy this one! I did!

Fliptop: Shernan vs Elbiz

Shernan, for me, is the funniest and prolly wittiest battle rapper in the league right now.

Shanti Dope's latest EP!!

 photo Shanti Dope_zpsho0iy63s.jpg

New Shanti Dope album, leader of the new school -- check out his album on SPOTIFY, HERE.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Extra Gravy happening tonight!

 photo Extra Vol 5_zpsw49rrl4c.jpg

Check the line up! Start the long weekend with this gig! Cheers!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Mobbstarr single!

 photo Mobbstarr Hold On Artwork_zpsgk7f9mfj.jpg

Download the new Mobbstarr single "Hold On" now! For a limited time only!

Manilafornia's upcoming new song!

 photo Mobbin In A Jeepney_zpsqmb6q1at.jpg

Dropping sooner than you think! Stay tuned!

Vote for Pino G's new video on MYX!

 photo Pino G MYX VOTE_zpsy9bm75pz.jpg

Check out the details and vote for the song as we try to hit the MYX charts!

Duende live on Jam 88.3 this April 29!

 photo Duende x The Getdown April 29_zpsgzc9tuug.jpg

Promoting their new single "Filipina", please continue to vote and request for the song!

New Just Hush single out now!

 photo Shinobi Spotify_zps4m7vzckw.jpg

Available on Spotify and iTunes! Get your copy now! Produced by Jim P!

Kemikal Ali - Palong Palo (Lyric Video)

Produced by Arbi Won, coming out of Uprising soon!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dance Dance Asia this weekend!

 photo Dance Dance Asia_zpsqbi23v0f.png

Get your tickets now!

Mobbstarr's new video on MYX!

 photo Mobbstarr Hold On MYX_zpsekihhism.jpg

Tune in this friday, pretty awesome video coming out of Cebu! #Mobbstarr #ChanceTheDrummer

Fliptop: Batas vs Hearty

New battle upload from Fliptop, check it out! #Fliptop

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dougbrock's 25th birthday event!

 photo Dougbrocks_zpsm4b5zlc1.jpg

Check the line up and celebrate with the homie!

Quest - Paborito (Myx Live)

Featuring Reese Lansangan, from the MYX Live performance a few months back.

The Hyrbid Project out now!

 photo The Hybrid Project_zpsd5dgzsxm.jpg

Song and music video featuring Abra, coming out soon! Abangan!

Copula TV's Hiphapan Festival coverage (PT 2)

Check the video to see what went down last April 8-9 in Batangas! #R2A #AranetaDreams2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

Catch Quest this April 26 on PLAYFM

 photo Quest Play Live_zpstueaxwmz.jpg

Catch a live performance of your favorite Quests songs on Play FM, tomorrow!

Pino G's new single on MYX!

 photo Pino G MYX_zpspni9xpyg.jpg

Debuts tomorrow! Catch it! #PababaNa

Just Hush - Shinobi

 photo Just Hush Shinobi_zps5cvmmtuz.jpg

Friday, April 21, 2017

Duende - Filipina **24 HR Download link!!**

 photo Filipina Artwork - 2A_zps0zkcr2mf.jpg

Featuring DannieBoi, Tino Valentino, & Ipextacular; produced by Flavamatikz! #DuendePH

Thursday, April 20, 2017

JSTJED - Halo Halo Music (Album)

 photo JSTJED HALO HALO MUSIC_zpsdqdhpqew.jpg

Peoples Future Worldwide! Making it happen! New Jedli music! Check out Ambition! #PF

Rjay Ty feat. Ankhten Brown - Faded

Bawal Clan ain't stopping for no one! Produced by Yung Bawal, directed by Sneaky Josh!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Duende debuts new single today!

 photo Duende 420 Wave - NEW_zpsngwr2pyi.jpg

Catch the new single of Duende on WAVE 89.1's The Bounce with DJ Flavamatikz!

Nimbus9 feat. Quest - So Wonderful (Video)

Throwing this back atchu today! Here's a Nimbusnine classic.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chunk Feat. Zajelih & Dean Riley - Halika

Here's the official music video of "Halika", Nick Hernandez's directorial debut.

Rjay Ty feat. Ankhten Brown - Faded (Teaser)

This could be the runaway hit of the year, watch out for it!

So Wonderful music video this 4/20!

 photo So Wonderful_zpss1gswvjm.jpg

Finally letting this one go for everyone's consumption! Thank you! #SoWonderful

Ex Battalion - Come With Me

New video featuring Bosx1ne, Flow G, King Badger & JRoa -- great execution!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Champ - Tanduay ug Kinilaw (Official MV)

New music video from Champ featuring Ace P. & Hero of Nopetsallowed! #BeardMusic

Saturday, April 15, 2017

December Ave's new single launch!

 photo December Ave April 28_zpshdd1qere.jpg

Catch Quest as part of this line up for the night! April 28th, see y'all.

Armada performs an all DRP set!

8th place taker, Armada for Battleground Philippines. All DRP set! Bawat ang supot!

Throne Out 2 this May 2017!

 photo Throne Out 1_zpsvceqrtnh.jpg

 photo Thronw Out - Wildstyle_zpsuyjf60ho.jpg

 photo CannaBass Ejac of Mula Etivac_zpsvjoorrly.jpg

Happening this May 6, check the posters for details! #ThroneOutHHDC

Mobbstar - Hold On (New Single)

 photo Mobbstarr Hold On_zpsgaj7aj2p.jpg

Highly anticipated new single from the Queen City's best, Mobbstarr! #FreeDownload

Friday, April 14, 2017

Kulay Cavite Mural Festival!

 photo Kulay Cavite_zps2kvwkmej.jpg

 photo Kulay Cavite Day 1_zpsjwxw0hf8.jpg

 photo Kulay Cavite Day 2 - Day 7_zpsvntwrt6b.jpg

 photo Kulay Cavite Day 8_zps8qagfkhk.jpg

Awesome to know that the local community supports an all week Art Festival like this!

Meeting of Styles PH 2017!

 photo Meeting of Styles_zps6ypgk6c7.jpg

 photo Meeting of Styles 1_zpsg7mwd7jp.jpg

PH hosting Meeting of Styles next week! Here are the details!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hiphapan Festival recap by Copula TV

Copula TV gives you a glimpse of what happened last week at the Hiphapan Festival.

Mike Swift on Copula TV

Mike drops gems on Copula TV, a lot of honesty in the segment. #PinoysFinest

The Big Beast by DomePiece Audio

 photo Dome Piece Audio Big Beast_zpsqw7ye5iz.jpg

Available in other colors,  ORDER HERE. Tell 'em Mr. Soulfiesta sent you.

The Hood by Fubu X Dyse One

 photo The Hood_zpssukbqbpg.jpg

Happening next month, check your schedule! Pencil book it!

Rest in peace, Charlie Murphy.

 photo Charlie Murphy_zpskapgksc4.gif

 photo Charlie Murphy 1_zpsguayfwps.jpg

Thank you for all the laughs, you did your thing mang. We know! #ThankYou

On This Island by Purveyr

Hosted by our good friend MNL$, check it out!

High Minds new caps!

 photo Highminds Caps 1_zpsg1h77fgq.jpg

 photo Highminds Caps 2_zpsk12hdbpa.jpg

 photo Highminds Caps 3_zpsnanr9h34.jpg

These are great designs from a great brand! #SupportLocal

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hottest item this summer!

 photo Bawal Clan Tee 9_zpszkxr4gpj.jpg

 photo Bawal Clan Tee 8_zpsdrs8oslk.jpg

 photo Bawal Clan Tee 7_zpsfoe5juws.jpg

 photo Bawal Clan Tee 1_zpscj9aetl5.jpg

 photo Bawal Clan Tee 2_zpsxrmy08al.jpg

That's Bawal tee available HERE. Get it while it's hot!

Ron Thug at Buhusan Festival!

 photo Buhusan Festival_zpskgk2g4rr.jpg

Celebrate your Easter with the homie Ron Thug!

Artifice releases the new Apekz album!

 photo Apekz Ala Una_zpsdrt2myyo.jpg

Dope new album from the brothers at #Artifice. There are tons of gems inside! Cop it!

Ankhten Brown x Dru Jetzon - Cash Me Outside

 photo Cash Me Outside_zpsc3bgdey8.jpg

New #BawalClan joint from the homie Jamal. Produced by BoyGem

Monday, April 10, 2017

Apekz - Arangkada feat. Aya (Official Music Video)

Congratulations on this new release from Artifice! Directed by J. Estacio. #Artifice

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Quest performs We Are PBA

Performance from last nights half time performance during #ManilaClassico #PBA #WeArePBA

Quest sings Paborito live!

This happened last week at the Wish FM Bus! #Jollibee

Quest - We Are PBA (Official Audio)

 photo We Are PBA - Soundcloud_zpsl7xu3b7d.jpg

Here's the new theme song for the PBA's 42nd season! #WeArePBA

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Quest live on WAVE 89.1 later!

 photo Quest Walang Hanggan_zpspv0bctqa.jpg

Catch Quest later on live radio with SGT Pepper at Wave 89.1 FM, show starts at 5pm!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wipcaps x Mastaplann

The legends get to speak on a few things with Wipcaps. #Mastaplann

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hiphapan Festival schedule!

 photo Hiphapan Schedule_zps351lbrzs.jpg

Here's what time your favorite acts are on! Cheers! #HiphapanFestival2017

#GoodVibes new music video!

 photo Good Vibes Video Launch_zpswgex0zqq.jpg

With VFresh jumping into our #GoodVibes campaign, we are happy to share a new video!

Yung Bawal in LA this weekend!

 photo Yung Bawal in Pig  Whistle_zpswmgwraza.jpg

Catch Yung Bawal at Pig N Whistle at Hollywood BLVD this saturday.