Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tha Return of tha Break | Recap | 2015 | Bboynation

Kudos to everyone who made this happen! How much money did we raise?


 photo Saludo - SGT Jesus Tuting_zps4qsxkrwz.png

Thank you for your service, prayers to your family. Lets go Hero Foundation!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"No Greater Love" moves to the #4 spot today Dec 29!

 photo Quest DEC 29_zpsoff2zszj.jpg

Please help us by voting daily 3pm to 5pm and tag Magic 89.9 on Twitter!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Yoga Fiyah - Life. Live. (Official Music Video)

Great visuals from Yogah Fiyah, directed by Jxhnny Esta. Kudos!

Follow Quest on Twitter and get some freebies!

 photo Quest Twitter_zpsghanf4bd.jpg

Thats, @OfficialQUEST and @MrSoulfiesta for you kids! Follow us on Twitter!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

CRWN x Jess Conelly - How I Love EP

 photo Jessica Conelly_zpsp6zacxsn.jpg

Download the CRWN x JESS CONELLY EP here. Great opm music here!

J. Cole: Road to Homecoming - Ain’t Nothin Like That (Episode 2)

Get all the inspiration you need for 2016!

Champ - Lords of Goldtown (Free Download)

 photo Champ_zpszuonokkq.jpg

Original Beard Music by way of CGY x CHI-RAQ, Download the album HERE!

Rey Res - Leaving On A Jetplane (Music Video)

Rey Res' new song gets the visual treatment, loving it!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ankhten Brown x DJ SPNZ - Indugo EP

 photo Indugo_zpsuzmiya6d.jpg

Check that last track, live bass by Carlo Bernardino -- great song too!!

Ankhten Brown x Manny C - Hindigo EP

 photo Hindigo_zpsaks8wx8j.jpg

Quite possibly one you guys should tune in to this coming 2016!

TCMF xmas party video recap!

Great venue, great performances, great event all in all! Happy holidaze!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No Greater Love by Quest and Clara Benin!

 photo Quest Dec 22_zpszh2vw4nt.jpg

Currently #4 at the Top 5 @ 4 daily  countdown! please continue to support!

PBA Philippine Cup kicks off on XMAS day!

 photo PBA Philippine Cup_zpsay0v1zer.jpg

Finally, we are aligning our vacations/holidays to the matches! Good job!

Duterte greets criminals a Merry Christmas!

Great PR here, unfortunately - they are breaking the rules, campaigning now is still illegal.

New Caliph8 album from Dub Temple Records!

 photo Caliph8 - Stillborn Etudes_zpsfcyyabts.jpg

Album entitled "Stillborn Etudes" out on vinyl, get yours now!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

All Hail Dama - one of my favorite MCs ever!

Coney Island/To The Billboard reppin'! Awesome  talent! Share away!

Marcus Prolifik & ANE video recap!

From the Kicks & Wicks trade show!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blaze N Kane "Nothing Is Impossible" (Music Video)

Great to see BNK with their Mo Thugs counterparts! Nothing is impossible! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

A message from Quest to his fans!

 photo Quest Message_zpsm2vamepu.png

Follow him on Twitter, FB and Instagram for more news and updates on his music!

DAILY GRIND will be part of the EXPO!

 photo Manil Sneaker Expo x Daily Grind_zps8ygc4z4k.jpg

Pick up a few gifts on your way out of the Sneaker Expo! Get your tickets!

Ultra rare Nike SB P-Rod release tomorrow!

 photo WL PROD_zpsk7o5rcpa.jpg

Happening tomorrow at yo mommas favorite skate shop! Bring your moola and your patience!

Get your new Third Flo album now!

 photo Third Flo AD_zpsibzpzya8.jpg

Comes with a great package of items! Perfect as a gift this xmas!

WSH x TCMF Xmas party happening tomorrow night!

 photo TCMF XMAS_zpsfm2vsvws.jpg

December 19 at Quantum; see you guys there! Cheers!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

J.Cole "F*ck Money, Spread Love" Episode 1

Happy to watch this 30 minute docu on a classic album!

A Peso And A Dream gets it done!!

A Kickstarter project that was given the green light! Good job mang!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Third Flo' Musika't Diskarte (Official Video)

Finally out! One of my favorite rappers about to come out with his shit!

WL Thank You sale extended!!

 photo WL Thank You_zpskac979kh.jpg

Spend that xmas dough wisely!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Malasimbo goes to Boracay this xmas season!

 photo Malsimbo_zpsiakcdqba.jpg

Catch Junemariezy, Miro & Kristian Hernandez all over the islands. Cheers!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Keep On Scratching 2!!

 photo Keep On Scratching_zpssvucfnij.jpg

Great to know there's an event for our home grown turntablists!

Quest's "No Greater Love" continues to soar on radio!

 photo Quest - Magic Top30 - Number 20_zpsrzzvnaru.jpg

 photo Quest - Magic Top5at5 - Number 4_zpse8gtnq1d.jpg

Thank you for all the support guys! Please continue to vote!

Hiphop came to represent at this years Rakrakan Festival!

 photo Rakrakan Festival_zpswko8a9pq.jpg

 photo Assembly Generals_zps1bqjqzv2.jpg

 photo Rakraan Festival - Lions_zpss0n5c7il.jpg

Get your tickets now! 3 stages! One night!

Tha Return of Tha Breaks!!!

 photo Tha Return of Tha Breaks_zps1tbye9ok.jpg

J Masta representing the Philippines!

Dj Arbie Won Hopeless Nostalgic Music Video

From the travels of the Beat Traveller himself! Visit Tres Kuleros Record shop!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Flitop's AHON 6 updates!

 photo Fliptop - Batas_zpsjutyrpeb.png

 photo Fliptop - Day 2_zpsxbydamow.jpg

 photo Fliptop - Loonie_zpsqxodems9.jpg

 photo Fliptop - Shehyee_zpstocniyem.jpg

 photo Fliptop - Lester_zpscusdtnc6.jpg

2017 about to shake things up, congrats to the fans and to Fliptop! Great job!

Jazzy Jeff tickets are now available for pre-selling!

 photo Jazzy Jeff_zpslxyhhlun.jpg

If you must catch a DJ set, catch a Jazzy Jeff show. You won't get disappointed!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

ARCHIVED launch tomorrow!

 photo Archived_zps9k05wiw6.jpg

Catch DJ Teaze and the homies from Lunch Money Project performing at the event!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A TCMF Christmas Party!

 photo TCMF_zpstwaiaodr.jpg

Expect the unexpected when you party with TCMF! Makkktown reppin'!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

J.Cole x HBO this coming January 9!

It's about time we see this shit come to our tubes!

Picnic Games Jan 31, 2016 -- come through!

 photo Picnic Games Jan 31_zpstvizi9zb.jpg

Unveiling of the LBJ hand print at the legendary Tenement Basketball Grounds!

Protege - That World (LIVE)

Uggggh, Protege back at it!! A 2016 album release is due from Uprising. Tune in!

FlipTop - Tipsy D vs Sayadd

Great to see both Tipsy D and Sayadd improving exponentially!

Quest - Pilipinas (FREE DOWNLOAD)

 photo Pilipinas Artwork 1_zpswxqimqk9.jpg

You can also listen to the song on Spotify and Guvera, click away! 

Friday, December 4, 2015

P.A.R.D. - Huli Ka Balbon (Music Video)

Dope music video! Perfect way to end 2015 and welcome 2016!

Catch LMP tomorrow Dec 6 - Wicks N Kicks!

 photo LMP Dec 6_zps8mv8dhmq.jpg

Their set is at 5pm tomorrow afternoon!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

No Greater Love is #20 this week!

 photo Magic NGL_zpsdj5i1ltq.jpg

Please continue to vote the song! Buy the album as well! Available digitally on Jan 2016!

Nothing is Impossible (Music Video Trailer)

Congrats to the people behind this song and video! Can't wait to see it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

LS - Good Lovin'

 photo Good Lovin_zpswrlec4bq.jpg

We winning, LS will be coming home to MNL soon - she been making noise.

BLKD x UMPH - Gatilyo (Official Music Video)

Get his album now, stream it as well on Spotify!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

MC DZ "Down Like" (Produced by Jim P)

 photo MC DZ Down Like_zps04w29fvy.jpg

Great song here from Dino Kilates' alter ego! Keep em coming bro!

Red Revolution this saturday! Check the line up!

 photo Red Revolution_zpsfqnmh0r5.jpg

 photo Red Revolution_zpsf67qlb4m.jpg

Don't be late now, don't say I didn't show you the time schedule!

WALWALAN this Dec 12!

 photo Walwalan_zpsxco2nxm0.jpg

Hiphop music and some magic to entertain you in Makati!

LIBRE FIGHTING this December!

 photo Libre Fighting_zpscmrlk08i.jpg

Learn from the best, reserve your slot now!