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2010 SOULFIESTA Pinas Hiphop Power Rankings #28


Number 28 goes to Mark Villegas/Filam Funk

Number 28: Mark Villegas/ FILAM FUNK - writer, film director, hiphop journalist, BBOY and DJ (and he ocassionally paints, not tag -- paints). This dude represents EDUCATION IN HIPHOP, KEEPIN IT REAL AND KEEPIN IT RIGHT. His blog site, -- serves as a tool to educate Pinoys and Filipino Americans. From old school pinoy hiphop personality features -- DJ Rhettmatic, Joe Bataan to Mastaplann interviews to newer counterparts Bambu & Blue Scholars feature, to the Fil American dance circuit taking over the States to more introspective articles on the struggles in and out side the prism of being a Filipino in the states. Mark V has masterfully reached out to Filipino artists and has shun some light into the art form in the mother land. Last July, he came home and connected with Team Turb, Philippine All Stars, Jerome B Smooth and started filming what is now a short film entitled "Lyrical Empire" that made it to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila trailer from Mark V on Vimeo.

Mark constantly promotes home grown talent through features on BakitWhy and Evil Monito -- and his vision of one day celebrating a GLOBAL FILIPINO HIPHOP SUMMIT is well at hand. The power of educating and reaching out means closer ties and means connecting people who will further expose our talents and our drive as hiphop heavyweights! MARK VILLEGAS' body of work empowers our hiphop.


2010 SOULFIESTA Pinas Hiphop Power Rankings #29


Lon - Weed Smoker Slow Jam (Produced by Phillip Louvert)

Number 29: Brown Biscuit Music - I came home the other week and popped in their new CD, The Sicktape, on my player to cruise to on my way to Music Museum. I'm quite surprised with the development of Lon and his team. Konfuzed has definitely stepped up his beat game, Lon definitely has compressed all his learnings in each song he touches. I remember giving Lon a hard time, and this only shows perseverance from his end as he continues to push music out of his side of town. The only thing his team needs now is more confidence, play they cards right and this is why I'm putting it out there -- Konfuzed is doing sampling justice, and Lon is finding his identity in his music! Lon is mad nice with his and part of putting up a label is the thrill of finding a new artist that no one has heard. Brown Biscuit Music has been making music with no boundaries, they are delving into video as of late, hitting up shows to perform and show support and getting themselves featured in different blogs -- affiliation or no affiliation, Brown Biscuit Music reminds me on how we started Turbulence and the potential of being a voice for the independent scene, carry on tradition. Keep on keeping on kids! I want to see Brown Biscuit Music do more collaborations outside they're house and impress the shit out of other cats!

2010 SOULFIESTA Pinas Hiphop Power Rankings #30


Number 30 goes to H-Town/Empire Entertainment

June 1. Time to breath in new life to everyone. I know this blog is integral on how we want things moved and I've always taken responsibility for what I write and represent. I've had my share of Source Magazine reads throughout the years, I have some stacked in the studio -- and what has continuously remained in my head over the years is their Power 30 Issue. It's sort of a reassessment of what has transpired in their year, and listed down facts about artists strength, weakness and vision for the following year. For the rest of June, I am climbing that mountain I've set my eyes on -- which is to give justice to my own Power 30. This Power 30 will be based on people who directly have been putting in work for the scene in Pinas, so regardless of how good they've been doing, you will not see APL and Bambu in this list. This Power 30 is looking at hiphop in Pinas as a whole and will hit you with some curve balls.

Number 30: H-Town/Empire Entertainment - H-Town has always been leading the corporate ladder for hiphop in Pinas through his tenure as station manager at the defunct Power 108 and Blazin' 105.9 and now at MAX FM. He continuously promotes hiphop through his radio show, his events and his tie up with top local music magazine, PULP. He also is the man behind the Annual Philippine Hiphop Awards. Lately though, H has been a target for many because of the under achievement of the past two awards and many felt misrepresented. This resulted to the lack luster showing of the Hiphop Awards turned Hiphopalooza. Which ultimately puts him at number 30 -- and knowing H as a hustler, this just might fuel him to show more and do more for this coming year. I just wish he could put into the MAX FM play list some good OPM hiphop music, put our songs in the countdown and break more artist by actually using his show as a platform, not to just showcase OPM music but to actually develop the listeners taste.

NOTES: This picture of H-Town was taken from his Facebook account, which ultimately is a picture of T.I. -- some promotional collaterals from one of his albums. Good photoshop job if you ask me.


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3RD World x Turbulence Productions

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Jonan Aguilar with an ethnic rain maker on stage at Defense

Back in Singapore. You already know. Yes, I came home for a quick 4 days to direct the LDP DEFENSE Concert and round up my boys for what could be undeniably the start of Turbulence's bid for greatness. Did I accomplish everything I set out to do? No. Did I do a great job of what I had on hand? I suppose.

The biggest compliment I got from this trip was given to me by Loonie, after his spoken word set in remembrance of Kiko Kalyo ng Kalentong. He told me "Bong, thank you for giving this show its much needed guidance." At that point, I felt like owning up to keeping the balance of things back home. The past few weeks, maybe past 2 months have been an eye opener for the Hiphop Awards organizers, as we put to the light the imbalance they have caused to shit on the integrity of the awards. Characters influence on the scene have been tested and well, the tail end of an era of being dishonest to the community happened via Hiphopalooza.

After May 15, I had vowed to not take shots at the awards anymore, I don't want to give them the much needed energy they might need to recover and build on it for next year. At this point, its me playing ball with my team and keeping it moving. It's also good to sight that Konektado x Flip Top and DEFENSE all happened at the same week to ensure hiphop in Pinas is given something positive amidst all the negativity presented of uprooting some poisons.

It was my first time to direct a concert with this scope. Sure, we've done The Community show with much ease -- but this one was all my fault, I wanted a bigger playground. And although, it lacked several days of preparation due to me flying in only a day before the event - I think we pulled it off.

The show started with Quest singing the national anthem, OBS doing Soundcheck -- Peoples Future giving the first boom bap of the night, and then all panic breaks loose as Mike Swift comes in late, didn't attend his soundcheck and starts his show after the first song via an acapella. Yes, Mike came thru with the first shocker of the night, mentioning PKSO and Kyles name through out his set. Nathan J the set the mood by asking the audience to put they peace signs up in the air! The second shocker of the night came in the set of Dcoy - bringing out Madd Poets super producer Low Key Da Boywonder and bringing the house down. At this point, I was already warming up, getting my director game up. By the time Blaze N Kane did "Fly Away" I was in control of the show -- giving Kane the spotlight the song needed during the last part of his verse and then opened the lights back again to a singing Mista Blaze and Pow Chavez engaging the people's emotion and cheers.

Stick Figgas then blessed the stage -- Ron Thug and Champ, then Jazze's set which pulled out a hiphop scene veteran Mary to the stage. PKSO then made sure to keep things moving via an encore with Sam Rhansum, Dash, Ron Thug -- that displayed a versatile and energetic stage show! The third shocker of the night would be Jonan Aguilar and the Anak Band. I saw Freddie Aguilar at the back stage and it is an honor to have him watch a hiphop show -- and Jonan did his thing, ethnic percussion, sax playing, and accompanied by this opera belting soprano humming at the back of songs. It was pretty moving -- and at this point the audience are fully aware of the diversity of this show and the significance of always going back to your roots no matter how much hiphop alters your preference.

Enter AMP -- well my boy Aero claims to have been distracted and forgot his lyrics which he swear he memorized. Split second decision and asked to do over the song half way through his verse! Hahahaha, good times yo. Only means the show is meant to be enjoyed and not taken seriously. Shoutouts to CB Automatic for having AMP's back! The organizer then pulled of a surprise on the main acts as she awarded LDP a Novel Award for helping her charity distribute relief goods for the Philippines 2009 typhoon Ondoy's victims. After which, the organizer introduces The All Stars set leading to O.N.E.'s set -- which we were all witnesses to the new members rockin hard and Ken Jhons' nice shorts! Nimbus and Quest tagged team the last set before the main acts with renditions of So Wonderful and Back To Love, respectively.

Enter LDP, well -- thats another entry and another day. Props to Joint and LDP! Fantastic show all in all if you ask me. Never before seen, a concert with so much talent and so much direction. Showing hiphop has grown. Today, amidst all this talk surrounding sour lines going back forth between Mike Swift, Don Bigas and Low Key -- I give you this short glimpse as to what happened that night I was dressed in basketball shorts, an Jordan shirt from 7AM 'til 4AM the following day. Cheers.


NOTES: It's always a great feeling when you are part of the show that gives DATU some light on stage. Knowing he is very much comfortable in the background and him embracing the task performing with LDP is pretty big for me as a DATU fan. Seeing close friends is always something great, it only sucked that I was up another floor while everyone was enjoying the show. Shoutouts to A.N.E. and Danee for still coming through despite your mourning. To my siblings who stayed throughout the show, I love y'all. Kath Chan for providing me this opportunity to roc Pinas again despite my absence in the scene. Sarah Meier and Banjo for being solid fans of this shit all the way through, I will never fail you.

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Order yours now, I see alot of these sported at Fliptop last weekend.

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Loyalty feeds the movement sighting, do you have yours?


Mark Pulido exchanges notes with WAVE's Jerome B Smooth at the premier of
Mark Villegas' short film "Lyrical Empire" in the States.


At the premiere, I also had a chance to catch up with Mark Pulido, who has been down with the hip hop scene since the early 1980s as a popper and a DJ. Not as immersed in the hip hop scene anymore, Mark is currently in the political and policy scene, working hard for the Cerritos/Artesia community (Los Angeles County). In the early 1990s, he was central in advocating a Bambaataa-like (in my opinion) union of hip hop culture and gangs (during this time Filipino American gangs were becoming more notorious) in order to facilitate peace and promote cultural expression.

Here are some of his reflections on Lyrical Empire and the potential for greater Fil Am and Philippine concord:

Did the film Lyrical Empire change any of your impressions of the hip hop scene in the Philippines? What new things did you learn?

The film confirmed my view that Hip Hop is truly global in scope and that Filipinos in the Philippines, like Filipino Americans, are skilled, creative practitioners of the art, music and culture of Hip Hop. The film exceeded my expectations by the speed and dexterity demonstrated on the mic by the MCs who effortlessly went back and forth between English and Tagalog.


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ILL K Entry 42 "DEFENSE"


This is how Lebrons chase down block looks like when you read it.

No edits here H. Some people have read it and yes its your prerogative to put down your own formal statement or the reactions about it. But as educated as you wrote yourself to be -- some people are just smart at the right time -- guess what? I played the smart card and took the screen shots of the comment I made. Don't forget I'm educated as fuck as well and my faith with God is untarnished. But as I said, I would love to know why you'd delete such an important page of everyone's transition. And as I had vowed early in this blog, check the first ever blog entry, the intro I made for my hiphop awards entry back in the day -- this is me documenting my hiphop shit, my peers' cause for some funky reason -- people who can help showcase the truth will edit out history at one point.

The spectrum of God's lessons aren't yours to determine.

I have no personal beef whatsoever with H-TOWN. But I can't respect this move man, I only want to bridge the gap and ask questions -- you tagged everyone, Chill, Boom, Arbi, Vernon Go, Denmark, Pikaso, Nathan J so proudly knowing its an avenue to let them know -- it is an avenue for me to speak my mind as well. And as you tried to downplay one of the truest vets', ILL-J's disgust on the system you run the hiphop awards with by taking off your comments -- you try to downplay my sincerest wishes for you as well. I'll be in Manila starting on the 18th , and if anybody wanna talk, then talk, I keep an open mind but my feet stays grounded. And yes, you extended Aero an invite to your event, my boys will drop by -- we won't miss out a chance for Bacolod to be represented the right way. My beef is with the system -- how do you finalize a performance list 3 days away from the awards night itself. It says alot yo. Cheers to the nominees.


"Hiphop asks one eternal question, what do you represent?"

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ILL K Entry 41 "Who Knows"


A.N.E. - Who Knows (Produced by DJ Arbi Won)

Summer is officially in effect when you got that NIKE SB Dunks walk out song to slide to throughout the day. With sneaker hunting in full throttle these days, we take you back on a cruise. If your birth year don't fall anywhere in the 80's or lower, this song ain't for you -- us 80's baby's have a personal affinity with these labels and shoes you are recently hyped about. We saw Jordan get down on those shoes, Barkley -- and if you ain't know who the Reebok Kamikaze's belong to, this song ain't for you. We are vets in the sneaker game soon as Jason Kidd threw his first alley oop pass to Jim Jackson.

A.N.E. breathes new life into the SAME TEAM lead single with a video in the works via a new version with added verses. Nice touch to it -- ask A.N.E. where to download this joint and complete your summer playlist already! Also, A.N.E. will be performing at a SOLAR SPORTS event this saturday!


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Beyond Beyond x ILL K Entry "RYAN ANDRES x VOTE FOR ME"


Philippine Daily Inquirer catches on an Andres' passion for vision

Ryan del Prado Andres’ personal photo exhibit bats for ‘meaningful elections’ RYAN DEL PRADO ANDRES, A 25-year-old Ateneo Law graduate and Bar Candidate for 2010, has put together a personal campaign bridging his art—photography—and his cause—meaningful elections.

His series of photos entitled “Vote For Me” has circulated among social networking sites and has struck a nerve with many young voters for its raw imagery and simple message.

What gave you the idea to do a personal political campaign?

This idea stems from one of my personal advocacies, having meaningful elections. As a former co-head of the Legal Network for Truthful Elections’ (Lente) Networking and Mobilization Committee, and now a volunteer, I’ve seen how Filipinos pour all their efforts in the electoral process. Everyone is a stakeholder in an election. This started as a personal art project that I planned to spread only online, mostly on my Facebook page. It’s good to know that people I don’t even know have seen and have appreciated this series of photos.






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Whoever wins, FUCK YOU -- now get the job done.

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ILL K Entry 39 "ALAM KO MADAMI AKONG MALI" by Krazykyle

News was Mike Swift was punked at the Rap Poetry event, rumors.

Knowing is half the battle. Your admittance is your own win, deep within your soul, congratulations. But that's where it stops, maybe ends. I know you ask your boys to check what I have to say so yeah -- read on. The difference of what we stand for shines through this video. Watch it. Again. And again. I may not be in Manila -- but clearly the shouts are the same. Sabi ni Mike -- wala ng damayan, I am merely documenting this so when I read back -- I have some laughs and something to toast about. It ain't about you, its about us and how we want to uproot some poison from our playground and keep it merry.

Rumors are spread like wild fire, so here's me documenting it with Mike and my Konektado brothers -- that truth be told, you got shook. Ain't nobody telling what happens next, all I know is you're not in Facebook, or took some people out of your list to maybe shield yourself from the comments this video is gonna make or god willing -- you decided to end your career as Mike advised you.

I am moved deeply because I'm not one with the movement. And I want people to start standing up, not taking sides, but know how to direct your motives. I am not in the forefront of this scene no more -- and I will only cater to my own self righteousness in this blog as a plight to give you confidence to the direction you take. Some truths were meant to stay put for years, and its good to know -- that some truths are meant to overcome politics in this day and age.

Tell me what are you gonna tell your sponsors when nobody shows up to the event you set up for them to display they products? What are those magazines gonna write about when the Hiphop Awards turned Hiphopalooza is gonna be filled with people you let in for free and are ready to leave soon as you run out of freebies to throw away? The blood stream of what you're trying to do; runs by these very veins, the artists -- who without a doubt are able to keep themselves afloat knowing they can't depend on you. And when I say YOU -- I mean the crooked system. I am one with the community, I represent The Community -- and I say, this could've ended in a prettier sight -- if you only played fair.

I asked how Krazykyle was gonna diffuse this situation, but it is getting the best of him. To my Rapskallion heads, we good -- respeto. I've known most of you guys even before this whole mess. Loyalty Feeds The Movement, do whatchu gotta do, trust me I know. I'm with you -- Jeff Demarco & Proof Positive, I'm sorry to tell you the legacy of the Rapskallion hiphop group you've started has been tainted. To everyone who is new to this situation, stop putting wood to the fire. Real heads know. Know you're place cause to you, this might be a trip to the internet shop and donwload free music -- while some people live and breathe this shit.

I'll be home in Manila in time for the Defense concert, thats MAY 20 -- anybody wanna talk? Mark your calendars. Anybody wanna get to the bottom of it and start cooling the situation? I'm down to talk, bring your A game -- cause for real, we ain't doing it for the numbers, never did it for the belt, never did it for pictures, never did it for The King -- we did to remain relevant.

Aren't you FIRED UP yet?

HIT UP FUEL BAR, THE FORT TONIGHT. Scroll down my iggins.

NOTES: This should be one of the last moments I will ever talk about this situation unless my name gets dragged somewhere. But know in my heart, what Mike did was precise, respectful and although brandish, was meant for you as readers to know the truth. Moving forward, get your DEFENSE tickets and catch the excitement of this video carried on to Music Museum -- clown of the year. Clap clap bravo. To them heads who can't talk and trying to play it safe in this situation, I am also with you. It takes more than balls to stand up for something. Know that one day, we will call on you to do more than usual. We fight for peace of mind as well.

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ILL K Entry 38 "So Wonderful x Keep Elevating"



Turbulence x Filamfunk spotted at EVILMONITO.COM

Marquiss and Chrizo doing the radio drill at H-Town's show

Lyrical Empire: Metro Manila Emcees
Challenges in a Multilingual Nation

by Mark Villegas

"On a drizzly, humid July afternoon I squeeze into an overflowing train headed for Las PiƱas, a city in southern Metro Manila. I hop from the train onto the Philippines’ most ubiquitous forms of transportation, the jeepney, a functioning relic of the United States military ostentatiously stylized with distinct Filipino flavor—bright paint, shiny chrome, and customized body kits. Like the other commuters, I cover my mouth and nose with a handkerchief as we battle the Metro’s pollution and traffic.

I am on my way to interview the Turbulence Productions crew, a small, independent group of emcees, beat producers, and entrepreneurs who rank as one of the most respected hip hop crews in the Philippines.

As someone who has been immersed in hip hop and who documents Filipino American involvement in the cultural cipher, I, like many other Filipino Americans, carried my own biases about hip hop in the Philippines. I believed because the Philippines is a poor country whose people are obsessed with mimicking catchy American pop songs, the quality of hip hop in the country must be sub-par.

I had it all twisted.."


NOTES: Kudos to Mark V of Filamfunk -- heard the premiere of his short film LYRICAL EMPIRE: HIPHOP IN METRO MANILA was amazing! Kudos to you and your eye for telling a story untold in your side of the world. We are proud to have cross paths with your vision and see my team fit into the direction you're taking. Proud that you stuck it out for us and the talent Pinas is breeding.