Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SINAG: Where art thou? Lets get a move on pai!

VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: D.O.A & Mrs. International

JAY-Z "Death Of Auto-tune"

Methodman & Redman - Mrs. International

I've been bumping these two songs ever since I touched down in Manila a few weeks back. Anyone who has ever cruised with me around the metro has heard these songs more than once. Glad to finally se videos of these hot songs hit the net. Watch out BP3 and cop that Blackout 2, already out on record stores. Catch the Soulfiesta Countdown next!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Beyond Beyond: ENTRY 20 "Dear Manila"

Dear Manila,

I'm back in Singapore. I tried my best, you know I did. The deals were getting stalled and at a time I was only waiting on that. But you know, you didn't want me boxed up to waiting. You knew you were going to get to me after a while. We did it again. I came back strong, and I made sure they'll remember me by, just as we've always planned. This trip was bittersweet, seeing my team reunited again is always a plus. Hey Manila, we done smashed the game again! I came in time for AMP BLVD/Aquariuss Launch last May 19 -- that show was bonkers, surprising people of my presence and really just mingling within the scene I crafted with these hands. Also, having to celebrate PHD's and Datu's birthday on the same day, makes working all the more sweeter. Manila, you knew I had to straighten out some people in my team. It all worked out well in the end, we all fam anyways. Some of these cats just ain't ready to see millions yet, no worries, we'll get there.

Less than ten days later, we get to launch ILL-J's Logic For Reason album. That show was hella dope too. Laid back and more grown up. It was my kind of gig, hehehe. Just before June 1 hit, me, Chano and Chrizo was hella blazed in the studio -- when I picked up the challenge of Back 2 The New School. Blame it on the herb, we done did it and delivered. FREE MUSIC for the world, Manila. You were there, you saw how we did the radio, mishaps occur, treated this free release like any other release we done did, clock work. "MARCH 6" did what its supposed to do, stir up some hearts and show another side of the story, you taught me well. Before releasing the album, me and Chrizo got featured on Gadget Magazine's JULY ISSUE. Manila, you know how I hate sleeping without nothing to show for.

In the short period that I was around you, I never thought it would be even possible to fullfill my OCTOBER 12 blog, but somehow you gave me a chance. Meeting new artists in their rawest forms is always a thrill for me. Thats what our success was built around, Manila. You know it, you know how Nimbus, Gdub & Marquiss started out. God bless your talents Manila, I will find my way towards you again sometime. A good friend of mine, Mark Villegas will be around to weave through your talents, show him what you showed me all these years.

Beyond, beyond's end finally starts. We finished the video shoot already, the piece that you gave Dominic is heavenly. His team did your vision justice. They should be editing it by now. I left just before they packed up the shoot. Leaving everyone still working. You know how I do, Manila. I had fun Manila, don't forget about me while you write your history. I am now retiring from making beats, again. Some of them won't believe me, Manila. You tell them soon, okay? Make them miss a brother who always worked hard with his team. TEAM STRONG still.

Sincerely yours;

Original Roc Boy ng Pinas

P.S. Please take care of my family, my brothers and sisters, my peers and my enemies.

Beyond Beyond: ENTRY 19 "Beyond Beyond SHOOT; DAY 1"

Shout outs to Dominic Nuesa, Tess, Havi, Mika, BBOY Randy, Jaramillo-Seneres Family, Aero, JHON, Mike Swift, Millc, Kimmie, Erv, Marino & his team, Jules and Ate Baby for the pancit! Catch more pictures soon!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Aero with a dot, before the RX radio stint last saturday

We have almost 1000 ++ hits on the album download links. We have reached various countries with this release. People around the world are already bumping this album, and it isn't even a week old. Trailer will be up soon. Here's another download link, since some of the links have already reached their maximum download limit. Thank you again, and to the people who we missed out on the shoutouts, bawi kami next time.

NOTE: Amber and Gloc9's video shoot for "Taas Noo" is this saturday. Somewhere around, hehehe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL -- KEEP ON DOWNLOADING, 300++ hits in less than 12 hours




Thank you to the 300++ who have already downloaded this release in less than 12 hours. Big ups to these three sites who have already made news in their own sites regarding this release! Salamat Madshock, Tammy Zalmeda & Mark Villegas!!



June 17, 2009 -- 12 MIDNIGHT. We now bring you BACK 2 THE NEW SCHOOL. A collection of songs penned, conceptualized and produced in 2 weeks. New songs by your favorite independent artists, as well a track from Singapore based Filipino MC Kwizyne. Enjoy this download, we will bring you a behind the scenes (video and pictures) of this release next week. Below are two links to download this release.


SPECKS X TURBULENCE (Beyond, beyond)


Chrizo & B-ROC will appear on Gadget Magazine's July issue. Whats really good Danee?! Thank you for the feature! Get yourself a copy soon! Cop the shirts as well. Will be available at WeLegendary soon! Shoutouts to Mark Bandigan and the entire SPECKS staff!

NOTES: I just found the footages we will be using for the trailer of BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL. However, we are looking to launch the trailer one week after the digital release. Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009


Catch us tonight at MAX FM 103.5 on H-town's show; 6PM-9PM; and at Monster Radio 93.1 on Rico Robles' show; 10PM-12PM. Also, TEAM AMP will be on WAVE 89.1 on Dash's Old School Weekends between 2PM-5PM. Tune in as we debut some of the track appearing on this digital release. Catch Hotnixx's "Open Zipper"; Nimbusnine's "Sunny Days"; Aero and Gdub's "Back To The New School"; Hotnixx and Kimmie's "What I Got" -- these should be enough to draw you in ninjas! Tune in and participate if you can, alot of news going be brought to the table. Call in if you want, it would be much appreciated!

NOTE: We are supposed to be editing a trailer for this release sometime in the next two days. However, all of my tapes seems to be missing. Tsk tsk tsk, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Beyond, Beyond ENTRY 19 "NEIL ARMSTRONG"

DJ Neil Armstrong is the biggest pinoy hiphop star today. If you don't know, do your research. Props to the pinoy DJ's holding it down.

Friday, June 5, 2009

BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL (Exclusive Free Digital Release) JUNE 17

Temporarily out of retirement SOULFIESTA STUDIOS

Loyalty Feeds The Movement (Beyond, Beyond)

Last June 1, me and the team decided to put our clock work to the test. Coming off a release last May 19 with AMP BLVD/AQUARIUSS and another album launch less than ten days later, May 29 ILL-J's Logic For Reason -- we decided to do another compilation to be released on JUNE 17.

From concept to release we only are giving ourselves 2 weeks to do everything. New beats, new songs -- new songs from Aero, Mike Swift, AMP, Kimmie, Datu, Hotnixx, RonThug, Gdub, Nimbusnine, Quest, A.N.E., Black, Qyork , Kwizyne (Singapore) and more! Production from Chrizo, B-Roc, Traumatik, CHTizzle and more! We are documenting this 2 week compilation/mixtape release which will be available only at the SOULFIESTA BLOG on June 17. Stay tuned to this blog for more updates.

I mean, we are beastin' this ish right here. No label meetings, no sponsors, only real mcs finishing up songs which will all be ready for your download this June 17. Come visit this page on June 12 to read an article about it, June 13 catch us and "THE BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL" project when we hit up the Monster RX 93.1 and MAXFM -- and June 15 or 16 we will release the video trailer for this release on YouTube. June 16, the day before the release online, catch us on 99.5 RT.

SHOUTOUTS TO: Specks, To The Billboard, MAX FM, RX Monster Radio, 99.5 RT, Titik Pilipino, FILAM FUNK, PULP, FUDGE, GADGET MAGAZINE and FLIPPISH TV.