Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Midnight Marauders in Manila

 photo Midnight Marauders_zpsuimsddl1.jpg

Awesome line up for this Friday!

UP Manila Indayog uses Quest's DIGMAAN for their piece!

We are honored that you chose this song for your tournament piece. Thank you!

Gloc 9 answers accusations over Binay support!

 photo Gloc 9 x Binay_zpsmslh7vf6.jpg

Read what my take is, a few clicks below.

Bond St. Social grand launch!

 photo Bond Social_zpsrnwhgdfg.jpg

One of the most outstanding barbershops in the south of Manila.Congrats Koi!

RAW Clothing x Writers Block - Sleepless Nights In Kyoto

 photo Sleepless Nights In Kyoto_zpsivzygjmr.jpg

Great tunes from different producers, good stuff!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gloc 9 reps for Binay???

 photo Gloc 9_zpslv8hrsax.jpg

Photo of Gloc 9 performing for a Binay rally.

If Gloc got paid to endorse Binay, it is his choice. He did whats best for himself and his family. Gloc9 as a person doesn't owe the hiphop community an explanation, but this will also show that his legacy of doing songs like "Upuan", "Dapat Tama" and all his advocacies against corrupt government officials takes a back seat.

A person will always contradict himself for as long as he is growing. Whether growing forward or backward is a choice. Here are notes I'm willing to share and would like to get your views. Again, I'm friends with Aries and respect his decision.

1. Post "Limang Kanta Lang" Gloc9 never releases a free song or a song that he can't monetize. So to my surprise sometime last January - he put out Pareho Tayo on Soundcloud. His last few releases has been via YouTube where he is able to monetize hits and views.

2. A dope Gloc 9 song like this never charted on MYX, MTV or if I'm not mistaken even radio. Could not promoting this new single a good move for an independent artist who just spent money on music production and video production. OR could it be that if Binay did take this song that it can't be aired on TV for its media value that will ultimately be audited against Binay's camp?

3. Gloc cannot please everyone, regardless of who he endorses. The country is in one of the most coveted and most controversial elections about to take place. And if Gloc chooses his family over his stand on making songs like "Upuan" and "Dapat Tama", it is his choice ultimately. He has been dropping hints on social media long before this year that all he is doing according to his hashtag is "#ParaSaAnak". A father who can swallow his pride for a better future for his kids -- with rumors of getting paid millions (betwen Gloc and his management) for this Binay campaign, is a good father by design. Will it disappoint some of his fans? Yes. Everything has its time, price and there are opportunities we are trying not to regret down the line.

4. Pareho Tayo has a video online incorporating Binay and his campaign into the song. The song is only circulating online.

5. Buying the song is one thing. Binay can buy the song and if I feel strongly about not supporting him, I will get the money however, I will not perform for the rallies. It is easy to let them buy the song and an easy decision to not perform if I feel strongly against Binay but still want to get paid via making the song.

We hope we are able to shed light or even help you dissect whats happening in front of you. Please feel free to flag me down if there are facts mentioned here that are not true. 

BOMB FIRST happening this April 2

 photo Bomb First Cover Photo March 29_zpshieqgdye.jpg

 photo Bomb First April 2 Poster March 29_zpsvelzgnzt.jpg

Again, entrance is free. Bring your dough to spend on artist merchandise and drinks!

Bobby Skyz feat. Dash Calzado - Akala Ko (Produced by Mark Beats)

Mark Beats new track, great song! Hoping to hear more from the Battle of Beats winner!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Soulfiesta supports Rap Is Life

 photo Rap Life 1_zpsw3j8ppxo.jpg

 photo Rap Life 2_zpsu5mcvni5.jpg

Great local hiphop Facebook page, follow them here.

ThreeDown releases new shirts tomorrow at DMDM 19!

 photo ThreeDown_zps7jzo6hua.jpg

Heard a better quality shirt is what they've been working on!

DaMoDaMerrier happening tomorrow!

 photo DaMoDaMerrier 19_zpsk0asld5y.jpg

Check the line up! Tons of new music to be heard here!

Araneta Dreams 2016

 photo Araneta Dreams_zpsn0cjnuzq.jpg

See you guys there! Private venue, get an invite if you can!

Bomb First x Jan 30 2016 (Recap Video)

If you didn't get a chance to go to the first one, go on saturday. Event page here. Its free!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ROW4 feat. Mike Swift & DB - Kahit Ano

 photo Kahit Ano_zpsnukjopds.jpg

Bomb First bound! This joint gotta be performed next week!

Catch Aero x Chrizo tomorrow at Malasimbo!

 photo Aero x Malasimbo_zpsyu03s9wa.jpg

I done seen the practices for this event, and the set bangs!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happening this March 26!

 photo Writers Block_zpsouzcljii.jpg

Check out this free event this coming Black Saturday at Cubao X!

Abra feat. KZ Tandingan - Bolang Kristal (Official Music Video)

Great job on this 2 year song! Lets get on some new tracks Abra!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Aero appears on the Ratchaaa Remix!

Yuuoooyyyy!! Beats by DJ IZE.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quest at Ginebra GinumanFest in Mindoro!

 photo Quest Ginumanfest_zpslcukptbr.jpg

Come celebrate your weekend with us!!

Quest at CDO Youth Fest March 18!

 photo Quest CDO Youth Fest_zpsdgud4i1i.jpg

If you're in the area, come through!

Aero x Chrizo at Malasimbo!

 photo Aero x Chrizo Malasimbo Cover Photo_zpssgqwxmkr.jpg

 photo Malasimbo Schedule_zpskctg4xrh.jpg

Check the schedule! And make it to a one of a kind boom bap showcase!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FlipTop - Apekz vs Righteous1

Yo sucks that RighteousOne didn't come well prepared.

Congratulations to Artifice!!

 photo Artifice MYX_zpsftpj19x7.jpg

For winning Best Music Video and Best Urban Music Video for Cerberus & Diwata!

Sole Slam 9 this summer!

 photo Sole Slam 9_zpsddtewidp.jpg

To all my sneaker addicts, this might just be something special this summer!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Quest - Pursigido (Official Music Video)

Official music video, starring the people that make up Manila. Thank you!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Jxhnny Cras - Hey Cras (Official Music Video)

Dope new video from Kid Cras! Music produced by Wizdom!

Assembly Generals - Sakalawakan (Official Music Video)

Here you go guys! A new Assembly Generals music video! Kudos to the people behind it!

No Greater Love claims #1 on Saved Radio

 photo Quest Saved Radio March 13_zpswpxhmzkn.jpg

Thank you to all the listeners and people who vote for the song!

Aquarius - Hindi Ako Malalim, Mababaw Ka Lang.

Here's another 3rd World Entertainment artist, video directed by J-Rik Villa.

Participating brands at the Tibay x Medisina Anniversary!

 photo Tibay Medisina 1_zpsfac3ss79.jpg

Be there early and get your shopping on!

Friday, March 11, 2016

BOMB FIRST Entry 11: See you guys April 2!

 photo Bomb First April 2 Poster NEW_zpsozy2huzm.jpg

Check the line up, read and re-read. Check out our event page here.

Quest "Life of a Champion" on Music & Letters

"No Greater Love" and "Paborito" performed live!

Marquiss feat. Quest - Soul of a Rebel (Official Audio)

"Born a warrior, destined to be a king." Chris Webber.

Abra feat. KZ Tandingan - Bolang Kristal (Teaser Trailer)

Here's a teaser to a much awaited new Abra single! Great quality!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Brown Poetics - Back In Business (Official Music Video)

3rd World Entertainment, Directed by Jeremias Yanoc and Produced by Doc Kristy!

Dimensions Of The Self @ Secret Fresh

 photo Toki Doki 2_zpsbp7ezlgi.jpg

 photo Toki Doki_zps2oa1lbfb.jpg

Toki Doki x Secret Fresh happening this weekend! Come thru!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shehyee - Samalamig (Official Music Video)

Shehyee's new joint sounds pretty fresh!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Brgy Tibay x Medisina Anniversary

 photo Tibay Medisina_zps8kihb60d.jpg

Bring extra dough for the bazaar!

Comedy Manila goes to Elbi

 photo Comedy Manila_zpsuqey1mns.jpg

FAM always brings something new to our folks in Los Banos!

Skarm - Hail To The King (Performance Video)

Bomb First bound? Will keep you posted.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Drop happening this March 11!

 photo The Drop_zpsfsahaqvy.jpg

2K Compilation Launch!

SM Baguio x Northern Lights

 photo Norther Lights_zpskdcpdchv.jpg

Check the line up! See you guys there!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quest's "Higher" #1 on WAVE!!!

 photo Quest Higher March 1_zpsdydoa8sp.jpg

OPM #1 again on the radio waves! #LifeOfAChampion

Assembly Generals "Sakalawakan" (Video Launch)

 photo Sakalawakan Assembly Generals_zpss4a9lgdr.jpg

Catch it if you can, will have to wait for this to hit online!