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We have been going hard and getting it in the whole year now. After Back To The New School, we gave you Beyond Beyond and not even 2 weeks after that -- we give you an EP from newly signed Turbulence artist AERO. This free EP will available for download this August 3 exclusively at the Soulfiesta Blogspot.

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 37 "Psylent @ Spoken Herb"

Smoke this one, from the Andres Family.

12:40 AM JULY 31

Just got home son.

Had a long ass day man, did all my shit. Ended up having diner with big wigs at Singapore Cricket Club, Members ONLY. Go figure, 2 bottles of wine later; a lobster bisque and a big ass steak for diner I find myself chilling at Zouk, Velvet and Phuture. I'm in the same club as the DJ of Teriyaki Boyz making an appearance here tonight -- bottle service, vodka, orange juice and cranberry under my disposal; chilling and speaking with a Korean businessman who wants to help me and be my agent to access Korea's scene and make beats for some artists over there?

Did I budge? No, did I like the idea? Yes.

Time to assemble the team. I'm home, mad things in my head, Nimbusnine gig tomorrow at Rockwell via Nyco Maca, thanks Josh. Open my email, see Jess and Chrizo talk about GRAE, game on. Albert Penafuerte's in the studio tonight with Chrizo, wrapping up another free digital release. And me? I'm drunk finishing up the CD cover and collaterals.

Whatchu do today? Why am I back early? Cause alla that was work, you gotta pay me to stay still. My team needs me. TEAM STRONG. Beyond, Beyond iggins.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



August 1 showcases another hiphop event by the whole To The Billboard movement! Catch this show from 420PM onwards; with skate obstacles, BBQ, an ice cream truck (hehehe, I'm not even kidding), good music and tons of performances by your favorite hiphop personalities! Also, this marks the launching of KONEKTADO DVD ISSUE.2! Whats good Colt 45, whats poppin now? Catch GOD's WILL & AMP perform, as we celebrate God's Will's feature on this DVD! Hey, we might have some surprise guests for the AMP set, stay tuned!

This day, we will also be on radio at 88.3 JAM via Kooky Tuasons show at 9PM as we talk more about the Beyond Beyond video we released last week. Have a great weekend ahead guys! Dont forget, come monday AUGUST 3! Aero's SICKSONGSONLY EP will now be out for download! More on it later!


And yeah, catch an interview with BAMBU here soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: ENTRY 36 "The cypher keeps going.."


Thank you for continuously watching Beyond Beyond, we have been overwhelmed on the impact of this video to all of you guys around the world. Here are some stills, from of the video. I just wanted to share to you some of the scenes I truly liked. There's more to this and I'm still debating whether to make wallpapers of them. Keep on watching, or when you are done with it; leave us a message and tell your friends about it. I bet they'd appreciate you showing them something new like this video.


NOTES: To anybody thinking we're slowing down cause we got a video out, think again. Hahaha. Aero SICKSONGS ONLY EP wil be out soon! Beyond Beyond my iggins. Straight up, this video is a coming to full circle of sorts; me and Arkane agree. Now after coming into full circle, like a cypher -- we about to make another round at it, the cypher keeps rolling. We are a better team after this, make no doubt -- with better people and with better ideas. GET USED TO IT.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Beyond, Beyond Video; foreword by Dominic Nuesa

Good Morning, Manila

This foreword feels like an epilogue actually. Or a rest between rounds, I'm not sure. But I definitely know that we've arrived somewhere, and I'm glad to be there (or here) with the most inspiring group of people you'll ever meet. And I'm not just talking about my hiphop fam, or my film fam, I'm talking to you, kid at the back corner of the club wanting to freestyle with the emcee on stage. I'm talking to you, college drop out trying to make ends meet while listening to De la Soul's "Stakes is High". I'm talking to you, sophomore highschool girl who got into her first club and getting your ears baptized with Bassline.

On behalf of my crew, thank you for all the inspiration. This is for everyone. Foreword over, it's time to go forward.

Beyond, Beyond written & directed by Dominic Nuesa

Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Upon launching Beyond, Beyond and before launching the video -- we would like to extend our thanks to the people who visit this blog, who visit our facebook account for updates and the people who helped us promote this campaign. Here's a short interview I had with my good friend Chrizo, who's having a sabbatical right now. Enjoy this one iggins, and please feel free to share with us your feelings, feedbacks and comments on the Beyond Beyond piece.

What about the piece struck you the most?

CHRIZO: What struck me the most about the piece is that you can literally close your eyes and grasp what resides in the souls of hiphop enthusiasts and patrons just by listening to the words. The metaphors, and well placed analogies will show the world that what we are doing in this business is noble and well worth the every day fight. This piece should inspire the fighting spirit in you each time you hear it or each time you falter and remind you to truly reach beyond your wildest day dreams.

What does Beyond Beyond to you mean?

Beyond Beyond to me, honestly, is no longer being attached to what has not worked out for you in your life. If you're satisfied with your predicament, then do absolutely nothing. But if you think you deserve the fruits of what you fought for then go ahead and reach for something you previously might have thought was beyond your reach. Reach even further than that!

What can people expect from the piece and from the video itself?

Expect it to be like a shot of a drink you never thought would hit you. It shows hip-hop the way it is supposed to be shown but not through your typical flashy and loud music video. It may catch the viewer off-guard, not knowing they'd get the full experience of hip-hop through a more subtle and tasteful approach.

Do you have any favorite lines from the written piece? What about these lines do you like?

"These hands can polish saw dust". Not in your wildest dreams can you polish saw dust. But this isn't about your wildest dreams. It is about being even beyond that. That line to me explains just how much we intend to reach beyond the seemingly impossible.

Who do you think could relate to this piece?

I believe anybody who understands the plight of the independent hiphop artist can relate to this. They will be able to appreciate this as if they see what is being talked about through their own eyes everyday. Quite frankly, maybe they do! Even if you are not a participant but a spectator of hip-hop, you will still be able to identify with this piece

How was it working with Direk Dominic and his team?

Clock work professionalism! Dom and his team really did their homework on this one. Not a moment was wasted stalling on anything un-important. On top of that, the whole crew was amiable and they made sure the Turbulence team was comfortable enough to give their best in every take. Plus Dom's team had great chemistry with each other without a hint of clashing egos.

Since this piece is a fruit of all our labor and hardwork into hiphop, for you and your body of work, which song do have an affinity to towards this Beyond Beyond project? (like what song that you've worked on carries the same feeling you have towards working and hearing this piece?)

Honestly, even though I didn't make the song, I feel as though Turbulence gave you a glimpse of what was beyond with Track 1 of Philippine Phenom. That gazillion bar verse by Nimbus 9 was just ahead of its time!

NOTES: What better way to describe and celebrate our artistry but with a Solar Eclipse that will only come once in a few years; my team is such - this includes our latest addition, Aero. Yes you man. This batch of artists: Turbulence, Stick Figgas, Los Indios Bravoz, Mike Swift, Peoples Future and the likes only come once in a few years. Me and Chrizo share the same favorite line from the piece. Yesterday, I made my first beat since my re-retirement and it had me jumping in my room! I was getting rusty for a minute but I got my groove back -- you will hear that beat on Aero's upcoming free download SICKSONGSONLY EP! Beyond Beyond.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: ENTRY 33 "Beyond, Beyond"


Today, we celebrate Beyond, Beyond. We are releasing the spoken word piece for your souls to hear. We all have different and diverse beginings. We are illuminating our passion for words, music, pictures, performing arts, hiphop & literature today through this piece; wonderfully written by Arkane. Hold this dear as we embody the humility of your beginings, the growth of your passion and the emotion of your struggle.

This piece was peformed by my friends, label mates and more importantly my extended family; Marquiss, Nimbusnine, God's Will, PHD & Hotnixx. Shoutouts to Bob for the wonderful piano! The video will be launched this JULY 23. Enjoy this gift of today, July 20 -- Happy birthday Nimbusnine! Make it last big homie. We gotchu!

"What these hands can do?
They write, they scratch, they push, they spray,
These hands, they grabbed the night and shook the day
We took the way that we considered sacred
With these hands we shared music, we used it to break bread.."


NOTES: We wanna thank you and everyone who has been eagerly anticipating this release. The video will not disappoint you; again its on JULY 23, just a couple more days. I also want to thank everyone in my team and my extended friends in the industry for helping us out in promoting this viral campaign. Feel free to share this piece to your friends and to people who doubt our hiphop. Stay proud man, we have a beautiful thing going for us. To The Billboard! We all have problems -- and the easiest way we can help other people is for us to be at peace with our personal goals first. Look for yours, and go for it. To The Billboard!

Friday, July 17, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: ENTRY 32 "JULY 23 X New Turbulence LOGO"


New Turbulence Productions Logo

Here is the tenative date of the videos release, July 23. Will inform you guys of any changes, exciting times. Tomorrow, July 18 -- catch the team on air, as we visit 2 radio stations MAXFM at 8PM and RX at 10PM. We would debut the audio track of Beyond Beyond, also debut the Chrizo produced Marguax track featuring Nimbusnine and make some formal announcements. Catch the team perform tonight at Peoples Future's album launch. Congrats again my dudes!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Jin endorsing VITA Lemon Ice Tea

B-Roc & Jin at Taiwan's Arts & Music Festival 06


DEAD EMCEE SCROLLS series, is a link to my hiphop roots. Where B-Roc, then known to some as Rhapsody, was able to see other emcees who right now, don't shine in abundance but had dented my views on hiphop. These pieces left a mark in my universe and to some as well. I am going thru my archives to show and display the makings of me. These pieces are by FILIPINO emcees that you might never see, hear or even hear about. I am with them and my being is their legacy.

Written by Arkane of Turbulence Productions

Every single rhyme that I had to spit
Is meticulously reviewed down to the last adjective
Write down verses, and every entry
Is done pefectly, no one can see my flaws except me
Any change is done directly, I'll review it more
Just so I can further improve my score
I still the beating of my heart until words emerge
Perfection is achieved if you break the learning curve
Every lines a success
Theres no topic I havent rocked yet, no subject I havent touched yet
Theres no reason on earth for me to come up short
I've come this far, with passion as my only support
Is it the quality of songs or quantity of thoughts?
The correct answer is simply all of the above
I believe in the Lord, cuz my flow is Godly
Whoelse has the power to give the skills bestowed upon me
I'm dead serious with rhymes
No other emcee has improved in such a short period of time
2 years and I'm already in my prime
The golden age of emceeing, the era of which is mine
I'll never be in decline, and can never be denied
The right to look into what I better redesign
Enlightened by musical illuminants
The brightness of shining ideas is beautiful in unison
Practice doesnt make perfect, perfect habits do
Memorize a classic book, then I'll rap it too
And when a dj packs and begins to leave
I tap my feet to replace the disappearing beat
I create daylight when I write
Then drop the pen and grab a mic and begin to freestyle the night
I shook the process, while I mix the words
And hook the chorus, when I bridge the verse
And for those that cant read the signs lately
As much as I make the rhymes, the rhymes make me
They overlooked what I oversaw and found
Just cuz you aint understood, that dont make you underground
I'm beyond glocks, gats, and smith and wessons,
I am made with the stuff born of myth and legends

The thrill of holding a quill, instilled with skill
Fill the mind with will, until the ink is spilled
"To get where you're goin, look back.", Rizal once said
If I ever looked behind I'll see how far I am ahead
After ages of debate the conclusion is this
If I'm not ill.....

..... then I wonder what is


NOTES: This piece will tell you why I fucks with the right emcees, cause this is the piece I built my label around. If you're nothing close to this, means you have got to step up. If you've managed to work with me, means I see something in you. You have the potential to be amongst people in Mount Olympus. Stop looking at the summit, start climbing bitches.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Manila, Philippines whats good?! Beyond, beyond is in its final days before we finally debut it to the world. And before we do, I personally want to invite you to embark on a passionate journey into a lost art -- reading. This book was introduced to me by Nimbus in 2006. It's a very short book written by a very introspective author and which you can finish in an hour or so. Me, Nimbus, Mike Swift & Chrizo are fans of this book. Why? Read it. It'll show you more about me and how we handle all our opportunities. Here's page 33 for you guys to start with:

"A warrior of light shares his world with the people he loves.
He tries to encourage them to do the things they would like to do
but for which they lack courage;
at such times, the Enemy appears holding two wooden signs in his hands.
On one sign is written: 'Think about yourself. Keep all the blessings for yourself,
otherwise you'll end up losing everything.'
On the other sign, he reads:
'Who do you think you are, helping other people?
Can't you see your own faults?'
A warrior knows that he has faults.
But he knows too that he cannot do this growing alone;
and thus distance himself from his companions.
Therefore, he throws the two signs to the floor,
even if he thinks they may contain a grain of truth.
The signs crumble into dust,
and the warrior continues to encourage those nearest him."





Hot shit my iggins! Rakim Allah! New song by the god himself. Rakim has been one of Turbulence's founding inspirations, and its not a safe answer -- when Rakim came out with Guess Who's Back me, my brother and Arkane was bumping that CD and tape every single time. Any show, any time of the day, we would bump it. Rakim goes in hard, like he always does. The beat is a definitely 2009, it actually sounds like something Dr. Dre would make for Rakim, heavy sample and heavy synths on this one with scratches on the hook.

D.O.A + Holy Are You + Beyond, Beyond (my personal 2009 renaissance)

"Walk on water, nah leave it to Jesus/
its the parable to make followers and readers believers/"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009



Picture taken by Ryan Andres



Picture taken by Ryan Andres

Sunday, July 12, 2009



"Aero with a dot means, Aero Period. Bacolod stand up!"

Turbulence Productions, Philippines premiere independent hiphop record label, has reached another milestone this week, as we officially sign Aero into the team. Turbulence's roster of artists have been closed for more than 4 years now and with the passing of the times, we have decided to transition ourselves into developing a formidable team, leading us to this new addition.

Aero has been an integral mover in the scene and has flourished as one of the best emcees around the country. Aero's has already worked with Turbulence prior to this decision as a member or AMP, has worked with us in our various releases since Tippin' The Scales. With this addition, we are fully embracing the Third World brand, and band of artists as extended brands. Aero will be coming out with a FREE DOWNLOADABLE EP entitled SICKSONGSONLY within the next few weeks while simultaneously working on his much awaited debut album.

"I would like to welcome Aero onboard. It's been a long time coming my dude, and you know we all about hardwork and good musick. You know how we do, I'm happy that you're proudly repping Turbulence now and we hope to open doors for you with your hardwork as our foundation. Being signed to Turbulence has no boundaries, whether its reaching for your goals or just making musick, we are bound to make it happen one way or another."

Beyond, beyond. Video will be up soon. The countdown begins.

NOTE: Aero has been one of the pillars of the The Community brand as he brought the show to Bacolod late 2007. He organized the event with Bacolod's Masskara celebration and brought acts like Dcoy, Artstrong, Nathan J, Nimbusnine, God's Will and in the spirit of The Community, he let some cats from Dumaguete rock the stage with em. Aero also served as a radio personality/DJ back in the day in Bacolod. He also has been nominated as one of Asia's Best Solo Hiphop acts for the AVIMA Awards 2009. Do your homework. Aero will also be releasing "Military Brats"; a collaboration album with Jedli of Peoples Future under Locked Down Entertainment.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Konektado DVD MAGAZINE Vol.2 Trailer

Here's one for the tired hiphop soul in you, FUCK YOU. Its still TO THE BILLBOARD ALL DAY! I don't know why some people are so close minded on what this movement is about but yeah we all put in work. I love this trailer Mike! You guys even caught Uncle Roland Dantes' funeral?!! UNREAL. If you don't know who that guys is? He's the one you see on Bruce Lee's movie. We only roll with Legendary people muthafuckers! I'm so mad that people sleep on this movement, when its bigger than being a hiphop artist. Just see this through Mike's TEAM's journeys. There's nothing quite like it.

Everyone think they doing something BIG for Philippine hiphop, well start it by doing something RIGHT for Philippine hiphop which is by being brave, risky and creative. Not to mention the heart behind it is genuine. Some people think its about reaching a billboard? Son, we are way past that already. Konektado is a product of this movement -- just see this trailer and buy the next DVD. We are on the come up man, we are learning our way into this hiphop shit, within third world conditions, third world advantages and we stage ourselves across the globe.

I told Kwizyne the other night "Until Singapore births an artist that will live and die by his arts direction then only then will Singapore have a chance to get over the biggest hurdle in the game -- if you don't take your craft seriously, no one will." And that's what Mike's been doing.

NOTES: Beyond, Beyond video is now done. We are working on the last few things before releasing a date for the launching of this video online. Catch more news in this blog and stand a chance to win some prizes. Hehehehe.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: ENTRY 24 "The DEY in Manila"

The DEY feat. Nimbusnine & Hotnixx - LIVE PERFORMANCE

The Dey was around Manila sometime last year and we were blessed to have the chance to rock the stage with them. We surveyed the scene enough to get pass through any security and come to they press launch. I felt the need to step up, so in between press asking them bullshit questions which is not inclined to what they do, I got on the mic and asked them something close to they hearts. They responded well, and got engaged to a conversation in which we took the chance to give them a package of CDS and a GET JAY-Z FOR ME DVD. Divine then breaks into a statement "Don't worry we'll try to get Jay for you." After the press conference with all the press organizations eyeing them, they stood up and walked directly to us. We exchanged digits, infos and appreciation. The Dey is one of the most down to earth/ no bullshit artists I've met in my lifetime. Props to them!

We got introduced to their management and later on Divine pulls me to the side and decides to put my boys to the test. Divine called Nixx and Nimbus for a meeting outside -- explained what he wanted to see and let us know that "niggas ain't giving chances like this, so you guys gotta nail it right!"




Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009



DON G - Live Forever

Some pains are forever. Some real ones are fake, and some fake ones make it, some real ones don't. Pain is the only sure thing in life, alongside death and taxes. Pain is sacrifice, consequently sacrifice is love. Some pains in life, and love, are forever. Dongalo Wreckords silence before another storm is personified through one of their longest standing soldier, Don G. The complexity of Don G as an artist who developed himself amidst all the odds of repping Dongalo is amazing. From Dongalo being one of the most shitted on camps and seeing that, and overcoming his own personal life challenges, Don G has emerged as one of my favorites.

Don G ressurects gangsta rap in the Philippines with both vengeance and freshness. The last time I saw gangsta rap repped proper here was Death Threat's "WANTED" CD -- after that it was a toss up between it being too raw, too sugar coated, too fabricated and too unreal. Don G of Gulpe de Gulat, now a label head himself via Shots Fired Entertainment, shows a brilliance, honor and integrity of a soldier coming home from war. The battles might be over, but the war is an advantage in his heart. In the brink of releasing his highly anticipated mixtape, Pagsara ng Pinto under Dongalo/Shots Fired, he gives everyone a peak into his life's door -- and listening to it brings you to a place between being broken and found. His lyrics only reminds me of what Ice Cube would sound like with Big L's rhyme schemes.

Pagsara ng Pinto, in my eyes and ears is as anticipated as Marquiss' GRAE. Don G's ear for beats is amazing -- all the beats he picked for this release fits all his song topics. His rhymes will hurt you, will make you squint, and will melt faces in shock and affirmation and you will end up saying "shit, why didn't I think of it like that." His mixtape is a perfect marriage of hiphop and the streets. He speaks codes, and respects the streets' affairs; which in return earns him his stripes.

This musical offering from Don G has been done for 2 years now, some of them might've already leaked, but this only means the people's anticipation can't be contained anymore. I want to see this album touch lives, as much as you don't want to believe it, there are alot of gangs in the Philippines, this gives these cats the soundtrack to they lives.

Don G once told me that because of what he has gone through the past few years, he almost gave up on his music, and through everything he had gone through he realized that at one point, this music isn't his anymore but for the people who have adored his realness. Some pains aren't meant to be lived through, this early in life; and some people consider him lucky with what he has. We all lose at one point in our lives and sometimes these instances makes us want to close doors -- Pagsara ng Pinto is a fragile chapter of what Don G's future music will become. Come and listen to a future legends shadow of his truth.

Some of us live in shadows, some shadows make so much noise.

This noise, is not quite to close doors.

NOTES: "Pagsara ng Pinto" & other Shots Fired Entertainment merchandise will be available to hoods nationwide, or you can place orders on Don G's Friendster Page and Shots Fired hotline +639055065199. His product is also available through FEDEX Office Malate; FEDEX Valenzuela Building, Las Pinas City; GIZMOS 13B STARMALL Las Pinas City; SALBAKUTA Hoodgear Store in Victory Mall, Caloocan; and soon to open stores. Will keep you posted. Don G appeared in a Turbulence Sampler a couple of years back with the song Patawad.



My good friend Mark Villegas is in town and recieving some Philippine Hiphop welcome for his research on Philippine hiphop. I heard he was on radio today with Jerome, The Philippine All-Stars, DASH and PKSO. Been a busy week for him. Last sunday, he spent sometime at The Chop Shop (Chrizo's studio) to chop it up with my team. Here's an article he wrote posted on his blog today before he takes his trip to La Union.

""It's a noble act," says CHRiZO of Turbulence Productions. I had the privilege to break bread with the bruthas and sista from Metro Manila, who spoke about their slow but steady wins despite the continued marginalization and denigration of hip hop in the Philippines, an irony compared to the success and immersion of hip hop among Filipinos in the U.S."

VISIT FILAMFUNK.BLOGSPOT.COM for the rest of this article.

NOTE: Filamfunk has helped me put together missing pieces in my head about Philippine hiphop as a whole. This blog opened my eyes and kept me aware of hiphop as a calling of my lineage. That Philippine hiphop is about my roots as well. That it is a celebration of bridging the old with the new. And its not about crusading for hiphop, its about carrying tradition. Props to the brother Mark Villegas for extending his time and efforts into our hiphop.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I've been in tune to Atmosphere ever since I started my dance with hiphop, thanks to Arkane and Psylent. My favorite track from Atmosphere is "Trying To Find A Balance" and some other tracks. This is a new EP from Atmosphere, dope 7 tracks here. With good production, my type of hiphop. Click image to download EP.


July 4, I played the blues. I went to Tanglin Community Center and watched musicians, of different race and culture rent two studios -- just to jam weekly. I met alot of interesting personalities, Albert (who travelled to Australia, to play Blues Rock and independently released an album 10 years ago in Singapore), Jay (the 50 something blues singer), Louie (the drummer of a rock band) and many more. They asked me what my background in music was, I said classically trained with the keys and that I play hiphop -- they asked what blues do I listen to, I said Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and the likes -- they all decided to just let me play. I had the most fun when we played slow blues songs, two hours flew just like that. I was nervous really, but hey the energy of playing blues is infectious. Try is sometime, it calms your soul. Believe it or not, they asked me to come back, hey I wouldn't mind.

KASE X B-ROC "Audio Cracc"

Shoutouts to Kase and the rest of his team for this piece. I had never imagined my name tagged on a wall by a dope graf artist. Thanks yo! This piece got me speechless, I mean -- I thought I done seen it all, but this was fresh. First, Kwizyne welcomes me via SG Hiphop's stage now this? Cmon man, I'm overwhelmed. Kase, put that TSHIRT out already. PEACE!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beyond Beyond: ENTRY 23 "SG HIPHOP Welcomes B-ROC"

Last night, at 9:00PM, outside the world famous Esplanade stage, Singapore gave me it's sweetest welcome so far. It was 65 & Hope's outdoor hiphop event celebrating independent hiphop in SG. Before I made my way to the show stage to watch, I took a turn to go to the comfort room. On my way there, a dude dressed in olive green jacket and pants, with white Supra's reached his hand out to me and said "Hey, you're that filipino hiphop dude, right?" I obligingly said "Yes, my name's B-Roc". Small talk went on and ended with "I'll catch you guys in a bit."

On my way to the stage, I stopped and looked. The backdrop of the stage is the world famous Singapore River, across you will see the well lit Fullerton Hotel and the gigantic Merlion Scultpure. A good 500 multi cultured people, were there to watch, not too mention the regular by standers of Esplanade's bar filled walk way. Before I reached the stage I heard these lines "Hiphop sucks, hiphop sucks!" -- I was caught off guard.

Kwizyne was performing the Chrizo produced track "Hiphop Sucks" off the Back 2 The New School release. He then cuts the music and talks about his heritage as a performing filipino hiphop artist. I walk towards a seat near the stage, and listen in as Kwizyne mentions my name, telling people about my beats and that how bumping into me meant alot to him to keep his music rooted. He then burns the stage with a rendition of TILT YOUR CAP -- it is always a trip seeing artists perform and make you feel as though you've helped boost they capabilities in one way or another. After that, he looks into the crowd and says "B-Roc, if you're out there, I know that last one must've surprised you."

It did, this dude was saying "Taking it To The Billboard, its built to last, fingertips on my hat homey TILT YOUR CAP" -- I thought, wow, I must've really gone far now. Making beats takes you places? Makes people remember you? I know I make dope songs, but all this, feels unreal at times (I remember Aero telling me at one point, cause you big man, you are, and I would always shrug it off). I know all my verses from "Throwback" to "Walk The Talk", I seem to be full of myself all the time, but by god, me and my team put in work. And somewhere around Asia too, my guest Mark Villegas is being treated to Philippines Hiphop scene by my peers.

I told every one before I left, whatever kindness or wisdom I've shared and imparted to them, pay it forward. Trust me, it all will pan out for you if you do.

I am Beyond, Beyond.


NOTES: Tonight, I am playing keyboards as a sessionist for a weekly blues band practice in a studio in Tanglin Community Center. Wish me luck, I don't know my scales anymore. MUSIC BECOMES HER. I miss all of you guys in Manila. Beyond, beyond Entry number 23 -- dedicated to Michael Jordan, who showed me what it meant to excel and how to crack the pressure.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beyond Beyond: ENTRY 22 "That Noise (LIVE)"


Finally, my friends over at Taft come full circle since I met them at a parking lot almost 3 years ago. I met People's Future and LDP around the same time. Only weeks apart. I've seen these boys slug it out with the changing scene and with life itself. People's Future are artists all the way through and they are not one dimensional. I've seen and heard all of them grow up, from beats, to directing videos, falling inlove and just dealing with life's bullshit. If the Kinabukasan EP was a sign of what Headlines is, they mos def pick it up! I am vouching for this release. Hopefully the world catches on to what this kids can offer. Heaven is my jam Scoop! Hope all is well. Stay inspired!

NOTES: Gap designed the initial cover for GRAE 3 years ago. Gap and I have been working on a screenplay for animation entitled "FLOWBACK". Gap designed the "Thinking Man" adaptation we used for our cover for Thinking Mans Hiphop last Nov 2008. Gap's name is from his very recognizable tooth gap.

Three years ago, I heard of Scoop's rhymes through a song on Monique's myspace page, which they worked on as part of a school project. I saw PF chilling at the parking lot of Halo, the venue for The Community 2006. Talked with them and decided to include them in the infamous balloting of producers and emcees. That same night, they luckily picked DJ Arbi Won's name -- three years later, People's Future and DJ Arbi Won are label mates under the flag of Locked Down Entertainment.


BALL UP!! Drake - Best I Ever Had (VIDEO)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BETWEEN THE LINES: "Walk The Talk" Kimmie feat. B-Roc

Everybody wanna see me fail, 10 years strong/
ever since I was tippin' scales, penned hit songs/
ideas flowing, nights to days, then did shows/
met a lot of chicks, some menage while I hit bongs/
some say in order to rebuild you gotta destroy/
cats be ahh and oohing everytime that I rip joints/
one second, who's taking the shot, gotta be this boy/
down by two, Lebron over Turk, baby 3 points/
baby please don't, I'm a beast yo/
helped alot of emcees get their shine on, check the list yo/
ain't no Cristal here, Red Horse sipping keep it local/
people look at us sideways, like we were loco/
I guess so, thats why you can't get with the program/
my teams strong, beyond, everybody knows man/
suck a dick haters, everybody knows me/
I saved the music, I guess everybody owes me/

Real talk, no shit. Thanks for the listen, check out the verses prior to mine. Kimmie goes in hard and lets y'all know whats really hood. Hehehe, hope we hear more from her. My SOULFIESTA Countdown might have to take a back seat from this point on, for infringement reasons, got a letter from head bloggers about it. Anybody know a way around it? Or should I just get my own radio show again?

met a lot of chicks, some menage while I hit bongs/ - real talk pai happened more than twice son, and yeah, word to Aero and those girls who drank Red Horse with him.

down by two, Lebron over Turk, baby 3 points/ - dedicated to Quest and PHD, on that last game I played in Cavite alongside Chrizo. All that trash talk Tantan for what? Losing to me? Heheheh. All love pai, you know it! I'm just bragging here.

helped alot of emcees get their shine on, check the list yo/ - I can't fake the love I get man.