Tuesday, July 7, 2009



My good friend Mark Villegas is in town and recieving some Philippine Hiphop welcome for his research on Philippine hiphop. I heard he was on radio today with Jerome, The Philippine All-Stars, DASH and PKSO. Been a busy week for him. Last sunday, he spent sometime at The Chop Shop (Chrizo's studio) to chop it up with my team. Here's an article he wrote posted on his blog today before he takes his trip to La Union.

""It's a noble act," says CHRiZO of Turbulence Productions. I had the privilege to break bread with the bruthas and sista from Metro Manila, who spoke about their slow but steady wins despite the continued marginalization and denigration of hip hop in the Philippines, an irony compared to the success and immersion of hip hop among Filipinos in the U.S."

VISIT FILAMFUNK.BLOGSPOT.COM for the rest of this article.

NOTE: Filamfunk has helped me put together missing pieces in my head about Philippine hiphop as a whole. This blog opened my eyes and kept me aware of hiphop as a calling of my lineage. That Philippine hiphop is about my roots as well. That it is a celebration of bridging the old with the new. And its not about crusading for hiphop, its about carrying tradition. Props to the brother Mark Villegas for extending his time and efforts into our hiphop.

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