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AQUARIUS: a prequel to G.R.A.E.



Gloc-9 - Pangarap

Gloc-9 - Ako Ay Ikaw Rin (Produced by B-Roc)

"Ginoong B-Roc you better make sure every kid in the street hears this song man". You know you made it to another level when you've worked with a legend like Gloc-9. Gloc apparently heard some of my beats through Mike Swifts album where he guested on the "Alamat" track. I then auditioned some beats to Gloc for his "DIPLOMA" album and got to place two beats! The first track he did was "Lapis At Papel"; wherein I just kinda got bored of what Gloc was doing in his past two albums with all the love songs he was doing. So I decided to sneak this beat I had, which is what I missed Gloc rocking to. And he tore it apart, everytime I would hear Lapis at Papel, it would give me goosebumps. He then picked another beat which ended up to be "Diploma". I am very thankful that I carry the single thats the title of the album as well. And he flipped it, classic Gloc-9 story of his life song. Francis M, would call me one day while I was taking a shower to congratulate me and to tell me how he like the two songs I've done with Gloc. C'mon guys, I had to pick it up even if I was in the showers -- it was FreeMan himself.

Later on, Gloc would hit me up, wanting some beats and hinting to do his final album. I was up for it, but the pressure was on. He wanted me to produce his last album, I said I'd love to. Hehehe, but to everyones pleasure he never pushed through with that album. He then came out with an EP under 6G'z "Limang Kanta Lang" in which I was privileged to land another beat in the project. I was actually making this beat for his final album, and I said to myself. If I was to end Gloc's career with a song, I would really love to make it a glorius beat. I handed this beat that turned into "Ako Ay Ikaw Rin" -- in which the hook is later on re-used for the "Pangarap" video. Hope you guys like it! And yeah, Me and Gloc have some songs in the works. I'll keep you posted!

"I'm a hustler baby, I sell WATER to a WELL.."

Here's some of Sean Carters best and unreleased tracks as anticipation for The Blueprint 3 album. Jigga man's one of my favorite artists. I suggest you watch the documentary on Reasonable Doubt, where he breaks down his first album line per line, one producer to the other. Learn that being an artist isn't just about recording songs, its about being an honest representation of your environment and your relevance to the people you provide your music to.

DJ Khaled feat. Jay-z, Kanye West & T-Pain - Go Hard (Remix)

Jay-z - When The Money Goes

Raphael Saadiq feat. Jay-z - Oh Girl (Remix)

Young Jeezy feat. Jay-z - My President Is Black (Remix)

Jay-z feat. Mary J. Blige - You're Welcome

Jay-z - Dirt Off Your Shoulders (Soulfiesta Remix)

Stay tuned for more unreleased tracks by HOV, and yo check on this blog this February as I will write a feature on the top hiphop quotables both local and foreign. PEACE!


This first month of January has been one for the books for me. I rekindled my love for writing via this blog. I'm out grinding in another country and still holding it down for my music and my artists. Discovered new things, and shared it. Missing the Philippines is something else. SPACE JAM is now out. Konektado DVD is now out. LDP album launch out by FEB and so will QYORKS Pinoys Making Noise Mixtape. Word! All snowballing through 2009, off the momentum of THINKING MANS HIPHOP! Loyalty feeds the movement! It's only right that I start February and end January with my list of songs that prevailed in my earphones walking the concrete alleys of SG!


Emilio Rojas - Young Fresh and Fly (Produced by ILLMIND)

1. Emilio Rojas - Young, Fresh and Fly (Produced by ILLMIND)
2. DJ Khaled feat. Jay-z, T-PAIN & Kanye West - Go Hard (Remix)
3. LDP feat. Cielo - Diamonds In The Rough (Produced by The Beatshop)
4. Luzon - Kamay Na Grasa (Produced by Chrizo)
5. Usher - Take A Ride
6. Mos Def - Life In Marvelous Times
7. Young Jeezy feat. Jay-z - My President Is Black (Remix)
8. Alicia Keys feat. LLCoolJ - Teenage Love Affair (Remix) (Produced by Swizz Beatz)
9. SPACE JAM (Pinas Remix)
10. Kid Cudi feat. JD - Day N Nite (SO SO DEF Remix)
11. Royce The 5'9 - Shake This (Produced by DJ Premier)
12. Quest - My Life
13. Nujabes - Reflection Eternal
14. Nimbusnine - Warrior Of The Light
15. Marquiss feat. Quest - Soul Of A Rebel (Produced by Chrizo)
16. Ne-Yo - Miss Independent
17. Mike Swift - Magiingay
18. Lloyd Banks - Shine Through
19. Miguel - Dig
20. Hotnixx - Pag-iyak Ng Langit (Produced by Black)

Here's a list, try to find it around the net. Those that you can't will be featured in this blog sooner or later!

SONG OF THE WEEK: A.M.P. - I Choose You


A.M.P. - I Choose You (Produced by B-Roc)

AMP is a super group that consist of Aero, Marquiss and PHD. This 3rd World/Turbulence connection will be giving you Gold Barz this year! And here's a sneak preview. One of the first tracks they ever did. I made this beat 2 years ago with one of my favorite 70's soul singer Willie Hutch, from The Mack album. Enjoy this to end January! OPM hits, cultivated and documented!

"Will they ever feel how I truly kept it real?/" AERO

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Black, PHD, Datu, Hotnixx, RonThug, A.N.E. & Nimbus9 - SPACE JAM (Pinas Remix)

Some people actually think they could count us out, just cause destiny throws us a few curve balls. Batter up! After restructuring and coming into terms of what we have, a B-Roc less label in the early few months of 2009, we've come to up the ante up once again! TEAM STRONG 2009! Beyond, beyond! Our stride has not slowed down one bit. Here's a track from the upcoming SILVERBACKS CD "SPACE JAM (Pinas Remix)" where in we show you SOULFIESTA moments at its finest. Hiphop is fun kids! Catch Black, PHD, Datu, Hotnixx, RonThug, ANE and Nimbus catch wreck.

We are 2009 ready. Upcoming releases include Marquiss and Chrizo presents G.R.A.E. (Greatest Rap Album Ever); a pre-GRAE release also in the works called Aquarius/AMP; Three Kings Mixtape will be out this year with new tracks! God's Will is cooking up something "Insh'Allah" which means "God Willing"; A.M.P. will also see the light of day and give you "Gold Barz"; Nimbusnine will also be coming out with "Lost Once" and of course the most anticipated Hotnixx album. We all have things and events to look forward to this 2009.

Upcoming new videos by God's Will "Ano Kaya", and Hotnixx's "Make It Loud" are all in place since the last few days of the year before. So expect that we shake things up early! We are collaborating with a few international acts this year as well! Check in for my next update for that! New shirtline and collaboration shirts with SPECKS in the works!!


The international blogs are going to be shaken up a bit as we step up our online blogging with -- where in you will see and hear about most recent updates and this summers most anticipated Turbulence campaign "Beyond Beyond" by Arkane! All these while we continue to appear in different albums and work with your other favorite emcees and producers!


LDP, or Lyrically Deranged Poets are coming out with an album this FEB to be launched at The Prince of Jaipur. The poster will give more details, except for other performers. But from what I know Marquiss is slated to be one of them. More initiative for you not to miss the first release of the year! TAKE IT BACK now brings you to LDP roots, as I've known them.

LDP - Three Years In The Making

Back in 2006, at the helm of the legendary The Community show, was the first time we spotted them. I say WE meaning The Community. 2006 was the year we first put up the event, so IMAGINE how many of our peers went to make it a success. Outside the venue was already a scene, where people would politick and start cyphers. I see these young kids outside listening into the cyphers. Nothing new to me. We had initially set up I think the 3rd or 4th day to be about "BATTLES" and one of them, was inside looking to sign up. We didn't push thru with the battle so they just stayed and watched. These kids we're high school students, and our shows were during wednesdays, so they always have to go home by midnight. Hehehe. I had no problems with it, since I thought they were lucky enough to witness high caliber artists early on.

I did my research on the group early on, they have a great fanbase and they had a website and the songs they would stream there would be enough for me to assess the talent; the problem will always be beats for the content they have. Our common friend, Aian, would introduce me to Alex and we would get to bump into one another in various functions. I stayed in touch with the group. We would exchange notes, songs and just views on the scene. Come 2007, I had asked the group to be part of my next release "TIPPIN' THE SCALES" and they came through with the song "UNITED" -- I guess after this, and the experience in SoulFiesta, they really worked hard on their album. I even heard Abra was building a studio. And this is what it means to be an independent artist, build your skills and put your money where your mouth is. In the long run, they even teamed up with the BEATSHOP, which is the best move they did and stayed away from the clicque-ish hiphop scene.

2 events in the past year made me see the group is ready. (1) Abra came by himself to be part of the AMPON organized battle. He held his own and overwhelmed everyone and got the props he deserved. That event was no joke, thinking of battling will either kill your groups buzz if you lose, but this dude came out with balls and held his own. Galing! (2) The Community 3 performance! This set of theirs was prolly the best set I've seen that night. They gave us a taste of their 3 dimensional view on hiphop, girls and just rocking the stage. This was also for me, the time I took The Beatshop seriously! They are a powerhouse team of producers! LDP introduced The Beatshop through this performance!

These kids are new cats but what you don't know before you hate on them, they support local hiphop. These kids are fans of the game and have been grinding with all of us ever since. I see Alex at the Tuesday Troop Mansion and that alone explains how open minded he is. This group will not be a group you can compare to any old group, simply cause they are a breathe of fresh air. I've reviewed some of the songs in the upcoming album and I am happy with the direction they have. None of songs are fake, LDP isn't giving you anything less than who they really are. Don't hate on em cause they fresh! Alex, Rjay and Abra are honed lyrically and they represent you this 2009!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#1 REMIX OF 2008: Alicia Keys feat. LLCoolJ - Teenage Love Affair (REMIX)

This beat was done by Swizz Beats (Individuals!) hehehe. One of the best remixes of last year. I would bump this song almost every saturday night at my radio show! Simply cause, the original version was quite sappy and the remix breathed new life to the lyrics of the song. The soundscape provided was perfect, as it included 808 bass kicks, snare drums and claps from the 80's. I'm an 80's baby, so this had a special knock to it when I hear it. AKeys was rumored to be the reason between Swizz and Mashonda's marriage falling out, around the time this came out as well. This could be a prelude to AKey's and Ushers "MY BOO" hehehehe. And who else do you expect to deliver these teenage love proses but Mr. I Need Love with a Kangol hat himself LLCool. One of the most slept on remixes of the year, here's another blessing I would love to share with you. This song has been played in key moments of my 2008. Wordy word word! Enjoy this one kids!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Royce Da 5'9 feat. Stat Quo - HOMAGE TO (DJ Premier)


This track is produced by Focus. Dedicated to one the best producers of all time, DJ Premier. Found this one for you Chrizo. Cherish that boom bap sound, thats fundamental and one of the foundations of this hiphop music. Enjoy the track, I have it here for streaming and download yo. Blessings and finds from all over the world, available here for your soul and ears! Whats your favorite DJ Premier produced track? I'd love to know. Mine gotta be "Moment of Truth" and "Boom".


A dude named David Bergman used a device known as a gigapan imager to take 220 pictures of Obamas inauguration which link together to form an incredibly large and detailed picture. He has put it up onto his website to allow everyone to zoom in and look around the crowd and the surroundings. Go and take a look, the detail you get when you zoom in and the distance you can see is remarkable, see the face of anyone in the crowd. People on engadget have found P.Diddy, Denzel Washington, Tom hanks, Aretha Franklin and some snipers in the windows. See what man finds out when he puts his mind to it!

Here's the link:

See things in a different light, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Me, my two brothers and cousins went to Vegas and checked out the BODIES EXHIBITION last December. At one point, after looking at all the dead bodies, we were real curious on where they get the bodies from. I think my brother Ryan blurted it out "They must be coming from China". Makes sense to me, since China actually has a very big population and that I even think that the government of China is behind the melamine related tragedies. I mean their conviction and regard for death are extreme. I see them going to that extent of devicing ways to cut down their population. Anyways, here is a video that my brother Ryan sent to me today, Brian Ross, investigates on the worldwide success of this exhibit. Check out the owner of the exhibit as he gets cornered! Thanks bro!

Here's the link:

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DEAD EMCEE SCROLLS SERIES: Mount Olympus by Arkane

DEAD EMCEE SCROLLS series, is a link to my hiphop roots. Where B-Roc, then known to some as Rhapsody, was able to see other emcees who right now, don't shine in abundance but had dented my views on hiphop. These pieces left a mark in my universe and to some as well. I am going thru my archives to show and display the makings of me. These pieces are by FILIPINO emcees that you might never see, hear or even hear about. I am with them and my being is their legacy. Hope you enjoy this first one!

Mount Olympus
Written by Arkane of Turbulence Productions


Before I knew it, I'm at the summit,
freestyling, while emcees try freeclimbing I'm free to see them plummet
And I never knew I could scale it by inches against gods and princes
but why am I looking down on Mount Olympus?

Last year, they were my role models, simply my idols
Now since my arrival, I stand next to them with a title
"Dont rival the ill recital", I never thought I could rhyme with..
..the best of them live and, get deep enough to dive with
We all gods, ruling over magnificent things
Of course we needed to kill, we aint legitimate kings
We had to step on/and wreck those/who wont understand it
So we set bombs/Till decks blow/and they learn the language
Much of our success is owed to ourselves
Its the magic of our talent, it goes with the spell
Props to Urban P's, who write these words with ease
And knew the urgency and acknowledge what the purpose means
Yall cant hold weight, its pun for u to crush alot
Give em the cold shoulder but I'm just too hot
Come on, step to me, but yall dont got the nerve
So I had to remind you that giants walk the earth


Last year cyphers were empty, but then I began to emcee
Now ninety percent of yall dont impress me
"Give 'em time to grow up man", a part of me says
Then they jump around the scene with retarded effects
Beat ur crew the whole day and then charge at you next
I mean, why delay ur very first cardiac arrest?
Man, big talk is weak
My garden is filled with land mines, go ahead crip walk to me
I'm able to spit more bars than I'm allowed to
Able to make letters out of the pictures around u
And I spar a mouthful
I never was single celled and then a primate, even darwins doubtful
I'm fed and nurtured by hiphop, but I shook up rap
I'm too much on top, I have no more sky to look up at
A kingdom with my essence above it
If I ever stepped down, I'd still be hotness when I re-enter orbit


Last year I was hiking with no instincts of surviving
Now all of em worship that distinct style of rhyming
Clawed my way on top, but I'm tougher than nails
I'm the rudder and sail, never had to suffer the gale
While feminine emcees keep on hiding they estrogen, its evident
With the best of them, I AM excellent
Perfection is never enough, I'm sendin them off
Human limit? Thats bull, yo that edge is my loft
I've said it, your soft! Fool, thats a law never to break
I control destiny, Goddayum, I'm better than fate
I inflict the deepness
Yall aint worth the lipstick your boyfriends kiss your cheeks with
Yea while b-boys head stand, and girls go ledge dance
I reach through each cornerstone and see how much my length spans
And they all found it hard for them to sound alarms
Breeding ground for gods? Naw, I grounded gods
If you've been followin, you should know
Words and thoughts dont come to me, I choose the flow
And I'm at the summit, spew up raps with a payload
Turn Mt Olympus into an active volcano
I'm fed and nurtured by hiphop, but I shook up rap
I'm too much on top, I have no more sky to look up at
A kingdom with my essence above it
If I ever stepped down, I'd still be hotness when I re-enter orbit


Tripthalightphantastic, Nimbus 9ne, Haven, Marquiss, Wordswrath, El filibustero, Limbs, Rhapsody and to the rest of Urban P and Turbulence. Yo Psylent, we in this hiphop isht again bro

We make up Mount Olympus


This piece will tell you why I fucks with the right emcees, cause this is the piece I built my label around. If you're nothing close to this, means you have got to step up. If you've managed to work with me, means I see something in you. You have the potential to be amongst people in Mount Olympus. Stop looking at the summit, start climbing bitches.

SONG OF THE WEEK: Aero feat. God's Will - SOULFIESTA

During one of Aero's stints in Manila, I had him in the studio. That day was different as I already had God's Will recording the night before. I was talking to GDub that morning and saw how hyped he was of Aero coming to the studio. And GDub, without me saying anything said he had wanted to put down a track with Aero. I said yes, and was impressed on the song they did. I was praying that GDub wouldn't get squashed by Aero's lyricism and to my surprise he held his own. This song perfectly represent what SOULFIESTA, stands for. Both for English and Tagalog, they picked up where the beat left of. The sample was taken from Rocky's Soundtrack which I picked up at Blacks studio. Enjoy this Bacolod-Batangas serving of SOULFIESTA.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


RIZE by director David LaChapelle

I watched this DVD Movie last year and was blown away on how truthful it portrayed dancing. We are all fans of the Philippine All-Stars and they share the same passion for their art. Peep his trailer by David LaChapelle. I'm bringing this DVD back home to Manila. Enjoy this one guys! This is a reality movie in its most cinematic form!

BETWEEN THE LINES: Ms. Musicka Killastormz feat. B-Roc


Sumayaw, sumunod ka sa indak ng panahon/
Rivermaya, EHEADS astig pa rin ngayon/
Been an OPM kid, ever since I was born
Gary V, Tito, Vic was blasting all they songs/
And though I know, we at an all time low/
Our wit and lyricism isn't played on radios/
I'm courting you again, Ms. Music of my life/
Let me tell you what its like, now I'm back up on the mic/
Cause I'm hitting all the targets, bridging other markets/
Inararo na ang lupa, now its time to see the harvest/
Time to reach the farthest, showing other artists/
We mine gold in music cause our blood is where the mark is/
So check it out, we got you wishing you were brown/
We're taking hiphop on a date right now/
Leah Salonga, got her shine across the world/
I just booked me back a flight, now I'm coming for my girl/

This song was originally by Killah alone, we had been in the studio one day and he had expressed that he wanted me to jump on any track with him. We didn't have time to make a new one, since he had to leave for Davao soon. So I decided to just surprise him with this one. I wrote this early October, after bringing my girl to the airport -- the song speaks about music personified as a lady. Killah is speaking of hiphop, this is the music he grew up with in the states. And I am not one to dismiss the fact that I grew up with OPM music, so my music personified is OPM. The first line I used comes from an Ogie Alcasid song if remember it right. Whats funny is now, I'm in Singapore -- and Leah Salonga is staging Cinderella at The Esplanade here as well. So my dance with OPM is reaching worldwide stature. Hehehehe. I wanna explain the last line..

"I just booked me back a flight, now I'm coming for my girl" -- the song, Booked Me A Flight was made during the time I was about to catch work and move in with my girl. When I said I just booked me back a flight, I meant from being away from hiphop cause of work and moving in; and now going back at it again that day I brought my girl to the airport and consequently resigining from work and challenge head on launching Thinking Mans Hiphop CD.

transition to

"I just booked me back a flight, now I'm coming for my girl" -- after the launch, I flew to the States for a Xmas vacation. And when I flew back to Manila, stayed for four days before flying to Singapore and staying with my girl again.


Track produced by Chrizo for Paninindigan Since 1983
Off of "Thinking Mans Hiphop"
CD available at Our Fathers Coffee
Ground Floor, Robinsons Galleria


"Barack Obama ran so the children can fly."

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK "Shake This" by Royce Da 5'9

Directed by Rik Cordero

B-ROC's TOP TEN: Emcees

Of course we have to make this list outside of Turbulence. Hehehe, just spreading some love to other crews and people who've managed to catch my attention through the years. This list is shortened to 10, if you're not in it don't be a dick. I'm really just a fan, not a critic. If you believe what I say and hold it as public opinion, know where to draw the line. This is my early 09 list! Aero tops this list this quarter! Hehehe! It's a SOULFIESTA!

1. Aero - check out AMP and his joint off QYORK's Mixtape
2. Mike Swift - check out
3. Don G - is going to turn into an indie lable CEO soon
4. Loonie - still in Cebu penning his album
5. Luzon - check out "KAMAY NA GRASA" off Thinking Mans Hiphop
6. Ron Thug - check out "SINO BA SA AKIN ANG DOWN" performances around the metro
7. Datu - SPACE JAM (Pinas Remix) about to hit you soon!
8. Skarm - Lazy Boy Blues a wonder
9. Killastormz - check out "FLY HOME" featuring Quest
10. Protege - he has a solo CD pending, MIA cause of poker hehehe

Picture by MARK P, Thinking Man's Hiphop


The TAKE IT BACK series, is a deeper look on how Turbulence Productions was formed back in the day. This is a 3 dimensional look on the artists and how they're circumstances landed them in what could arguably be the best independent hiphop label in the Philippines ever.

HOTNIXX a.k.a slow down bro you killin' em

"Say Makapangyarihan!" I met Hotnixx in college, we were both students in San Beda Alabang back in the day. He is older than I am. I remember going to hiphop gigs before and would see him and it would just amaze me and I tell myself "Hiphop is closer to me than I think, I actually have seen someone from school already in the gates around Madd Poets, BBClan, Chinese Mafia.." He was one of the dudes who indirectly pushed me into this whole thing. I would see him walk the hallways and we would have our stare downs everyonce in a while, cause we were the only people in the whole campus widely recognized for that hiphop swag. And us being from differed batches definitley sparked curiousity. Until the inevitable happened. Our common friend introduced us, and Nixx actually gave me a pair of tickets to see the Rekognize Album Launch in Music Museum. The show was off the hook, and this Nixx dude was hanging around people who were part of the show. This would then start a hiphop friendship between Me, Nixx and The Seedz.

I was trying to soak as much as I could from being around Nixx back in the day. He would bring me to recording sessions and introduce me to cats. We would hit up gigs around Manila, he would go about his business rapping and macking on girls while I survey the scene and politick my way to backstages and all. There was a time that The Seedz weren't as active in the scene before that people actually thought me and Nixx where either trying to be a new group or I was part of The Seedz. The Seedz are my peoples though! Forever loyal to Willie and Lyndon! I'm blessed to have actually been around them. Being with Nixx allowed me access to gigs by people in Madd World in their hey day! I was absorbing everything I could from Lowkey and Quaizy as far as beat production. One of the first beat cds I made, I actually auditioned to him. They were knocking but it was off timing. Hehehe, I had to learn everything myself.

Hotnixx - Who Told You (Produced by B-Roc)

Nixx was the first one to freestyle to my beats back in my car when we would catch each other either headed home or cutting a class. It was also inevitable then that my group, CRECON (which will be revealed through another TAKE IT BACK series) did songs with Nixx. "Gatekeepers" was recorded at a shitty studio in BF the day after Lyndon got stabbed. And we have another song with Nixx produced by Quaizy, which he swears got lost in the famous Marikina studio where most of Madd World's projects were being made.

For people who don't know, the friendship we built with Hotnixx actually lead us to finding Marquiss. Hotnixx introduced Marquiss to us at one of his birthday parties. More than that man, Nixx can rhyme his ass off. Don't get it twisted, I only hang out with people who share the same passion as I do. Hotnixx got a thick hiphop resume. What I really admire about him as I look back, it's his relevance. He has managed to stay afloat all these years and still make a buzz for himself. If you guys must know I only bought the FUNG ZOI album cause he's part of it. And you know how nowadays rappers bite off styles of other rappers. Nixx's has always been original, his flow can't be or hasn't been bitten. Check out Nixx's verse on "UTANG" from the IPK album with DCOY. I heard before Nixx being billed as DCOY times three by other people. I don't know why Madd World gave up on him and his group, or it could've been amicable separation but nonetheless, Nixx was already bringing it before Turbulence was in the picture. Nixx comes from one of the brightest years hiphop in the Philippines has seen. He has done mall tours, school tours, Music Museum, ASAP, PBA Half Time performance, PULP features, URBAN MYX features, MYX's HALO HALO, the Millenium Show in AYALA, shows out of town, opened for DJ QBERT, and recently just shared the stage with international cats The DEY.

Nixx is from that era when you record loops on your stereo just to be able to have a beat to freestyle to. Nixx has been to spots these new cats will never know, and he has been there even before Anthill Mobb blew up and became Mobbstarr. Nixx rocked Pure Playaz gear and football jerseys which is unheard of nowadays. Sheer skills, kept this dude relevant in the scene. Nixx had rode shotgun with me on the driver seat for the entirety of my career as a producer/label manager. He has seen me change from that dude who seats around and absorbs things transition to the boss I am today.


Whats your favorite Hotnixx song? Mine's gotta be, Pagiyak ng Langit produced by Black which will be out in his album!


Check this series again as I journey through memory lane. Thank you for reading!

Feedbacks and suggestions? Anything you guys want me to discuss or write about? Feel free to message me on YM: KINGBROC of email me at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things/people to lookout for this 2009!

This list implies no order, these are more than trends. As they say "Freedom means eternal vigilence."

1. A.M.P. - Aero, Marquiss and PHD. Need I say more? With tracks by DJ Rebel, Chrizo, B-Roc and Traumatik. Fully serving Manila and the worlds thirst for that New Jack City lyricism. Nuff Said.

2. SPACE JAM (Pinas Remix) - I already gave you a glimpse of this track during my last stint at The Fro Show, this includes A.N.E, Black, Datu, Hotnixx, RonThug, PHD and Nimbusnine. This will be hitting you sooner than you think.

3. THREE KINGS - Don't count this release out, as we have been adjusting things again and again, fine tuning the mastering process. Some songs have been cut out, some new ones will arise. For all the people waiting on this, I would like to tell you its gonna be worth the wait. And for those itching, go to A.N.E.'s myspace page for the unofficial God's Wills "Sugatan" REMIX.

4. G.R.A.E. - Greatest Rap Album Ever, need I say more?

5. MORE TURBULENCE SHIRTS - whether they will be collaboration works or not, stay tuned our design panelists are working hard on it everytime.

6. TURBULENCE NEW HOTLINE +639273448717 for gigs, merchandise etc.

7. The WIKA Records "Tha Audition" - First off, goodluck to the aspirants and to the judges! Next is, how the hell are we gonna name a record label "WIKA" which is really an integral word in saying "Tagalog is the shit!" and name the audition "THA AUDITION". There is no cohesiveness in the products. I'm just saying as a fan, WIKA doesn't equal THE AUDITION. I heard you guys moved the date, maybe you guys still have time to change or better the equation. And yo Art and Dcoy, I heard what happened in the Asian Hiphop Festival, I know its none of my business -- goodluck to y'all man. I support WIKA Records as a label. Do good, by good.

8. SPECKS Clothing/ - located at Kamuning Q.C.

9. LDP - these cats are coming up with an album this Feb. These might be the new torch bearers of the music, support. Don't let these cats have it easy, hehehehe. Give em a hard time, we need soldiers. Props to the their team for putting in work.

10. DON G - Dongalo's Unsung General. He will also be appearing on Turbulence's Silverbacks CD to be released late 09.

11. Ron Thug and Jonan Aguilar, each of their solo album in the works

12. To The Billboard/Konektado DVD - Mike Swift's team is a force forever. I'm biased cause I believe in change, I believe Mike is getting to places more than your favorite rapper in the scene. I believe in sacrifice and Mike has shown in more situations than one his unselfishness. No I am not dick riding Mike, when I say Mike I say J-Hon, Turbulence, 187 Mobstaz, Aero, Klumcee, Sunny Blaze, Slick n Sly Kane, Tuesday Troop and more! Inspiration is timeless.

Check in again next time for my next list. This list hasn't reached its final destination yet. Larga!

Loon X Turbulence (circa 2006)

Relive The Pics series, some of y'all might not have seen this:

Yes, thats Loon, formerly of Bad Boy Records. Now he has his own label, Boss Up Entertainment. This shot was taken from our stint in Taiwan last 2006. Wherever you are Loon, make some new music. This dude is cold with his verses man, Nimbus even got to stay up with him all night freestlying. And yeah, we were smoking blueberries in Taiwan, whats good Davey!!


I'ma big Jay-z fan, and since Young Jeezy came up with Go Crazy (Remix) with Hov and Fat Joe, I've been a fan of Jeezy as well. This song MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK is orginally with Nas, and yo Nas tore it apart! Freal! But since Obama won and last night was the inauguration, I must say, Jay put this one up and gave me goosebumps. Not just cause he's Jay-z, its cause he staged it correct. Although, the DJ fucked up the return to the hook part. Love is love, time for change! Enjoy this one!

"My President is black, but his HOUSE is all WHITE/"

"Barack Obama ran, so the children can fly/ So I'ma spread my wings, you can meet in the sky/"

Here's the killer:

"Hello Ms. America, hey pretty baby/ red, white and blue, black wave for me baby!/ Never thought I say this shit, baby I'm good/ You can keep your pussy I don't want no more BUSH/ No more war, no more IRAQ/ No more WHITE lies, my President is BLACK/"


I don't care what y'all say, Jermaine Dupri is ILL! He is one of my favorite producers. He knows how to make a hit. And when I say that, I just don't mean commercial hits, literally he had breathed life into careers. I've read his book "Young, Rich and Dangerous"; I was surprised how we share the same sentiments on careers nowadays. How its really missing artist development stages. Today, its really just about marketing and your story. But to JD, its about developing artists 2 years before they even get put on. So here, check out JD's YOU TUBE series called "LIVING THE LIFE"/ -- peep the recording at the end of the this session. SO SO DEF!!

"Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but the moments that take our breathe (away)." WORD

JORDAN FLYPSIDE (my February purchase)

I knew I should've already bought it when I was in the States. But nonetheless, Sningapore got nice shoe spots here and time for me to upgrade from K-Marts! (Word to Jess Sabater!!) I'll be posting up the shoes I see here soon as I purchase a digital cam. And yo, sneakers here are cheaper than you think! Since I put up all my investments in my studio and getting my production game up, I have then lost track of my sneaker game. I guess, time to RE-UP.

Singapore INK Season 1 Episode 1

Caught up with Chris Garver here in Singapore. Got an autographed poster of one of his pieces. UP YOUR GRIND MAN! Things are different now, we sitting with the one of the worlds greatest. What up MIKE SWEEZY?! To The Billboard!


Whats going 2009? If you don't know by now, I'm not in the Philippines no more. My ventures had led me to Singapore and as bad as it may sound, it actually is a good place to start over. The irony of which, I am starting this blog all over. Away from the tenison and pressure of my label work in the Philippines, I am now able to concentrate on my lost love for words.

"Booked Me Flight" is a fitting first entry to my SOULFIESTA lifetime 2009. I've been bookin flights here and there, for leisure and business but none could have been more meaningful than this one to Singapore. Bittersweet. Leaving home, after all that I've acomplished is only fitting but as well is a heartache. Read through the lyrics and watch how I've penned my life around the music. I wrote this song a couple of days after me, Marquiss and Chrizo went to Cebu. The line "Hey Ma, check me out in Cebu tomorrow morning/ my flights at 7AM" -- refers to a friend of ours named Jan in Cebu, who I was intouch with the night before. There are so many lines there I would love to break down for you, but I'll choose the ones that are special to me. This song might affect you or not in the way it has affected me but in the spirit of blogging, I am sharing.

"Flying means bending Turbulence and the rain" - see how I wrote Turbulence with a capital first letter. It's cause I meant more than turbulent air passage. I was implying me and the label. We all gotta bend to a certain way in order to fly. Even flying means you bend your wings, or arc it right when its time to. Not all of my boys get to fly out to where I need to be. Only a select few, but it doesn't stop us from getting the job done.

"Chris Webber the game, I was expected to lose/ Almost gave up but the King in me begged to refuse/ It's a common tale of winning by breaking the rules/ Look to the stars do your thing, but it'll call on you soon/" - These lines are close to my heart, as close friends of mine know I'm a big CWEBB fan since his Wolverine days. His basketball IQ is high and he makes his team mates better. His growl is legendary in my eyes, it is the same growl I feel when I'm making beats and making hits! Hehehe, he had been traded to the Kings and he blew the city away. The last two lines is in remebrance of Arkane's "STARS"; in which we speak about music being secondary in this trip. It is the relationships you keep thats most important while building your music. It's a common tale of living against the grain, and winning with a vengeance ala any Scarface-esque story. But when STARS call you, be ready. Life will ask you in its most difficult times to be a responsible BROTHER, HUSBAND, FATHER and SON. Do your thing, but be ready when it calls.

Liquid Lifestyle Taiwan -- is the group of promoters that helped us out big time getting our music and dreams across these seas. I wouldn't even be walking with this much swagger if not for they trust! Word up!

This blog isn't your ordinary blog when you check it for 5 minutes and leave. I want everyone to get back into reading. There will be times this will be short, times when it will be long. I want you to read. These are pages in my life. Some upbeat, some down tempo. Pick your vice.

B-ROC - BOOKED ME A FLIGHT produced by Chrizo

B-Roc - Booked Me A Flight
Produced by Chrizo for Paninindigan Since 1983

Hey ma, check me out in Cebu tomorrow
my flights at 7 am

9PM I'm ready to go home
Check on Chrizo, are you ready to go bro?
Not yet, so I reminisce back
how a third world cat put the Philippines on the map
'04 me and my bro go for he gusto
no regrets, packed and rocked Taiwan club shows
what a feeling to do it, with no background music
beatbox our way past through any language barrier
all praise, still broke, but our hearts revitalized
those days got me thinking, yeah man with a smile
cause the day after the show, two cities away
some cat called out from a crowd of people shopping away
saying he had fun watching us rep and was touched
and told us to keep our head up and keep in touch
miles away from home yo I'm living up my dreams
Paninindigan since 1982 and you know it


Hiphop, wherever you are tonight
know that I carry you for the rest of my life
I wanted to stay grounded but tonight I fly
the stars are calling so I booked me a flight
Hiphop, wherever you are tonight
know that I carry you for the rest of my life
I wanted to stay grounded but tonight I fly
the stars are calling so I booked me a flight

It ain't a call for the money, or a call for the fame
I just understand what role I should play
cause when I rock a venue, I taste another menu
I locally challenge them to believe in what I do
burn stages and mics, amongst races I fight
to be on top of the stage so my hiphop won't die
from backstage passes to board passes I go
with no hesitation let em see that I'm pro
and though sometimes, I wish everyone could do it
get a phone call and have a chance to open for G-Unit
real talk, cause me and my team we almost did it
from a shit hole studio full of dreams are you kidding
made an impact enough for them to check it out
Jin and Loon off the stage, know and respect it now
but somehow, trips are made to humble me down
cause I'm international in my own way now


From punchlines to basslines, to picking which airline
domestic, international, crossing each dateline
I made calls and emails, no reply for three days
only to find out that the show has been delayed
but hey, I'm not the type to back off from the pain
cause flying means bending turbulence and the rain
Chris Webber the game, I was expected to lose
almost gave up but the King in me begged to refuse
it's a common tale of winning by breaking the rules
look to the stars, do your thing, but it'll call on you soon
whether I fly tonight or catch a bus the next day
be prepared when I touch down cause I up the ante
to my peoples wherever you are tonight
know that I carry y'all for the rest of my life
I wanted to sit and drink, but tonight I ride
the music is calling so I wrote me a rhyme


The stars are calling man, so I booked me a flight
so yeah, hiphop you know I love you
but I chase stars from time to time yo
so whether I get a 9-5 or sell myself short sometimes,
I gotta make decisions
I hold it down number one for my fam
Peace! See you on the next joint
shout outs to Liquid Lifestyle Taiwan!