Sunday, January 26, 2014

FlipMusic Exclusive: Tuloy Pa Rin (Official Music Video)

Great look for an OPM classic!

Wipcaps release the MNL: Binondo cap this week!

 photo WipBinondo_zps22dcd9f9.jpg

Sad to miss out on this one, but will definitely rock it!

From Wipcaps: The MNL ‘Binondo’ is the fourth release from our ongoing MNL District Series. The MNL District Series, which we started last year, is heavily inspired by Manila’s most famous districts. Through this series, we hope to highlight the many interesting varieties of culture and people found all over the place we call our home. The MNL District series takes a deeper look into the history and present state of each district to pay tribute to the very people who are part of it. Each community is unique in their own right and we aspire to make them proud of their roots and culture. Binondo has one of the most colorful and renowned cultural backgrounds, being the oldest Chinatown in the world, having been established in 1594.

The MNL Binondo cap has a forest green dome and a red upper bill. These colors are found on many street signs and the Chinatown gate. The traditional “MNL” Logo has been made golden, and behind the 3D Embroidery pop of the MNL Logo is an intricate dragon embroidery around the letters. The Chinese dragon, which can be found around Binondo and Chinatowns the world over, is a symbol of power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it. It is said that the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power and strength. It is also our homage to the Chinese Year that just ended, which is the year of the dragon.

The back of the cap has an intricate embroidery of the ‘Shou’. It is the Chinese symbol for Longevity, one of the Five Blessings of Chinese belief. It is found on scrolls in nearly every Chinese calligraphy shop in the world: shòu shān fú hǎi (寿山福海), which translates as “May your life be as steadfast as the mountains and your good fortune as limitless as the seas”.

To top it off is a red snapback to match the accent of the bill. If you flip the cap over, you will see extra details under the bill. The underbrim has an intricate jade colored silk lining.

The certificates of this edition of the MNL district series will be placed in ‘Ang pao’ envelopes, which directly translates to ‘red packet’. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is meant to bring in happiness and good fortune, while dispelling negative energies or bad luck.

This cap is definitely one of our most intricate ones to date, and we hope that it brings you good luck for the entire year and the years to come. We’ll be selling these at The MNL Binondo Launch + WIPHEADS Anniversary Party, so if you wanna be one of the first ones to cop it, you know where we’ll be!

The MNL ‘Binondo’ will be available at our loyal stockists and partner stores, as well as our online shop, starting Feb. 3, 2014.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Urban Music Awards of Wave 89.1 FM

 photo UMA_zps12e3b77b.jpg

You can nominate your favorite artists through, go go go!!

GRAIN ASSAULT 5 this coming Feb 7!

 photo GrainAssault5_zps00e864c1.jpg

Support every hiphop gig you see! Hiphop is pushing strong this first quarter!


Good look here, in-depth Anygma. "There's always something new to learn."

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

URBANPINAS RADIO has a new timeslot starting Jan 25!

 photo URBANPINASRADIO_zps629b4771.jpg

This just might change your views on local music, 3 hours of straight homegrown songs!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sa Gitna ng Prusisyon Tour

 photo SaGitnaNgPrusisyon_zps49189c00.jpg

Please support your local talents! Buy the album! Kjah is pretty dope!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mike Swift - Good Luck Na Lang (Official Music Video)

New Mike Swift music video! Watch and share!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sizzle feat. Jed Li - 805 Special (Official Music Video)

Team Sunday reppin' Mister Jed Li!! Peoples Future yo! Dope video!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vote for PINO G in this years VIMA!

 photo VIMAPinoGNEW_zps8ff83f2a.jpg

Nominated for Best Hiphop Song and Music Video, we have tons of nominations for Pinas!

Frank Magalona - GONUS

Why Frank is the saving grace of the hiphop legacy of Francis Magalona. Wow.

Monday, January 13, 2014


The Laborinth, dope beats over here from Jed, Spnz, Chrizo and me. Cheers!

Summer Siren Festival this April 2014!

Every festival is best experienced outside Manila, book your tickets now!

Bambu - 5AM in Manila, EP (Official Trailer)

This project should be dope, loving that snippet on that Welcome Back track.

Aero - UGHH! (Produced by King Jamm)

 photo AeroILLK_zpsc98f03d3.jpg

Dope chop here King! You're getting better!

Xienhow - Down The Line (Produced by Black23)

Hang in there XienHow! Prayers your way bro! This is a dope track and video!

OJ River - Salty (Produced by SPNZ)

 photo SALTY_zps63d917d3.jpg

Shit is too fresh yo, whoever knows this kid - please tell him I'm looking for him.

WCKD holiday collection still available at Ronac!

 photo WCKD_zps9005ef26.jpg

 photo WCKD1_zps4a7dcc40.jpg

 photo WCKD2_zps2cfce718.jpg

Buy only original WCKD clothing! Good designs here Miles!

Hiphop blows up up Saguijo tonight!!

 photo DaMoDaMerrier_zps6b6a85f3.jpg

Dope line up, don't miss this -- all for 200php!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Luzon feat. Hotnixx, Black & Gods Will - Biglaan Na Samahan (Produced by Traumatik)

 photo BiglaanNaSamahan_zps8f3f2f7f.jpg

13/365 - An unreleased track from some of the finest MCs pre-Fliptop era.

Blunt Force - RAW (Official Music Video)

That first beat in the intro is hot! Keep it up guys!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

YK - LAKSAN (Official Music Video)

All the way from Oslo! Pinoy hiphop is worldwide!

Monday Madness: Team Sunday x Barangay Tibay

And yeah, we won! Team Sunday reps hard! See you guys on monday!

NIGHTPOST happening tonight!

 photo NIGHTPOST_zps6837857f.jpg

Great artist line up for tonight! Swing by if you can even just to beat the traffic!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bambu - Crosshairs (Produced by DJ Qbert)

Great message! Chi-Raq! The cutting up by Q-Bert is beautiful! Break it down!

DRAKE - NOTHING WAS THE SAME (Cover by Jack Mawatan)

 photo DRAKEJACKMAWATAN_zps80a38530.jpg

I'm sorry hahaha, but I had to - too funny not to post!

Monday, January 6, 2014

First ever sticker fest this coming Feb 2014!

 photo Disconnect_zps45dd39dc.jpg

Would love to see what these kids are up to! Stick em!

DJ Bangin's home coming gig this Jan 10!

 photo TheDrop_zpsc0c8c690.jpg

Catch it this weekend at The Black Market, Pasong Tamo!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Congratulations to Mark Beats!!!

 photo MarkBeats_zpsa59d4b65.jpg

I hope to hear your beats into songs, there are tons of artists in need of beats!

Marquiss - A Whole Lot of Lovin' (Kaleidoscope World OST)

 photo KaleidoscopeWorld_zpsff4d49ef.jpg

Since GRAE was released, a few singles leaked from Marquiss - one of the most formidable lyricists the Philippines has ever had. It's pretty amazing that few weeks back, me and my team met for a little Soulfiesta get together - and over food and drinks, we were able to kick back and see where everyone was at, or where everyone wasn't. I'm happy to inform you that despite what the scene has to offer, Marquiss has decided to make more music. More surprisingly, he shared candidly - "Hey Bong, I've a song that MIGHT be featured on the Francis M movie - Kaleidoscope World." This was such a curve ball to all of us specially me - I had no clue he had already went in and did his thing. Kudos to his initiative to make good of an opportunity! So today, we decided to let you guys in to how the collaboration sounds. We don't have the rights to have this for free download, so here it is for streaming -- all in line to help promote the 2013 MMFF entry.

I understand the movie is still out, please support and see where this movie brings you!

All in the love of keeping his legacy alive, Francis Magalona - rest in peace.

There is also a bad rep going around about certain artists who were initially tapped to make this project happen. I understand we looking to find some answers still. All open for dicussion, but for now -- here's a FrancisM song interpreted by Marquiss.

First DJ workshop of the year by Ize & Similar Objects!

Learn to DJ and learn their tricks, register now! See you guys there!

Abra live tomorrow, Jan 6 @ 70s Bistro

 photo 70sBISTRO_zps347974a3.jpg

First work day of the week is for --- working!!

The Bridge 2 this coming January 21!

 photo TheBridge2_zpsb815c1d0.jpg

I heard my good friend Mike Swift, is going to try stand up comedy for this night!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Sarah Geronimo music video for "Tayo"

Written by Thyro, produced by Kid Wolf; congratulations my friends!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quest in Sinulog "BLAST OFF" Jan 18!

 photo THREADFEST_zpscd367120.jpg

January is getting better! I heard Quest might be dropping a new single soon!

Things to look out for in 2014!!!

 photo URBANPINAS_zpsa9847ab2.png

UrbanPinas Radio will go live tomorrow, January 4, 2014 (12 noon to 3pm in the afternoon!)

Happy new year guys! There are alot of developments happening in the local urban scene towards the end of 2013, and with this great momentum we carry out bigger and better things in 2014. I'd like to say thank you to 2013 and God bless everyone who did hard work and planted seeds last year to make 2014 more exciting. Here's a Soulfiesta run down to things that'll keep hiphop on top of the urban scene this whole 2014!!

1. UrbanPinas Radio - Its now official, local hiphop finds a home on radio, particularly Wave 89.1 FM. Every saturday, from 12 noon to 3 in the afternoon - Manila's number 1 Urban Music radio station will feature songs, with an OPM format. This now gives us additional broadcast leverage for our aspiring, and current favorite artists! If you have songs - broadcast quality, and clean versions you want aired and inserted into the playlist, please email us at -- it's going to be pretty exciting. Plus I see that radio stations will now have to share our contents and will jump into this new trend of OPM Hiphop on the radio. This one of the most clever moves by Wave as of late and only adds more credibility to the Urban Music Awards held every March of every year.

2. Rumor has it that Mike Swift will have his own radio program.

3. Artifice Records embarks on regional tours, more endorsements and I personally would like to see them promote, and create careers outside of Abra. Also, looking to see how well Abra does with his CD sales this year. I'm expecting no less than a diamond record from this team. Artifice prides itself with top quality music, music videos and I expect Cerberus (Abra, Ron Henley & Loonie) to still lead the way for aspiring rap fans.

4. More music videos from your local OPM acts. If December 31, was a sign of things to expect -- as of this writing, BnK just released a new music video for "Laging Nandyan" -- YouTube and MYX will be treated to countless of views. In addition to this, groups like Maduming Kwarto has been creating short videos through 420 Films. The biggest revelation coming into this year will be the directing and editing prowess of Just Hush.

5. Females in hiphop, will now be felt more than ever. Karencitta dropped a video the other day, Rona Cruz proves its not only through being a rapper or a groupie that one can make a dent in this man populated genre of music, Bebe Riz was just part of the OST of box office movie, My Little Bossings, Sisa is currently touring regionally, Chill -- while we are still waiting on that new music has been busy putting together countless of shows, hiphop and non-hiphop -- all these just to name a few.

6. JKris is bound to be a star - somebody practice his song writing skills and get him in the studio!

7. Anticipating releases from - Rjay x Spnz EP, Rjay x Jim Poblete's EP,  LDP's 2nd album, Mike Kosa's new album, Blaze N Kane, Aero x FlipMusic, Q-York, Roxanne Barcelo, Quest x Joss Stone, Duende (Nimbus & Gap), Thyro, Pino G, Bugoy Na Koykoy, Dash's new album, Pikaso x Lazy Fu, Legit Misfitz next album, Bambu's EP all tracks made in Manila and of course DJ Arbi Won's United Freestyles Vol. 3.

8. Fliptop will be reinventing themselves, the battle scene might take a few steps backwards only to find themselves ahead again. Looking forward to seeing bigger decisions and better battles put together. Also, I feel like the Loonie vs Thesaurus needs to push through and a possible Dizaster vs Abra battle is likely to happen. Whether under Fliptop, KOTD or Sunugan - I'm sure they'll figure it out.

9. Re-emergence of Konektado TV.

10. Soul/R&B music will flourish in 2014. Single from Amber Davis, Mica Javier, JayR, Thyro & Yumi has been playing constantly on radio. Chocolate Grass has been performing around the metro with their flavor of soul music, Sino Sikat is now playing back together; and Junemarieezy will be in Pinas this January -- and check the line up for Malasimbo. Also never forget, Gene Roca, JRuss Chase, Quest, Muriel, Kris Lawrence and more!

Dello "Prototype" debut album, now in stores!!

 photo DELLO_zps6072369c.jpg

Support OPM and keep us trail blazing this 2014!! Congratulations Dello! Review the album soon!

Blaze N Kane feat. Thyro & Yumi - Laging Nandyan (Official Music Video)

I can't wait to hear this on the radio, JKris is a star, amazing hook!!

Mike's Apartment - Dalagang Pilipina

 photo MikesApartment_zps3df1e4fe.jpg

Local love vs. Foreign Love, stay proud my young Filipinas.

DASH - FREEFLOW (Official Album Teaser)

Excited to hear the song me and Dash made for this album. Cheers!

Mike Swift - Magiingay (Official Music Video)

One of my favorite Sweezy tracks, from a few years back finally gets the visual treatment!

1st Pinoy Soul Movement gig of 2014!

 photo PINOYSOULMOVEMENT_zpsbcc3c237.jpg

Great line up! Looking forward to hearing new songs!

DJ Arbi Won - Now Hear This (Can't Stop Diggin Anthem)

Turbulence MCs up in that United Freestyle Vol.1 (Marquiss, Nimbus & Gods Will)!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

TukarSinati - Suntok (Official Teaser)

Another masterpiece to look forward to, can't wait to see this video!