Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bambu - Minimum Wage (Produced by OJ)

New video from the Party Worker himself. Great visuals!

Looks like this is dropping on his birthday!

 photo DASH_zps82c17f02.jpg

 photo Dash2_zps51995342.jpg

Catch that B-Roc produced track "Standing Ovation". #SagitariusMoves

Rap Session with Bebe Riz

Viva Records still working their piece of the hiphop pie!

Picnic Games (Recap video)

Followed by a great read on Buhay Basket, here.

Marcus Prolifik - Always Ang Forever

 photo MarcusProlifik-AlwaysAndForever_zpsa0a478b4.jpg

Produced by yours truly, happy halloween lovers!

Maduming Kwarto - Its Not Just That I Wanna

Heard this guys are about to sign with Polyeast Records. Kudos to the team!

Fliptop's Zoning Semi-finals this Nov 8!

 photo FLIPTOP_zps88481f12.jpg

Rooting for Batas for this entire tournament! Kill em all!

Medisina celebrates anniversary in Cubao Expo!

 photo MedisinaAnniversary_zps735af9ea.jpg

Catch new designs dropping and these performances!

Migo Senires - Free (Every Child Is Special)

 photo Free_zps1171ee87.jpg

New song from 5th Wave Theory's Migo -- keep em coming mang! Shit bangs!

Dropping today at WeLegendary!

 photo WLEmericaOct2014_zps149ab4b4.jpg

Emerica kicks for you skateboard heads!

Monday, October 20, 2014

85ive2 x Nike SB Janoski's

 photo WL1_zpsce76792d.jpg

 photo WL4_zpsdeeb2b88.jpg

Available now at Welegendary! Go get it!

Alex Omiunu - Food For Thought (Produced by Jim P)

 photo Alex_zps292805d0.jpg

The homie Alex celebrates his birthday with a new track! Cheers!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween party at Rocketroom!

 photo RocketRoom_zps50dca8dc.jpg

Dope poster by Raizel Go. Good tunes from DJ Rye at this event!

Ito Ang Liga (PBA 40th Year Theme Song)

Props to everyone behind this new theme music, galing!

Lebron James x Beats by Dre

Discover that new music from Hozier. Pretty dope if you ask me.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

[dog|god] code : "De Jesus" (Mix by Pope Fiction)

Great mix of new OPM classics here! Duende coming out soon!

Gloc 9 releases a DVD this November!

 photo Gloc9Event_zps0b28a064.jpg

 photo Gloc9Event1_zpsb0cdf636.jpg

New Gloc 9 DVD coming out soon, special screening this November!

Unreleased Mista Blaze x Kim Fabros track!

Unearthed song by Mista Blaze, produced by DJ Arbi Won.

Picnic Games this sunday!

 photo PicnicGames1_zpsaf47a02d.jpg

Hosted by our dear friend Mike Swift. Great job mang!

Urban Athletics releases Asics x Hanon "Glover Pack" today!

 photo AsicsColorado85_zps1ccfac8e.jpg

 photo AsicsEpirus_zps96dd7827.jpg

Fresh drop from Urban Athletics today! Located at Greenbelt 3!

BOUNCE Electronic Music School!

 photo BOUNCESCHOOL_zps0084e625.jpg

Happy to see music schools nowadays! Learn more about your passion!


 photo KINGOFCLEVELAND-KDNJ_zpsbd580c6e.jpg

Buy the shirt on FANPRINT here.

Fliptop in Cebu!!

 photo UprisingZaito_zps1d98c30c.jpg

Catch your favorite UPRISING mcs in Cebu this sunday!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Law feat. Sheena, Soul & Madeli - Gimme Pesos

Personally don't know how to feel about this.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Official poster for Soul Surf this month!

 photo SoulSurfPoster_zps3e5ae107.jpg

Get your tickets now!!

Avaialble only at Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3!!

 photo UAAsics_zps1acb5096.jpg

 photo Asics3_zps2e97f6e1.jpg

 photo Asics5_zpsda21e209.jpg

 photo Asics1_zps7ec1435f.jpg

 photo Asics7_zps8bd225b7.jpg

 photo Asics6_zps54dc21bd.jpg

 photo Asics4_zps94566bb7.jpg

Fresh new kicks, Hanon x Asics "Glover Pack", Cop it while at Urban Atheltics!

Pagasa, Pag-ibig, Paglaya (Official Music Video)

Kartel x Lion and the scouts' new video. Heed the lyrics on the page!

Catch Peoples Future x Duende OCT 16!

 photo SoWhat_zps128fb03f.jpg

Reppin hard at M Cafe tomorrow night!

Picnic Games at Tenement this sunday!

 photo PicnicGames_zps08c10419.jpg

 photo Sweezy_zps325557f8.jpg

Bring old sneakers to give away to our friends who ball without proper foot gear! Tons of giveaway!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Beer Pong Tournament in APACHE

 photo BeerPong_zpsa7ca9e49.jpg

Yes, I still get love in the south.

Konflick album release party!

 photo Konflick_zpsd3ca7a2d.jpg

Purchase this independently produced album!

Bambu - Shabs (Official Music Video)

Produced by DJ Arbi Won, great use of animation on the video! Kudos!

New HNE Manila tees!

 photo HNE1_zps232d648d.jpg

 photo HNE2_zpsc264d24c.jpg

 photo HNE3_zps68b2fd1a.jpg

This shirt line is making waves in the metro!

IRIE SUNDAY Anniversary!

 photo IrieSundayAnniversary_zps0f8846ed.jpg

Our friends are bringing in guests from Scotland! Catch it! Irie!


 photo StayDope_zpsfa737876.jpg

 photo StayDope1_zps309f5401.jpg

Road to RF Jam SINGAPORE. Keep em coming guys!

Stay Dope x WIPCAPs collaboration cap!

 photo AllStylesCap_zpsd37838db.jpg

New design for all Wipcaps collector out there! For the dance community!

BDASH in Manila for a Krump Workshop

 photo BDASH_zpsc089951c.jpg

Don't miss out on the chance to learn form a legend!

LIONS DEN Krump tournament!

 photo LionsDen_zpscbf886a5.jpg

Krump Pinoy vs/ Hybrids of Freedom. Looking good guys!

Xienhow - Beware If I Have Chosen (Official Music Video)

"My downfall, is the people I'm down for."

Quest opening for Dishwalla!

 photo SoulSurf3_zpsc89e358e.jpg

At Soul Surf this month, all the way in La Union!

Da Mo Da Merrier 12 at Saguijo!

 photo DMDM12_zpsf7348e5e.jpg

Y'all better get ready for the Sinyma set, should blow you guys away.

Rjay Ty x Karencitta - ODE

 photo ODE_zps8a102f1f.jpg

New new from Rjay Ty, spot that female talent guys.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

WAGI Originals x Philippine Sun Kicks!

 photo WagiOriginals_zps99cb31f4.jpg

Order yours now. Finally, a pair of sneakers made in the Philippines that might make it!


 photo DanzaLaVida_zpsd1f7aa65.jpg

Catch some of the finest acts in Manila throw Zamboanga a party tomorrow night!

Threedown tees sale. All at Php420!

 photo Threedown_zps4bdb7cc4.jpg

Balling on a budget? Get these tees on sale now!!

Nina x Pope Fiction - Cold Summer Nights

Some ninong music for you ass.

Gloc9 "Biyaheng Panagarap" DVD coming out soon!

 photo Gloc9_zps29a198ad.jpg

Should be another milestone in his storied career. Congratulations!

Mark Mugen will fight in Malaysia later this month!

 photo MarkMugen_zpsbef4ce96.jpg

Reppin that three stars and a sun in KL! Kill it!

Sarah Geronimo - Kilometro

Another Thyro and Yumi classic. World class music production and amazing song writing!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Legit Misfitz celebrates 20 years!

 photo LegitMisfitz20_zps87c9ee52.jpg

See you guys in Music Museum tomorrow! Should be one hell of a show!