Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dosage - Marie Joanne Vdoke Hits (Beat Tape)

 photo Dosage_zps9e2yclwk.jpg

Beat tape from Dosage, all the way live from Davao!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Progress Xmas Party this Dec 16!

 photo Progress Xmas Party_zpsq6ps98lt.jpg

Free booze, free performances and few more surprises.

SWTCH | MEOW by J. Dino

BRGY TIBAY celebrates 10 years!

Congratulations to everyone who's supported the whole BRGY TIBAY movement.

FAM x DOOR 3 release party!

 photo FAM 2_zps0krtxpv2.jpg

Dope new FAM logo! Check out the release party in Elbi this December 3!

Myrtle Sarrosa - Label feat. Abra (Official Music Video)

New music from Myrtle and Abra, I need more from you 'Bra, lets go!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mike Kosa live in Japan!

 photo Mike Kosa in Japan_zpssulxjtm0.jpg

Happening over the weekend, check him out if you're in Japan!

Here's a perfect xmas gift to your love ones!

 photo Satchmi Motorino_zpsxhj4krsq.jpg

Portable turntable with speakers, and yeah Satchmi is a local brand. #ProudPinoy

Ankthen Brown x MNL$ - Hey Wah Huh

 photo Hey Wah Huh_zps7f1t99vd.jpg

Been waiting to hear a collaboration between these two on a Yung Bawal beat. Good stuff!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

OJ River - #WA

New OJ River visual up in here! #BawalClan

727 Clique - Trabaho Lang

This video is dope! You will see this video soon on Island Hop on Pinoy Xtreme.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Droppout - Alab Pilipinas (Produced by Ochomil)

 photo Alab Pilipinas_zpskpvxb0xk.jpg

"Sa gitna ng karamihan magningning, magmistulang isang tala ka!"

Friday, November 25, 2016

B-Roc - Thirty Four (34)

 photo B-Roc - Thirty Four Cover Front_zpsvlkxmnvt.jpg

 photo B-Roc - Thirty Four Cover Back_zpsqrnsqhva.jpg

#34 -- hall of fame status. Thank you for all the greetings. This is me giving back.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Daily Grind updates this season!

 photo DG_zpsfcmehlby.jpg

 photo DG 1_zpswzdz43qq.jpg

 photo DG 2_zpsbxuqzivj.jpg

Use your money wisely folks!

DMDM sa Batangas on Dec 2!

 photo DMDM Batangas_zpsawly2mdr.jpg

Get ready Funkytown for a DMDM year ender encore!

KJah - AGIW Outro (Official Music Video)

Dope video coming from the Uprising camp! Props!

Gap will opening his exhibit at Kapwa this weekend!

 photo Museings_zpsb4atkv3q.jpg

Bawal Clan all over the line up!

PINOY SOUL MOVEMENT later tonight!

 photo Pinoy Soul_zps4swfgr5o.gif

This shit makes me miss Cosmic Love; if you aren't too busy -- be there tonight!

The Glove will visit the new NBA Store in Cebu later!

 photo NBA Gary Payton_zpsefso6epd.jpg

 photo NBA Cebu_zpsbunfzvog.jpg

The Glove will be Cebu later today!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ryke x YT x Jeri Taufik - Because Of (Official Music Video)

Ryke bodies this track, too ahead of his counterparts. #727Clique

Friday, November 18, 2016

Roco feat. Al James - Flashbacks

 photo Flashback_zps8ozl4rzx.jpg

Friday vibes from the Baryo. This shit bangs!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nathan J birthday bash at Chaos!

 photo Nathan J BDAY CHAOS_zpsvysiy7tc.jpg

Black Market tonight for salubong and a performance tomorrow night at Chaos!

Funkatalyst @ Tortuga Katipunan

 photo Tortuga_zpsdoejwdql.jpg

Happening this thursday, 8pm onwards! Download the #MidasVisionEP by Zion!

Fliptop gives you Ahon 7!

 photo Ahon 7_zpsbwxhkp7m.jpg

Its a 2 day event yall! I'm excited for the Shernan vs Lil Sisa bout. Hopefully turns into a classic!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bumper To Bumper MNL

 photo Bumper To Bumper_zpsosbjcanx.jpg

B2B has always been a dope car expo with hiphop beats! Check it out!

Here's a rare chance to catch Protege perform!

 photo South By Sundown_zpsyrpawgr7.jpg

If you wanna hear or see new songs and performances, come through!

Friendly Thursdays 6 this week!

 photo Friendly Thursdays 6_zpsyagmr0i1.jpg

Check the line up and catch the show at Tomato Kick!

Congratulations to Connor McGregor!

 photo Mcgregor_zpszfnc6v4l.jpg

McGregor is announced he wants a big share of the UFC pie or he isn't fighting anymore.

August Wahh - Be Real (Produced by Yung Bawal)

 photo August Waah - Be Real_zpshoexfov2.jpg

Bawal Clan's at it again, this time with the soulful August Wahh. #FutureClassics

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Popcorn General Store opening at Uptown Mall this 11/25

 photo Popcorn_zpspwp4mjqj.jpg

 photo Popcorn 1_zpskosub1vr.jpg

 photo Popcorn 2_zpsl9xcikhg.jpg

Its a Soulfiesta day that day - get your boy something fresh!

Rolling Papers - Di Na Tipid (Official Music Video)

New kids on the block, lets see where they bring they music.

Future Sessions this Tuesday!

 photo Stay Golden_zps5xsvtpwc.jpg

Bawal Clan holding it down at Finders Keepers!

Da Mo Da Merrier in Batangas!

 photo Da Mo Da Merrier Funky Town_zpsbdmtma5j.jpg

Coming to Funky Town this December 2. Show Artifice that B-Town love!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Manilafornia - Squad Goals (Official Music Video)

Directed by Gino Rocks, peep and purchase that Manilafornia Vol.1 already yo!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rjay Ty x Nimbusnine x DJ Buddah - Roots or Leaves

Bawal Clan x Turbulence on one track! Produced by Yung Bawal! #FutureClassic

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Quest - Tibay (Official Music Video)

People need to pay attention to this song a little more. Cheers!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ely Buendia x Rico Blanco shares one stage?

 photo Ely Rico_zpsg5hfmymm.jpg

This gotta be one for the books! Expect them to sing songs you didn't expect them to sing.

Baryo Berde November performances!

 photo Baryo Berde_zpses7zj16h.jpg

Save the dates, go out and support the Baryo!

Return of the Boombap x Nimbus9 this thursday!

 photo Return of the Boom Bap_zpsearldbp6.jpg

If you ain't doing anything this thursday, come fucks with us.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Alicia Keys - The Gospel

New Alicia Keys album "Here" dropped over the weekend, hope y'all get it!

Free Verse for Freedom Fighters!

 photo FAM_zps6dfqn5bu.jpg

Very unique event that benefits political prisoners. Who though? Curious to know.

Mic To Mike comes to Batangas!

 photo Mike To Mic_zpsewvrfv6d.jpg

One of the most consistent tours that has hit 2016! Catch it when it comes to your city!

SVC 20th Reunion Concert this December

 photo SVC_zpsdvefxnpl.jpg

To my people who wanna revisit they high school life, here's a night for you.

RADYO pop up store tomorrow!

 photo Radyo_zpszsughsny.jpg

Again, bring cash. Radyo taking over Manila.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kalmado Lifestyle event this Dec 9!

 photo Kalmado Lifestyle_zpsamnrp2w5.jpg

One of the most successful brands that has come up in the last 2 years!


 photo South Indie Fest 2016_zps9noou4bi.jpg

Catch Quest on this event this coming December 10! The south is budding with events!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Q-York feat. Jay R - Mistakes [Official Music Video]

"We are the enemy, we are the remedy."

Just Hush, DZ SVG, OJ River & Krissy Cakes - R U Aaliyah?

This that sexy jam. Bawal Clan definitely taking overrrr. Sounds hella fresh.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quest is WAVE's November Artist of the Month!

 photo Quest WAVE Artist of the Month_zpspxnodnbd.jpg

Tune in the whole month to Wave 89.1 FM for more Quest exclusives!

Knowa Lazarus of Q-York - This Love

 photo Hidden Gems_zpst9qvpsxw.jpg

Rest in paradise, Lola Naty. Beat produced by Flavamatikz. #Peace

Continue to vote for MISTAKE by Qyork and Jay-R!

More power to these guys mang! You guys are having a great year!

Raff E - Kamusta

 photo RAFF E Kamusta_zpstnd3gavn.jpg

Dope mc, reppin Pinas all the way from Vietnam. #BaryoBerde

Squad Goals music video coming out soon!

 photo Squad Goals_zpsuirs1vak.jpg

Keep visiting for more updates! Manilafornia Vol. 1 is now available on iTunes & Spotify!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bugoy na Koykoy - "Wild Dogs - RRSUN"

'Pag kotse ko lumiko, bumabale ng leeg'

Ray Allen announces his retirement at 41 years old!

 photo Ray Allen_zpsxe6rsuvw.jpg

 photo Ray Allen 1_zpsogptw3l7.jpg

Congratulations on a well storied career Jesus Shuttlesworth! #HeGotGame #HOF

DJ Nobu x DJ Krush live in MLA!!

 photo Battle Royale_zpsogmxatlz.jpg

Happening at Black Market this November 12. Get your tickets now!

BEFORE THE FLOOD by Leonardo Di Carpio

Lets all do our part, climate change is real. Very real. #Classic

SUNUGAN KALYE - Aklas VS Righteous One "Moses vs Mummy"

Another one for the Sunugan books!

Agsunta covers Quest's Walang Hanggan

This song is proving to be one of the most heart breaking songs written in Tagalog. #Classic