Monday, December 29, 2014

Gerald Bato & Mike Swift - Old School, New School

Dope video from Mike and Gerald Bato! Great song guys!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Bugoy Na Koykoy mixtape for free download!

 photo BugoyNaKoykoyMixtape_zpsd65e2638.jpg

Download the album here.

Dumbfounded will be battling again this FEB 2015!

 photo DUMBFOUNDED_zps5e7d70ba.jpg

Its been 5 years since he battled. Looking forward to this.

Abra stars in MMFF's "Kubot"

 photo Abra_zpsd5a63b9d.jpg

This, plus he called out Dello for a battle this coming 2015.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kylie Padilla & Mike Swift - Idol Ko (Official Music Video)

Great music by Jim P, directed by Just Hush! Watch Bonifacio in season! Dope art by Maya!

Monday, December 22, 2014

DaMoDaMerrier Xmas Party tomorrow!

 photo DMDMXmas_zpsa043c16c.jpg

If you are around the area, swing through!

Queen Street Session this 2015!

 photo QueenStreetSession_zpsa2886bb2.jpg

Support your local barbers!

I want these for xmas.

 photo air-jordan-1-retro-high-melo-01-960x640_zps18a162bf.jpg

 photo air-jordan-1-retro-high-melo-02-960x640_zpsefb0e1d2.jpg

Yup, Santa make it happen.

P.A.R.D. - HUG

Happy holidays from PARD's and DRP!

Jruss feat Muriel - Hindi Pwede (Official Music Video)

Awesome video by Just Hush, dope beat by Ruff Lauren. Good job guys!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catch this BIG 5 event on sunday!

 photo BIG5_zpsbc3e4f1b.jpg

Bring a toy as your entrance to the event! Hiphop has heart!

Send your entries now!

 photo PHILPOP_zps571feda2.jpg

Be the next to win 1 million pesos while making your dream come true!

PARD just signed with Polyeast Records

 photo PARD_zpsab18c219.jpg

A Dirty Room Productions collaboration. Pino G!

THE year ender party!

 photo THE_zps111bd5c6.jpg

Respect the brand. Lovely line up of performers as well.

FADE SESSION this weekend!

 photo WordPlay_zps8627645d.jpg

Again, 21 slots only. Support your local poets and barbers.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Funk Roots x Team Manila collab shirts!

 photo FunkRoots_zpsa72496b7.jpg

About time these two hooked up for a great tee!

Tanginamo Lifestyle throws an event in Cavite!

 photo TanginamoMNL_zps7f44d4c9.jpg

Come one come all! Cars & chicks, and then some.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Catch UELA every friday at 12 Monkeys

 photo Uela_zps1bba215b.jpg

Big things in 2015 for this lady!

Monday, December 8, 2014

TCMF Anniversary!

 photo TCMF_zps7dac6edb.jpg

If you don't know where it is, ask a ninong.

WIPLIFE 2014 recap video!

Hopie live in Manila this week!

 photo HOPIE_zps75a42ef5.jpg

Surprise gig from Hopie Spitshard at Route 196!

Torque All Stars - Konektado (Official Music Video)

Almost years in the making, local talent supports local innovators!

Friday, December 5, 2014

THR33DOWN 3rd Anniversay Collection

 photo THREEDOWN_zps7ca4d483.png

 photo THREEDOWN1_zps4e6fe351.png

Support your local clothing lines.

Bambu "Party Worker" album out now!

 photo Bambu_zps20a18b0e.jpg

Great body of work from Bam-braaapp and his team!

Fliptop "AHON 5" 2 day event!

 photo AHON5_zps1eae8c86.jpg

Get your tickets now! San Juan mag-ingay!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

HNE last quarter sale!!

 photo HNESALE_zpsf0b4e345.jpg

Check the tee designs here.

Dank Puffs feat. Stick Figgas - Maria Juana (Official Music Video)

Steady on your grind and toke some when you can. Enjoy your week!

OPM Hiphop is back on radio!

 photo Rapublika_zps4f6cf295.jpg

Peep the schedule and support the show! Looking forward to this shaping up in 2015!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Satchmi "For The Record" grand launch tomorrow Dec 3!

 photo SatchmiForTheRecord_zpsd5065255.png

 photo SatchmiNewReleasesHiphop_zpse839b979.png

See you guys there! For vinyl junkies only!

Lyle Beniga "Find A Way"

Best believe this is a hiphop blog, we appreciate everythaaaang.

Pharell in "Reincarnation"

I dunno about you, but Pharell is all over the place.

BRGY TIBAY 2014 year ender event!

 photo TIBAY_zps502be75c.jpg

Come celebrate with your mommas favorite rock bands!!

Charity Shoe Swap from the Quorum Group!

 photo CharityShowSwap_zps3b571490.jpg

Please feel free to donate unused shoes to this cause. Cheers! The spirit of xmas is here!

Artifice Records x Wipcaps collaboration cap!

 photo ArtificeWipcaps_zpsd6461a08.png

More designs were supposed to come out, we'll see how Jo handles this!

Angeles Music Festival in Pampanga!!

 photo AMF2_zps53d2b5f9.png

 photo AMF1_zps2ed665b2.jpg

 photo AMF3_zpsa25078fa.png

Top local DJs and MCs are coming to wreck shop!

Palakasin Ang OPM Event this Dec 6!

 photo PalakasinAngOPM_zps7375db64.jpg

 photo PalakasinAngOPMQuest_zpse782836a.jpg

Quest is singing a Gary V song and Gary V is giving his rendition of Back To Love.

Download JRuss songs into your mobile phone!

 photo JRUSS_zps80a71fdd.jpg

Support your local hiphop acts, and help em make a living!

Q-York - Budotz (Official Music Video)

I especially like the Q-York dance solos. Hahahahaha.

Mark Fiasco - Eyedentify (Official Music Video)

Could be one of the hottest new MCs in the game reppin' Caloocan.

Aero feat. Mista Blaze - Illegitimate Kingz (Official Music Video)

Great music video released on Bonifacio Day! Soon on you favorite music video channels!

New HI-C song "Dream"

Music video coming out soon!

Sarah Geronimo - Kilometro (Official Music Video)

Great background visuals synced to the dance routine, it will only get better.