Monday, October 31, 2016

Flavamatikz feat. Droppout & Bebe Riz - Watch Me

 photo Droppout_zpsgoedjlwt.jpg

Flavamatikz consistently drops a new single every first of the month! Bang!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

GOOD VIBES is at #16 of Pinoy Myx Countdown

 photo Good Vibes x Pinoy MYX  - Oct 30_zpsz1bcdsai.jpg

Thank you to the fans for continuously voting! #GoodVibes Download the song HERE.

Eternal Collection by SWASH out this November!

 photo SWASH ETERNAL COLLECTION_zpsachswn5e.jpg

 photo SWASH ALL EYEZ ON ME_zpsu7m7iapd.jpg

 photo SWASH BONE_zpsjajzfogu.jpg

 photo SWASH BIGGIE_zpscieueona.jpg

Merchandise coming out this November, place your orders HERE.

December Avenue @ Teatrino this December!

 photo December Avenue_zpsc7tu6rwd.jpg

Congrats to the team behind this! Justice, congratulations!


This is a must watch! Stay encouraged! Do what you love for the right reasons!

Who wants to be the next WAVE 89.1 DJ?

 photo WAVE_zpsgvgaesjv.jpg

You think you got what it takes? Grab this opportunity already! Good luck!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gabby Alipe - Visions (Official Music Video)

Urbandub front man does a John Lennon. #Beatles #Imagine

"Good Vibes" new download link!!

 photo Good Vibes - Soundcloud_zpslubfmyxy.jpg

Here's the new download link for Quest and Mayonnaise's latest single! Check it out!

Friday, October 28, 2016

LMP feat. Dash and DJ Nemcis - StarFox

 photo StarFox_zps0sxympoh.jpg

The homies are at it again, check em out! Proud of these guys!

727 Clique - Intro

After months of preparation, 727 formally announces their arrival. #727Clique

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BOMB FIRST | OCT 7 Video Recap


Thank you to everyone who has supported Bomb First this year! #SquadUp!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunugan this Oct 30 - Free Entrance

 photo Sunugan_zps6kj6srpe.jpg

Check the marquee, and do check out Tenement for all thats happening!

Rey Res - Scattered Thoughts in E Minor

 photo Rey Res_zpsxiaktgwu.jpg

New Rey Res music for y'all! Bout time we have him in Manila dontchu think?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Karencitta - Contorlla

 photo Karencitta Controlla_zps38yxzecw.jpg

Karencitta remakes a Drake hit, you can view the video and purchase the track as well!

ROC 96 x Reasonable Doubt celebrates 20 years!

Respect to Biggs, Roc 96 have dope future memorabilia for Reasonable Doubt fans!

Rai x Luiboi x Hbeat - Heto

 photo Heto_zps232owgak.jpg

New shit from the boys.

Funkatalyst - Midas Vision EP

 photo MIDAS TOUCH_zpsgb2la2db.jpg

Happy birthday to the scorpio, Dope shit you have here, keep it classic.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

SKARM for Stages Sessions this weekend

 photo Skarm Stages_zpshdizrfpz.jpg

Check him out when you have time and do your research on Stages. Good look here!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

FlipTop - Smugglaz vs Rapido

Battle of the year! That third round verse of Smugglaz is deeper than rap!

TCMF - SKIN x BONES "Forget Your Meds"

 photo SKIN x BONES_zpsvmhjevc9.jpg

This shit bangs! Where are these kids?!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MINDFIELDS this coming monday Oct 24!

 photo Mindfields_zpsejdxz5qn.jpg

Give a warm welcome to Mark Grist, who will battle Loonie next weekend!

#BawalClan in Nomads this weekend!

 photo 101_zpswmeacyb1.jpg

These kids be taking over the cool spots all year long!

WIPCAPS x Shadow Moses

Great feature on Shadow Mo' - get your fresh gear at WIPCAPS.COM

Monday, October 17, 2016

OJ River - #WA

 photo OJ River - WA_zpshlkzrxv4.jpg

New new from that kid OJ River. #ILLK

Friendly Thursdays x Bahala Na Mamaya

 photo Friendly Thursdays_zpspw9fqnd0.jpg

Check the line up!

BOOM's (Official Poster)

 photo Boom Official Poster_zps2regotq4.jpg

Happening next week, Aero's been busy this Masskara month!

Quest - Tibay (Official Audio)

"Basta lahat tayo pasulong, basta't iisa lang ang tunog"

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fliptop Battle: Loonie vs Tipsy D

Damn, on to the finals for the brother Loonie.

Friday, October 14, 2016

MULA ETIVAC this Oct 16!

 photo Mula Etivac_zpsp91akd77.jpg

Props to everyone in the Cavite scene!

Quest x Mayonnaise - Good Vibes (Official Music Video)

 photo Good Vibes x MYX_zpsugqz3hlr.jpg

New video! Please continue to vote for it on MYX!

Batangas artists are on the come up!

 photo Imaginarium_zpsb11j1nki.jpg

They been on for a minute now, but its getting bigger by the week!


 photo Hydro_zpsqdoc2keg.jpg

Get ready to get soaked Laguna!

Happening this October 29!

 photo Superstock Arts amp Music Festival_zpsmr4ztfw1.jpg

The homie Similar Objects reppin ova here! Check this out in Baler.

Gloc 9 at SM CTY TAYTAY!

 photo Gloc 9 Oct 15_zpsggkxrgqi.jpg

Support Gloc's new album and tell us which song you like.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Aero will be performing on LOVE DANCE ESCAPE!

 photo Love Dance Escape_zps92klr0bd.jpg

Hopefully he won't be dancing. Come through!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Aero live on Ascencion!

 photo Ascencion_zpsxswnqkbq.jpg

If you're in BCD, check this out! Happy Masskara to my BCD peeps!

First Malasimbo line up for 2017 released!

 photo Malasimbo 2017_zpsv9xcvvdd.jpg

We are trying to bring DMH back and Duende here, whats up Miggy Matute?

Mic to Mike in Anda Pangasinan!

 photo Mic 2 Mike Pangasinan_zpsbxiqzn1j.jpg

This tour is all over! Catch it in a city near you, don't say we didn't tell you!

Fliptop merchandise! Limited edition!

 photo Fliptop Gubat 5_zpsbvahz8bi.jpg

 photo Bwelta Balentong 3_zps4yswjv7x.jpg

Get your Fliptop tees to commemorate your attendance and participation!

Unibersikulo 4 this Oct 29!

 photo Unibersikulo_zpsxths4qxo.jpg

Get your tickets now! Loonie vs a dude from outside the country!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DB - Progress

 photo DB Progress_zps4dwtdmns.jpg

"Are you ready for the change baby? Maybe."

Monday, October 10, 2016

Isaiah Omiunu x Ankhten Brown - Catch Em All (Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go -- Bawal Clan takeover 'tis season.


 photo KAPWA_zps7dc5ybi0.jpg

Shortkut in the house! But its so much deeper than that. This sounds exciting!

Stay Golden at Finders Keepers tomorrow!

 photo Stay Golden_zpsjw6jzjzj.jpg

If you aren't busy this Tuesday night, come hang with the homies.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Da Mo Da Merrier 23

 photo DMDM 23_zpssom3mnpt.jpg

Check the line up and support the homies!

Team Jesus event this OCT 22!

 photo Team Jesus_zpsohz73vt6.jpg

Here are the details. Support the homies!

Petey Pablo live in MNL @ Chaos!

 photo Petey Pablo 1_zpsgzmjdp8m.jpg

 photo Petey Pablo_zps0suhrppm.jpg

Yup, to all you early 2000's cats, you know you like Petey!

MIC TO MIKE headed to DAVAO!!

 photo Mic To Mike_zps7tikhfsu.jpg

Big ups to High Productions for making this stop happen!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Three music video drops tonight at Bomb First!

 photo Bomb First Poster 2 - Oct 7 FINAL_zpsj7ggmvbx.jpg

Again, that's 3 videos. See you guys tonight!!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

WeLegendary Beer Exchange weekend!

 photo WL Beer Exchange_zpssxzyaafq.jpg

Bring beer to the store and get some great great discounts!

TALIWAS at Mow's QC.

 photo MOWS TALIWAS_zpsrgtsfswi.jpg

OWFuck will also be at tonight's Bomb First! Cheers!

Invisibl Skratch Piklz - Fresh Out Of Fucks (Official Video)

These pinoy DJs are at it again. Hahaha! Its about time!

FLIPONE and Baybayin graffiti!

Learn something new each day!

Q-york album release party!

 photo QYork Album Launch_zpswq8kzbrc.jpg

Great album here from the fellas! Awesome line up as well! Congratulations!

EHEADS night in Saguijo!

 photo EHEADS NIGHT_zpssh0zvfll.jpg

Curious to see what Assembly Generals might have in store!

KYLAborations: Back In Time (Original) Kyla and Jay-R

Might be the most slept on song of the year but nonetheless, great live version!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Manilafornia featured on MYX!

MYX features ManilaFornia -- check it out!

ILL K x Bomb First "Bomb Squad" Tee available now!

 photo PDF H - Page 1_zpsiuy3au36.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 2_zpsvkzqjdbq.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 3_zpsosgnzrad.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 4_zpsmgnzo9ff.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 5_zps1nb0wejl.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 6_zps4hsotpk6.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 7_zpsowga3iws.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 8_zpsrymy5kgj.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 9_zpsh4cqw3cq.jpg

 photo PDF H - Page 10_zpse9zg8tmb.jpg

Get yours now! Big shoutout to OJ River, DB of Baryo Berde and Otto Retardo for doing the shoot!