Thursday, February 28, 2013


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Click HERE to purchase tickets online.

APOC - Fuck You Up Specialist

New single from one of the Philippines baddest on the mic.


The Miami Heat team does the Harlem Shake.


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Get your tickets starting tomorrow! or!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buy your Araneta Dreams ticket in SM!

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Abra will be in SM Palawan on sunday, promoting Araneta Dreams!

Buy tickets tomorrow and win prizes!

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First 30 Araneta Dreams ticket holders get a prize from Quest!


Q-York, Mike Kosa & Quest -- reppin' hiphop for OPM!

QUEST upping the ante for Malasimbo '13

 photo MALSIMBOREHEARSAL_zpsab1d2359.jpg

Yes, thats a string and horn section we're bringing to Malasimbo. See you there!

"Kahit Na" Toni Gonzaga performance at Himig Handog

Congratulations to the people behind the song, 5th place and 150K prize! Great

Road To Araneta "Week 7 Trailer"

Tickets sold through Ticketnet & Araneta websites as well as outlets.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

LEARN TO CODE - leveraging in life.

Wow, here we go -- learn how to code before the year ends. Shouldn't be a problem.

MOTEHRBASS Live at Route 196 tonight! FEB 27

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But yo, check the poster -- INDIO I is performing. Y'all shouldn't miss this.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Event Recap "COALITION at BSide" FEB 22

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 photo BBFSP8_zps1a4f8029.jpg

 photo BBFSP7_zps077efb19.jpg

 photo BBFSP6_zps2a1ef88f.jpg

 photo BBFSP5_zps2a4fc6ad.jpg

 photo BBFSP3_zps1079d4a7.jpg

Big S/O to SneakPeek and Gourmet NFN Footwear for helping us with the event!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Erykah Baduh "Heaven For Sinners"

New Erykah Baduh, off of Bonobo's upcoming album "The North Borders"

Araneta Dreams Official Trailer

Araneta Dream tickets will be released on MARCH 1, 2013.

Bugoy Na Koykoy x Mike Swift "Relax & Float" Mixtape

Music video for "What The Fuck"; Download the free mixtape "Relax & Float" here.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Road To Araneta "R2A in America"

"Different shades of excellence in hiphop. I'm about to introduce to them, ours." Mike Swift

Road To Araneta "Tickets out by March 1 2013"

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March 1, we are releasing the ticket to the public. Buy as you please!

Kendrick Lamar feat. Drake - Poetic Justice (Music Video)

I love this song even without that Drake verse.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DUENDE "Obsidian" produced by Similar Objects

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 photo TURBULENCEAPPCOVERPHOTO-A_zpsedc8e258.jpg

New Duende song/video available only through the Turbulence APP!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

50 CENT - FIRST DATE (Official Music Video)

This beat bangs. And well Too Short -- beeeetch!


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Get it right, hahaha. Please recommend anyone you know. Peace.

Battle of the Beats "Klumcee VS Gen Rei"

This has got to be my favorite battle of that night.

VOTE for "Lead The Way" by Q-York & Kat Lopez

 photo QYORK1_zps3ce6afbd.jpg

I heard the music video is going to be released soon.

Michael Jordan on Bryant, LBJ & Durant.

"He is cursed as much as I am." Michael Jordan on Kobe Bryant.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SUN DAZED this coming Feb 24, 2013

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Man, I can't believe I'm missing out, I shall be at the Himig Handog finals.

Event recap "Wordplay @ Arts In The City" January 2013

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 photo Wordplay1_zpsb4fc539c.jpg

 photo Wordplay6_zps0429575f.jpg

 photo Wordplay7_zps2155e590.jpg

 photo Wordplay5_zpsba8db4ca.jpg

 photo Wordplay4_zps3db1d1db.jpg

 photo Wordplay3_zps97b5dceb.jpg

 photo Wordplay8_zps95992236.jpg

 Gourmet Footwear started the year via this core group of poets at Wordplay last January 25.

ThreeDown: Street Fiends Episode 1 - 3

Team Sunday reppin' hard, Rjay Ty x DJ Buddah x DJ Spnz all up in here.


 photo FAVCOLLABORATION_zpse9b135fa.jpg

 photo FAVURBANMUSICVIDEO_zpscebe85c2.jpg

 photo FAVSONG_zps082099ce.jpg

 photo FAVNEWARTIST_zpse858cf1a.jpg

 photo FAVMUSICVIDEO_zps8184acdd.jpg

 photo FAVMALEARTIST_zps0d4e9244.jpg

Congratulations, we taking it to their gut this year. Make your vote count here.

I heard DUENDE is performing!

Boombap Fridays x Soulfiesta x SneakPeek x Gourmet Footwear

Take It Easy (Official Music Video)

H-Beat feat. Pow Chavez - Take It Easy

Monday, February 18, 2013

This is my jam for today.

 photo ARAABMUZIK_zps0484588f.jpeg

The Prince Is Coming by Araab Muzik. This is what my passion sounds like.

The Coaltion x Boombap Firdays FEB 22

 photo BOOMBAPFRIDAYSFEB22_zps749231c3.jpg

 Gourmet and SneakPeek might just be raffling away some shoes. See you all on friday!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Road To Araneta "Week 6 Trailer"

Continue to join us as we head on to WEEK 7, check the calendar!

SUNUGAN KALYE "Loonie VS Righteous One"

Great bars from Righteous One, but Loonie looked like he was just warming up.


 photo VIBESTATION_zpsd7248e57.jpg

Vibestation was one of the shows that made me decide to delve into hiphop locally.

KARA KRUS by Konflick feat. Phat L

Homegrown CD contributor Konflick gives you a music video for his song Kara Krus.


 photo HOMEGROWNHOODIE_zpsd41afd53.jpg

For orders text 0917-605-0001; look for Miles Sanchez.


All these releases and its only February, keep it up Pino G! Maduming Kwarto!

Threedown FEB 2013 Video Look Book

Debuted in Wordplay last Feb 15 at Ronac Art Centre.

Mico Sangalang x Whiplash Tattoo

 photo MICOWHIPLASH_zps0a854ea2.jpg

I don't usually posts pics of tattoos here, but S/O to Whiplash tattoo for this nice piece on Mico!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skullcandy x Big Boi x Kate Upton

Take a supermodel to work.


 photo OPM_zps9078b080.jpg

Check the list of performers, support OPM and get them paid!

KUNWARI by Kamikazee x Gloc 9 x Biboy Garcia

Election fever begins, we'll see who wins. Download the Gloc 9 APP now!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Justin Timberlake feat Jay-z - Suit & Tie (Official Music Video)

"I show you how to do this, hun!"

Mike Kosa feat G-Who "My Game" Official Music Video

Directed by Wilan Rivera

Thursday, February 14, 2013

MALASIMBO 2013 official line up!

 photo MALASIMBOLINEUP_zpscf817309.jpg

Look who's opening for Joss Stone. Heard Quest is bringing a string and brass section.


 photo FUTURA_zps4376990a.jpg

I heard there are no more available seats. You're welcome.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BLAZE N KANE Behind the music

Two of the most influential voices in the Philippines.

Whatchu doing on the 17th?

Sassa Jimenez x Twelfth House x THE

ESPN x Michael Jordan turning 50 years old.

An icon turns 50 in a few days, but will live forever.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yahoo Sports presents Mark "Mugen" Striegl

 photo MARKMUGEN_zpsa444538d.jpg

PXC Featherweight title fight this coming May 11. Photo taken by Bob Guerrero

From Yahoo Sports: Mark “Mugen” Striegl's strong hands aren't just for pounding other fighters into submission. They also have a more artistic purpose.

“My high school in Japan (St. Mary's International) had a very good ceramics program. I used to make plates and bowls in my downtime before wrestling matches. It got me to relax. I like working with the different glazes and being creative.”

“I want to bring my ceramics wheel over to (his home in) Baguio so I can get into it again.”

The 24-year old may love his earthenware, but he doesn't have the proverbial porcelain chin.


Good Day Coffee promoting OPM!

 photo GOODDAY_zps375016ed.jpg

Good Day Coffee, Valentines Park at Eastwood Plaza.

To all my bboys! Challenge Cup this FEB 16!

 photo CHALLENGECUP_zps6e322d0a.jpg

Where my bboys at? Go for yours.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Music Colony gives you a beat making workshop!

 photo CALIPH8_zpsdb33d805.jpg

First beat making workshop of the year, I'm attending. Shoutouts to Music Colony!

Gloc 9 x Denise "Dapat Tama"

This video debuted this morning via a performance on GMA7's Unang Hirit.

June Marieezy "Lovers? + Pyramid"

June Marieezy should come back to Manila. Great Rhodes sounds here.

ITS OFFICIAL, Thrilla In Manila 2 this coming April 9!

 photo DIZLOONIEA_zps7d217876.jpg
 photo DIZLOONIE2_zps9ff73be1.jpg

Araneta Dreamin', world wide schemin'. Nuff said.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Wings" x NBA All-Star Weekend

All-Star Weekend in a few days yo, EAST should win this.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drake "Started From The Bottom" Official Music Video

Congratulations to Drake for winning his first Grammy Award For Best Rap Album!

Melanie Fiona "Wrong Side Of A Love Song"

Did you know Melanie Fiona used to be in a group with Drake, and both of them hail from Canada.

Road To Araneta "Week 5 Trailer"

I can't even front, that was a fun week and it shows in the video as well.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pagbabago by Quest Official Music Video

Directed by Tren Monteras, special participation of The Philippine All-Stars.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Home Grown gig on FEB 16!

 photo HOMEGROWN-1_zpsa4146e7a.jpg

 photo HOMEGROWNTEE_zps7c9646f4.jpg

Home Grown event on FEB 16, and now tees for sale. Get yours now!