Monday, August 31, 2009

BEYOND BEYOND: Entry 40 "Day 1 September Madness x N9"


Nimbusnine - Confused (Produced by B-Roc)

"Hoy! O ano? Handa na ba kayo? Tara.."

These are the first few words you will hear when you cop the Philippine Phenom Mixtape from 2006. And what better way to sound off our September Madness than by giving you Philippine Phenom's track number 1, Confused. This era in Nimbus9's music is way past the radio airplay of NY to PI and Homegirl. This song was one of the last songs we recorded for that album, which we released during the last day of the first Community annual event. Off the inspiration of rocking overseas shows with Jin and Loon; and coming home to the success of The Community shows -- Nimbus birthed this song before the summer of '06 ended.

There are tons of quotables available in this song to inspire each emcee, whether aspiring to be or a weathered one at that. This song speaks of his brilliance with his pen game "Usually near an S just like an apostrophe -- Stress, Sex & Smoke; Sounds, Sports & Streets/ the only 'S' I ain't close to is prolly Sleep/" -- this was a mantra few lived by with at that time; Mike Swift, Nimbus, God's Will & Me and some other cats.

Nimbus came to my house that day saying I already had a beat made for his rhymes. The beat he dug up was this one I had made and forgotten about, almost a year ago. I had to modify it quick and he laced me up with this song. I can only put my boy Verse as a close second, who I've witness rock a verse this long and intense. This was also perfect to set the mood for Philippine Phenom, it can't get anymore epic than this beat right here.

This song also gave us a look into Nimbus' early vocals and toying with melodies, which I still believe is unmatched by any emcee out there in the Philippines to this very day. I would like to give my readers a Soulfiesta welcome into September's Madness, an all month feature on Nimbeezy! I will unearth some of Nimbus' older tracks and provide you with new ones everyday!

NOTES: Nimbus and I had an early problem regarding what he would liked to be called, cause apparently then, Mike Swift had a tag to him "Pinoys Finest" -- and some other international cats had something attached to their names. Me and Nimbus was really going hard thinking about it -- I bet we came up with foolish names but half way through making the mixtape and mad greeneries consumed, he texted me this title and it just stuck and was perfect in all sense of the word. More Nimbus facts soon!


BIG L Documentary

Let me start September Madness early and timely. 3 years ago; Ryan, Nimbus & I went to Taiwan to open for Jin and Loon. We had a blast needless to say. One member of Loon's entourage was a guy named Thomas -- who carried around a camera to get footages of the trip and the festival. Thomas is one of BIG L's closest friends and he was also there telling us he is shooting a documentary for Big L. He filmed me and Nimbus, asked questions on how we were influenced by Big L's rhymes as we walked our own path in hiphop. Of course I dropped my boy PHD's name in the interview, as PHD has forever been attached to Big L's legacy in music.

Check this trailer out, where you will see Jin The MC in the first few seconds. Also, with Jin towards the right side of the screen is Royal, our agent and promoter in Taiwan reppin Liquid Lifestyle! That shot was taken at around 6AM in the hotel lobby, after the after party. What's really good? We keep our ties with brilliance! So enjoy this one!


Saturday, August 29, 2009




As we prepare to close out August via a live performance and interview of RX 93.1 Artist of the month, Aero and GW's participation at the Indie Ball tonight, I would like to welcome you to Soulfiesta's September Madness. I will give you a different insight on one of the most sought out emcee in the Philippines, Nimbusnine. This whole month of September, you will get to read about Nimbus', an interview is well on its way as well; to be released on 09/09/09. I will also unlock some of Nimbus' unheard of tracks all these years -- this should be enough to excite you for the moment. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Joy Denalane - Heaven or Hell (Live)

If you didnt know, I used to hold down a radio show once a week called "The Fro Show" on 105.9 UR Radio every saturday night. Early on I was ask to strictly play 70's soul and funk music. 3 months on I changed my playlist to more contemporary soul and hiphop music, you know I had to, hehehe. Being on radio and running a show was a trip man. Brought my friends over and interview them once a while and just kept OPM alive the best way I can. Mad people listened to my show and this video is dedicated to all my peoples who miss me on radio. This song from Joy Denalane which in its original version featured Raekwon, is one of the first songs I played in that new format. I love the keys in this and the original video is my type of video, black and white -- sadly I can't find it.

Here's one for my 2008 fans "Is your soul tuned in to UR?"

NOTES: Did you know, I was playing a Leon Haywood ultra rare song on air, it went on for 7 minutes and around the 5 minute mark a girl was moaning on the song -- and I got a call from my then boss about it. Hehehe. Shoutouts to Mandy Mack for all the fun I had in the radio station! Bwahahaha! Also, did you know Aero started out as a radio DJ in his hometown in Bacolod? And did you know that Dash is coming by Singapore this saturday for a clubbing gig here at the ButterFactory? And did you know that Harry of 7SOW just touched down in SG as well and we're all linking up?

B-ROC presents PHD's TOP 20 LIST


Killahstormz feat. B-Roc - Ms. Musicka (produced by Chrizo)

I would love to introduce to you readers this new segment I have in collaboration with my A&R, PHD. In our joint effort to keep this blog alive and relevant, we are giving you a TOP 20 list of different things that we are interested in. Here's PHD's top 20 Chrizo produced beat! Whats your favorite? Let us know. PEACE.

PHD: There is nothing better for a hiphop head than to get a Chrizo beat. His jokes come in 2nd, but we'll get to that in the future. Here are the top 20 beats from Chrizo Magnifico - these are absolute masterpieces! C'mon, you know these beats rocked your dome when you heard it. There will be more to come, as Chrizo's beats will not only be heard from the Turbulence camp, but also from R%B music and international cats as well. Imagine a Chrizo beat being spit on by your favorite emcee, also, for the beats you haven't heard yet - the ones from G.R.A.E. and Gold Barz... Stay tuned!


NOTES: My personal favorite Chrizo beat is still You Got Me by 7Shots of Wisdom. Chrizo supposedly made that beat solely for Monique in 5 minutes. It was suppose to be a solo song my Monique until the entire group heard it, the rest is history. You don't have BSides yet? Its still available at OFC, Robinsons Galleria and will be up on Fliptunes soon as well! Whats your favorite Chrizo beat? Anything you want us to rate? TOP 20 NBA predictions? We can cater to that as well. Hahahaha! Hit me up!

WORD.LIFE a hiphop documentary (Trailer)

"Word. Life." a hiphop documentary (produced by Bruce Willis)

My iggins, its a new day for Soulfiesta! Got new work, new money coming in, booking flights, immigration stamps on my passport -- yeah life between airports! Dont fret, I will find a way to update y'all with new things! Aero still has one more saturday night rendezvous at 93.1 to close out August. What a month for Turbulence! Sicksongs Only EP and a Fliptunes endorsement (more on it later on) We still grinding heavy! So let me kick start this phase of my life with a trailer of a documentary Bruce Willis produced. This was done I think 2 years ago, I still don't know whether its been out in the market so yeah -- here's the trailer!

Quote of the minute: "Even when I'm not functioning in tip top shape/ I can still bench press as much as hiphop weighs/" Drake feat. Nispsey "KILLER".

Monday, August 17, 2009


DJ Shortkut live in Manila AUGUST 19 @ Alchemy

Catch DJ Shortkut is in Manila and will showcase his brand of turntablism this August 19. Catch your favorite local acts perform! I'm guessing most of my favorite acts will be present this day! Tough luck I'm in Singapore. I remember watching DJ Shortkut and the rest of Triple Threat at the 2nd year anniversary of the now defunct Urban Myx which was celebrated at the Rockwell Tent. Also, I had the chance to hang out with DJ Shortkut during my first trip to Taiwan. We were at a record shop that had a studio at the back, DJ Shortkut got down with the locals and showed them a thing or two live on the decks! And before that I remember me and Shorkut were looking at the last piece of Common's Ressurrection vinyl, and we ran for it -- and yes I ran faster and that vinyl is somewhere in my stash!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Young JV - That Girl (Part II) (Produced by Flavamatikz)

One of my favorite pinoy hiphop producers in the game, Flava - who made the summertime hit "Mainit", just came up with the remix to Young JV's That Girl song! Young JV comes through with some player talking shit here, word up. This song is being played in WAVE 89.1. You can now vote and request for this new remix on air! Saturday night ladies, party up!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Spike Lee shoots Rocawear 10th year anniversary commercial

If you know To The Billboards history, we did Get Jay-z For Me and we did Still Doing The Right Thing which was directed to Jay and Spike. Before Mike came home last year, they had a meeting with Spike Lee's 40 Acres & a Mule company. And Jay done already watched the DVD many times over, word to my momma. So yeah, Rocawear celebrates its effect on hiphop culture via To The Billboard! What do you think Jay and Spike have in common, after all these years of not doing anything together? Hmmm, surprise iggins! To The Billboard! Grind on!



Tune in every saturday of August 10PM-12MN

Mr. Aero with a dot is RX 93.1 artist of the month for August, and in the spirit of Comics, I did this ad. Hehehehe shoutouts to Big Daddy Olazo, Marlowe of AMPON & Mia Ramos for inducing me with their comic insights the past few days. And this is more than a coincidence! Watch for more music from Turbulence, as we are making our music available to pinoys around the world with our partnership with Fliptunes! I will be fixing the SICKSONGSONLY EP download link and will keep you posted of another fresh link for you guys. Peace!

Also, catch a live set at SICLVE's "Build A Brige" @ Genre Bar, CUBAO EXPO this Friday at 9PM! With performances by Mike Swift, God's Will, J-Hon, Mista Blaze, Young JV, Slick n Sly Kane, Aero and more! Get a copy as well of this months Status Magazine as they feature Nimbusnine!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Aero - Season (Produced by B-Roc)

"Hiphop is alive I'd like to imagine/ so I make hits like a hired assassin/"


Monday, August 10, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 39 "JIM LEE"

Jim Lee drawing Gambit in 8 minutes

For people who've known me all these years know I'm a Jim Lee fan. Before I even knew hiphop, my love for drawing was high up there. I was drawing since I was a kid and wanted to primarily be a cartoonist for Disney. Then Jim Lee and my collection of comics came around. You should've seen Quest when he saw my collection, and you should hear his story as well about losing his collection when his dad decides to throw them away. Hehehe. Born in the 80's, puberty in the 90's you are sure to cross paths with Jim Lee's art. Hiphop is about urban art and Jim Lee is contemporary modern and has paved the way for my hiphop. Here he draws Gambit in 8 minutes, and word -- he came through. Always almost perfect with his drawings man, his ill with his pen and ink game man.

NOTES: Did you know that I think Heroes killed the entire X-Men Legacy with a more relevant storyline. Hehehe. I have crazy comics stocked somewhere in my studio. You name in Maxx, Deathblow, Stormwatch, Wetworks, Youngblood first issues, and other titles. Hehehe. Did you know as well, that GRAE's first draft CD inlay was pegged to be a comic which consequently we used as the PRESEASON MIXTAPE done my Michael Saldana.


Konektado DVD Magazine Vol.2 "Hungry & Humble" OUT NOW

To The Billboard characters are at it again! In this clip you'll see Turbulence pride God's Will, Mike Swift & J-hon rock verses, shot on location in Lipa City! I miss the Lomi over there Matt! Hehehe, Tony Pungos makes an appearance in this clip as well. Plus, catch Mike Sweezy rocking that Loyalty Feeds The Movement shirt! It is what it is, we everywhere you ain't never there.

One of my friends who came home to Manila got me a copy of this DVD via my boy Chrizo. I can't wait to watch it son! Cmon now, Nimbus entry, talking about Three Kings and now this Konektado clip with God's Will sharing the feature with Slick n Sly Kane! Cmon man, hehehe we still on our grind! To The Billboard! Look how crazy we get man, we in the trenches! God's Will and Sinag will be releasing their radio single "Gigibain" soon!

NOTES: And yeah after the mini music video catch us saying "We family, loyalty feeds the movement bitches!" Hehehe, that particular time was when we were shooting Beyond Beyond on location at The Chop Shop. And yeah Kimmie was there, shoutouts homegirl. She's on her way to Minesota by now. Keep on keeping on word to Ryan!

BEYOND Beyond: ENTRY 38 "BALIKTAD" by Nimbusnine

Something to wet your appetite people. This is one of my favorite Nimbusnine songs as of late! Hear as he switches lanes from Tagalog to English with ease. This song has been up on his Myspace Page for a minute now, and I will be giving you more Nimbusnine updates in the coming days. Three Kings Mixtape featuring Mike Swift and God's Will is currently being remastered and we're adding more songs as the stories have now changed the artists as well. Catch Nimbus around the metro performing, you can see him at Saguijo and his band is a staple in Barangay Tibay productons nights there. Whats your favorite Nimbusnine song? Tilt You Cap? Semento at Buhangin? Sunny Days? I would love to know.

Picture taken from the Pulp Shoot, 2008. Tune in as we will give you a recap of that issue soon. Also, as you may know our friend Loonie is back in Manila to do his long awaited album. Props to that and be on the look out for new Loonie tracks.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SONG OF THE WEEK: Slaughterhouse "Cut You Loose"

Slaughterhouse - Cut You Loose (Produced by Mr. Porter)

I got this leaked album before we put out the SICKSONGSONLY EP and after the promos for the EP, I got to finally sit with this monster of an album. This is my jam for the week, it gets to me man. Its not even an ode to hiphop, its really looking at hiphop sideways "you're no good, I have to cut you loose" -- we all have or bullshit to run, and bullshit in and out of this hiphop shit. Some of us, and truth be told, will soon cut hiphop loose out of our lives, be it for our own reasons or reasons people give us. Be wise. Just closing out my week on a moving note: AMP BLVD/Aquariuss, Back To The New School, Beyond Beyond, SickSongsOnly -- Team Strong but yeah, we all need rest. When? We'll pace ourselves I guess. Pick my brain my iggins. Keep on keeping on word to my brothers!

"and after all this rhymin'/
if I refer to you as a girl, niggas will call this Common/
I'm through as a fan/
no disrespect to music, I'm talking to you as a man/"

"this is bar raising/
I'm raising the bar so far, trying to look at it is equivalent to star gazing/
think I rather be waterboarding/
than to listen to what y'all recording/"

"I aint complaining, I'm just saying though/
there's no reason a musician
should want to watch television instead of be listening to the radio/"

and some of Joe Budden's lines... that line with single issues is dope.

...You're no good, I have to.. FUCK YOU TOO, YOU'RE CORNY TIL I GOTTA CUT YOU LOOSE! Hahahaha!

NOTES: We still at it don't worry hahaha, but yeah pick my brain. Write me or message me on YM KINGBROC. Word up and props to the Philippine All-Stars, I'ma give you some time to gain your roar back, we all with you! Beyond Beyond, and beyond winnings.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



We still getting it in like a veteran, and we making trends for the rest of them! Word to Aero. Now we bring you a song from Margaux Cortez "Just The Girls Tonight (Remix)" featuring Nimbusnine, produced by Chrizo. Margaux was born in Manila, raised in California and is now back here to pursue a career in music. This song, is a song I'll bump all weekend long. Don't front, this beat is hot. Chrizo comes through with a weekend banger. More music from Margaux soon! Lets us know whatchu think of this song! And Nimbus comes in and kills this too! Hehehe. Ladies, this ones for you!

"When you're in the area making everybody watch, so foxy/"
yeah ma, and you're body rocks, dont stop please/"


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Xia feat. Dcoy & Jolo - Yellow Ribbon (Produced by DJ MOD & PKSO)

Nimbusnine - Sunny Days (Produced by Chrizo)

This is after all a blog owned by a producer trying to drop knowledge! Over the weekend we heard the good people of KUT5 put together a tribute song to Cory Aquino. The song Yellow Ribbon was also sampled by Chrizo on Nimbus9's Sunny Days (BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL). Enjoy this one and figure out that hiphop music has its sense of history not just through making tribute songs. Nimbus comes through with this song about taking people around the city he grew up in, which is the same land that the late president fought for.

It's funny how the remix is about a late presidents journey and contributions; and Sunny days is about a journey through Manila and its people. How Yellow is almost synonymous to being Sunny.

Picture by Ryan Andres, order your own I AM NANAY shirts, while supplies last. A lot of moms have actually placed orders already!

NOTE: We would like to thank you for downloading Aero's SICKSONGSONLY EP! We have reached further than what we expected having people around the world as far as Libya and Russia getting the release. And mind you, some of them are not even Filipinos. Thank you for your patience and anticipation. The album is solid production and solid lyrics, it deserves the noise its making! Sick songs in less that 6 days, again we are displaying work ethic that you could do with the right team behind you! Turbulence/3RD WorldWide indeed!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

AERO's SICKSONGSONLY EP -- a free digital release

Aero - SickSongsOnly (Produced by Traumatik)

August 3, delivering as promised. SICKSONGSONLY EP by Turbulence Productions new artist Aero. Alot of heads are waiting on this, new music. Fresh, not even a week old man. Cmon yo, we passionate dudes who love music, period. Beyond Beyond iggins. 3RD Worldwide to the fullest! Heads up, we are in the studio again, sooner that y'all think! GRAE SEASON IS UPON US! I dare any one to give this a review. PEACE!


Bump this the whole week my iggins. Feedbacks, comments are well accepted.


Great T-shirt concept from Ryan Andres, this shirt is already for sale at Php 350. This design was made months ago and my brother decides to share this with you all. For orders you can get intouch with us or via 09176214267. Get your shirt now! Rest with Ninoy, madame.

Saturday, August 1, 2009



Today, I got to preview Aero's new EP and Turbulence's new opus. It's obvious that Aero goes in and wrecks the tracks with ease. This EP titled SICKSONGSONLY, refering to the number of tracks in the release, is to remind all of y'all who's sick wit it! (Word to ILL-J!) Chrizo aids Aero with beats on the most part and Chrizo has been puting in work on his beats! Chrizo is now diversifying his drum kits, which caught me off guard, the maturity of his beats in this release exhibits Beyond Beyond mantra's all over the EP.

On the title track "SICKSONGSONLY", Aero rhymes "every track is a banger, like I'm rapping with anger/ on Mount Olympus, avalanching, ambulance 'em/" which sums up how critical we are with our skills. Turbulence welcomes Aero to Mount Olympus, word to Arkane! "SO PINOY" which was recorded a couple of days back has the lines "no politicks I send prayers to the Aquino's/ for Benigno and Corazon, I'm putting on my yellow/" and by now you know that Cory has passed away. Every mc pushes for relevance and Aero immortalizes this release alongside the traumatik event, no pun intended. Aero's favorite color is yellow, and yellow is the color of power.

I think we, as a label, continue to out do ourselves with every release. This EP is a prequel to Aero's debut full length album and marks a newness for us. Download Aero's new EP here exclusively this monday AUGUST 3.