Thursday, October 29, 2015

FlipTop - Abra vs PriceTagg

Great battle all in all! Congratulations to the winner!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Loonie X Sitti - Please Don’t Kill My Vibe (Cover)

That bass line though.


 photo MPC TOUCH 1_zpsfig5myp3.jpg

 photo ARAABMUZIK KING_zps1qpcetcj.jpg

Return Of The King, drops this December.

Rise 4 Education

 photo Rise 4 Education_zpsvwsjhc9s.jpg

A benefit gig for the Lumad community. Make your money count.

Manila Threadfest 2015!

 photo Manila Threadfest_zpsiuqdxfjt.jpg

Wanna buy great tees for the upcoming season? Come thru!

MEDISINA updates! Happy anniversary!

 photo Medisina Clothing_zpsesadzlme.jpg

 photo Medisina Festival Mall_zpsntxfys0q.jpg

 photo Medisina 2_zpsb2vu9bqx.jpg

A new website, 2nd year anniversary and expanding in Festival Mall! Big things!

Halloween at Rocket Room!

 photo In Color_zpshvprfb2z.jpg

Kristian Hernandez and Supreme Fist! You can't go wrong!

TIGASOUTH re-opening this week!

 photo TIGASOUTH_zps9hi9wc4o.jpg

Preparing your xmas bonus expenses? Here's a few more posts for you to consider!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Nothing Is Impossible Video Coming Soon!

 photo Mo Thugs_zpsiwrh34yp.jpg

Mo Thugs Philippines concert this Dec 5 at Music Museum.

Rocky Rivera - GRLGNG (Official Music Video)

Great visuals and the song bangs! Hahahaha! Rocky Rivera keeps her pen sharp!

Green Sun expects a great turn out! Come thru!

 photo Green Sun_zpsdh1zay79.jpg

Sounds like fun over here.

Erik Santos feat. Gloc 9 - Tandaan Mo 'To (Official Music Video)

Good luck with this Gloc and Erick Santos!

NBA 2K15 tournament!

 photo NBA 2K_zpsvwmrvvwy.jpg

Register online now! Go here.

Third Flo's "Musika't Diskarte" on Amplify!

 photo Third Flo 1_zpseyzcscjg.jpg

 photo Third Flo Amplify_zpshivssvef.jpg

One of the best from Tondo to ever do it! Thats my word!


 photo Uprising Sifra_zpshovyvf3f.jpg

Happening this wednesday night! Great line up here!

Titan releases the Nike x Pigalle kicks!

 photo Titan Pigalle_zpsanzasmzs.jpg

Visit the site for the rules on how to purchase these limited kicks!

PBA x ABRA "Liga Ng Mga Bida"

Great look for Artifice here, more please!

FlipTop - Batas vs Shernan

Great battle! Finals coming soon!

Loonie X Sitti | Live Originals: Spinnr Sessions

Baliwala performed by Sitti and Loonie.

Group packages can win these!!!

 photo Life Of A Champion Album Launch 2_zpsigq2qsbs.jpg

Get your reservations right!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

LDP and Colt45 at Davao City for Kadayawan 2015

Part 2 shot and edited by that kid, Ken Yamaguchi.

Q-York feat. Ogie Alcasid - This Is For You

 photo Qyork This Is For You_zpsr1nae9uy.jpg

Please share, watch and vote for this new Q-York song!

The new Quest album finally coming out next month!

 photo Life Of A Champion Album Launch_zps1qsbxouj.jpg

Album will be bundled in to the tickets! Make your reservations now!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Greyhoundz celebrates 18 years in the business.

 photo Greyhoundz 18th Yr Anniversary_zpsv2jcmilr.jpg

Hosted by pambansang Bayaw himself!

Slick Barbers Co x Fam Lifestyle Store

 photo Slick Barbers_zpsze0cura0.jpg

Happening soon! Big S/O to Gnarrate!

When Bossa Meets Rap

Great to see Tim Cada now playing for Sitti! Good looks Loons!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Uela - Pakipot (Official Music Video)

Fresh take on a "I didn't mean to make you jealous" joint. #DanGil

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

OJ River x Sleepy Racoon - Marrawanna

 photo Marrawanna_zps9pejmnv8.jpg

That new OJ River, pass that -- get lit.

Angeles City, stand up!!

 photo TIGTIGAN TERAKAN KENG DALAN_zpsvl0nozlw.jpg

Great line up here for a great city!

Rjay Ty - Out For Business (Official Music Video)

Out for dead presidents, stack that chedda like Frito Lays.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wipcaps x Motherbass collab caps!

 photo The Drop_zps97h08mno.jpg

Looking good here mang! Hope all is well!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Aero & Chrizo - WBS "Thank You's"

 photo COVER 1_zpsv6tgjubz.jpg

 photo COVER 2_zps3mu6iqtk.jpg

 photo COVER 3_zps4dcomez4.jpg

 photo COVER 4_zps4rvqvlh8.jpg

 photo COVER 5_zpsjdmjriv2.jpg

Check your em out on your favorite music streaming sites!

Tao Lang | Loonie X Sitti | Live Originals: Spinnr Sessions

Bogssanova at its finest!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Aero x Chrizo - Without Bullshit (Free Download)

 photo WBS FRONT COVER_zpsbpaos34p.jpg

 photo WBS BACK COVER_zps7nlfjfnn.jpg

Download the entire album on MEDIAFIRE here, or SoundCloud here.

Buy One Take One, bring beers to WL this weekend!

 photo WL Beer_zpsltd43sw2.jpg

Spend your beer money wisely this weekend!

Marcus Prolifik - Top Tier (Producer by Chrizo)

Here you go kids, have a great weekend! Top Tier! Uggghhh!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

ABRA commissioned for the new PBA song!

 photo Abra PBA_zps1smc9zcb.jpg

Artifice is on a roll, congrats to the entire team!

Loonie x Mo Twister "Good Times With Moe"

Great look here for OPM Hiphop, thanks Moe Twister for the feature!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Prayers for Lamar Odom.

How Kobe deals with this - will finally separate him from MJ on and off court.

Mike Swift for TED TALKS, uuuggghh!!!

 photo Mike Swift TED TALKS_zps39dsy3k9.jpg

Sweezy talks about how he brought Lebron James to Tenement. #Legendary

From Interaksyon: “At first, all I wanted to be was a rapper. The title I was after. Camaraderie, the laughter, the memories, the chapters, money was never a factor,” rhymed Mike Swift, the creator of Instagram account Pinoy Hoops (@pinoyhoops).

“I got roots in Brooklyn. There, even brighter futures can look dim,” he said. “Long story short, I came from New York, invested my money from work of all sorts.”


The Rest Is Noise at Route 196

 photo The Rest Is Noise_zpsk8uxbtdn.jpg

Looking for a nice chill spot with good music? Check the line up!

Battle of the Beats prizes!!

 photo BOTB FINALS_zpsta6otvxr.jpg

 photo Battle of the Beats Winner_zpsmb62z5z8.jpg

 photo Battle of the Beats 1st Runner Up_zpslzlhctfu.jpg

Kudos to Red Alert for always biggin' up local talent!

Flipmusic Rapstar contest finalist!

 photo FlipMusic RapStar_zps8i0zicof.jpg

Congrats and gooood laaaakkkkk!!

Marcus Prolifik x Chrizo "Top Tier" coming soon!

 photo Top Tier_zpsszxjrmcv.jpg

Coming out in a few days! Hot off the kitchen!

Dank Puffs new mixtape on Amplify!

 photo Dank Puffs_zpsmqeivcwf.jpg

Download the whole mixtape via AMPLIFY.PH

Monday, October 12, 2015

Stick Figgas - Lamanloob (Official Music Video)

Can't wait for the album to drop!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

BUN B in Manila.

 photo Bun B_zpser4jsxb5.jpg

Sole Slam 8 gon get real Trill.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sole Slam 8, early ticket information.

 photo Sole Slam 8_zpsyyyjobnt.jpg

Get those early bird tickets!

Bugoy na Koykoy- Mura na Hotel (Official Music Video)

"Buhay ng kalaban, mura na hotel"

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Max Balatbat at Ronac Magallanes

 photo Max Balatbat x Ronac_zpskt1ovf9y.jpg

Soon to be national artist here, get it while you can afford it!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bambu - 1-800 Call Center Bling

 photo Bambu - 1800 Call Center Bling_zps4dcjaw5q.jpg

Bambu DePistola gives us his take on the Drake hit with a twist.

From Bambu: A Filipino-Amerikan attempt at getting into your sexy... Hard.

Philippine Call Centers are the largest in the world. Foreign companies rely on Philippine Call Centers to field their incoming phone calls. Unfortunately, exploitation of labor and resource is high with the increasing demand for such outsourcing. With a government that aides these foreign companies in their ability to make billions of dollars, it doesn't look like this industry's regulation is at the top of said government's priority. Be pro-worker and help make sure that the people's rights are not violated secondary to greedy fucks.

Thanks for listening to this shit that I made in 10-minutes... Don't even think about correcting my Tagalog because I give a fuck. Obviously, I can't sing... Stupid.

OJ River - Corolla AE86

 photo OJ River_zps20uepis0.jpg

Check this new OJ River joint!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

KOTD - Rap Battle - Dizaster vs Dumbfoundead

Great battle, mad fun to watch! Great history between the two!

Rjay's new video coming out next week!

 photo Out For Business_zpsyxre2ja5.jpg

Hosted by Chrizo. Again, free entrance.

Bweare presents HotBox episode 3!

Anygma gets Hot Boxed for episode 3!

Hoops For A Cause!

 photo Hoops For A Cause_zpskexw6egu.jpg

Proceeds will go to ex PBA players who are battling against health scares. Please support!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Kartel Skateboards x Backyard

Kartel Skateboarding x Backyard

Irie Sunday celebrates 5 years this weekend!

 photo Irie Sunday_zps1cea1nyq.jpg

World class artist line up! Make your way to the best Irie experience you can have this 2015!

Learn improvisation from SPIT

 photo Spit Classes_zpskgdzd59r.jpg

The first improvisational theater classes in the country, register now!