Monday, October 5, 2015

Bambu - 1-800 Call Center Bling

 photo Bambu - 1800 Call Center Bling_zps4dcjaw5q.jpg

Bambu DePistola gives us his take on the Drake hit with a twist.

From Bambu: A Filipino-Amerikan attempt at getting into your sexy... Hard.

Philippine Call Centers are the largest in the world. Foreign companies rely on Philippine Call Centers to field their incoming phone calls. Unfortunately, exploitation of labor and resource is high with the increasing demand for such outsourcing. With a government that aides these foreign companies in their ability to make billions of dollars, it doesn't look like this industry's regulation is at the top of said government's priority. Be pro-worker and help make sure that the people's rights are not violated secondary to greedy fucks.

Thanks for listening to this shit that I made in 10-minutes... Don't even think about correcting my Tagalog because I give a fuck. Obviously, I can't sing... Stupid.

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