Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shehyee feat. Sam Pinto - Trip Lang (Official Music Video)

Well what do you know, Sam Pinto can rap!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CLUB FILIPINO HK will be bringing artists to HK!

 photo PHHK_zpsfea83771.png

Join now! Visit their Facebook site to make an application.

Change The World by Filipinos Unite

Wow, OPM music taking strides to make people aware of things around us. Galing!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Boom Dayupay returns to music!!

Great song with great visuals!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

QUEST "SALUDO" Official Music Video

 photo BLACKCONE_zps8af619c4.jpg

Awesome video! Here's my favorite shot of the entire video! Alot of great moments!

Marquiss x Aero x Righteous One

 photo AERO_zps04778998.jpg

Very dope verse by these three MCS, Borromean Rings by Marquiss - in the works!

Please vote for SALUDO on MYXPH.COM

 photo QUESTSALUDO_zps39bf5d17.jpg

Lets put this video straight to number 1 for the next couple of months!

BOOM DAYUPAY back at the helm.

 photo BOOM_zps1f9c228f.jpg

This should hella interesting, anticipating great visuals!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

WL SALE TOMORROW!! Happy anniversary!

 photo WLSALE_zps276a8298.jpg

You say skate, I say We Legendary.

Stalley - Raise Your Weapons

 photo STALLEY_zps2070444e.jpg

Weapons raised no questions made, you knowing what we come for - respect of the upmost!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Congratulations to Thyro, Yumi, Quest, Sam and Tippy!

 photo PHILPOP_zps46254d93.jpg

I love this picture, capturing them as they were announced the winners.

Mark Striegl might be one title fight away from UFC.

 photo MARKSTRIEGL_zpse470d360.jpg

Much deserved write up and opportunity to rep in the UFC, read more HERE.

ALLSTARS holding a workshop this friday!

 photo ALLSTARS_zpsc060bb08.jpg

350Php for the workshop including tickets to see Mandirigma Vol.3

If you a soul cat, must have album of the year.

 photo BookerTJones-SoundTheAlarmcover_zps6cbe05f6.jpg

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

QUEST - SALUDO (Official Trailer)

Promising you guys a #1 video, fuck the charts. This will live beyond the charts.

Mark Streigl celebrates his contract extension with PXC

 photo PXC39_zps5f22e285.jpg

Via a title match, main fight billing on PXC 39. See you guys there!

LIMINAL MINDED this July 28!

 photo LIMINALMINDED_zpsecd55f7c.jpg

Catch a different kind of hiphop show, giving you something you don't see on TV.

STARS CRY (Official Trailer)

I'm a big fan of this song, and really looking forward to this Stars Cry campaign.

For vinyl lovers out there looking for a swap meet.

 photo KAGATAN_zpsc89b47b7.jpg

To new and old collectors. Hope this helps you find rare gems.

Teknika Brutal feat. Notorious - Hambog

Official video for Hambog, directed by Ian Palma.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bugoy Na Koykoy & Mike Swift - Inaabangan (Official Music Video)

One of my most favorite joints this year! Light up!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loonie will be battling The Saurus next month!

Yes, thats Loonie vs Dizaster - well well well Philippines, you've come a long way.

STARS CRY music video out soon!

 photo STARSCRY_zps1a38ec3a.jpg

This song is pretty amazing, video is being directed by Willan Rivera.

Philpop entry "DATI" featuring Quest

Written by Thyro and Yumi, great job guys! Wish you guys luck this saturday!

GALAWAN this August 2!

 photo GALAWAN_zpsff4f8dae.jpg

Team Heavy Hustle bringing you dope shows this month.

Shehyee - Trip Lang (Official Teaser)

Watch the teaser of Shehyee's official single under FlipMusic/Viva Records.

New Battle MC Camo from WIPCAPS (Teaser)


Joey Ayala x Gloc 9 x Silverfilter

Interesting take on "Papel", Filipino is a great language for songs.

Monday, July 15, 2013


 photo TITANSALE_zps6c6bd8a5.jpg

Break the piggy bank already! Hahaha!

DJ Course for August

 photo MUSICCOLONY_zps8a6edff2.jpg

Beat Match at Music Colony, all throughout August.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here's a proper Blues gig in the metro

 photo BLUESANDROLLSESSION_zpsaaab5bc2.jpg

Support your local blues musicians, they can play with the best in the world.

Friday, July 12, 2013

FLIPMUSIC will release their first official compilation under VIVA

 photo FLIPMUSIC_zpsb1222398.jpg

Coming out to your record stores soon!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday jam! TL Cross - Best Kept Secret

Dedicated to you, you and you -- have fun this weekend.

Mandirigma Vol. III - July 27 2013!

 photo MANDIRIGMA2_zpsd758a091.jpg

Help the Philippine Allstar make it to the WHHC by attending this event!

Motherbass killin it at the Red Bull party!



 photo FMCCSALE_zpsf3c0c88e.jpg

Get going already, sale starts today!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

APLM release BONSAI today!

 photo Bonsai_zps4ef91748.jpg

One of my favorite tracks in the release, not to mention -- I made the beat, hahaha.

One of my other favorite tracks from this album is Lwaxana -- its pretty good, melody, lyrics-wise - pretty on point. A very cohesive release for one of the most hard working women in the scene - you can look at it as a hiphop album or otherwise, nobody has released this much work in a long time. Look through her Bandcamp catalog and see what you've missed out on. Great body of work in this release alone. And perfect day to release it -- on her birthday. So to Mia, happy birthday and have a good one, make it last -- with everyone sending back their feedback and congratulations to a well put together musical birthday cake to share.

APLM: Along with the eight songs, the BONSAI EP download includes a PDF booklet and additional artwork from over half a dozen amazing visual artists.BONSAI is also available for stream/share/DL on

The influence of Jay-z in branding

Young Guru, Jayz's sound engineer is endorsing the new AIAIAI Headphones. Salute!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Timbaland unlocks Jay-z's MCHG album!

Impressive insight here, must watch for all you hiphop fans. Second wind is important.

Ian celebrates his birthday with release of 2 Wip Caps

 photo IANBDAY_zps8cc71e7f.jpg

Happening this saturday -- don't miss out guys!

JAYZ's MCHG album gets awarded platinum

 photo JAYZPLATINUM_zps903004bb.jpg

Big thanks to Samsung for buying the first 1 Million copies to be promoted in their app. Bawse.

DannieBoi feat. Nathan J - More Than Friends

 photo DANNIEBOI_zpsa456b1a2.jpg

Please vote for this song on WAVE 89.1 FM -- support local R&B.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mother Bass at a Toyota Event

 photo MOTHERBASS_zps91bc6918.jpg

That's a lovely poster as well yo.

Xienhow - 40 Barz In

Zen repping Team Done Son, Konektado and Araneta Dreams!

KJah "Lihim Ng Amo"

Produced by Blackleaf, and this shit bangs. Mirror image of ourselves in society.

Mike Swift "Tao Lang"

Continuously blessing y'all with dope OPM music.

KJAH releases new song later today!

 photo KJAH2_zps93a946ba.jpg

Stay tuned mga kapatid! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

ABRA solo concert this August!

 photo Abra2013_zpse4b437e6.jpg

First off, I want a better collectors edition poster - that I won't be embarrassed to put in my studio.


 photo MunozCapWip3_zps78936362.jpg

 photo MunozCapWip_zps2cbcdd70.jpg

 photo MunozCapWip2_zps4cd76cd7.jpg

This cap is a Wipcap must have, I seen the product itself and shit bangs!

Bobbito Garcia visits the Philippines

Video coverage by KingCrux! Happy 15th supposed wedding anniversary!

Fliptop: Team Abra/Apekz VS Team IceRocks/KrisDelano

I enjoyed this battle too much, props to the people involved in making it happen.

Loonie's "ULTRASOUND" track list

 photo LOONIEALBUM_zpse753e087.jpg

It sucks thats its only a few tracks, but should already be a classic.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mark Munoz fight live at Skinny Mikes!

 photo MUNOZWIP_zps1dbdcb69.jpg

The Team Munoz x Wipcaps collaboration cap is a collectible. Best believe me!

FLIPTOP Tournament Round 2

 photo FLIPTOP_zps88751c46.jpg

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Saludo Music Video (Behind The Scenes)

 photo SALUDOBTS4_zpsf5dc9ac4.jpg

  photo SALUDOBTS3_zpsd833cbc0.jpg

  photo SALUDOBTS2_zps7cc13283.jpg

  photo SALUDOBTS1_zpsa4a23533.jpg

Saludo Music Video coming out sooon! Looking mighty epic if you ask me.

KJAH x Daily Grind shirt!

 photo KHAJxDAILYGRIND_zps68364c20.jpg

Cop it tonight at BSide! Sa Gitna Ng Prusisyon listening party!

Jay-z feat. Beyonce "Part II (On The Run)"

 photo JB1_zps2f119b64.png

"Deeper than words, beyond right/ Die for your love, beyond life."

We Legendary will be on Solar Sports new segment!

 photo WL1_zps6fe46374.jpg

 photo WL2_zpse889fad7.jpg

Don't come thru and say we didn't tell you!!


 photo JAYZ_zpsf6a8e272.jpg

Will be raffling out 3 Jay-z Magna Carta Holy Grail CDs by the end of July.

Loonie feat Hiphop22 "Isang Jeepney"

Produced by SPNZ, scratches by DJ Buddah, mixed and mastered by Klumcee.

Loonie's album "Ultrasound" under MCA is about to released. Needless to say, it already is a classic. In the Philippines, hiphop albums in the 90's and early 2000's are marked and judged by the traditional "posse cuts" -- from Death Threats "Kicking Lyrics" to "Vibestation Sessions" -- after years of doing this -- the scene got tired of it, mostly cause the quality of mcs on a posse cut deteriorated.

"Isang Jeepney" boasts of great mcs -- Loonie Ron Henley, Abra, Apekz, Dash, Konflick, Jonan Aguilar, Klumcee, K-Jah, BLKD, Chi-nigg, D-coy, Mike Swift, Puting Kalabaw, Rhyxodus and Smugglaz -- while this might be an odd mix -- there are stories to be told in between MCs which you will not get from me -- all you gotta know is that for me, Klumcee killed this. Good job Spz, great scratches Buddah!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BET Awards 2013 Highlights


Charlie Wilson killed this with Snoop and Pharell.

Monday, July 1, 2013

JAYZ and RICK RUBIN discuss "Heaven"

3 more days to go! Exciting music for the next few months!


Team Sunday reppin', arguably the busiest DJ in the Philippines today!

KJAH "Sa Gitna Ng Prusisyon" listening party!

 photo KJAH_zps74e18984.jpg

One of the most anticipated indie releases of 2013!