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Again, a Filipino branded headphones? Unheard of. More information soon



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The Last Emperor - Secret Wars (Part I)

It's amazing to know that some of the mcs nowadays never listened to this shit. This is a classic song that has some vivid imagery if you really like your 90's hiphop. The Last Emperor is still one of my favorites - this joint made Dr. Dre sign him into Aftermath, but just like Rakim signing to the A - Dre didn't know how to push this lyrical act to greatness.

Today, and its gonna be a long weekend for everyone - here's a 5 minute classic where TLE pushes the idea to the pen - Marvel characters up against your favorite hiphop MCS. And not just that, TLE switches his voice and cadence to match the characters - check the Common, Das Efx and Busta Rhymes - unheard of. Storm vs Lauryn Hill? Reggie Noble vs Hulk? Method Man vs Wolverine? And to cap it off, Peter Parker vs. Nasir Jones.

And everybody who knows me knows I'm a comic book head, and in the 90's Jim Lee was my hero. So hearing this song just made me love hiphop more. It showed me how intricate hiphop can be and how far hiphop can reach. That hiphop is whatever it is an MC pushes his pen to, no borders. Its a crazy record, trust me.

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Q-york feat Rjay of LDP, Mike Swift, Sam Rhansum, Chelo A.,
MC Dash & Nathan J - YUOY!! (REMIX)

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Love The Game. Jordan. Whats good David Stern?

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Be the 800,000th blog visitor and win...


The 800,000th blog visitor will win J.Cole's Cole World CD.

ILL K Entry 133 "JCole x Lost Ones"

J.Cole - Lost Ones

Shoutouts to @Lockeroomlegend, follow him on Twitter. It's no secret that I've been a fan of J.Cole since day one. My favorite J.Cole track still has got to be "I Get Up" from the Warm Up Mixtape. Last September 29 I stepped into the legendary HMV store in Singapore - and purchased J.Coles debut CD "Cole World: The Sideline Story". In line with supporting this artist, I will giving away 2 original J.Cole cds to my blog readers next month. I will be reviewing the cd - trust me that I've been listening to it for a good month. I only have this cd in my car - ask Chrizo & Jess.

Today, with the release on "Lost Ones" music video I write some thoughts on it. In the same vein as Common and Lauryn Hill's "Retrospect For Life" track released in 1997, J.Cole picks up where Common and Lauryn left of; reminscent of Nas' song "Power" as well where the MC picks on the perspective of another subject. One of the more insightful rap songs of 2011. Lost Ones embodies a great message of perspective. Remember that no one really is prepared to start a family nowadays. As the video states, it was shot in 2008 and carefully made its way out today - which immediately tells you, J.Cole been getting ready for his time under the spotlight even before his deal fell into place. Kudos to him and his team! Dreamville!

Watch Common and Lauryn Hill's Restrospect of Life HERE.

The first verse is a conversation from the mans perspective, a more lost perspective and trying to piece up the puzzle. Men play games, and naturally when we hit a road block its instinctive to see how to out do the next play that'll benefit us. The issue of readiness is pointed out - and the logic a man carries even through sensitive issues are taken as hurtful ones.

The killer verse here that takes the song and the idea to another level is the 2nd verse where J.Cole embodies the perspective of the expecting woman. Cole's delivery remains crisp however adjusting his voice to create the 2nd character. We want strong women in the world, and this 2nd verse reiterates that fact - that only strong men get to hold strong women. And the character flips on the guy, telling him how he said he won't be the type of parent that his father was to him.

It's crazy how the 3rd verse balances it out with both women and men's perspectives - and how devious our thoughts and society is playing this situation. On one hand, we have the guy doing everything he can to nail this chick and the girl succumbs to the his tricks. On the other hand, we have girls who deliberately give it up to get pregnant and nail a good catch. Any girl who denies this is crazy.

Great song all in all, and the beautiful thing about this is we are all judged. That J.Cole placed all angles to the point where you see a piece of yourself in the song. Nothing is ever absolute in this situation and the song gives you exactly what you're thinking of, staring out the window knowing you're expecting your first child and not being ready for it.


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ILL K Entry 132 "Bridget Kelly Every Girl EP"


Bridget Kelly - Stranger To Love

She want that old thing back

Terius "The Dream" Nash feat Big Sean - Ghetto

If you haven't downloaded it by now, Terius Nash's 1977 free album - you're missing out on such a well put together commercial sounding album. This just might be a runaway for R&B album of the year in my books.

PAROKYA x GLOC9 "One Hit Combo"

3rd single from Parokya's new album gets the visual treatment.

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Dropping knowledge on a Biyernes! LIB for Life!


The 2nd routine killed it!

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ILL K Entry 131 "BEAT THIS"

I mean, frisbee VS baskteball never looked this amazing together.


Align Center

Familiar sample Chrizo? Traumatik? Black? Guess it.

FORGIVE ME LOVE (DJ Jazzy Jeff x Ayah)

Boom Bap x Soul gets the visual treatment. For you, Today.

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Check the last two plays, ILL KINGS in the building!

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Premium street lifestyle retailer Urban Athletics (UA), in collaboration with Southern California based Radii footwear and Stratosphere Productions recently amped up the urban scene last Saturday night, by bringing in DJ Skratchmark and MC DASH to launch their limited edition mixtape entitled: Kings on Deck Vol 1 – The Genesis in their flagship store in Greenbelt 3 in Makati.

Tagged as “Pulse Saturdays”, the event brought together music and urban fashion with some of the best local talents known for their flair and street funk. The event also showcased the store’s newest brands such as Radii Footwear, which has aroused attention from music moguls such as Jay Z, Black Eyed Peas and Justin Bieber to name a few, and Wip Caps, an internationally renowned Pinoy streetwear company that creates high quality fitted caps worn by popular Fliptop rappers such as Abra, Batas, and local artists such as LDP and Quest.


Patti Laurel playing some beerpong, PF won that contest! Congratulations!

Wip Caps also brought their local flavor to the event by unveiling the Christian Cabuay x WIP Caps 'Ka' collaboration. The ‘Ka’ release will only be available at Urban Athletics for a limited time.

Present at the event were key influencers of the street and hip-hop scene, such as Abra, one of the elites from the Fliptop Battle League, Josef Amarra of Beatbox Philippines, People’s Future, B-roc, Quest and TV Personality Dino Imperial. MTV VJ and fashion icon Sarah Meier arrived with hubby Banjo Albano was seen as well.


Quest with the people behind the event! Great job guys!

Celebrity hunk Aljur Abrenica, actress and Wave 89.1 DJ Kat Alano, TV personalities Chris Gutierrez and Patty Laurel, ANC reporter and host Ginger Conejero, beauty titlist and MYX VJ finalist Angelia Ong, and fashion bloggers Renan Pacson of Orange Magazine TV and Shekinah Armenta of Sweetheart Suitcase also dropped by to witness this unique, first of its kind event.

Up and coming local R & B artist Gene Roca and hiphop group LDP AKA Lyrically Deranged Poets showcased their talents for the Saturday night crowd. The party was open to the public and had free flowing beer along with after-hours athletic competitions such as a Celebrity Beer Pong tournament and fun Foosball matches.

According to UA head Toby Claudio, the “Pulse Saturdays” was envisioned to bring the best talents in the Philippine street scene and the best brands in street wear for a unique celebration of the lifestyle.


LDP knows what they want, shoes by Radii.

Fusing attitude with style, urbanAthletics features sneakers, apparel, gear and alternative accessories, housing authentic sports and street wear brands like Radii Footwear, Manhattan Portage, Wipcaps alongside staples such as Converse, Vans, Puma, Nike 6.0, Adidas Originals, Volcom, Quicksilver, Billabong and many more.

Urban Athletics is a member of the Quorum Group of Companies. For more info, visit, or be their fan on Facebook and Twitter.


About urban Athletics: On the street, it's not about what you've got, but what you can do with what you have Inspired by the raw originality of the street is a store that brings modern urban lifestyle to the forefront: urbanAthletics. As new fashion forms broke out across the globe, we saw how sportswear evolved into streetwear, and vice versa. This fashion phenomenon led us to bring together elements from skateboarding, parkour, music, street culture and everything in between to allow every urban hipster invest new styles and make a statement on the streets.Through the synergy between authentic sports and street wear brands like Adidas Originals, Converse, Vans, Radii, Zoo York, Nike 6.0, Zuriick, Manhattan Portage and more, forms a cutting edge store that infuses attitude with style.urbanAthletics features sneakers, apparel, gear and alternative accessories.UA is located at the 2nd level of Greenbelt3.

SUNUGAN THE MOVIE coming to a cinema near you

Which city do we hit up first outside of Manila? Olongapo? Lemeknow.

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COMMON interview via HardknockTV

A lot of GOOD Music coming out, you hear that new Jay Electronica song yet?


One of my favorite joints in the cd. Retrospect For Life 2011.

ROCAWEAR '99 - '11

ILL K's new release dropping next week! Available first at WL Ronac & Kamuning!



October 14 @ The Deck, Ronac Art Center

ILL Entry 130 "VERSE ONE"

Verse One - What If (Produced by B-Roc)

I met Verse One online, and was a fan from the start. I truly believed in his lyricism - and let him rock The Community show in 2006. I've always been a lyrics lover more than beats, so I gravitated towards what he was sharing. So it was imperative that I worked with the dude.

Throughout knowing the dude and gaining his confidence, we were able to do a couple of tracks. Verse One is a producer too and you would find him doing his own beats and experimenting on others on his mixtape launched in 2006. My favorite Verse One song has got to be "Water" and "Gold Mining" - look it up.

Verse One appears in one of the songs in the Marquiss x Chrizo album "GRAE" and established himself as a next level lyricist. I saw Peoples Future have a liking to his skills, and they too - made tracks.

Today I am unearthing an unreleased track called "What If" produced by me and was slated to be dropped in the Turbulence Productions, Silverbacks compilation. I asked him to just drop a 52 bar verse addressing his own "What If's" - and this is what we came up with.

I've lost all communication with Verse One since making this track. If anybody knows where he is, please tell him that I'm looking for him.

This ones for the lyricism bred mcs. ILL K new shirt dropping very soon!

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RE:Generation : DJ Premier studies music theory

This sounds hella exciting yeah Chrizo? ILL LABS!

BAGGY PANTS, a piece by Dominic Nuesa

Dominic Nuesa - Baggy Pants (Spoken word piece circa 2004)

Arkane as he was known before, Dominic Nuesa performed this piece in front of a sell out crowd at Greenbelt On Stage. The event was "STYLOKAL", a celebration of local style in both music and fashion. Turbulence Productions artists performed with Bob Aves, and Grace Nono - who also showcased her vision in Pinoy fashion.

This piece is was also featured in our first ever release "FIRST HEARD", and created our foundation as one of the advocates of spoken word.

Now, Dominic performs over at WordPlay and remains a resident of spoken word gigs whether as a performer or supporter. A well decorated director, he was worked on several music videos - with LDP's Here To Own It as the latest one. He also doing some under water videography and is currently, conceptualizing and preparing to shooting one of Rjay Ty's songs.

Shoutouts to my Urban Pinoy heads!

GOD'S WILL "SUGATAN" (Produced by B-Roc)

Gods Will - Sugatan (Produced by B-Roc)

This was a record we did back in 2006 for the Three Kings Mixtape. This was voted as the first track you'd hear. The drums sets the mood for how the song will be. Three Kings album was Watch The Throne of its time. Royal epics beats, cinematic and heralding kingdoms - this was the soundscape prepared as back bone to the project. Today, we are unleashing it via the very popular YouTube system for your listening, posting and sharing pleasure!

This song, is basically the story of Gods Will's journey into the music business. I sampled from 3 different songs in this track including Kanye's "Jesus Walks".

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ERIC LAU in MANILA this coming OCT 15


Producer extraordinaire visits Manila next week!

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Wait for my J Cole album review. Got the CD the day it came out.

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Rick Ross - I Love My Bitches (Produced by Just Blaze)

Everybody who knows me knows I'm a big Just Blaze fan. He isn't heavy into production these days - but I'm glad to see this come out despite it being a Rick Ross track. The bass line on this track is amazing. I would love to see Just roc beats for J Cole and/or Drake. That could be something special for this generations hiphop.


What up Beats By Dre Phils? When are we doing this?

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LDP, Loonie, Team Wipcpas, Team Strato will all come through. See you saturday kids!


A.N.E - Who Knows v2.0 (Official Music Video) from sando kid on Vimeo.

Sneaker season 2011 has been crazy, purchased another pair of Puma Clydes x Undefeated over the weekend! I still have my eyes on those Reebok Kamekazes and the AJ3 Black Cement. On that note, my good friend A.N.E aka Sando Kid releases his video to the Philippine Sneaker Jam "WHO KNOWS" - produced by DJ Arbi Won. Shot completely in the streets of HK - now delivered straight to you for your audio and visual pleasure.

A.N.E. has been recording tracks and recently performed for Sole Slam a couple of weeks back. Looking forward to more songs from this dude, and if you wanna try his basketball game too - come to Team Sunday.

I hate it when people collect basketball shoes and can't play ball. I'm just saying.



Whats going on tonight? Read along. WORDPLAY.

Spoken word is a worldwide epidemic. Wordplay is a platform paying homage to those who want to speak their mind in the Philippines. There's no competition, it's highly embraced and participating comes easy. Take a dive into the elements of writing & speech. Where performers are covered in words and audiences are geared into stories. This is from seasoned veterans to new/upcoming amateurs. We start with these raw words. Then comes. Exploration. Experimentation, and Refining. After, artist have crystalized their art. The public is ready to enjoy the performance. So grab your pen and pad. Let the stage be your canvas. (You don't pay anything but attention) Speak or keep your pieces to yourself.

FFF from WordplayPh on Vimeo.

Open mic, spoken word and other oratories 8PM tonight.

Brought to you by: UNSCHLD, We Legendary, Secret Service, Terminal, Progress, Titan and #Shabby’s.

Speak or keep your pieces to yourself.




Catch Audible, LDP, Anygma, Peoples Future, Eman Garcia & more.



Phonte - The Good Fight (Produced by 9th Wonder)

The months have been giving us good music. I think The Games album is better than Watch The Throne, picked up JCole's album from Singapore -- classic. Been bumping it for days now. Check out God's Gift from that album -- Drake's album is dropping in a few weeks. That 1977 album by Terius "The Dream" Nash is on point and might be the most slept on album of the year - plus its free. That new Lil Wayne album is alright - and of course this 9th Wonder album is pretty banging.

The King of Keeping It Proper is Phonte, great great song with insight here. The Good Fight is an amazing joint. Cold production by 9th Wonder, excellent blend of simplistic sampling and real talk rhymes. Talking about getting fired on an amazing day -- and how people talking on the side into your ear about not selling out, really don't buy your shit.

Look in the mirror and I want you to look yourself in the eyes;
and say fuck you!

Loonie is looking for a female back up vocalist


Call JC Hassellhoff, Relations Officer ng Stick Figgas at 09178562037


On the grind, word to Peoples Future.

Wow, its been almost a month since we premiered our movie. Yes a movie, Sunugan Battle of the Twin Towers - it was a great launch! Everybody important came through - we are delighted to have shared with you a vision, a dream come true. Happy birthday Francis Magalona. Thank you for giving us the music that fuels our integrity. This is the video blog from Mike Swift and Team Konektado - I dunno how he managed to squeeze this in his schedule. Its been a pretty busy month, year for all of us already - and we aren't talking just about an album here.

Here's Mike addressing some issues some people will feed off from.

Keep pumping great music, great events, great visions and we always expect great challenges no matter how immature they are. We will move over and above these hurdles.

Shoutouts to Turbulence, TTB Worldwide, Konektado Family, Team Sunday, Barangay Tibay, WIPCAPS, Urban Athletics, Bayanihan Krew, Deep Foundation, Bambu, Mastaplann, WL Specks, Secret Service, UNSCHLD, LDP, Flip Music, Team Strato, Tuesday Troops, DJ Jena, Nathan J, Jolo, MMG, Red Alert, Vito Crew, Fliptop, AMPON, Sari Sari Sounds, Schizophrenia, Flee Entertainment, Blue Scholars, Jae Spillz, Jonan and his team, Alex Crisano, Target & Zaito, Skwaterhawz, Gloc 9, Dongalo Wreckordz, Shots Fired, Dash, DRP, Felix Bakat, Third World, 187 Mobstaz and the guys doing they thing all over the world.

Real recognize real.


Did you know Quest wrote this song for her album, Your Love out now!

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Abra is a beast with a mission, wait til his album drops! LDPeace!



Rjay Ty of LDP feat June Marieezy - Catch You (Produced by Bojam)

Feeling recharged, Manila. Let's have a great week. Perfect song to push everyone into they hustle. Lets do it! ILL Labs in full effect, bout to close these deals. Keep it up! Loonie shooting a video soon, possibly work on a collaboration project with WIPCAPS, definitely something to look forward to. Duende recording ensues, Sunugan Movie tour taking giants steps. I see alot of blogging happening, alot of tweets.

Copped that JCole album while I was out of the country and that shit bangs. We are blessed with so much music, time to address our lives.

And Flip Music keeps on. Dope shit Rjay, perfect lane for you mang - lets put that Distance song away. Game on!

ILL KINGS new design dropping soon.