Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lowkeys lets us listen to The Drive By Show by Andrew E.

This was aired on an AM frequency and was the first on radio battle in Pinas.

New Gourmet drops this month at SneakPeek!

 photo GOURMET35LXLITE_zpsd74ad9e0.jpg

 photo GOURMETCINGQUE_zps36a50d59.jpg

Get yours now, available at Sneakpeek 6th Level Shang rila Mall! Follow Sneakpeek on Instagram!

DC Shoe x Wu Tang collaboration!!

 photo DCWUTANG_zpsb028945e.jpg

 photo DCWUTANG1_zpsabd08b7d.jpg

 20 of these are dropping in the Philippines this month of November.

Qyork gets interviewed by

Great job guys! Team Sunday reppin'!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#BIBIGURL Mixtape for free download!

 photo BIBIGURLMIXTAPE_zps60f1f464.jpg

Download Jom Gonzales' #Bibigurl Mixtape here.

Hip-Hoppin' In Asia in the Philippines!

Big S/O to Nathan J, thanks for the love! The Community 2014 ???

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jesus Shuttlesworth gear finally sold - only in Pinas!!!

 photo JesusShuttlesworth4_zpsfa9ec224.jpg

 photo JesusShuttlesworth1_zps3b3fd017.jpg

 photo JesusShuttlesworth2_zpse3bd6396.jpg

I want the jersey, hmmmm -- Ray Allen and the Heat going for 3 starting today!

Up Dharma Down - Luna (Official Music Video)

Fascinated always by the loyalty of the moon in our lives. Adjust your tides.

Lebron James x Nike "Training Day"

The song is pretty bad ass, "My Shoes" by John Legend.

Continue to vote for Qyork's "Ratcha"

 photo RATCHA_zps5a578a26.jpg

Dont forget to catch them December 6 at Alphonse Bar for the Jack Daniels event!

Monday, October 28, 2013

DJ Krush in MLA

 photo DJKRUSH_zps4e36d013.jpg

I hope they got a bigger venue, Black Market might be too small.

BTS "Illegitimate Kings" Aero x Mista Blaze

 photo YABISH_zps5e007f99.jpg

Behind the scenes currently as Aero and Mista Blaze shoot the music video for ILL K.

Pepsi Max - Uncle Drew part 3

Kyrie Irving deserves his own shoe under Nike, already. Cavs will make the playoffs.

Red Bull Philippines X Brian Grubb

My only complain, is I hope they had a Pinoy Wakeboarder do it with them.

BAMBU in MLA with your favorite local hiphop acts!

 photo BAMBUINMLA_zps045a8f72.jpg

See you guys there!

Greyhoundz feat. Loonie - Ang Bagong Ako (Official Music Video)

Directed by Enzo Marcos.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NBA2K 2013 Tournament on OCT 26!

 photo NBA2K14TOURNEY_zpsca1c725a.jpg

Music, video games and boooze.

Manila Regardless Episode 3

13 Lucky Monkeys, worldwide craftsmanship.SneakPeek reppin' soon!

WIPCAPS, no to fakes by LDP

Say no to piracy! Buy only original WIPCAPS!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 photo DAFTPUNKKIDNINJA_zps3ae6e6f9.jpg

Get Lucky, be one of the few who has this limited edition tee. Order here.

JAZZY JEFF x SKILLZ visit MLA again!

 photo JAZZYJEFF_zps35486e4f.jpg

Summertime in MLA comes early, DEC 4. Mark your calendars!

Abaddon feat. Pino G "Blind Father Not Son"

Great song by these two, new music -- learn a lesson this week. Wake up!

Chris Webber disses Jalen Rose.

Fab Five stay family. Give the people what they want!

Catch Quest perform in SOUL SURF 2013!

 photo SOULSURF_zps1012220f.jpg

Happening this weekend! Praying for good weather for all of you going!

WIPSK8! Pop Up Game of Skate!



 photo AJMILENDEZ_zps419202e4.jpg

We grown men, handling grown men business. Contribute to the community.

My faith in pinoy variety show has been restored!

This is hard work, I dare y'all to do this on a rap song.

Congratulations to WeLegendary!!!

Breaking records in the Manila sneaker scene, all day!

BATTLE OF THE BEATS Week 3 highlights!

Big S/O to the team behind doing a great job on these weekly features!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Shop will be opening in Cubao X, this coming November 6, 2013. Congratulations!

Donnie Yen vs. Bruce Lee (3D Shot Film)

A Warriors Dream. Not bad, not bad at all. Now can we see Lebron play MJ?

Sexy Heels Fitness by Sheena Vera Cruz

 photo SHEENAVERACRUZ_zps16ad2503.jpg

Well well well. To my ladies, get with the program.

SPEND THE NIGHT (REMIX) featuring CB Automatic

"Peter Parker say, I love you Mary Jane - gonna catch you when you fall any time of day."

Anygma getting robbbbeeeeddd!!!

J-Pro has boring lines. Anygma had a ill first verse. Alignment!!

Sarah G "Ikot Ikot" Official Music Video

Sarah G could throw down and dance! Good visuals, but once broken di na pwedeng umikot.

New Aero! "Mic Fight (Hand Grenade Music)

 photo AERO_zpsf6cf6309.jpg

Featuring Harry and Mario of 7SOW and Mighty Joe Young!

Friday, October 18, 2013

NIKE SB releases at WeLegendary!

 photo WLYEEZ_zpsce2d6936.jpg

You already know! Spending your sweldo in your mommas favorite skateshop!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


 photo GRAVEYARDPROJECT_zps687fadbb.jpg

Spare what you can for our brothers and sisters in Bohol and Cebu.

Cant Hold Us cover by UMC

Sounds pretty dope! Subscribe to their videos, pretty heavy stuff!

Get the new Gloc 9 album soon!

 photo GLOC9OCT26_zpsc4c088ff.jpg

Gloc 9's album launch is on OCT 26, be there!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Uela Basco - Spend Some Time (Produced by Vintage Boy)

 photo UELABASCO_zps0ef5068c.jpg

Demo song from the upcoming Uela Basco solo album.

KJah "Lihim Ng Amo" Official Music Video

Finally! KJah's song gets the visual treatment! Gritty!

Prince "Breakfast Can Wait"

Been awhile since Prince dropped some new music let alone a music video! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

PASTA GROOVE new album out now!!

 photo PASTAGROOVEKOMETA_zpse5d2cca0.jpg

Download Pasta Grooves album "Kometa" here.

Vote RATCHA on WAVE 89.1!

 photo QYORKRATCHA_zpsdbf4d3dc.jpg

Support OPM! Vote for Ratcha! Video coming out soon!

CB Automatic "Top Girl" feat. Moral (Produced by Jim P)

CB Automatic releases "Top Girl" exclusively through TwitMusic - get it here.

BATTLE OF THE BEATS Week 2 highlights

 Congratulations to Penitent!

OCTOBERFRESH by Turf Entertainment

 photo TURF_zps579d0537.jpg

Come through this OCT 26!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Amber Davis on her new single

Can't wait to hear the whole song, and I just bumped into Marcus and Amber earlier today!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ALAGWA (Official Cinema Trailer) showing today!

Must watch film of the year, stop human trafficking.


 photo STICKFIGGASBCD_zps8a28b768.jpg

Come through Bacolod! Masskara Festival!

Philippine's R&B landscape is shaping up.

Just Hush - One Night (Produced by Pino G)

I'm happy to tell you that, we now have a very colorful R&B scene. It goes hand in hand with the progress that hiphop has managed to make the past two years that is carries its other sibling - rhythm & blues. We're past solo successes by Jay-R and Kyla -- we now have a very progressive take on R&B. Whether it be positive, love, sultry and/or sex driven songs -- we're finally building stars. My top local R&B/hiphop artists as of today would be these, in no specific order.

1. Quest
2. Pino G
3. Jay-R/Kris Lawrence
4. Just Hush
5. Thyro & Yumi
6. Gene Roca
7. JRuss Chase
8. Young JV
9. CB Automatic
10. Muriel
11. Young JV

Monday, October 7, 2013

Recap on Week 1 of Battle of the Beats 2013.

I should be lurking around this week. Cheers!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

OCT 11 - Dr Martens does hiphop!

 photo DRMARTENS_zps4c19d0aa.jpg

Big shout outs to Konektado, Locked Down and Barangay Tibay!

EARTHSIDE 3rd leg! OCT 12 @ Saguijo!

 photo EARTHMOVER_zps5690a0d9.jpg

Featuring LDP, VIE and Cosmic Love!


 photo REGGAEFEST_zpsb58d67cc.jpg

This should be fun and interesting! Indio-I!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

JB MUSIC SALE!! Get into music now!!

 photo JBMUSICSALE_zps85625172.jpg

Tell your moms, put that drug money to good use kids.

WIPCAPS celebrates the NBA in Manila!

 photo WIPCAPNBA_zps4e45e4bb.jpeg


Download Bugoy Na Koykoy's "KILLA" mixtape now!!

 photo CoverFrontLarge_zps46951d34.jpg

 photo CoverBackLarge_zps4be2c463.jpg

Download his new mixtape now! CLICK HERE.

Bugoy Na Koykoy - Lamon (Official Music Video)

"Sobrang swabe nang nakuha, di ako umuubo."

TEAM SUNDAY plays with people in medium security!

Music, basketball and humanitarian ambassadors, Team Sunday!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

FMCC 7th year anniversary.

 photo FRANCISMEVENT_zps0c6fda54.jpg

"Making songs, one shirt at a time."

UAAP Finals: UST takes GAME 1

 photo UST_zpse70d2041.jpg

Teng brothers will end up in a scuffle in Game 2.

Gilas Pilipinas in New Zealand Highlights

Nice to see Junmar with better foot work!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DASH feat. PINO G - WALANG LIMITASYON (Official Music Video)

Dope work by the Dirty Phunk Collective! Directed by J Hush.