Monday, February 29, 2016

Flavamatikz of Q-York, DJ Marr, Gods Will, Chase - Do It

Waiting for that new Flavamatikz album, looking to be a part of it too!

Indio - 366TH (Produced by JDG)

 photo Indio_zpsfijj3dqu.jpg

Great to see Indio release a new song! Been a minute!

Chris Rock nailed this one!

Honestly, the best way this race issue was handled. Happy to have seen this in my lifetime!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

FlipTop - Smugglaz vs Apoc

Classic battle here kids, get your notebooks and learn a few things.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Gloc-9 - Kalye feat. Yosha (Official Lyric Video)

New Gloc 9 song, EDSA inspired? Is this song or the idea of EDSA still relevant?

Mark Fiasco - Marley

This joint is Bomb First bound.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Quest - Walang Hangang

"Wag ka munang tumalikod, bumalik ka muna rito, padampi kahit anino, ayaw kong magisa dito."

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spoken word at Sanctum

 photo Sanctum_zpskxfhxdsu.jpg

I remember going to Sanctum, a decade ago and they held this as well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Wild Dogs TV - Surprise

2 Joints in full effect!


 photo Musikasiyahan_zps0dti6omv.jpg

Gotta be one the wildest posse tracks of this year!

Quest's "Higher" #2 on WAVE 89.1

 photo Quest Higher Feb 22_zpse8xrueem.jpg

We gunnin' for the #1 spot!

Fliptop - Gubat 4

 photo Gubat 4_zpsl97rxgzl.jpg

Loonie about to battle for the first time in Ubec. Hometown kid!!

Fliptop - BLKD vs Tipsy D

Classic battle right here, must watch!

MVRXX x JOLO - SLAYERS (Official Music Video)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fliptop Battles "Aklas vs Abra"

Classic battle, glad to see the fans have fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

TTL this February!

 photo TTL_zpsiusplgqj.jpg

Dope line up! Illustrado was the album titled of supposed Nimbus9 album, a decade ago.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Team Civil War x Skusta Clee comes to Cavite!

 photo Sunugan Kalye_zpsdjjlnet6.jpg

 photo Civil War_zpsvwrx8wgc.png

Catch the homies rock in Naic, Cavite! Yall get your tickets now!

Download this free album from RAPSTAR MG!

 photo Lets Talk About Love_zpsovvgrsx7.jpg

Download the entire album here. Love is in the air!

Aero x Chrizo will be performing at Malasimbo!

 photo Malasimbo_zpszbywfqgz.jpg

Catch the Drinking Mans Hiphop x WBS duo this March 24! Uggghh!!

SinCity feat. Sheree - Fly (Official Music Video)

Produced by Klumcee, dope visuals to the song! Sheree still got it.

Bomb First Entry 10: Curtismith - Falling Apart EP

 photo Curtismith Falling Forward_zpsdqwylxtt.jpg

Dope shit from Bomb First alumni, Curtismith. Yall can download his EP here.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Alex Omiunu feat. Thryo & Rjay Ty - Femme Fetale

 photo Alex Omiunu - Feme Fetale_zpsns5t4byj.jpg

"Some time we'll crash and burn, but for now I'm barely breathing."

Alex Omiunu - Hollow Eyes (Produced by Similar Objects)

 photo Alex Omiunu - Hollow Eyes_zpsekndfe6c.jpg

Dope dope dope track from Alex of LDP. Great job on the song! Artifice!

ROW4 - 56 Bars

 photo Row 4 - 56 Bars_zpsgk3mu6o1.jpg

ROW 4 did it again! See them live via Baryo Berde events!

Baryo Berde gig this coming Feb 27th!

 photo Baryo Berde_zps6w98zvvd.jpg

Scroll up for music to bump! See you guys there!

Bomb First Entry 9: SKarm & Anitek - Can't Turn Back feat. Curtismith

 photo Skarm - Cant Turn Back_zpstemcto5v.jpg

Artwork by Robert Valley, animator of Gorillaz. Click away!

Fliptop Battle: Loonie vs Shehyee

Dedicated to the fans, enjoy this epic battle.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Q-York, Jay R, Roxee B - Surfin' the Wave

Visual treatment for one of the hottest radio station IDs ever.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Corona Sunsets happening this FEB 17!

 photo Corona Sunsets 1_zpsvqotbiau.jpg

 photo Corona Sunsets_zpsrhxvkvc1.png

Check the line up! Summer is officially here!


 photo WL Homegrown_zps4gcsaiof.jpg

 photo WL Homegrown 1_zpsycholn6w.jpg

 photo WL Homegrown 2_zpsjmtx7dhu.jpg

Spend that Valentines money wisely!

Skusta Clee's birthday concert!

 photo Skusta Clee_zps3tmllpp5.jpg

Put your money where your mouth is! Buy a ticket and see what all the fuzz is about!

Two time Isabuhay champion, Batas!!!

Congratulations mang! Stay slaying and making heads roll.

Bomb First Entry 8: Quest - Pursigido (Free Download)

 photo Quest - Pursigido Cover_zpsfzp5fy4y.jpg

Here's a new Quest song for you guys! Stay inspired Philippines, happy valentines!

Bomb First Entry 7 "Imbentor (Live)"

 photo Pino G_zps6fkf6jup.jpg

Check this Toney Chrome x Pino G live performance track! Pababa na!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Quest and Clara Benin on Saved Radio

 photo Quest Saved Feb 14_zpsozarl1hn.jpg

No Greater Love is being embraced by another radio station.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

sKarm & Anitek video teaser!

One of the most anticipated releases of 2016!

Bomb First Entry 6 "Remember The Titans (Live)"

 photo Shadow Moses_zps5wmj4ctt.jpg

The homies from QC letting you know! Visit The Appraisery in Cubao X.

Bomb First Entry 5 "Mowgli Jesus"

 photo Ankthen Brown Mowgli Jesus_zpssxaebt2a.jpg

Ankhten Brown and Eyedress teaming up for this Manila heat!

TRANSIT happening tonight!

 photo TRANSIT_zpsyoodsqtb.jpg

Catch your favorite local bombers!

Vote for The Philippine Dream on WAVE now!

 photo Qyork The Philippine Dream_zpswh7td8x9.jpg

 photo The Bloq Party_zpskhmdy7cw.jpg

Vote for the new Q-York song with Dianna D! And tune in to the Bloq Party every sunday!

Rest in peace kind sir.

 photo Roy Seneres_zpsho3izh1j.jpg

Paying my respects, condolence and prayers to the family.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mister Rey "Ugonlearn//Cruzn"

Mistery Rey cruisin around the city on Lolita, the 1963 Supernova. Sweet car.

Bomb First Entry 4 "Karencitta"

 photo Karencitta_zps7exe0511.jpg

Jim P got something good here. More music please.

Underwater - Misadventurism Vol. 1

 photo Underwater_zpsvyzyteyl.jpg

Download the beat tape here. Rumor is this kid is related to Dongalo's Oblax.

Training Season x Life of a Champion Tour!

 photo Quest Training Season_zpsgxow9rn8.jpg

Catch us around your area soon!

Buhay Basket x Mike Swift "Picnic Games 5"

Our friend Enzo and Buhay Basketball interview Legendary MC, Mike Sweezy!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Quests single in on different radio stations now!

 photo Quest Mellow Rock Feb 5_zpsu2fgyuix.jpg

 photo Quest Save Radoi_zpsawreupz9.jpg

Picnic Games, lets do this again!

Quest's No Greater Love Still #1

 photo Quest Magic Pop30_zpsir6kpymf.png

2nd week on #1 on Magic's Pop 30! Thank you for all who voted!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Marcus Prolifik rocking Bomb First!

Mr. Top Tier -- gives us his own video recap of the event! Come to the next one!

FAM celebrates 1 year!!

 photo FAM_zpsorpmcb99.jpg

Happy to see a community builder and community heavy investment celebrate!

Wish You Were Here, a February event up North.

 photo Wish You Were Here_zpsyvfw0oxn.jpg

Waaaaay up north, to all my peeps around the area, come thru!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bomb First Entry 3 - LS - Burn

 photo LS - BURN_zpsyj7oypks.jpg

First heard today! LS rhymes like the baddest bitch with Filipino blood.

Quest tonight at Victory, Pioneer!

 photo Quest Feb 5 Victory_zps2j428tjv.jpg

Door opens at 5pm, come thru! Cop an album too!

Picnic Games Video Recap!

If you haven't been to the Picnic Games, you ain't balling for anything.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Usher feat. Nas & Bibi Bourelly - Chains

Ushers new album gon be dark. No role models.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fliptop gives you KATAGA!

 photo Fliptop Kataga_zpsypdpuksb.jpg

All the way live in Rosario, Cavite!!

Zewt PF will be part of this art showcase!

 photo Music amp Arts Day Feb 13_zpsjqwdk308.jpg

Keep supporting local artists across all mediums!

Third Flo' - Laging Good Vibes (Official Music Video)

Bomb First pioneer drops his new music video, a song he performed over the weekend!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Rjay Ty of LDP "Live & Direct" (Live)

 photo Profile Photo_zpsyo5hvahp.jpg

Rjay still sharpening his craft! #BombFirstPH

And still #1

 photo Quest Feb 1_zpsvzplyh6b.png

Look at the other songs on that list!! Stay winning #BlessUp

Hiphop event in the south this Feb 10!

 photo Luv Trap Hiphop_zpsysdmgqsa.jpg

BIG S/O to Jong of Team Sunday for helping put this together!