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2009 SOULFIESTA HIPHOP AWARDS -- aww cmon, lets just have some fun



Well, here we are, a year without Empire Entertainments Hiphop Awards, no Monster 93Flava Awards -- but at least WAVE handled the Urban Awards. This year we all have fitting winners, and we can only hope they all get noticed. As far as me and the circle of people I managed to bump into this year, I would love to recognize how they moved my year. C'mon now, lets not loose the element of fun and anybody bitter about this, well its just me. Make your own blog and let it flourish and have your own awards blog. But until then, I put my foot down and carry on tradition of rewarding a fruitful year with my colleagues. Shoutouts to SoulSonicTV! Slow year right? I know you kids are busy over there with projects with Arbi and just life! But yeah, to get you in the mood for the next year -- I am debuting this Nimbusnine x Champ entitled "Lights On" from Champs coming mixtape to be released next year, word to your momma.

Champ feat. Nimbusnine - Lights On (Produced by True Scribe)


Song of the year: Mainit by Qyork & The Philippine Allstars
Producer of the year: Flavamatikz & The Beat Shop
Album of the year: LDP "The Project" & Peoples Future "Headlines"
Video of the year: Mainit by Qyork & The Philippine Allstars
Blog of the year: FILAMFUNK & FLIPPISH TV
Rookie of the year: Young JV
Remix of the year: '97 Style (Remix) by DJ Arbi Won & That Girl (Flavamatikz)
Lyricist of the year: ILL-J
Show of the year: DUBPLATE series
Hiphop HUSTLERS of the year: Mike Swift & 187 MOBSTAZ
Power Move of the year: Mike Swift for Konektado DVD & G-Unit Asia
Campaign of the year: Beyond, Beyond & TO THE BILLBOARD
Brand of the year: PLAYGROUND
Pro Ball Player of the year: JV Casio
Club Promoter of the year: Stratosphere Promotions TEAM STRATO
Live Performer/Performance of the year: Jonan Aguilar with the Anak band
King of the Cypher Award: Datu
Tshirt design of the year: TURF's Passport shirt & I Love Hustlin's BOSS BALITA
DJ of the year: Flavamatikz
Radio Show of the year: Morning Wood U92
House Party of the year: Rjay's Belated Birthday Bash
Joke of the year: Chrizo "EEL-JAY"
The Community Award: Tollo Bote mobilizing help for Ondoy victims
NIGGA PLEASE AWARD: Krazykyle dodging ME backstage at the APL Charity Concert
Tsismis of the year: Some girl who beat up a tranny at Tabu

If you think you should be up in here let us know. And yeah, tickle your funny bone a little -- don't be a female. And yo whoever said there could only be one winner? , unless you have a ballot to decide it. In this case, I'd love for you guys to add more winners, especially on the Nigga Please Award; and appreciate your colleagues hard work for this fucking year of recession!

Next years gonna be really intersting with the resurgence of Mike Swift back home, surprise iggins! With GRAE trying its best to come up with a FEB release, with QYORKS album done already, more and more clubs packed with some OPM Hiphop personalities, radio evolving to hiphop bred DJ's, my second year away from home, Liza Nakpil leading Dcoy's campaign for next year, Loonie's album coming out, election season means alot of money for some hiphop personalities and LDP concert in Music Museum -- shits gon be real interesting so yeah take a good look at the fireworks tonight, cause I think thats exactly what hiphop'll be causing throughout the year. No matter which side you think you're on.

Salamat sa inyo.


Last year this time I was in San Diego -- playing bowling, heading out to Mount Soledad and end up eating some gigantic burrito with my cousin and brothers. Also a couple of days ago my youngest brother officially has a girlfriend, hehehe. Yes to all my boys, when you see Rhys its high time you tease him out of his mind! Time flies bitches and I hope that you got your year optimistically planned already. Today, I am listing down the top 20 moments on my blogging this year. I have been paralyzed with beat making - so I took to blogging and 54,000 hits is a testament to your participation and support. Plus, I'm dope. And I made it dope for people to check out Pinoy hiphop in a different light online this year. This listing is a recap of what you've seen or maybe not seen throughout the blog that would entail you to revisit em. Reactions are accepted.


Beyond Beyond written & directed by Dominic Nuesa

1. Beyond Beyond Campaign
2. Signing Aero as Turbulence's new artist and SickSongsOnly EP
4. Mike Swift x JHon x 50 CENT
5. DEATH OF A KING (Francis Magalona article)
6. People reacting to "MARCH 6" from BACK TO THE NEW SCHOOL
8. 808's and Heartbreaks feature
10. Making the "SEASONS" beat
11. AMP BLVD/AQUARIUSS album and LOTR3 launching
12. SPACE JAM Remix
13. Loonie Mondays
15. September 7 Entry
16. DON G "WHO's FIRING SHOTS" feature
18. B-Roc's semi retirement
20. B-Roc meets Cleopatra Jones

I also wanna pay my respect to 2009's losses: Chuck Daly, Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Baatin, DJ Roc Raida, DJ AM, Mark Reyes, Spoon and Francis Magalona.


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To The Billboard rep Dama Nilz spitting for Talib Kweli

Sunday, December 27, 2009




Michael Jackson - This Is It (Directed by Spike Lee)


MC Mighty & Laidback - Money

Hello Everyone,

Hope all you guys doing well, we would like to close our music year with our new song called "Money", we wrote about that topic for the only good reason is that we wish everyone to make mo money for that comin 2010, of course family and health comes first but money is also a ticket to buy your liberty in those recession hard times, so we wish you all the best, tighten your hustle and businesses for 2010 and may that new year be the best for yous in every domains, heart, health and family !!!

Laidback didn't make the beat this time we took the beat from "Every Girl" of Young Money produced by Tha Bizness cause we love that riddim and found it interesting not to do a remix but switch the topic and do our own track.

One Luv!




Mike Swift - 72 Bars (Produced by Mr. Rey)



Mike Swift - Itutok Mo (Produced by Mr. Rey)

NOVEMBER 22, 2009 Sunday, approximately 5:30am. PST—I received a voicemail from Mike Swift saying “tol, I’m at the JFK airport and I missed my flight, but I’ll see ya’ll soon!” Hours later, Mike arrived at the SFO airport and is back “Dito Sa Bay”. Knowing Mike as a person of many magic, surprises, and ingenious ideas, I knew once again that it was going to be an adventurous journey. Upon arriving Mike and I celebrated by eating “quesadilla’s” at El Farolito. Mike told me that he hasn’t slept in 3 to 4 nights, so after a short conversation we called it a night. After a much needed rest, Mike had asked me to flip thru some beats. Then conceptualized and recorded a song entitled “Itutok mo.” The song is self-explanatory if you know Mike’s passion for movies, music and life, then you’ll understand. With our plan to pump as much joints as we can while he’s out here in the bay. We gave birth to “72Bars” a track that hits you with facts, metaphors and crazy multi-syllable style of rhymes. Enjoy these ones!

When we’re not making songs, Mike would go with me to a 3 days a week after school program/workshop that I facilitate along with my boy Josh Landicho aka BWAN, at the Bayanihan Community Center on the corner of 6th St and Mission. The program/workshop is focused on recent youth immigrants from the Philippines, giving them a space to create, express, and raise awareness about their community through the arts and performance.

For further info about the program visit

On the morning of thanksgiving, we attended the sunrise ceremony at the Alcatraz—a 40 year old tradition carried by the Native Americans to remember the native genocide and survival (be on the look-out for amazing footage of this event). The last few days of Mike’s stay we recorded more banging tracks. One is a posse cut joint, along with two of the Bayanihan Krew members, BWAN, Flossafee and myself. After two weeks and some odd days of Mike’s stay here in the bay, he returned to Brooklyn already to take and make big moves towards the G-Unit Asia route, yeahhdigg?!?!

At sa muling pagbalik, patuloy ang mga hakbang mula sa una, Higante-Status pai!


Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyong lahat!!

2010 handa ka na ba?

TTB allday!!!


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To my Soulfiesta readers and beyond,

Restless we had become, dream's evolving with urgency to live. With infinite ways you can describe the revolution of what we have done. The sky can only be our cage, because outside that is unwanted freedom if you need it. So this is dedicated to the high flyers who want to tamper with escaping out towards my area pass these shallow clouds up in planet Brooklyn. Deep beneath the milky way I will drown you. Understand my motherfucking gangster!!!!

This year, the year 2009, this is a bitter sweet year for me. Sweet because of all the seeds that sprouted are starting to be more evident, but rather more bitter because of how many people who are close to my heart had passed away without seeing how much I really care for them. My best friend Pocho's mom, Maria, who also was a mom to me passing away two weeks before I made it back to Brooklyn. I lived with them for almost a year during the time when I first left the Philippines back to Brooklyn. I spent many dinners with them stemming from junior high school childhood days. She was even kind enough to accept me even though I was selling marijuana from the room she made for me out of her good heart. I had to swallow my pride and walk with this guilt because during the time, that's what I thought were my best choice, my only choice. I use to promise her "Ma once I get these millions from this music game watch what I'm going to get you for christmas", of course she would just ride along while feeding me a plate of spanish food and occasionally say "yeah, yeah, shut up and eat your food before it gets cold". She use to put away all the mail sent for me in Brighton 10th path in Brooklyn while I was grinding in the PI. She's important to me. My young friend Marcus who I still have something that he let me hold months before he was stabbed to death in Brighton beach Brooklyn. Officer Omar Edwards, Uncle Rollie.

I would need a whole lifetime of pages if I have to write why I love Francis and why my bond with him was strong. How many times a week I would see him, we'd play basketball, eat Chowking, go to Greenhills for games, my random visits to him at Eat Bulaga. I could still hear him laughing clearly at jokes I would throw towards people he didn't like much. So yes the country lost a national hero, but I lost a friend who I treated and looked up to as a brother, a mentor, a measurement of how a great man should carry himself. I wanted him to hear a song titled "Inukit sa bato" that is in the "Legendary" album, which I no longer plan on releasing, and will never see the light of day. I needed him to be around. I wanted to reach my goal and show him how much gratitude I have for being instrumental in achieving them, which I will still scream at the heavens for him to hear the day that it comes.

I feel it's near. B-Roc knows its near. I feel like I never throw Bong enough credit for everything he has done for me as an artist, and as a friend. It took many conversations in between making music for B-Roc to understand me, he gave me a shot at honing my skills, and space to be creative in there. In these sessions is where we exchanged stories that helped mold the beginning concepts of "To The Billboard", and why it would be one of our ways to stand out and make history in the world of hiphop . Taking it back from the day I recorded that song (To The Billboard) on a wednesday, I remembered how fucked up I was from being drunk with the TUESDAY TROOPS the night before. I wrote the english version first, and we just steam rolled and commited with the genius concept. all the way to making a song titled Get Jay-z and Dre for me, which lead to the DVD documentary "GET JAY Z Before Christmas". Then this madness brought us to Spike Lee's office, and earned me enough money to put a down payment for our first movie that had us in our journey back in the Philippines baiting for investors.

50 Cent along with Jayz, Spike Lee, and Russell Simmons were always been the first four people I had targeted cause I feel they are the most open minded who I feel will understand that I will rep Brooklyn New York proud by making an energy from thin air into a good business, and wont be afraid to gamble on a concept that has grown to be a monstrous movement built to inspire.

Can you imagine all of the other so called hiphop purists thoughts on Bong screaming G UNIT? LOL!! My paranoia can hear them laughing so loud at us, assuming as if we were just a bunch of jokes. As if there is no chance at all at making it happen. But there he was helping me make quick artwork, or doing camera work for our Business Plan, understanding our plans that had transformed to a more long term. Similar to what HEEZ said in SOLD US A DREAM "It dont matter the plan don't stop, It just means we have more time to demand more Gwap AAAAAAACKH!".

B-Roc beleived in the magic of To The Billboard, thats what it has been for me a journey full of magical stories and lifetime friendships. B-Roc is definitely my friend forever along with Chrizo and most of the crew that I knew and met long enough. I might not have the money in the bank yet, but I no longer just have their sights from a short distance, my whole leg is in the door. I'm just letting Christmas fly by and I'm back to urgency. For those who consider not getting nominated to win an award, a hit song on radio, a record deal from a major company as a failure, and disregard the impact I have contributed as a pinoy artist. I want you to place yourselves in my shoes and imagine how I felt the times I was recording with Suge Knight, buying a NYC magazine in San Francisco with a one page article of yourself in it, acting while a whole auditorium full of people that includes Angela Basette watch you recite a biggie smalls song for the movie NOTORIOUS, and now a call from Dre Mckenzie head of A&R of G Unit the first week of December as proof that they are starting to acknowledge me and my persistence. Imagine yourselves in my shoes accomplishing such stories. Consistently adding color, music and powerful energy in Konektado DVD documentaries that keeps on growing all across the world. Do you think I need trophies, plaques for these kind of accomplishments that never get a crack of daylight in any media. Money can buy you that. I can get money over night, and I will. However, respect. Respect can only be earned by paying dues, and I became the master of paying dues. SO RESPECT, I'LL EARN IT! Yung mga tropa kong nagpatattoo, you are fucking Crazy! Kane and Anne! We dont have much choice naman eh, we bleed for the chance. Sly Kane helped me with the BUSINESS PLAN CD. Getting to hand the cd, banner, and dvd that to 50 Cent personally, documented on November 20th of 2009, feels like such a load off my shoulders. I can say that I handed 50 cent personally my Business Plan where we bled for the chance. Time will tell whats next. How can they stop people who don't want to be stopped. Shouts to my heroes Sunny Bandila, Heez Heffner, and Mike Watawat for inspiring me to love myself more than I already do.

Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat. Like every year, we say "This year is going to be our year" So carry on tradition. We will say it again. God bless. One love

P.S. check out Mr Rey's TTB Christmas present to soulfiesta I'm there too. We giving out free downloads. Enjoy :-). Jokbok Amuyin Amuyin!


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Loonie - Unreleased Verses (Produced by DJ Crazee Bangin)

I've been a fan of Stick Figgas since day one. When people didn't like local dialect in they're local rap songs to now that we've actually broken 75% of that mentality down, I've been a Stick Figgas fan. Loonie's upcoming debut CD comes with high anticipation -- read and build insight as we deliver to you questions and answers from the mind of one of the most insightful emcees we have in this decade. Loonie, idol -- hehehehe. Loving the answers man, thank you.

First and foremost, kindly clear this rumor about you going crazy?
It's not a rumor. I am crazy. Better lock your doors. Hahaha

Where were you and what were you doing the day that Francis M died?

In Cebu. I just had come off work. It was high noon and I was very tired and sleepy. While waiting for a cab, my mom broke the bad news to me thru txt and I hadn't believed it completely 'til 4 more text messages confirmed the worst. I still couldn't believe it. Then it was all over TV. He was just texting me a week before that and then he was suddenly gone. It was sad and surreal. The last message he gave me was: "Tuloy ang rebolusyon anak." And that's where I get the fire in me everytime I perform or write songs.

I heard you signed a deal and will put out an album for a major release soon, whats the story behind it and why put this album, The Ones Who Never Made It out first before that major release?

I haven't signed anything yet. Details about that project is still confidential. It's gonna be finished hopefully this March. The songs there are actually more commercially tangible and the production has been beefed up and I will be working with a couple of different artists from different genres of our local music scene. That album is fully laid out and carefully planned compared to The Ones Who Never Made it which I've likened to unborn fetuses; Songs which were never really planned and songs that won't get heard by normal people on the radio. TOWNMI is for the day one fans and supporters. It's me at my rawest form. A collector's item. In short, The Ones Who Never Made It are the songs that will never make it on that major release. So it's just like a chin check before the actual right hook to the jaw.

Its as if you've prepared for every angle of what hiphop has to offer, so at this point in your career as a lyricist & emcee, is there things that still shock you? If NO, what about Pinoy Hiphop irritates you and if YES, please eleborate?

Nothing shocks me anymore. It gets boring sometimes. And I'm here to change that. Style biters piss me off because they don't even recognize the architect of the style they're using. They even have the guts to try and diss me just to get my attention. It's flattering but it's annoying.

You have a song called "Ayokong Bumoto" -- and it is the season for the elections, and with what initially happened in Maguindanao -- whats your take on the coming elections? Is it important or less important. And as a voice of the youth, what do you think voting means?

I've never voted for anyone ever. Ayokong Bumoto is a song I did to make people think again. I'm not trying to cause civil unrest by boycotting the upcoming elections. These are just the feelings of a normal Filipino. There's always corruption and bloodshed. Everyone has their own hidden agenda. I don't blame them for their greed though. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I won't do the same if I was in their shoes. Humans are born corrupt and that's why I aspired to become a rapper instead of a politician. I don't want to put myself in a position where I'll have an opportunity to steal from hardworking Filipinos or lie to my country. And I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm tired of the same old same old. No song can change that. "Ayokong Bumoto" is just that. A song. People can take it however they want. I'm just letting them know that I don't give a damn about politics. Unless someone pays me a shitload of money to do a campaign jingle for them. Hahahaha

What do you think of radio airplays? Is it less important? Is having viral marketing online better? Especially for you -- off of the strength of your hits online and how much worldwide praises you've already gotten despite not having a radio single.

It's better if you're visible or audible everywhere. Internet, radio, TV, live shows. The more media the better. The internet is really a wonderful thing. It's God's gift to mankind. But the feeling of an artist hearing his own song on the radio is priceless. So I think it's just as important as online marketing. Virals are basically just hype compared to solid radio singles that people can really relate to. Maybe it would take a couple more years before the internet pushes CD's and the radio into extinction.

Loonie feat. Toney Chrome, Ron Henley, Mike Kosa
Jskeelz - Dito Sa Maynila (Produced by One Thedd)

I've seen you come into your own over the years. You've shown that you can grow up and rise to the occassion several times. You withstood beefs within your own backyard -- what inspires you to move forward? What pressures are there in your goal to reach a summit of experience? What motivates you?

People around me inspire me to move forward. My real friends and my family. Where would I be without them? There are a lot of pressures but I take them on as challenges. So the secret to handling it is to be like a duck. Smooth and unruffled on top but paddling like crazy underneath. Hate motivates me more than anything else. I thrive in negativity because somehow, I always turn it into something positive. It's like fuel to the fire for me.

Whats your favorite Turbulence song? album?

I love a lot of Turb songs man. NY to PI, Ikaanim na Misteryo, Booked Me A Flight among others. The B-Sides Album, Thinking Man's Hip-hop and Nimbus 9's Philippine Phenom are all classics for me. I salute you guys for making quality music all throughout the years and being relevant to the local scene year in and year out.

If in time you were asked to teach a course on the life of Francis Magalona -- which five songs will you use to help students learn more about him?

Francis treats his songs like his sons/daughters. He doesn't play favorites but these are the five songs that I feel are very special to him through the years that I've been with the King.

1. Wag Kang Tumawa - This is one of his favorite songs off "Happy Battle". We are going to do a remake of this on the Stick Figgas' second album. Here he shows his brilliant songwriting skills as he drops knowledge in oxymoronic fashion.

2. Baliktad Ang Mundo - Another underrated classic of a song from "Happy Battle". While we were at a hotel in Cebu back in 2008. Francis was saying how he liked this song so much and that he had even a verse in datkilab (baliktad). But labels said people weren't ready for that at that time so they took the verse out. But he let me hear it and I was amazed at his creativity and how he was so ahead of his time back then.

3. Reach For The Stars - He told me his verse here is his favorite. The version that was released featured PKSO in it but he had a solo version of it and he always performs this song when he have gigs at Zirkoh and Klownz.


Francism feat. Loonie - The Light (Chrizo Remix)

4. The Light - This is one song we did for DJ Arbiewon's United Freestyles. When he was at the hospital he was texting me about this song telling me that it was special to him and that it brought tears to his eyes everytime he listened to it during that difficult time.

5. 3 Stars And A Sun - I think this is his favorite song that he made. He's very proud of this song and it's one of my favorites as well.

What is the advantage of performing with a band?

There's only one thing better than music and that is live music. The energy level is more intense and people seem to take you more seriously in contrast to performing with a minus one. And I just love the sound of live drum rolls. It revs me up everytime.

Are we ever going to hear you rap an entire verse in your native dialect?

Actually I rapped a few lines in Cebuano on the opening song of The Ones Who Never Made It. The song is called "Walang Babala". Sometimes I try to write more verses in Bisaya vernacular. I've got a couple of 16's and one of these days me and Syke and gonna try to do something with it.

When you caught a glimpse of our video Beyond Beyond, what did you think about it and to you, what does Beyond Beyond mean?

Really inspiring stuff and nice visuals man. Beyond Beyond for me is like the next level after the highest. It's like seeing beyond the observable universe. Even beyond to what the Hubble Space Telescope can see.

Whats the best and worst compliment you've recieved as an artist?

I take all compliments as positive whether bad or good. That means I affected the listener somehow and I got a reaction from them.


With your solo career in line to bloom, where does this leave Stick Figgas as a group? What are the next few steps people can expect from the group?

Stick Figgas is officially a band already. We added Chano on drums, Jopz on guitars and R2 on bass. We still do gigs regularly so it's not like a hiatus for the group. We're just more concentrated on recording material for our individual solo efforts. Ron Henley is set to release a solo project next year and maybe after we have written enough songs we'll start recording on our 2nd album as a band. It's entitled "Take Two: A Tragic Comedy". It will be a double-disc offering and I'm very excited to start working on it with the rest of the band.

What do you still want to achieve and get from this hiphop shit?

I'm still waiting for my first million. But the respect and praises I get from people and fellow artists make it worth the wait.

If you had a million pesos to spend in a day and can only spend it on two things, what you buy?

I don't know man. Hmmmm off the top of my head maybe a car for me and a house for my family.

Who are you rooting for this year in the NBA? Any predictions?

I'm a big Lakers fan since Shaq's days. But I'd root for the Cavaliers this year if ever they face off in the finals. Though I'm predicting the Lakers would do a repeat, I'm not underestimating the Celtics. They're ahead of the rest right now. And Atlanta might surprise us this year too. 2k10 na lang tayo Bong! hahahaha thanks for the interview man. More power to you and yours.

I'd like to apologize for the people who've been waiting for The Ones Who Never Made It. It's coming really soon. We're working hard on it. Hopefully January it'll drop nationwide.



Here's the big homie ZEPS' video called ESSENTIAL -- repping Point Dot Period and TO THE BILLBOARD all the way in Norway! Download ZEPS free album, The Sheepshead Bay Files. Track 9 on this offering is entitled To The Billboard. I see Dama Nilz making a cameo on this video -- cmon Mike & Zeps, I wanna work with Dama Nilz on a track, how do we make that happen? Hehehe.




“As a 23-year-old kid, that's what I strive for: money, cars, clothes, now furniture – material things,” he said. “That's what we're conditioned to think happiness is. But are we on the right path? Is it possible to find love, to enable you to enjoy all this stuff? I'm a young man of substance. I don't like chasing empty connections. That's what my album is going to be about: my new situation, about me getting a firm grasp on it, and then trying to find the missing component.”

DID YOU KNOW? Drake is signed with Aspire/Young Money/Cash Money Records and is distributed by Universal. Drake got a $2 million advance (I’ll give you a moment to read that again). Drake retains the publishing rights to his songs and only pays 25% of his music sales revenues to the label as a “distribution fee”. Major props to Drake’s management team (Hip Hop Since 1978 and Cortez Bryant) for negotiating a fair deal for their client. Cortez Bryant also manages Lil Wayne and Hip Hop Since 1978 represents Kanye West.



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Dedicated to my Andres siblings! I remember we would watch the original version of this on betamax at least once a week. The trailer isn't as good the as the Russell Crowe x Ridley Scott Robin Hood movie, but I think the depth and excitement of the storyline of Clash of the Titans should be one of the best ones this coming year!


Maxwell feat. Nas - Help Somebody (REMIX)

I've been uninspired the past few days, just cause I've been itching to do something creative. I mean blogging and staying online are relevant things in my life but I need something else. Might be anxious to finally start working and contribute to the label via a cause I misread during the start of the year. I've been soaking my ears with so much good music throughout the year and I can't help but be anxious -- the music I've made the past few years will take a second place to everything I will be making, thats how good I felt about listening to all these albums. But yeah -- Quando, quando, quando? God help me make it through the first 3 months of 2010 then maybe I could rendezvous with music all the way here.

This song has been playing the whole day in my room -- HELP SOMEBODY by Maxwell remixed with a Nasir Jones verse. The horns in this song is so soothing and matches my anxiousness to bang out new music. Enjoy this one kids! Dedicated to Quest & my brothers Ryan and Rhys.

"Help me to give myself to way that you've given YOU
Oh help me be the helping hand that makes a dream come true"

NOTES: Catching a hiphop show tonight, soaking myself up in SG hiphop. Lets see how it goes. And I understand Out of Body Special is gonna be performing at a gig here tomorrow night. I'll try to catch it, although I'm suspect to go to IKEA tomorrow night too. 50 Cent is tuned in, whats good Curtis?! Dope interview at Lopez Tonight, caught it online and yeah I'ma gon' reply to Sha Money's email tonight. Good looking out, we bleed for the chance!

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LDP - PSYCHOPATHS ON THE LOOSE (Produced by BoJam of FlipMusic)


G-UNIT ASIA - SOLD US A DREAM (Produced by Slick N Sly Kane)

Shoutouts to Type-O! Realest iggin alive! Hahaha! Sold Us A Dream is a song included in the G-Unit Business Plan CD handed to 50 Cent by now. Its not so humble start came from a hell of an idea and tried to execute it in less that 6 days before 50's supposed concert in Manila. Eyes on the prize all the time, I remember how hectic it got -- Mike and the team was just constantly intouch -- photoshoot, video shoot, Sunny picking up the shirts we had made.

I remember bringing Kenneth and Talek along for their first time to experience this grind that doesn't alienate people. Drinkin it up, Red Horse kahit shoot for Colt 45, hehehe. Mike and Sunny had raffled out the shirts to the people who attended and by God or by fate all the shirts was just enough for everyone who went. Shoutouts to Tuesday Troop, Mang Boy, Alex Crisano and just the heads that we were around with that day! Mike, J-Hon, Sunny & Kane then finished up what could be the best 6 songs in 4 days I've ever heard! Premium beats by Kane! Hehehe now -- well its come a long way, just to see a video like this.

Good work Mike, J-Hon and the team behind this -- and yeah this is dedicated to you Bernie -- don't let them sell you a dream. Hold on to your ideals, and do you. Make sure you do with your every might what you set out to do, cause f'real WE COULD'VE EASILY JUST SAID FUCK IT, but yeah -- we scrapping away on a daily basis!

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 50 "ELEMENTAL"

Mayda Del Valle "ELEMENTAL"

Every girl I knew fell for it. Well, I always believed us being one with our elements and I do believe love makes us sprint out of our elements. We've all been inlove with hiphop and a female at the same time. Some divine, some quick to have and some quick to lose. Here's a spoken word piece on a girl who pursues her hiphop elements through the men who spoke, wrote, stood, wrecked shopped for the game.


The Spirograph Crew Sweatshirt by Sneaktip

Sneaktip is a brand that I recently fell inlove with. With all their designs relating to all sneak heads out there. The colorways of their shirts are designed to captivate and coordinate with all your Jordans, hehehe. Check their jackets and even the fitted caps as well.



Friday, December 11, 2009


CHAMP - WE MADE IT (Produced by Bojam of FLIPMUSIC)

I want to officially introduce you to CHAMP's music. This dude deserves a reintroduction into the game, he has been marinating in the scene for a minute now. I've personally seen him go through hard times, in music and life and can now say -- he's come in and ready to play ball with the best of 'em! Shoutouts to Team Sunday! Hehehe, WE MADE IT -- is the perfect song to announce the surfacing of FLIPMUSIC! FLIPMUSIC is a new independent label you will be hearing of for the next few years! Shoutouts to BoJam for blessing this track with his vocals as well and yo those horns are sick as fuck! And if I'm not mistaken, thats our good friend Jim Poblete shouting behind Champs vocals!

Champ reached out to us during the first year of The Community. He then blessed the stage for the same show in its 2nd year. Champ is also working on a mixtape called Beard Muscle. This is quite an anticipated mixtape if you ask me. Catch him rip tracks with Ron Thug, and also that Nimbus track which we will debut in a few days as well! I almost thought Champ killed Nimbus on the track, thats how prepared he was with his shit during recording -- hehehe, good times brah! Also, one of the few beats I made this year will appear in there on some UrbanDub shit -- no joke kids, shoutouts to Lon who heard the track already! Some other stellar guests are gonna be there man no dizoubt! Champ recently brought The Community brand for a show in his hometown CDO -- thanks for carrying the tradition and spirit of The Community.

It's friday night and I know my Manila heads are drinking it up somewhere! Toast to this one!

Thursday, December 10, 2009



Wednesday, December 9, 2009



WIPCAPS -- get your cap game on. This is a piece that I should have soon, maybe for XMAS. I truly like what this hat embodies, or I just happen to like the color. I know WIPCAPS have been in circulation for awhile now, and I'm just really catching on. But this cap is a must have. All my peeps who's thinking of getting me a gift, race to get this on 7 3/8's ninjas! And if you choose to purchase this yourself, send me a pic and we'll send it to the makers as well. Yes, its sold around Manila. It's going for PHP 1,300 only -- Jess make a move son.

Notes from the designer: The MNL logo is simple, yet has a graffiti styled font which adds a little something to the piece. The subdued brown colorway was selected for that no-nonsense earthy feel that accurately displays the grime and grit of the real Manila. The print on the background has a simple silhouette of our city. We also added something underneath the bill of the hat, lines from the lyrics of the famous song about the city, Hotdog's "Manila". If you understand Filipino or Tagalog, the song aptly describes the feel and sound of city; and how many of us, no matter where we are in the world, always look forward to going back home.


I personally have 2 copies of this -- and it still hit my MP3 playlist once a month over the years. Its not his most genius album, but could be one of his most genuine albums to date. When you're 26 years old, lets say, and you release a debut album -- it is 26 years of your life put into a cd. The next albums you're going to make will only have months of your life in it. Giving so much more meaning to ideals of your first album. Kudos to him and his team!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BEYOND Beyond: Entry 49 "Louis Vitton"

Directed by Bruno Aveillan

I never thought an ad for a luxury brand could say so much. Take some time off and reassess your year kids. This has so much heart in it and it just blows me away. It traces your emotion with so much light and vividness. Beautiful.


Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness

My favorite track from the man from the moon himself, Kid Cudi. Brilliant display here. Enjoy the video kids and stay in pursuit of your happiness!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

SONG OF THE WEEK: Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready)

Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready)

This is off Miss Keys new album "Element of Freedom" -- which should be out early January 2010. As mentioned on the last entry, Drake's convincing power, talent and grasp of the new audience are vouched for by his collaborations. Here, Drake sings the background vocals -- whats good about this dudes singing is it doesn't sound forced. He knows how to play the cool R&B dude but goes hard on his lines as well. And the beat of this one is a killer, simple -- sincere. Perfect for people going through a cold Christmas. PEACE!

DRAKE gets TWO Grammy Nominations!


Drake gets two nominations from The Grammys -- even the Grammys had to evolve at one point. Seeing the decline in music sales doesnt entirely mean that the spirit musicianship has also declined. The internet age has finally taken over one of the most established and close minded award shows in the world! Kudos to Drake for breaking down the doors and getting nominated without an album out. Not taking anything for dude, cause he put in work - all the features, all the accolades and leading the pack -- he had put in more work this year and more songs for his buzz more that Tupac did this year! And thats a mouthful!

I recently just got to play So Far Gone from start to finish and I must say, it is one of the best out this year -- signed or unsigned. More mature than his Comeback Seaons tape and for a 27 year old man, I'm feeling his shit. It sounds like going back to my hotel room at 5am in the morning after a night out! For real for real. Y'all should cop it or download it somewhere. Plus, check the next entry!



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Wednesday, November 25, 2009




As we steadily promote BACK TO LOVE to close out the year, we ask of your help vote for the song into the countdown of U92.3 FM. Request and vote via their PLDT Textline 6323590892. Lets keep pushing to land this new single all over radio! Also, BACK TO LOVE will be featured on 99.5 RT's morning show "The Disenchanted Kingdom" with King DJ Logan and Cleo Caliente tomorrow, NOV 27 from 6AM-9AM. we'll be on air at 830AM! Keep your radio frequencies locked! WAVE 89.1 will be featuring the song soon!

Monday, November 23, 2009



Last year around this same time, we were up and about in prepartion for the night ahead. A night that included the launch of Chrizo's THINKING MANS HIPHOP CD and the first batch of the now classic SPECKS collaboration Loyalty Feeds The Movement Shirt. Absinth has been integral in our album launches sentimentally -- BSIDES and AQUARIUSS/AMP BLVD was also our chosen spot for their respective launches! We wann give a big thank you to Juss Rye for letting us rock his venue for the week, Chrina of Flippish TV for covering the event & FUDGE Magazine.

To the performers of that night: Mike Swift, Aero, Ron Thug, Sunny Blaze, JHeez, Slick N Sly Kane, Mike Kosa & 187 Mobstaz, QYORK, Kooky Tuason, Juddha Paolo, DJ Eri, Mario of 7SOW, Jay Flava, ILL-J and the rest of the gang. We also wanna thank Laidback for coming through all the way from France at the time! Danee for hosting the show great!Shoutouts to the people who came: Gino Sta. Ana, YUN NA heads, Talek, Arni, DJ Mike, Jonan, Acrown, Datu, Southchild, 3rd World heads and a whole lot more!

To my team, who at that time were on their highest coming together because of me leaving for SG -- we pulled off one of that years best closers! TEAM OUTPUT for real for real! The effect of this launch, shirt and album still remains very relevant in todays scene so take a hold of you yourself and celebrate a moment today!

"The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire, and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed bythe fire of his own creation."

Augustus Rodin, creator of the sculpture "The Thinker"

"Thinking Mans Hiphop para din sa mga tanga!"

Mike Swift's outro on the last track of the CD "Jazzle Dazzle"

NOTE: Pictures taken by Mark P and Otto Retardo. To get a copy of Thinking Mans Hiphop please order from our hotline +639053448717 or go to FLIPTUNES.NET and purchase the songs there! QUEST will be on radio this Friday at RT99.5 around 8AM-9AM with DJ Jan and KING DJ LOGAN. Also, this saturday QUEST will be guesting on U92's DJ PATTI's after lunch program! Also DUBPLATE is celebrating their one year anniversary this saturday as well at the FERON BUILDING in Makati. Music by DJ RED I and surprise guests!


MIKE SWIFT behind the scenes with NYFP

Mike Swift WE MISS YOU NO HOMO!! This how November rocks every year, monn thunn! Just read through my blog -- birthdays in days to come, OTTO "The Future Kid" RETARDO, DASH & SUNNY BLAZE's; BACK TO LOVE & LOONIE MONDAYS! We always go stronger to close the year no matter how strong we start it as well! As you may know by now, G-UNIT Business Plan is already with 50 Cent, the rest is on prayers. Mike came through with a very dope ass presentation and the best thing about it, is dude never lets his guard down. Back in the studio with NYFP -- and doing the damn thing! Was talking to Mike a couple of weeks back and talking about how he's really getting better with his recording game and yo his tagalog tracks are fucking diamonds! I don't care what y'all say -- cmon Mike! NYFP is feeling the magic yo! Shoutouts to Paro Paro Beats!! Killing it with the beats!

Don't believe me? I leave you with lines from a future classic never heard song from Mike Swift entitled "BETTER DAYS". Surprising iggins all over!!

"May sakit si itay, ang payat niya sa larawan/
utol ko bagong suweldo nanakawan/
pangarap kong mabigat di mabitawan/
mga dating kaibigan naging kalaban/"



Loonie feat. Toney Chrome, Ron Henley, Mike Kosa
& J-Skeelz - Dito Sa Maynila (Produced by One Thedd)

Today we celebrate Loonie Mondays! As we wait in anticipation for the final release date of this classic album, Loonie has indulged his fans with this streaming of one of the best posse tracks of the year, DITO SA MAYNILA! With the lyrical prowess dictated to you in the native tongue -- 187 Mobstaz rocks a track with the formidable Stick Figgas as they tell you with licensed mics, that Manila is still about survival of the fittest! Tondo stand up! This is a track that will be played worldwide wherever Tagalog Rap is appreciated!

The rhymes are so vivid that if you really have lived a portion of Manila's offering of a hard knock life, you will smile on the local color given light to. From the jeeps, being late, traffic and bad public transportation, "kulay abong langit", rent, running for President and PRIDE.

Relevance and significance over success, as we also celebrate the CNN Hero Awardee. This song gives you a hint of how hard that dude pushed that blackboard just get some kids to learn and stay out of the streets! Kudos to Efren and Loonie! BACK TO LOVE son!!

"Halika na't sumugod sa karagatan/
ng alikabok at usok malalampasan/
ang kahit anong pagsubok humawak ka lang/
higpitan mo lang ang kapit, tibayan mo lang/
wag na wag kang mangangawit ang mga peklat mo ang magsisilbing patunay/
madaling mamatay kasi mahirap na ang buhay/
kailangang kumilos, kailangan kumikita/
Pilipinong pinipilit pilipitin ang dila/
walang kape sa mesa, walang kapera-pera/
pag gantong taghirap dapat wala ng teka teka/
teka teka teka muna sandali/
mauunahan ka ng oras pag hindi ka nagmadali/
dapat mabilis at matulin na parang bus patungong Baguio/
wala nang atrasan kasi pinutol ko ang cambio/
tapos yun preno mahina, yun makina maingay/
sa Metro Manila talagang matira matibay/"


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Quest - Back To Love (Produced by B-Roc)

Breathe in, breathe out. Life will always take you to an adventure if you allow it to. Every journey is a moment that will define you. Learn, laugh, play, dance, sing, scream, pause then sing again. What I'm about to share is beyond music. This is my life exposed for all to experience. Nothing fabricated, raw and uncensored. This is my music, don't misuse it, don't confuse it, don't abuse it. Just live in it, journey through it. And who knows you might find your music through the journey.

New season. New beginnings. Same heart. Same source.

Thank you. Enjoy. This is gonna be fun! Lets go!



NOTES: Today we release this brand new song "BACK TO LOVE", the first single from Quest's highly anticipated debut album "Join The Quest" to be released early 2010. This song will also be launched throughout radio next week. This November 23 -- we will be debuting this song at U92.3 on THE MORNING WOULD with KC Montero, Chesca Litton & Jimmy Muna. We'll keep you posted on the next few dates we'll be on radio.

But as for now, we ask of you to help us campaign this movement. This is a movement of returning back to love. Whatever motivation you had to start of 2009 -- whatever pushed you to excel for yourself and for your vision we ask of you, to come back to love to end the year and start the coming one as well. We also would like to ask you post this pic as your profile pic in all your networking site as we continuously push the envelope of reaching out through our music. Thank you!


Iron Solomon vs Avalanche (Guess who's at the back of Iron Solomon)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Yesterday, my grandma brought home a book for me -- GLOW IN THE DARK. I began my journey in art via drawing; understood and relearned composition each and everytime I see photographs. I would also spend hours online just browsing through pictures, graphic designs and ad campaigns just so when I design my banners and posters, I have a collage of pictures I can look at. By far, in the years of my adult life doing music -- no picture book could've been better to have than this one. The book is bigger than your regular magazine, which allows you bigger pictures. And the interview done within it is simply indulging.

Earlier in this blog I mentioned how you can differentiate the effects of destiny and fate only through looking back. Kanye does a good job in compiling this, and looking back making footnotes of the moments captured in pictures. He's destined to be a great artist, whether culturally pop or just flamboyantly arrogant. His love for pop culture isn't tucked away amidst the hard undergound image we heads want our artists to be. Though it may turn you off -- the realness to oneself is a gift for one, not for two.

Composition and lighting, these are words we see pictures by. I'm drawn to pictures as much as I am drawn into a dope verse. And as a musician, we are all of different makes. I remember talking to Gap and our affinity to drawing and music -- I told him, some people write they're music considering words, experiences, metaphors and style -- while we, as we've drawing all our lives, our music comes from a different perspective. We write music considering the light so we can paint the picture vivid.


Happy birthday to my big brother ILL-J!! Mr. Sick Wid It!