Sunday, August 2, 2009

AERO's SICKSONGSONLY EP -- a free digital release

Aero - SickSongsOnly (Produced by Traumatik)

August 3, delivering as promised. SICKSONGSONLY EP by Turbulence Productions new artist Aero. Alot of heads are waiting on this, new music. Fresh, not even a week old man. Cmon yo, we passionate dudes who love music, period. Beyond Beyond iggins. 3RD Worldwide to the fullest! Heads up, we are in the studio again, sooner that y'all think! GRAE SEASON IS UPON US! I dare any one to give this a review. PEACE!


Bump this the whole week my iggins. Feedbacks, comments are well accepted.


trip tha Light said...

sick indeed

keep on!

Dj Rebel Resplandor said...

SickSongOnly is the right name for it!!!

just like you told me bro!!
let's keep on building!!!

StickySweetSounds said...

sick as a dawg and rising! all tghe best to aero! we got yer back m8:-)

MV said...

No need to pour tussin on it. keep it sick!

God's Will said...

Sick.Sick.Sick Bigg upss to the success on the launch ma brotha.We takin it Beyond beyond niggeee!!

God's Will said...

Bigg ups to the Chop shop and the mind behind it, kapatid ko na si chrizo!! you knw i got your back dawg!! One Love!

Miao said...

i finally listened to it all the way through! check it: